The Policies Noted Below Are In Effect As of 2018

At Rockin-Roxanne we always want our customers to have a postive buying experience.
To ensure your buying experience is a positive one, we ask that you click on and read completely through all of the polices shown below.

Some of these policies, especially our "Received Wrong Video Replacement Policy" is extremely important for you to read through
if you ordered using our Credit Card, Volume Discount or Invoice Request Forms. Although we will always do our best to make things
right if there is a problem with your order, you as the customer do have a responsibility to read through our polices as you will be
pointed back to them in the event there is a problem that could have been avoided by simply reading through these policies prior to ordering.

Please take a few minutes to read through our polices below as well as the links regardng how our downloads work and our shipping charges.
Additionally, You will find a link below about what you should do if you have not received any order.

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