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#72 - Sharon Dulong Vs Debbie Para

#93 - Dedee Wilson Vs Rosalee Bardwell

#94 Nancy Skarvan Boxing Workout

#109 - Desiree LeBeau Vs Alice Freeman

#116 - Sherry Young Vs Desiree LeBeau

#137 - Desiree LeBeau Vs Sherry Young Rematch(Boxing)

Sherry Young Vs Laurie Hatch(Boxing)

#135 - Karen Arnold Vs Desiree LeBeau

#149 - Judell & Sharon Dulong Vs England's Best (Boxing & Wrestling)

#151 Karen Arnold Vs Debbie Para

#153 - D'Ann Morse Vs Janet Newhouse

#155 - Karen Arnold Vs Carol Larson

#174 Karen Arnold Vs Maria

#176 Karen Arnold Vs Laurie Hatch

#186 Karen Arnold Vs D'Ann Morse

#200 Karen Arnold Vs Dianne Sverson

#204 - Susan Skarvan Vs Kelly Long

#218 - Nancy Skarvan Vs Lynetta Skarvan

#222 - Karen Arnold Vs Jackie Wagner

#232 - Karen Arnold Vs Ann Royer

#250 - Karen Arnold Vs Lu Ann Curtis

#266 - Nancy Skarvan Vs Colleen Ryan

#287 - Karen Arnold Vs Beth Lawerence

#302 - Karen Arnold Vs Nancy Skarvan

#319 - Karen Arnold Vs Sherry Donati

#347 - Karen Arnold Vs Sheryl Howard

#350 Pt. 1 - Karen Arnold Vs Susan Watkins

#360 - Sheryl Howard Vs Donna Land

#390 - Sheryl Howard Vs April Austin

#426 - Karen Arnold Vs Donna Land

#499 Pt. 1 - Sharon Dulong Vs Debbie Para (Boxing Rematch)

#499 Pt. 2 - Donna Land Vs Deborah Cascade

#557 Pt. 1 - Deborah Cascade Vs Donna Kay Cascade

#557 Pt. 2 - Donna Land Vs Kristi Silver

#612 Wanda Vs Wanda Kay

#614 April Vs Toni

#616 Jeanette Vs Dale MIXED

#634 - Wanda Vs Brenda

#642 - Brenda Vs Laurie

#648 Kenicena Vs Monica

B-13 Nikki Vs Jeremy MIXED

B-14 Nikki Vs Sonya

B-25 Jeanne Vs Nikki

B-33 - Cindy Vs Cinnamon

B-34 Cindy Vs Loren

B-35 Jeanne Vs Cindy

B-41 Alice Ann Vs Toni MIXED

B-42 Cindy Vs Cinnamon Rematch

B-43 Jeanne Vs Sheri

B-48 Jeanne Vs Lorraine-Real Deal in Pro Ring

B-56 Laurie Vs Kevin MIXED

B-60 Brenda Vs Alix

B-64 Alix Vs Kathy

B-67-1 Jessica Vs Marie

B-67-2 Brandy Vs Marie

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