Below you will find a list of our most commonly asked questions. If your question isn't answered
below please feel free to email me at with any reasonable questions you may have.

What type of items do you sell?

Rockin Roxanne specializes in vintage, rare and hard to find female wrestling, boxing and mixed matches off all types.



What do you mean by vintage, rare or hard to find?

Most of the items offered on this website are at least 10 years old and some go back as far as 60 or more years ago.   A large number of items were filmed between 1975 and 1985.  Most items on this website are out of print, making them rare and generally hard to find.



I bought a download, where is it?

If you have never bought a download from OUR website before you NEED to read this link

If you have otherwise not received your download, please visit this link for possible solutions.


How long are the matches?

Every match differs in length.  Some items are well over an hour, others can be as short as 3 or 4 minutes.  The average run time is about 20 minutes.   Items with notations about being  8mm Transfers were usually shot with 200 feet of film which equates to about 12 minutes.


What exactly is an 8mm transfer?

An 8mm transfer was originally filmed on 8mm film, which was used quite a bit up until about 1980.  8mm films are Silent and do not have a soundtrack.  They are also generally short, on average about 12 minutes each, but in rare cases might only run about 3-4 minutes.


What is the DVD Format?

All DVDs are DVD-R format in Region 1 for play in North America.  If you live outside North America you will need a multi-region DVD player to play them. 


Will the DVDs Play on my Computer?

The DVDs should play on any standard Region 1 DVD player, provided it can read the DVD-R format (Consult your DVD manual if you are unsure about your player)


Can I get the item on VHS video tape?

Rockin-Roxanne no longer offers VHS tapes.


How do I purchase DVDs or Downloads?

You will find payment links on every video in our regular inventory of over 6000 titles.

Rockin-Roxanne Now Accepts The Following Forms Of Payment:

Cash (US Dollars Sent At Your Own Risk), Checks (US DOLLARS FROM US BANKS ONLY), Money Orders in US Dollars (All Countries)
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Or Discover Card), PayPal (Please Note: Paypal cannot be used for Downloads containing nudity),
Western Union ($100 Minimum Purchase Required)

Need to Contact Us? Should you have a questions please email us directly at:

If you wish to use a Credit Card or PayPal There is a Link On Every Individual Item To Do So.  If you wish to mail a payment you should send your payment to:


What credit cards do you accept?

Rockin-Roxanne accepts Credit Card Payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If you live outside the US we may not be able to process your credit card depending on your issuing back. If we can't process your credit card we will alert you to this via email.  You Can also use credits cards through your PayPal account.

Will the name Rockin-Roxanne appear on my credit card statment?

No, The words Rockin-Roxanne will not appear on your credit card statement. For Discretion, Your Credit Card Bill Will Show This Charge As "R. Butcher Products" or "R & B Products" and Will Not Show Any Specific Information About What You Ordered.


How much are the DVDs and Downloads?

The regular price is $17.50 per DVD and $17.49 per Download. 


Do you offer volume discounts?

We do not offer volume discounts at this time. However, we take offers into consideration on orders of 30 or more videos.



I want to buy several Matches, Can you put them all on a single DVD or Download?

Each item comes on a separate DVD and Rockin-Roxanne does not combine items onto a single DVD or Download.   So for example, if you bought 8 different items, you would receive 8 separate DVDs or Downloads.


Do the DVDs come with labels or covers?

The DVDs arrive in white paper sleeves with clear windows on one side.  The DVD itself is not labeled, but a label is attached to the outer sleeve indicating the contents along with our website address.


How much is shipping?

Shipping inside the US, US Territories and to APO addresses is $2 per DVD with a Maximum of $10.
If you order 5 or More DVDs the shipping charge is a flat $10

Shipping Outside the US is $8 for the first DVD & $6 for each additional DVD up to a Maximum of $32.
If you order 5 or more DVDs the shipping charge is a flat $32 (US).

DVDs Usually Ship in 1-2 Business Days Unless Otherwise Noted At The Top of Our Home Page.


I'm buying a download and a shipping charge is showing up when I use PayPal?


You may notice that our Paypal system automatically applies a shipping charge on all orders.
To correct this Downloads will show up in your shopping cart at $1 below our download pricing
and then $1 shipping is added in to bring the total up to the correct price.
If you used any of our Volume Discount packages a $2 shipping fee is applied and refunded back to you.

Our PayPal system will charge you $8 on the first download and $6 for each additional download up to a maximum of $32.
However, we will REFUND the overcharge back to you.
The Refund Usually Takes Place Right After We Email You Your Download Link.
Please note that as with our US Customers, your shopping cart will show all downloads at $1 below
our download pricing, so when the shipping refund is applied it will actually be for
$7 on the first download and $5 for each additional Download.
If you used any of our Volume Discount packages a $8 shipping fee is applied and fully refunded back to you.

We realize this may be a bit confusing, so iff you have any questions about
this please Email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.


How fast do you ship DVDs and what shipping service do you use?

Rockin-Roxanne guarantees that all orders are filled within 24 hours after a payment has cleared.   Most of the time an item will fill an order same day or within 24 hours with the only exceptions being Weekends, Holiday periods and an occasional vacation period where an item might require a 4 to 10 day window to fill an order.  Domestic shipping is via first class mail or Priority mail on 20 or more items.  International shipping is first class air mail shipping or Priority mail (if available to your country) on 20 or more items.


I don’t want anyone to know what’s in the package.  How discreet is your shipping?

We understand that you may not what others to have any clue what you’re ordered.  We ship very discreetly.  Only your address is on the package with our return PO Box address.   There is nothing on the package to indicate what is inside or that it comes from


I haven’t received my order.  What happens now?

Rockin-Roxanne will be happy to replace any item that is lost in the mail.  We use the following time frames when replacing lost items.

Shipped to US Addresses – Replaced 15 days after original ship date.

Shipped to Non-US Addresses – Replaced 30 days after original ship date.


A DVD I received appears to be defective?

Rockin-Roxanne will happily replace any DVD that is defective and there is no need to return the defective DVD.   We do recommend you first ty to play the DVD on another player just to insure it is not a conflict with your DVD Player.


You sent me the wrong DVD or Download.  Now what?

If Rockin-Roxanne sent you the wrong DVD or Download we will happily send out the correct item ASAP and in addition you may keep the incorrect item.


Can you tell me if a particular hold is used in a match?

With over 3600 items on the website Rockin-Roxanne doesn’t have a knowledge of every frame of every match, so generally we can’t answer questions about a certain aspect in a particular match.   We do try to give you several screen captures of every DVD to give you a general idea of what is on the DVD to help you make your purchasing decisions.


Can you recommend a video I might like based on my preferences?

With over 3600 videos on our website, Rockin-Roxanne does not have a working knowledge of every video on the website and will not recommend videos that you might enjoy because it has been our experience that every customer is a bit different in what they like versus what another customer might like, so we will not risk guessing wrong



Can you tell me how long a paticular video is?

Again with over 3600 videos on our website we will not check the length of a video for you because we would be spending most of our time doing this as this question gets asked a lot. A video can be as short as 1 minute or as long as over an hour. We don't really have any control over how long a video happened to have been when filmed. We can tell you that our website average is about 15 minutes per video, but that's no guarantee that your selected video may be that length and it could be much shorter or longer.

Do you buy or trade videos or DVDs?

Yes, in some cases we do purchase videos and DVDs depending on the item. In most cases Rockin-Roxanne will trade items with you if it is an item we do not have.   Rockin-Roxanne has a large personal collection of over 6000 items that do not appear on the website, so don’t assume if it’s not on the website that we don’t have it.

If we do trade, you will have to ship your items first, unless we already have a working relationship in place.   We will trade title for title for any item on our website.


Can I get a list of those 6000 other titles you have?

Yes, send an email to for a list.


I shot a private video of my Wife, Girlfriend, etc and want to sell it on your website. Can I do that and pay you a commission on the sales?

We do offer arrangements for you to market your private videos on our website. However if a person who is in the video complains we will take that video off our website.   If you would like to offer your match on our website please email


Do you have a mailing list?

We have an emailing list that provides customers with updates to our website that alerts them to new items added to the website,  promotional offers and special offers only for those who are on our emailing list.  To subscribe to our emailing list simply send an email to and place the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.


Is Rockin-Roxanne available to Wrestle or Box my wife or girlfriend? Or Me?

Rockin-Roxanne is no longer available for private matches.


Were any of Rockin-Roxanne’s matches filmed or on the Website?

Yes and a few of them are on the website.  However, Rockin-Roxanne values her privacy and although some of her matches are on the website (and we are not telling which ones),  she used a different name at the time.


If your question is not answered above please feel free to send an email to and we will do our best to answer your question(s).

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