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Downloads $49.99 Each
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All VHS Tapes Are $25 Each.
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Screen Captures Are NOT Available for ANY of These VHS Tapes Nor Will We Pull Out Any Video to Check Content In Any Way (Again, No Exceptions).
Why You Might Ask? Because With Nearly 7000 VHS Tapes We Acquired, It Is Difficult Enough Just to Locate The Video When It's Sold.
If We Were Pulling Videos To Check For Content, Quite Frankly, That Is All We Would Be Doing.

In The Event an Item Has Been Sold Before We Have Updated This List We Will Happily Refund Your Purchase.
Please Note That Some Video Tapes Could Be As Much As 10 To 40 Years Old And In a Few Cases May Contain Video Drop Outs or Have Deteriated Quality Or Tracking Issues.
We Will Inspect Every Video Before It Ships and If We Determine There is a Major Quality Issue
We Will Let you Know and Offer a Refund If you No Longer Want the Tape.

You Should Also Note That Although Each VHS Tape is an ORIGINAL Video Originally Sold By The Original Producer,
FFVRC In Most Cases Will Have Added Stickers To The VHS Tapes To Number & Barcode Them and Placed Stickers With Their Logo On The VHS Tapes.
The VHS Tapes Do Not Come With Sleeves, But Will Be Securely Packaged Inside a Priority Mail Shipping Box.

Also Please Note That All Descriptions Shown Below Were Provided To Us By FFVRC Which We Trust Is Accurate,
But There is Always Some Minor Chance That the Title Length and/or Content May Not Be Always 100% Correct.

Shipping Note: Our Turnaround Time On Shipping These VHS Tapes or providing downloads is Approxamately 3-5 Business Days.
This is Because We Aquired About 8000 Videos From FFVRC (Including About 1000 Duplicate Titles) Packed In Over 100 Boxes And We Simply Need
Some Additional Time To Locate Every Video Ordered. We Thank You In Advance for Your Understanding and Patience.

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PLEASE NOTE: As of November 19, 2017 The Following VHS Tape Numbers are VHS Tapes that have already been sold. These Videos will may still appear in the list below, however,
They are now only available on either Download or DVD Conversion and are generally unavailable if the vendor is still in business.
13 24 72 78 82 84 85 210 225 417 421 467 523 562 606 662 665 744 803 895 1045 1046 1052 1059 1070 1072 1073 1097 1199 1201 1511 1512 1521 1524 1522 1566 1609 1662 1967 2019 2021 2066 2187 2259 2261 2264 2295 2296 2297 2298 2300 2591 2602 2696 2735 2789 3025 3056 3075 3200 3225 3269 3355 3429 3610 3618 3619 3791 3972 3995 4122 4145 4364 4374 4407 4454 4461 4526 4676 4730 4911 4937 5024 5045 5076 5092 5212 5276 5467 5512 5790 5837 5992 5825 5899 5992 5993 5994 6080 6360 6427 6468 6601 6615 6653 6805 6707 6865 < <
VHS 4569 Academy Promotions 45 M War-20: F/F & Mixed. Charlie Jaynes And The Male Coach Vs Madison Mikels.
VHS 4270 Action Sports 1 HR Ffv2-60: "Fighting Femmes Vol 2" Redhead Vs Brunette. Blonde Vs Redhead.Ends In Two On One Mixed Match.
VHS 460 Ahpa 30 M Vc-2-1: Kathy Vs. Don Mixed Match.
VHS 461 Ahpa 30 M Vc-2-3: Tammy Vs. Ed Mixed Match.
VHS 4834 Alpha Productions 35 M 04: "French Wrestling 1" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Steve
VHS 4835 Alpha Productions 43 M 05: "Blonde Power 1" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Steve.
VHS 1358 Amazon Productions 30 M Ms. Loo: Lady Of The Dragon.... Mixed Match, Martial Arts Champ, Leilani Dalumpines Takes On 6'2" "Rambo" And Finishes Him Off With Head Scissors.
VHS 1359 Amazon Productions 30 M " Kageena - Mistress Of The Jungle" Mixed Match 6' 200 Lb. Erin Weida Is Kageena, Big Girls Make Him Cry.
VHS 1484 Amazon Productions 30 M "Family Reunion" Mixed Match Big Muscle Gal Takes Him Apart.
VHS 1791 Amazon Productions 30 M "Twisted Sisters" Mixed Match. Two Body Builder Sisters Walk In On Two Guys Fighting, They Break Them Up Then Break Them Up.
VHS 1972 Amazon Productions 1 HR+ "Monday Night Football & Elevator Girl": Mixed Matches.Susanne Bauer Wraps Her Powerfull Legs Around Her Male Opponents. Then Stong Annette Hayes Vs Dan Shiva.
VHS 2072 Amazon Productions 15 M " Sam Clench, The Shakedown": Mixed Match. Bodybuilder Erika Andersch Arm Wrestles Male, Then Beats Up On Some Wimpo Males.
VHS 2073 Amazon Productions 1 HR "Tatsie": Mixed Match. Bodybuilder Brunette Works Over Smaller Male And Then Another.
VHS 2195 Amazon Productions 1 HR "Dirty Dancer" Mixed Match. Blonde Dancer Uses Her Legs On Male Victim. Next A Heaver Blonde Works Over Her Slave.
VHS 2196 Amazon Productions 1 HR "Executive Crush" Mixed Match. Large Heavy Set Woman Puts Male Slaves Downnnnnnnnnn.
VHS 2197 Amazon Productions 1 HR "Kiwi Konflict & Nutcracker Sweet" Mixed Matches. Big Blonde Vs Male. Then In Outdoor Ring Blonde Slams Male Around.
VHS 2277 Amazon Productions 1 HR "Gender Heroics" Mixed Match. Elle 5'8" 180 Lbs Vs Tony.
VHS 2503 Amazon Productions 30 M "The Audition" Mixed Match. Debra Northcraft Vs Fred Muggs.
VHS 2504 Amazon Productions 1 HR Ecs #3: "Women's Support Group" Mixed And Girl V Girl.Featuring Carol, Lisa, And Thea. The Three Strong Body Builders Take Turns Wrestling One Another. Then Each Takes On Male.
VHS 3588 Amazon Productions 57 M T-N-T: Featuring Body Builders Thea Bennington And Trisha Coy And Others In Mixed And Girl Vs Girl Matches.
VHS 3589 Amazon Productions 155M Euro Comb Series #1: Mixed Match, Iris Vs Male. Tall Leggy Janine Vs Male. Tazzie Vs Male. Silvia Vs Male.
VHS 5309 Amazon Warrior 1 HR "Revengeful Sister" Mixed Match & Fem Vs Fem. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male On Mats. Another Blonde Body Builder Vs Male . Then Black Vs Brunette.
VHS 5310 Amazon Warrior 35 M 9: Mixed Match. Body Builder Doughdee Wrestles Fritz .... Hard.
VHS 6738 Amazon Warrior 32 M "The Skull Crusher" Mixed Match. Susie Diamond Vs Male.
VHS 3590 Amazon- Versand 35 M Av-74: "Mixed (Domination) Wrestling" Edina Vs Farenc.
VHS 5073 Amazonian Women 30 M Sv-8: Mixed Match. Quisha Vs Paul In Outdoor Ring. Plus Coming Attractions Of Fem Vs Fem Match.
VHS 5718 Amazonian Women 25 M Aw-10: "The Dream" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male In Ring Male Wins.
VHS 562 American Angels 30 M Mixed Mud: Mixed Match- Tony Vs. Redheaded Lisa, She Leaves Him Helpless And Beaten!
VHS 1048 American Angels 30 M Domination #2: Mixed Matches.....Teri Vs Floyd ; Shelly Vs Charles.
VHS 1360 American Angels 30 M Mixed Match #1: "Savage Humiliation" 2 Matches. Cindy Vs Male. Michelle Vs Male.
VHS 2574 American Angels 1 HR Foxy Boxers #4: First Match Is A Mixed Boxing Match, Diane Vs Paul. Rene Vs Christy. Diane Vs Candace.
VHS 5231 Amusement Films 2 HRS "The Girls From H.A.R.M.!" A "B" Movie With A Lot Of Mixed Action.
VHS 3359 Anaconda 52 M 23: "Squeezed And Smothered": Mixed Match. Two Vixens Scissor, Bear Hug And Work Over Male. Nudity In Previews At End Only.
VHS 3591 Anaconda 1 HR 3: "Crush Him Flat" Mixed Domination. Starring Mistress Angela Vs Walter. Slapping, Walking On And Kicking.
VHS 3866 Anaconda 56 M 51: "To Please A Woman" Mixed Match. Mistress Saki Vs Slave Alex.
VHS 3998 Anaconda 1 HR 63: "P.O.W. - Death Wish" Mixed Match. Eva, Alexandra And Scarlet Work Over And Walk All Over Tony. No Fighting.
VHS 4140 Anaconda 1 HR 66: "Smother Torture" Mixed Domination. Angela Hand Smothers Walter.
VHS 6039 Anaconda 1 HR 8: "Smother Down Under" Mixed Match. Three On One. Angela, Cannibal And Taboo Vs John. Many Wrestling Moves But Not By John.
VHS 6165 Anaconda 1 HR 1: "Gasping For Air" Mixed Match. Mistresses Angela, Chelsea, Brittany Vs John. Not Much Fighting As The Three Mistresses Sit, Walk And Dance All Over Him.
VHS 4277 Apl 80 M 54: Mixed Matches. Diane Vs Jose Then Carlos. Jose & Diane Vs Ana. Ana & Diane Vs Jose. Ana, Gabrielle & Jacqueline Vs Jose.
VHS 1974 Arena Girls 20 M 201: Mixed Match. Champagne Vs Eric.
VHS 1975 Arena Girls 20 M 202: Mixed Match. Cee Cee Vs Jake. He Must Have Over Dosed On Saltpeter.
VHS 1976 Arena Girls 20 M 205: Mixed Match. Monique Vs Mystery Wrestler.
VHS 2662 Arena Girls 30 M 208: Mixed Match. Monique Vs Pascal.
VHS 4398 Arena Girls 1 HR "Grapplin' & Gropin' #3" Mixed Matches. Steve Vs Julie.After 3 Minute Gap. Raven Vs Mike.
VHS 4604 Arena Girls 50 M 806: "Grapplin' & Gropin' #4"F/F, F/M, M/M. Mixed Four Corners Match Tina Vs Jason Vs Sarah Vs Eric Vs Candi Vs Steve.
VHS 6400 Arena Girls 29 M 207: Mixed Matches. Nicole Vs Ricco.
VHS 6401 Arena Girls 27 M 215: Mixed Match. Ivonne Vs Mike.
VHS 2200 Ark Productions 30 M 503: "Peeping John" Mixed Match. Big Woman Puts John Thru The Wringer.
VHS 2278 Ark Productions 30 M 501: "The Color Of Domination" Mixed Match. Brunnette Vs Male. Only Fair Video Picture. Plus Previews.
VHS 5407 Asian Connection 35 M 177: Mixed Match. Two Hard Fought Matches.
VHS 6402 Backyard Wrestling 50 M "The Backyard Babes" Some Short Mixed Spoof Matches. Mostly Models Posing.
VHS 3102 Bad Apple Productions 45 M Tb-104: Nectar Vs Zoey; Nadia Vs Kat; Gianna Vs Honey;Mixed Boxing: Kat Vs Sully; Nadia Vs Zoey; Nectar Vs Gianna; Kat Vs Honey.
VHS 4732 Battle �Aka� Asian Catfight 50 M Bc-14: Mixed Match. Good Looking Asian Girl Vs Male In Ring Not A One Sided Match. Male Wins. Plus Several More Mixed Matches With Some Boxing.
VHS 1978 Beatrice Goffin 90 M "Crushing Nole". Mixed Matches. Two Matches With Topless Beatrice Vs Male. Plus Two Other Mixed Matches.
VHS 927 Beka Films 1 HR Gm-3003A: Conny Vs Eva In Great Mother Vs Daughter Match; Petsi Vs Sonja; Susanne/Ursula Vs Ulrike /Miriam; Battle Royal With 10 Girls;+ 2 Mixed Matchers
VHS 5236 Beka Films 30 M Gm-2057: Mixed Match. Karin & Shannan Work Over Male.
VHS 227 Bellstone 1 HR Vt 32 "Girl's Rule" 2 Mixed Matches, First Pam Then Brenda Take Turns Beating A Proud Man???
VHS 361 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 44 Bully Girl Boxing: Mixed Boxing- 'big' Uschi Vs. Ron, Plus Seven Film Transfers Of Mixed Boxing.
VHS 568 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 52- Headscissor Challenge: Mixed Matches, Roni Vs Two Guys.
VHS 571 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 55 Headscissor Torture: Mixed Matches- In An Everyman Fantasy, Ron Dworkin Battles Mo, Lisa, Blondie And Shari; Plus 4 Film Transfers.
VHS 2441 Bellstone 2 HRS 78: "Young Girl Vs Young Boy" Mixed Matches. Roni Vs Male. Lori Vs Male. Plus Film Transfers.
VHS 2577 Bellstone 2 HRS 142: "Kimber" Mixed Match. Female Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 2665 Bellstone 2 HRS 122:"Head Scissor" Mixed Matches. Featuring Lori, Lisa Marie, Uschi, Denise +.
VHS 2667 Bellstone 2 HRS 146: "Mildred Burke's Best Mixed Matches" Film Transfers From The Mildred Burke's Library.
VHS 3598 Bellstone 2 HRS 84: Two Hours Of Mixed Match Film Transfers.
VHS 3877 Bellstone 2 HRS 158: Film Transfers Of Many Old Bellstone Mixed Matches. Plus Some Newer Shot On Video Mixed Matches.
VHS 4008 Bellstone 2 HRS 133: Mixed Match. Lisa Marie Vs Male; Chris Vs Male.
VHS 4148 Bellstone 2 HRS 157: "Female Hammer" Mixed Boxing. Pam Vs Sam. Lee Vs Max. Mixed Boxing Films From The Burke Collection. Plus Uschi Vs Ron.
VHS 4851 Bellstone 2 HRS 95: Mixed Matches. Alicia, Crystal, Holly, Plus Others.
VHS 4852 Bellstone 2 HRS 121: Mixed Matches. Lisa Marie, Alyssa, Plus Others.
VHS 5812 Bellstone 2 HRS Burke 28: Mixed Matches Ring. Color Film Tranfers Added Sound Track .
VHS 6739 Bellstone 2 HRS 36: Mildred Burke's Mixed Matches. Film Transfers Of Many Of The Old Burke Mixed Matches In Ring.
VHS 5986 Best Parts Co. 1 HR " Crystal Wrestling & Domination!" Mixed Match. Crystal White Vs Elliott Christopher Face Sitting.
VHS 6651 Best Parts Co. 1 HR "Barocca Domination" Mixed Match. Barocca Vs Male.
VHS 4005 Bg East 105M "Mixed Foxfights 1": Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Ends With Mixed Tag Team Match In Ring.
VHS 867 Bill Wick 1 HR Sampler: Mixed Matchers Amazon Dancer; Knockout Legs, Anaconda Crush.
VHS 1051 Bill Wick 30 M Mixed Matches Charmaines Challenge, Lauras Challenge, Cajun Queen, Squeeze Him Slowly
VHS 1213 Bill Wick 20 M Ff 6 Doughdee's Special Forces Adventure: Mixed Match.
VHS 1486 Bill Wick 20 M "Laura's Challenge" Outdoor Mixed Match.
VHS 1982 Bill Wick 40 M "French Twist": Mixed Match, Body Builder Puts Larger Male Thru His Paces.
VHS 2507 Bill Wick 35 M "War Of The Roses Continued" Mixed Match. Spice Williams Vs Male.
VHS 3383 Bill Wick 32 M "Gloria... Queen Of Mean" : Mixed Match. Gloria Vs Male.
VHS 3384 Bill Wick 35 M "I Like Hurting You ... Now Beg" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 3600 Bill Wick 45 M "If You Can't Breathe...You Can't Scream" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Males.
VHS 3878 Bill Wick 27 M "Doughdee's Erotic Wrestling Seduction" Mixed Match; Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4608 Bill Wick 32 M "The Spanish Panther's Dance Of Seduction" Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6465 Bill Wick 59 M "Amazon Cover Girls" Several Mixed Matches Featuring Body Builders.
VHS 6466 Bill Wick 33 M 9: "Charmaine's Challenge" Mixed Match. Golden Cat Vs Male.
VHS 6467 Bill Wick 42 M Bw-31: "Submission Impossible" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6740 Bill Wick 32 M "Amazon Wrestling Tryouts" Mixed Match. Body Builder Jacqueline Vs Male.
VHS 522 Bizarre Video 1 HR Bizarre Wrestling Women 4: Mixed Wrestling From Old Joan Wise Films.
VHS 529 Bizarre Video 30 M Bizarre Wrestling Women 5: Many Mixed Matches From Film Transfers.
VHS 3879 Black Falcon Productions 45 M Bf-6: "Worker Beats Up Boss" Mixed Match. Chantel Vs Mr. Lefleu.
VHS 4011 Black Falcon Productions 43 M Bf-21: "Joy Lifts Mike High In The Air" Mixed Match. Joy Vs Mike.
VHS 4149 Black Falcon Productions 38 M Bf-14: "Salesman Learns Lesson" Mixed Match. Christine Dupree Vs Pete.
VHS 4735 Black Falcon Productions 30 M Bf-8: "Boyfriend Gets Beat Up" Mixed Match. Joy Vs Jeff. Blonde Works Over Male.
VHS 4964 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Lb-1: "Do What I Say Or Else" Mixed Boxing Match. Kelly Vs John.
VHS 4965 Black Falcon Productions 40 M Bf-33: "Best Of Face Sitting" Mixed And Fem-Fem Matches. Many Short Clips Of Facesitting "Endings".
VHS 4966 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Bf-40: "Kelly Beats Up Burglar" Mixed Match. Kelly Vs James. Facesitting.
VHS 5093 Black Falcon Productions 38M Bf-11: "Repairman Learns Lesson" Mixed Match Lisa Vs Joe.
VHS 5094 Black Falcon Productions 48M Bf-47: "The Wrestling Challenge" Mixed Match. Michelle Vs Scott.
VHS 5540 Black Falcon Productions 37 M "Preview Video #1": Many Short Clips From Both Mixed And Fem Fem Matches.
VHS 5720 Black Falcon Productions 52 M Bf-60: "Pam Gets Even" Mixed Match. Pam Harris Vs Eric Hayward.
VHS 5851 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Bf-13: "Friend Gets Smothered" Mixed Match. Shelly Vs Joe. Facesitting.
VHS 5852 Black Falcon Productions 52 M Bf-32: "Ex-wife Forces Payment" Mixed Match. Cindy Vs Eddie. Facesitting.
VHS 5853 Black Falcon Productions 54 M Bf-54: "Roxy Takes Control" Mixed Match. Roxy Vs Glen.
VHS 6172 Black Falcon Productions 54 M BF-84: Mixed Match. Alicia Stiles Vs Eric Hayward.
VHS 6174 Black Falcon Productions 53 M BF-86: Mixed Match. Kim Miller Vs Tim Ford.
VHS 6205 Black Falcon Productions 51 M BF-42: "Battle Over Vacation Plans" Mixed Match. Tina Vs Robert.
VHS 6404 Black Falcon Productions 54 M Bf-29: "Wrestling Fantasy Gets Out Of Hand" Mixed Match. Kathy Vs Bill.
VHS 6406 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Bf-44: "Boyfriend Gets Taught A Lesson" Mixed Match. Stacy Vs Tom.
VHS 6407 Black Falcon Productions 49 M Bf-53: "Boyfriend Learns Painful Lesson" Mixed Match. Victoria Vs Jack.
VHS 6408 Black Falcon Productions 54 M Oil-106: Mixed Oil Match Roxy Vs Glen.
VHS 6410 Black Falcon Productions 54 M Oil-108: Mixed Oil Match. Jessica Roberts Vs Eric Hayward.
VHS 6411 Black Falcon Productions 54 M Oil-110: Mixed Oil Match. Vanessa Cruz Vs Eric Hayward.
VHS 6847 Black Falcon Productions 49 M EA-09: European Fight - Mixed Match. Suzie Vs Csaba.
VHS 6849 Black Falcon Productions 48 M CS-16: Mixed Match. Heather Hill Vs Steve Edwards.
VHS 6853 Black Falcon Productions 53 M Bf-82: Mixed Match. Jackie Lane Vs Eric Hayward.
VHS 6854 Black Falcon Productions 50 M   Cs-14: Mixed Match. Mindy Moore Vs James Keenan. Facesitting.
VHS 6857 Black Falcon Productions 22 M Gs-11: "School Boy Pins" Mixed And Female Vs Female. Many Short Clips Of School Boy Pins.
VHS 6861 Black Falcon Productions 33 M HG-4 European Fight Club: Mixed Match. Male Wins.
VHS 6929 Black Falcon Productions 52 M CF-12: Mixed Match. Julie Taylor Vs Richard Mccoy.
VHS 6932 Black Falcon Productions 53 M BF-89: Mixed Match. Kelly Kingston Vs George Gomez. Face Sitting. Two Matches.
VHS 6934 Black Falcon Productions 50 M BF-93: Mixed Match. Chantel Vs George Gomez.
VHS 6944 Black Falcon Productions 43 M BF-81: Mixed Match. Holly Franklin Vs Eric Hayward Good Leg Scissor Action.
VHS 6741 Body Zone 51 M 16: "Drama Forrest" Mixed Match In JapaneseWoods. Male Punches Female In Stomach Over And Over Female Does Not Fight Back.
VHS 2578 Bottoms Up 50 M Bu-1: "Showgirl Smother & Lust Lotion" Mixed Match . Poor Guy Gets His Head Caught In The Legs Of A Lap Dancer. Then Another Blonde Works Over A Male.
VHS 3214 Bottoms Up 50 M 2: Two Mixed Matches. Lots Of Head Scissors.
VHS 1681 Builtmore Productions 40 M "Lucha Libre": Mixed Match. Kat Sartor Vs El Macho. Well Muscled Body Builder Takes On Big Heavy Masked Male.
VHS 3387 Builtmore Productions 57 M "Mother Thonge" Mixed Match. And Girl Vs Girl Match. Patricia Aka Afrika, Sally Aka White Lightning, And The Golden Kat. Body Builders Workout, Lifting And Carrying. Demonstrate Wrestling Holds On Male.
VHS 3604 Builtmore Productions 57 M "Offensive Linewomen" Amazon Supermodels Vol. 8: Mixed Matches. Body Builders And Other Big Women.
VHS 3605 Builtmore Productions 75 M "Blood Games" "B" Movie Type Scenario With Choreographed Mixed Fights And Male Vs Male Scenes.
VHS 1488 C & B Video 30 M Mu-1: Alissa Vs Bob In A Mixed Match.
VHS 1513 C & B Video 30 M M-1: Mixed Match......Rico Vs Mahogany, Strong Black Female Takes On Strong Male In Even Match.
VHS 1606 C & B Video 30 M B1:"Boxing Cavalcade" Mixed Boxing. Powerful Black Girl Uses Male As Boxing Bag. Next Two Blonde Girls Go At Each Other, Very Short. Another Mixed Match.
VHS 1797 C & B Video 20 M Mu-2: Mixed Match........Three Five Foot Tall Girls Take On A 6' Guy. They Work Like Ants Pulling Apart A Much Larger Bug.
VHS 2079 C & B Video 20 M Mu-3: Mixed Match. Bob Vs Nikki In Ring.
VHS 2080 C & B Video 30 M Mu-4: Mixed Match. Allison Vs Bob.
VHS 2443 C & B Video 30 M Mu-5: Mixed Match. Angelica Andrea Vs Bob.
VHS 2579 C & B Video 30 M M-6: Two Mixed Matches. Lora Vs Joe. Gold & Fuschia Vs Male.
VHS 2739 C & B Video 30 M M-14: Mixed Match. Coco Vs Bob.
VHS 2740 C & B Video 25 M M-16: Mixed Match. Lora Vs Don.
VHS 2742 C & B Video 25 M M-21: Mixed Match. Fuchsia Vs Don.
VHS 2743 C & B Video 25 M M-22: Mixed Match. Jamie Vs Mike.
VHS 2744 C & B Video 30 M M-23: Mixed Match. Lora Vs Forrest.
VHS 2747 C & B Video 30 M M-25: Mixed Match. Georgia Vs Mike.
VHS 3103 C & B Video 27 M M-29: Mixed Match. Katie 5'10" 145 Lbs. Vs Brian.
VHS 3104 C & B Video 30 M M-31: Mixed Match. Fuchsia Vs Todd.
VHS 3215 C & B Video 25 M M-3: Mixed Match. Lora Vs Mark.
VHS 3607 C & B Video 30 M M-8: Mixed Match. Dani Ashe Vs Bob.
VHS 3608 C & B Video 30 M M-27: Mixed Match. Patricia Vs Thad.
VHS 3609 C & B Video 30 M M-40: Mixed Match. Phoenix Vs Thad.
VHS 4012 C & B Video 35 M C-5: Mixed Match. Black Vs Male.
VHS 4013 C & B Video 27 M M-1: Mixed Match. Rico Vs Mahogany.
VHS 4014 C & B Video 31 M M-30: Mixed Match. Patricia Vs Todd.
VHS 4015 C & B Video 30 M M-44: Mixed Match. Shadow Vs Robert.
VHS 4150 C & B Video 25 M M-50: Mixed Match. Tall Betty Vs Barney.
VHS 4286 C & B Video 32 M B-4: Mixed Boxing. Asian Vs Male. Black Vs Male.
VHS 4613 C & B Video 32 M M-11: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4615 C & B Video 25 M M-55: Mixed Match In Ring. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4858 C & B Video 25 M M-2: Mixed Match. Allisa Vs Adam.
VHS 5317 C & B Video 40 M M-18: Mixed Match. Black Vs Male On Mats.
VHS 5541 C & B Video 32 M "2001 Highlights Mixed Cat Fem Cat" Many Short Clips Of Mixed And Fem - Fem Matches.
VHS 5620 C & B Video 32 M M-33: Mixed Match. Mary Vs Male In A Submission Match. Plus Short Fem Vs Fem Match Ends In Mid Fight.
VHS 5758 C & B Video 59 M M-59: Mixed Matches On Mats. Tigger Vs Justin. Princess Vs Justin.
VHS 6245 C & B Video 29 M M-39: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. He Starts Out Strong , But Is Worn Down Fast.
VHS 6638 C & B Video 33 M M-24: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6639 C & B Video 32 M M-36: Mixed Match Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6640 C & B Video 31 M M-53: Mixed Match Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6742 C & B Video 30 M M-34: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6130 Chaos Video 38 M Cf-08: "Slaveboy Beatdown" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male In A Boxing / Wrestling Match and Foot Worship.
VHS 6370 Chaos Video 29 M Cf-7: "Belly Up" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Heavy Weight Male.
VHS 6371 Chaos Video 25 M Cf-12: "Be Careful What You Wish For" Mixed Boxing & Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6469 Chicago Fitness 67 M "Sleeper Beauty" Redhead Vs Brunette. Brunette Uses Sleeper Hold Over And Over. Mixed Match. Then Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6413 Christine Dupree Enterprises 28 M "Mixed Colors" Mixed Match. Christine Vs Rodney.
VHS 4155 City Limits 45 M Clv-21: "Spy Shock" Mixed Match. Several Mixed Matches.
VHS 857 Competitive Enterprises 1 HR " This Time It's For Real " : Mixed Matches....Kim Vs
VHS 858 Competitive Enterprises 1 HR " The Pickup " Mixed Match.... Monique Vs Max.
VHS 859 Competitive Enterprises 1 HR " The Lesson " Mixed Match Plus......Starts With Doreen Vs Margo; Then It's David Beating Doreen Followed By Margo Beating David.
VHS 1065 Competitive Enterprises 1 HR "Anything Legal" Mixed Match
VHS 1886 Competitive Enterprises 40 M "The Competitive Women" Short Segments Of Mixed Action. From Arm Wrestling To Wrestling To Bare Fisted Boxing. Preview Tape.
VHS 2081 Competitive Enterprises 30 M "Roadside Encounter" Mixed Match. Blonde Christie Eckersley Vs Male Both Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 2082 Competitive Enterprises 35 M "Unlike Mother" Mixed Match, Featuring Tory Chamberlain And Lisa Ferraro. When Mother Couldn't Beat Him, Daughter Does.
VHS 2083 Competitive Enterprises 25 M "Security Scam": Mixed Karate Match, More Of A Demonstration Then Match With Jackie Cotton.
VHS 2283 Competitive Enterprises 40 M "Virtual Audition, Plus The Competitive Woman (Short Version Previews)" Mixed Match As Two Girls Work Over Biff And His She Male Friend And Then His Black Butler.
VHS 2509 Competitive Enterprises 34 M "A Bottle Full Of Trouble" Mixed Match & Girl V Girl. Long Haired Brunet Puts Wise Guy In His Place. Next A Blonde Nut Cracker Puts Down Another Male. Then Blonde Takes On Brunet.
VHS 2585 Competitive Enterprises 36 M "The Room Mate"Mixed Match. Female Bodybuilder Fights Male With Bare Fists.
VHS 2672 Competitive Enterprises 22 M "Competitive Tv" Short Clips From Many Matches Both Mixed And Girl V Girl, Boxing, Wrestling Kick Boxing. Petra Vs Jenny, Athena Vs Talon. Same As 4410.
VHS 3882 Competitive Enterprises 37 M "Side Work" Mixed Match. Kasie Cavanaugh Vs Jim Ruffin. Mostly Wrestling With Some Boxing.
VHS 4156 Competitive Enterprises 43 M "Black Eyed Boyfriend" Mixed Match. Francesca Vs Anthony In One Sided Bare Fisted Boxing.
VHS 4410 Competitive Enterprises 28 M "Competitive Tv 2" Short Clips From Many Matches Both Mixed And Girl V Girl, Boxing, Wrestling . Same As 2672.
VHS 4971 Competitive Enterprises 43 M "Real Practice" Mixed Match. Kristiane Fluer Vs Rick Braum Mostly Schoolboy Pin.
VHS 5652 Competitive Enterprises 30 M "The Apology" Mixed Match. Body Builder Kasie Cavanaugh Vs Male Wrestling And Boxing. "Bad Penny" Kasie Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5653 Competitive Enterprises 42 M "Mr. V's Fight Club Scouts" Mixed Match Boxing. Blonde Vs Males.
VHS 5654 Competitive Enterprises 41 M "The Collector" Mixed Match Boxing. Body Builder Roxy Bleu Slugs It Out With Two Males.
VHS 5655 Competitive Enterprises 31 M "Violent Temp" Mixed Match. Body Builder Debra D'andrea Vs Buddy Cox Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 6743 Competitive Enterprises 37 M "Test Drive" Mixed Match. Alexis Taylor Vs Tom Slick.
VHS 6744 Competitive Enterprises 44 M "The Victress" Mixed Matches. Tori Chamberlain Vs Males.
VHS 6745 Competitive Enterprises 32 M "Runs In The Family" Mixed Match. Jodi Michaels Vs Peter Hogan.
VHS 6882 Competitive Enterprises 48 M "The Bodyguard" Mixed Match Boxing. Blonde Vs Males.
VHS 6883 Competitive Enterprises 23 M "Spare Time" Mixed Boxing Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6950 Competitive Enterprises 30 M "The Right To Fight" Mixed Match. Wrestling & Boxing Lacey Legends Vs Scott Blair.
VHS 6951 Competitive Enterprises 28 M "Competitive TV 2" Mostly Mixed Boxing With Some Girl - Girl Action.
VHS 6281 CPL Productions � 2 HRS Cmx-1: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6282 CPL Productions � 47 M Cmx-9: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6283 CPL Productions � 57 M Cmx-10: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6284 CPL Productions � 1 HR Cmx-11: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6285 CPL Productions � 1 HR+ Cmx-13: Mixed Match. Blonde In Latex Bikini Vs Male. Face Sittting.
VHS 6353 CPL Productions � 80 M Cmx-4: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6354 CPL Productions � 47 M Cmx-5: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6355 CPL Productions � 49 M Cmx-8: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6356 CPL Productions � 47M Cmx-12: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6357 CPL Productions � 72 M Cmx-15: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6372 CPL Productions � 1 HR 2: "Mixed Wrestling Mayhem" Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6373 CPL Productions � 1 HR 7: "Over Powering" Mixed Match. Bruette Vs Male.
VHS 6414 CPL Productions � 50 M BSDC-04: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6415 CPL Productions � 30 M BSDC-05: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6416 CPL Productions � 36 M BSDC-06: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting .
VHS 6417 CPL Productions � 54 M CMX-16: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6418 CPL Productions � 72 M CMX-17: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6419 CPL Productions � 77 M CMX-18: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6420 CPL Productions � 30 M CMX-19: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6470 CPL Productions � 41 M CMX-22: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6471 CPL Productions � 90 M CMX-26: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6472 CPL Productions � 54 M CMX-33: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6473 CPL Productions � 35 M CMX-35: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6530 CPL Productions � 75 M Cmx-06: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6552 CPL Productions � 89 M Cpl-8: Fem Vs Fem And Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Brunette On Mats. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 308 Creative Films 30 M C15 Mixed Match, Robin Vs. Male
VHS 309 Creative Films 30 M C17 Mixed Match, Raven Vs Male
VHS 517 Creative Films 30 M C18:Mixed Match - Tina Vs. Male
VHS 583 Creative Films 30 M C23: Mixed Match- Dark And Sultry Pearl 5'8" 130 Lbs. Vs. 5'7" 145 Lbs. Male.
VHS 584 Creative Films 30 M C25: Mixed Match- Jackie 5'7" 130 Lbs. Vs. 5'7" 140 Lbs. Male On The Beach.
VHS 772 Creative Films 1 HR Film Transfers Of Mixed Matches. Cf6,7,10,12,14.
VHS 774 Creative Films 15 M C31: Mixed Match...... Soft-Spoken Robin 5'10" 148 Lbs Vs Her 5'10" 160 Lbs Husband.
VHS 775 Creative Films 15 M C32: Mixed Match......... Suzie 5'6" 126 Lbs Vs 5'8" 150 Lbs Man.
VHS 776 Creative Films 15 M C33: Mixed Match... Both Tasha 5'10" 155 Lbs And Samantha 5'8" 135 Lbs Double Team Peeping Tom 5'8" . 155 Lbs.
VHS 1363 Creative Films 30 M C39: Mixed Match...Featuring Stephanie.
VHS 1364 Creative Films 30 M C43: Mixed Match... Tashi & Suzie Vs Their Dates.
VHS 1491 Creative Films 30 M 53: Mixed Match Staring "Marika".
VHS 1518 Creative Films 30 M Cfv-52: Mixed Match.......Terri & Suzie Vs Him.
VHS 1691 Creative Films 45 M C34: "Aimee & Suzie Have Fun" Mixed Match. One Softens Him Up. Then They Take Turns Working Him Over.
VHS 1692 Creative Films 30 M Cfv-56: "Melanie In Accidental Pleasure" Mixed Match. Blonde Melanie Vs Male.
VHS 1987 Creative Films 35 M Cfv-70: "Thighblaster Mania"......Mixed Matches, No Audio. Featuring Jan Klein & Joanna Vs Males.
VHS 2084 Creative Films 30 M Cfv-46: Mixed Match. Victoria Vs Male.
VHS 2085 Creative Films 30 M Cfv-47: Mixed Match. Veronica & Carmen Vs Male.
VHS 2285 Creative Films 35 M Cvf-49: Mixed Match. Suzie & Colette Vs Two-Timing Boyfriend, In And Out Of Pool.
VHS 2286 Creative Films 40 M Cvf-55: Mixed Match. Sarah Connors Vs Repo-Man.
VHS 2287 Creative Films 35 M Cvf-67: Mixed Match. Suzie Vs The Challenger. Same As Our #3621.
VHS 2288 Creative Films 35 M Cvf-75: Mixed Match. Maria Vs Male.
VHS 2289 Creative Films 35 M Cvf-76: Mixed Match. Lisa Vs Male.
VHS 2444 Creative Films 35 M Cvf-50: Mixed Match. Tasha Vs Male.
VHS 2867 Creative Films 27M Cfv-44: Mixed Match. Noelle Vs Male, Outdoor Match.
VHS 2868 Creative Films 35 M Cfv-66: " Lift & Wrestling" Mixed Matches, Body Builders, C.C. & Lisa Vs Males; Plus Lifting And Carrying.
VHS 2869 Creative Films 35 M Cfv-74: Mixed Match, Sara Connors Vs Male.
VHS 3621 Creative Films 40 M Cvf-67: "Suzie The Challenge" Mixed Match. Suzie (Aka Robin) Vs Male Wrestling And Boxing. Same As Ur #2287.
VHS 3883 Creative Films 54 M Dka-11: Jasab "I'm The Boss" Mixed Match. Jasab Vs Male. Boxing & Wrestling.
VHS 3884 Creative Films 35 M 79: Mixed Match. Ann Marie Vs Male.
VHS 3885 Creative Films 40 M 82: Mixed Match. Tina Vs Male.
VHS 4157 Creative Films 35 M 38: Mixed Match. Bridgitte Vs Male. She Rides , And Rocks And Rolls Him.
VHS 4158 Creative Films 35 M 102: Mixed Match. Julie Vs Male. Alot Of Leg Scissors Leave Him Beat.
VHS 4159 Creative Films 40 M 133: "The Enforcer" Mixed Match. Tasha Welch Vs Male.
VHS 4621 Creative Films 40 M 121: "Patience Lost" Mixed Match. Jan Klein Vs Male. She Lefts And Carries Him And Works Him Over.
VHS 4622 Creative Films 40 M 128: "Tables Turned" Mixed Match. Kat Vs Male.
VHS 4623 Creative Films 40 M 130: "Worship Me !!!!" Mixed Match. Sharon Kane Vs Male.
VHS 4624 Creative Films 43 M 136: "Lap Dancers From Hell" Mixed Match. Stacy Burke & Francesca Le Vs Male. They Work Him Over.
VHS 4625 Creative Films 40 M 137: "Don't Piss Me Off" Mixed Match. Carolyn Monroe Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 5319 Creative Films 40 M 135: "Fools Poker" Mixed Match. Kristie Etzold Vs Male.
VHS 5656 Creative Films 28 M 35: Mixed Match. Michelle Vs Male.
VHS 5657 Creative Films 36 M 36: Mixed Match. Marika Vs Male.
VHS 5658 Creative Films 34 M 37: Mixed Match. Carmen Vs Male.
VHS 5659 Creative Films 38 M 61: "Good Things Come In..." Mixed Match. Tina Vs Male.
VHS 5660 Creative Films 36 M 64: "This Treat Is On Me" Mixed Match. Lisa Vs Male.
VHS 5661 Creative Films 39 M 78: Mixed Match. Tasha Voux Vs Male.
VHS 5662 Creative Films 39 M 85: Mixed Match. Brandie Vs Male.
VHS 5663 Creative Films 39 M 88: Mixed Match. Christine Vs Male.
VHS 5664 Creative Films 37M 92: Mixed Match. Lucy Vs Male.
VHS 5665 Creative Films 32 M 93: Mixed Match. Body Builder Collette Vs Male.
VHS 5666 Creative Films 37 M 101: Mixed Match. Courtney Vs Male.
VHS 5667 Creative Films 34 M 104: Mixed Match. Christine Vs Male.
VHS 5668 Creative Films 35 M 112: "Mammogram" Mixed Match. Nancy Vs Male.
VHS 5669 Creative Films 38 M 122: "Smoking Is Bad" Mixed Match. Francesca Vs Male.
VHS 5670 Creative Films 38 M 123: "Repaired" Mixed Match. Hollywood Vs Male.
VHS 5671 Creative Films 37 M 127: Mixed Match. Suzie Vs Male.
VHS 5817 Creative Films 40 M 94: Mixed Match. Joanna Vs Male.
VHS 5818 Creative Films 40 M 96: Mixed Match. Body Builder Robin Vs Male Lifts And Carries.
VHS 5988 Creative Films 42 M 138: "The Crushed And Smothered Brothers" Mixed Matches. Crystal White And Devin Demore Vs Males Face Sitting.
VHS 5989 Creative Films 38 M 140: "There Is Only One Women....." Mixed Match. Tori Sinclair Vs Male Face Sitting.
VHS 5990 Creative Films 40 M 152: "Stacy Gets Her Man" Mixed Match. Stacy Burke Vs Male.
VHS 6358 Creative Films 41 M 115A: Mixed Match. Body Builder Tori Sinclair Vs Buddy Boxing.
VHS 6474 Creative Films 40 M 98: Mixed Match. JAN KLEIN Vs Male.
VHS 6746 Creative Films 42 M 87: Mixed Match. Theresa Vs Male.
VHS 6747 Creative Films 35 M 103: Mixed Match. Inga Vs Male.
VHS 392 Curtis Dupont 30 M Big Loser: Mixed Wrestling Mary, Gloria And Viper Vs. Poor Male.
VHS 1700 Curtis Dupont 1 HR Wrestling Classics #8: Film Transfers. Both Girl Vs Girl And Mixed.
VHS 3890 Curtis Dupont 39 "Oldies #2" Film Transfers Of Many Mixed Matches.
VHS 3106 Customized Productions 40 M 79: "Pussy Whipped" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Mostly Light Bondage.
VHS 3107 Customized Productions 45 M 115: "Not Too Macho" Mixed Match, Blonde Vs Male. Mostly Light Bondage.
VHS 3108 Customized Productions 90 M 254: "Madam Lisa And Just A Boy" Mixed Match. Lisa Vs Male. Mostly Light Bondage.
VHS 2211 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 15: "Forced Crotch Lock"...........Mixed Match. Big (42F) Bad Blake Vs Her Husband, Using Her Breasts And Butt To Win A Smothering Victory.
VHS 2212 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 16: "Breast & Crotch Punishment" ........Mixed Match. Blake Again Puts Her Husband Thru Her Mill, Which Includes Crotch And Breast Smothers Plus A Painful Boston Crab.
VHS 2213 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 19: "Angel Of Death" ..............Mixed Match. Angel Eyes Uses Her Fists And Wrestling Skills To Gain A Bloody Crotch Smothering Win Over A Poor Wimp.
VHS 2292 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 12: "Rope Fight" Two Blondes Go At Each Other. Followed By Mixed Match Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2372 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 18: "Carnal Catfight" Girl Vs Girl And Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Brunette In Big Breasted Catfight. Then Both Go After The Responsible Male.
VHS 2446 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 20: "Punch Me Stupid" Mixed Match. Starring Julianne Jumbolina, Angel Eyes And Ed Entrails. Plus Very Short Girl Vs Girl. Appears To Be The Same As #2461.
VHS 2447 D. F. T. Film & Video 23 M 23: "Pretty Boy Beatdown" Mixed Match. Blake Mitchell Vs Rex T. Rangerson
VHS 2514 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 13: "Bitch Slap" Mixed Match. Julianne Jumbolina Vs Joe Duke.
VHS 2589 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 17: "Death Fight" Mixed Match. Topless Female Beats Up Male With Punches And Kicks.
VHS 2590 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 21: Erotic Exterminator" Mixed Match. Topless Female Vs Male Wrestling And Fist Fighting.
VHS 2592 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 28: "Hot Knuckle Sandwich" Mixed Matches. 3 Male Vs Female Matches.
VHS 3223 D. F. T. Film & Video 29 M 38: "Female Predators" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. More Domination Than Fighting.
VHS 3891 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 31: "Smack The Sissy" Mixed Boxing & Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4023 D. F. T. Film & Video 27 M 48: "Blow By Blow" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male. "Beastathon Boxing" Girl Vs Girl Boxing Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 4161 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 43: "The Fist Fighter" Mixed Match. Lydia Monroe Boxes Male. Lee Price Boxes Male.
VHS 5672 D. F. T. Film & Video 29 M 34: "Erotic Fisticuffs" Mixed Match And Fem -fem. Blonde And Brunette Vs Male. Then Blonde Vs Brunette And More Mixed Action.
VHS 5673 D. F. T. Film & Video 28 M 39: "Mob Rule" Mixed Match. Red Head And Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 2150 Danube Women Wrestling 55 M Dww-46: "Mixed Mayhem" Mixed Matches Featuring Hana, Edita, Janna, Michaela, Bettino And Marek.
VHS 2294 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Dww-56: "Topless Mixed Fights" Mixed Matches. Featuring Marion, Marie Laure And Edita Vs Male Opponents.
VHS 3113 Danube Women Wrestling 90 M Dww-57: "The Fall Guys" Mixed Wrestling. Several Matches.
VHS 3892 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Eu-63: "Luzia Mixes It Up" Mixed Match. Luzia 128Lbs. 5'7" Vs Tom 152 Lbs. 5' 10"; Martin 128 Lbs 5'7"; Ivo 186 Lbs 5'11"
VHS 3894 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR Ddw-113: "A Hard Man Is Good To Find" Mixed Matches. Iva 121 Lbs 5'5"Vs Ivo 186 Lbs 5'11". Ingrid 112 Lbs 5'2" Vs Tom 152 Lbs 5"10". Denise 136 Lbs 5'9" Vs Patrick 164 Lbs. 5"10". Michaela 133 Lbs 5'8" Vs Filipivo 180 Lbs 6'1".
VHS 4165 Danube Women Wrestling 80 M Eu-83: "Lucky Boys" Mixed Match. Antonia, 5'5",132 Lbs. Vs Petr, 5'9", 143 Lbs. Luzia, 5'7", 132 Lbs. Vs Robin, 6'1", 143 Lbs. Antonia, 5'5", 132 Lbs. Vs Libor, 5'8", 132 Lbs.
VHS 4170 Danube Women Wrestling 55 M Dww-157: "Petra And The Boys" Mixed Matches. Petra, 5'9", 162 Lbs. Vs Males.
VHS 4296 Danube Women Wrestling 80 M Eu-27: "Mixed Boxing Men Vs Women" Norbert Vs Diana; Soli Vs Judit; Tunde Vs Zoltan; Norbert Vs Andy; Soli Vs Diana And More.
VHS 4427 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR Dww-171: Mixed Matches. "Men In Trouble" Barbara Vs Petr; Luzia Vs David; Barbara Vs David.
VHS 4428 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR Dww-172: "Luzia For Men" Mixed Matches. Luzia Vs Male. Edita Vs Male.
VHS 4633 Danube Women Wrestling 90 M Dww-34: "Battle Of The Sexes Part 1" Females Do Not Alway Win Mixed Matches. Gabi 5'8" 162 Lbs. Vs Bettino; Hana 5'6" 119 Lbs.; Vs Nick; Manuel 5'5' 150 Lbs. Vs Ludwig; Iris 5'8" 133 Lbs. Vs Alex; Marie Laure 5'3" 128 Lbs Vs Bettino. And More.
VHS 4634 Danube Women Wrestling 90 M Eu-37: " Mixed Boxing Championships" Mixed Matches. Many Matches.
VHS 4635 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Dww-71: "Mr. Mixed" Mixed Matches. Several Matches.
VHS 4638 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Eu-85: "Party Games" Mixed Matches. Eva K 5'7" 140 Lbs & Vera 5'4" 130 Lbs Vs Filipivo; Lenka 5'2" 119 Lbs. Vs David; Edita 5'7" 115 Lbs. Vs Martin;
VHS 4640 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR Bsa-92: Mixed Boxing. Elena 5'6 129 Lbs. Vs Anton; Galina 5'4" 117 Lbs. Vs Vladimir; Lena 5'2" 93 Lbs. Vs Alexsey; Lessja 5'5" 122 Lbs. Vs Andrej; Zhanna 5'5" 149 Lbs. Vs Sergey; Svetlana 5'2" 125 Lbs. Vs Sergey
VHS 4642 Danube Women Wrestling 80 M Dww-99: "Which Sex Rules?" Mixed Matches. Several Matches.
VHS 4745 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR Eu-99: "Crazy Mixed Up Kids" Mixed Matches. Jana 5'7" 123 Lbs Vs Tom. Jana Vs Paul. Lucka 5'9" 121 Lbs Vs Paul.
VHS 4874 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Dww-197: "Garden Boxing 2000 Part 1" Starts With Some Mixed Training Boxing. Then Luzia 5'7" 133 Lbs Vs Edita 5'7" 118 Lbs. Eva 5'7" 121 Lbs. Vs Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs. Denise 5'9" 132 Lbs. Vs Edita 5' 7" 118 Lbs. Eva Vs Denise. Clara 5'7" 129 Lbs Vs Antonia.
VHS 5412 Danube Women Wrestling 75 M Dww-210: "Humiliated Hombre" Mixed Matchers. Luzia 5'7" 139 Lbs & Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs Vs Tom.
VHS 5443 Danube Women Wrestling 56 M Dww-223: Three Mixed Matches: Petr Vs Clara; Petr Vs Edita; Tom Vs Edita. True Competitive Wrestling.
VHS 5544 Danube Women Wrestling 59 M Eu-95: "Barbecue Boys Part 1 Petra" Mixed Matches Petra 5'9" 182 Lb. Vs Paul, Then Honza, And Then Marco.
VHS 5928 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Dww-246: "Ultra-competitive Mixed Wrestling" Tiffany 6'0" 143 Lbs Vs Samuel; Sandra 5'7" 145 Lbs Vs Vikin; Vera 5'4" 123 Lbs Vs Marco.
VHS 6247 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR 247: "Boys! Don't Mess With Girls!" Mixed Matches. Clara 5'7" 129 Lbs & Luzia Vs Honza. Petra 5'9" 170 Lbs Vs Tom.
VHS 6320 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Dww-261: "Man Under Domination" Mixed Matches. Luzia 5'7" 132 Lbs Vs Tom. Jana N 5'7" 123 Lbs Vs Nick. Tom Vs Denise 5'7" 132 Lbs & Jana N. Eve 5'7" 119 Lbs Vs Alain.
VHS 6340 Danube Women Wrestling 57 M Dww-224: "Help - She Won't Let Me Up!" Mixed Matches. Jana N. 5'7" 123 Lbs Vs Leonardo. Edita 5'7" 118 Lbs. Vs Leonardo. Jana N. Vs Vikin. Edita Vs Vikin.
VHS 6379 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR 211: "Guys N' Gals Go Topless" Mixed Matches. Edita 5'7" 118 Lbs Vs Male. Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs Vs Male. Clara 5'7" 129 Lbs Vs Male.
VHS 6381 Danube Women Wrestling 67 M 226: "Petr And The Cheerleaders" Mixed Matches. Petr Male Vs Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs And Luzia 5'7" 133 Lbs. Then Denise 5'9" 132 Lbs And Cathy 5'10" 130 Lbs. And More.
VHS 6476 Danube Women Wrestling 55 M EU-97: "Barbecue Boys Part 3- Edita" Mixed Matches. Edita 5'7" 118 Lbs Vs Males.
VHS 6577 Danube Women Wrestling 59 M Dww-260: "Mixing It At Home Part 1" Mixed Matches. Daniela 5'10" 154 Lbs Vs Alain. Barbara 5'11" 154 Lbs Vs Jan. Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs Vs Honza.
VHS 6655 Danube Women Wrestling 69 M 225: "I'll Beat You Up" Mixed Matches. Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs. Vs Marco 5'9" 148 Lbs. Barbara 5'11" 148 Lbs Vs Marco.
VHS 6656 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M 234: "Party Mix" Mixed Matches. Luzia 5'7 132 Lbs Vs Tom.
VHS 6659 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M 249: "Surely, Boys Are Stronger?" Mixed Matches. Petra 5'9" 170 Lbs Vs Males Two Matches. Vera 5'4" 123 Vs Males Two Matches.
VHS 6662 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR 262: "Mixing It On The Mat" Mixed Matches. Luzia 5'7" 132 Lbs Vs David. Petra 5'9" 170 Lbs Vs Petr. Daniela 5'10" 151 Lbs Vs Tom.
VHS 6689 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Ddw-173: ""The Weaker Sex"" Mixed Matches. Petra 5'9"" 182 Lbs. Vs Male. Sandra 5'7"" 146 Lbs. Vs Male.
VHS 6799 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ 317: "Women On Top?" Mixed Matches. Petra 5'9" 170 Lbs Vs Petr. Barbara 5'11" 154 Lbs. Vs Petr. Clara 5'7" 128 Lbs Vs Martin. Petra Vs David.
VHS 6800 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ 318: "Poor Nick" Mixed Matches. Nick Vs Monika N. 5'2" 123 Lbs. Nick Vs Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs. Nick Vs Laila 5'9" 132 Lbs.
VHS 6802 Danube Women Wrestling 58 M 337: "Boys And Girls Come Out To Play" Mixed Matches. Martin Vs Edita 5'7" 126 Lbs. Martin Vs Laila 5'9" 124 Lbs. Martin Vs Dana N. 5'7" 117 Lbs.
VHS 6803 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR 343: "Petr Pays His Dues" Mixed Matches. Petr 5'9" 154 Lbs Vs Tiffany 6'0" 161 Lbs. Petr Vs Petra 5'9" 165 Lbs. Petr Vs Sandra 5'7" 145 Lbs.
VHS 6812 Danube Women Wrestling 54 M EU-96: "Barbecue Boys Part 2 - Luzia" Mixed Matches. Luzia Vs boys.
VHS 394 Deena Zarra 1 HR 4: Nine Mixed Matches, Featuring Deena 6'3" 200 Lbs., Debbie 5'9" 202 Lbs.,Sheila 5'9" 195 Lbs., Che 5'3" 133 Lbs., Connie 5'5" 185 Lbs., Sandra 5'6" 142Lbs.
VHS 1615 Deena Zarra 1 HR 1: "Bogus Repairman" Mixed Match. 6'3" 200 Lbs Deena Vs Impersonator Repairman. Plus Three Film Transfers Of Mixed Matches From 1979.
VHS 2518 Deena Zarra 50 M 33: "Unsteady Freddie" Mixed Match. Big Zarra Vs Freddie.
VHS 4748 Deena Zarra 40 M 28: "Venus Fly Trap" Mixed Match. Suzie Johnson Vs Male, Leg Scissors And Facesitting.
VHS 4749 Deena Zarra 27 M 32: "Dropped, Rocked, And Rolled" Mixed Match. Karen Vs Peter, She Works Him Over With Karate Kicks And Leg Scissors.
VHS 4751 Deena Zarra 1 HR+ 29A: "Giant Norwegian Snowball Part 1" Mixed Match. Heavy Weight Gretta Hansen Vs Male Facesitting. Ends When Tape Runs Out.
VHS 3643 Diamond International 1 HR 061: "The Bitchers Of Eastwick" Mixed Walk All Over, No Fighting. Featuring Nikki Nova And Christy Walk All Over Male.
VHS 3901 Diamond International 59 M 041: "Smother Session" Mixed Domination. Cinder And Ella. They Sit All Over Poor Guy.
VHS 4171 Diamond International 1 HR "Out Of Air": Mixed Domination. Jillian And Beth Sit All Over Male.
VHS 4174 Diamond International 1 HR Et071: "The Smutty Professor" Mixed Domination. Eve Ellis And Starr Chandler Walk On, Face Sit Akbar.
VHS 4175 Diamond International 1 HR 087: "Ladies And The Trampled. Mixed Donination. Crystal And Andrea Walk On And Face Sit Zippy.
VHS 3225 Diana The Valkyrie Video 43 M "Thigh Spy" Mixed Match. Heather Fine Vs Kandor.
VHS 6485 Diana The Valkyrie Video 45 M "Strip Scissor" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 277 Double Trouble 1 HR 105 Mixed Madness: Mixed Matches, Lynn-Marie Vs. Carl; Noel And Cheryl Vs. Poor???? Carl.
VHS 476 Double Trouble 1 HR 121 Mixed Violence: Mixed Match Debbie Vs. John; Tag Team- John & Stephanie Vs. Spice And Julie; Mr. Masked Maniac Vs. Spice.
VHS 876 Double Trouble 40 M 133:"Man Eater" Mixed Matches.. Belinda Vs Dakota. Belinda Vs Don In Foot Domination Match. Watch Belinda Have A Few Boys For Lunch!
VHS 941 Double Trouble 20 M 140: Mixed Dominance Match, A Feet Of Destruction. Belinda Vs. Shane. She Beats Him Up, Then Humiliates Him. Total Dominance.
VHS 1368 Double Trouble 30 M 130: Mixed Matches With Belinda.
VHS 1369 Double Trouble 45 M 144 "Super Fems": Two Mixed Matches. Spice Williams Vs Scott. Then Scott Takes On Mia.
VHS 2087 Double Trouble 45 M 154: "The Harder They Fall" ......Mixed Match, Erica Vs Mike.
VHS 3006 Double Trouble 1 HR 244: "How To Destroy A Man" Two Mixed Matches. Spice Vs Male; Yvone Vs Male.
VHS 3230 Double Trouble 1 HR 336: "Painful Saga Og Sore Guts Galore" Mixed And Girl Vs Girl Matches. Mia Vs Mark. Jasae Vs Mia. Franchesca & Bobbie Vs Mia & Jasae Provide Powerful Blows To Each Other's Stomach.
VHS 3646 Double Trouble 52 M 151: Two Mixed Matches With Mia Vs Scott.
VHS 3647 Double Trouble 75 M 222: Mixed Matches. Julie Vs Jeb. Mia Vs Jeb.
VHS 3648 Double Trouble 55 M 257: Mia And Michelle And Jeb In A Foot Fetish Romp And Mixed Match. Only Nudity Is In Short Girl Vs Girl Match At End.
VHS 3654 Double Trouble 51 M 369: Mixed Matches. Hollywood Vs Andrew. Hollywood Vs Scott.
VHS 3906 Double Trouble 52 M 301: Mixed Match & Girl Vs Girl. Mia Vs Qasae Vs Mark. Marione Vs An Drew.
VHS 4305 Double Trouble 40 M 398: "Mix Masters" Mixed Matches. Scott Vs Candi. Mark Vs Marjone, Jasae & Franchesca.
VHS 4313 Double Trouble 70 M 433: "When Butch Comes To Shove Queen Quisha" Mixed Match. Butch Vs Tasha. Fem - Fem Match. Quisha Vs Shannan. Plus.
VHS 4989 Double Trouble 1 HR+ 472: "Mashed, Mad And Muddied" Mixed Matches. Unique Leigh Vs Scott. Nikki Vs Puma Male Wins ?????. Stacy & Candi Vs Andrew In The Mud.
VHS 5166 Double Trouble 40 M 489: "Deck The Halls With Parts Of Hollywood" "Superheroine Holiday Special. Mixed Match? Hollywood (Vixxen) Vs The Oppressor. Vixxen Vs Sandy Claws.
VHS 5176 Double Trouble 59 M 503: "School Of Hard Knockouts" Fem Vs Fem + Mixed Match. One Topless Slugging Match, Candi, Stacy, Francesca Tasha; One Mixed Boxing Match, Peter Vs Yvonne And Santana.
VHS 5372 Double Trouble 80 M 502: "Mix Misery" Mixed Match. Sandy Vs Puma. Hollywood Vs Peter. Josh Vs Stacy.
VHS 6063 Double Trouble 57 M 589: Mixed Matches. Candi Vs Puma. Jewell Vs Alex. Lisa Vs Peter In Boxing Match.
VHS 6946 Double Trouble 1 HR 293: Several Matches In Whip Cream, Including Mixed Matches.
VHS 4763 Drop Dead Georgous 50 M 030: "Shootouts And Other Confrontions" A Little Mixed Wrestling, Some Female Vs Female Domination. But Mostly Shootings Of Females With Hand Guns And A Lot Of Fake Blood.
VHS 5416 Ecw Wrestling 114 M "Extreme 3 Way Bytch, Sytch, & Francine" A Mix Of Pro Male Wrestling And Their Ring Girls Going At It. More Male Than Female Fighting With Some Mixed Action.
VHS 5574 Empress Asia 54 M 20: "Some Loosers Never Learn" Mixed Match. Two Brunettes Vs Male.
VHS 5575 Empress Asia 56 M 23: "Meaty Feet, Kicks & Face Sitting" Mixed Match. Heavy Set Brunette Works Over Male With Her Feet.
VHS 5576 Empress Asia 45 M 28: "Mercenary Bitches 2" Mixed Matches. Three Brunettes Work Over Male Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 5577 Empress Asia 45 M 29: "Dominatrix Practice" Mixed Match. Two Brunettes And A Blonde Gang Up On Male.
VHS 6005 Empress Asia 49 M 13: "Frat Boy Birthday Surprise" Mixed Match. Asia Vs Male.
VHS 6045 Empress Asia 1 HR 1: "Asia Does Tomahawk" Mixed Match In Ring.
VHS 6390 Empress Asia 1 HR 19: "Hired Muscle" Mixed Match. Blonde, Black And Asia Work Over Male.
VHS 6391 Empress Asia 35 M 32: "Cop Gets Ass Kicked" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 5120 Empress Santanna's Playhouse 40 M "Painful Break-Up" Mixed Match. Santana Vs Male.
VHS 6421 Extreme Muscle 32 M Mixed Boxing And Wrestling. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 5686 Fem-Flex Video 34 M "Mangled By Ericka" Mixed Match. Body Builder Erika From American Gladiator Vs Male.
VHS 5767 Fem-Flex Video 45 M "She's Got Legs .... And She Knows How To Use Them" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6487 Fem-Flex Video 36 M "The Stripper Vs The Preacher" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2100 Female Sports 1 HR Fsv-000: 3 Mixed Matches + 1 Girl Vs Girl.
VHS 2159 Female Sports 50 M Fsv-39: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male In A Fast Paced Match. Next A Heaver Blonde Puts Her Male In Pain. Then First Blonde Takes On Another Male. +
VHS 2161 Female Sports 30 M Fsv-42: Mixed Matches...... Blonde Vs Male Replete With Face Sitting. Next A Sandy Haired Hellcat Takes On Male.
VHS 2163 Female Sports 25 M Fsv-44: Mixed Match .......Blonde Vs Male. Plenty Of Facesitting.
VHS 2892 Female Sports 105M Fsv-19: Mixed Match & Female Vs Female. Sonya Vs Vincent. Angie Vs Marcia. Angie Vs Gisella. Glenda Vs Sasha. Ramona Vs Laurie. Angie Vs Monica. Maggie Vs Georgina. Luna Vs Angela. Sonya Vs Angie.
VHS 3122 Female Sports 1 HR Fsv-36: Mixed Matches. Two Brunettes Vs Male. Brunette Vs Male In Ring. Then Blonde Vs Male In Ring. And More.
VHS 5180 Female Sports 1 HR Fsv-22: Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male. Brunette Vs Male. Another Brunette Vs Male. And Another Brunette Vs Male. In Ring Matches Face Sitting.
VHS 5181 Female Sports 57 M Fsv-32: Mixed Matches. Brunette & Black Vs Male Apartment Mat Match. Next A Blonde And A Brunette Vs Male Apartment Mat Match. Redhead Vs Male In Ring, A More Competitive Match. Brunette Works Over Larger Male In Competitive Ring Match. Several Females Tag Team Male. Plus Mud Mixed Two On One Match.
VHS 667 Festelle Video 30 M Mi: Mixed Wrestling: Susan Vs Mark; Linda Vs The Black Phantom; Sherry Vs The Black Phantom.
VHS 878 Festelle Video 55 M M 4: Mixed Matches; Mandy & Clarissa Vs Dick; Mandy Vs. Jamie; Daphne Vs Dick (W/Help From Zory); Clarissa Vs Vincent; Zory Vs Mark
VHS 2309 Festelle Video 45 M M-3: Mixed Wrestling. Sherry Vs John. Helen Vs Mark. Mitzi Vs John. Natalie And Calrissa Vs Steve.
VHS 2599 Festelle Video 105M M-13: "Paul's Humiliations" Mixed Match. Heavy Set Black Girl Out Wrestles Paul. Shes Joined By Plump Blonde To Finish Him Off.
VHS 4050 Festelle Video 1 HR M-14: Mixed Matches. Lucy & Sarah Vs John. Linda Vs Rob.
VHS 4441 Festelle Video 1 HR M-2: "Dominating Vixens Mixed Wrestling" 3 Brunettes Vs Males.
VHS 4442 Festelle Video 55 M M-5: "Anglo-American Mixed Wrestling" Several Mixed Matches Were The Males Try To Win. Blonde Vs Male, Brunette Vs Male, Blonde Vs Male, Blonde Vs Male. Plus Others
VHS 4443 Festelle Video 57 M M-6: "Anglo-American Mixed Wrestling" Several Mixed Matches.
VHS 4444 Festelle Video 57 M M-7: "Mixed Wrestling" Several Mixed Matches.
VHS 5000 Festelle Video 59 M M28: "Red's Revenge" Mixed Matches. Redhead Vs Male. Blond Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5871 Festelle Video 1 HR+ M-11: Mixed Match. Short Heavy Blonde Vs Male And Then Another Male Outdoors On Mat. Facesitting. Black Vs Male On Mat. And Another Black Vs Male.
VHS 5872 Festelle Video 1 HR M-26: "PVC Straddle" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. 2 Blondes Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5873 Festelle Video 56 M M-29: "The Great Gonzo" Mixed Matchs. Two Sets Of Blonde And Brunette Vs Barrel Of A Man. Facesitting.
VHS 6422 Festelle Video 70 M M-12: "Chelsea's Encounters" Mixed Matches. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 1816 Fight Time Video 30 M 12: "Two Against A Wimp".......3 Matches 2Nd Is A Mixed Match. Starts As A Girl Vs Girl - Appoloniaus Vs Gina Then Both Vs Wilbur. Next Lee Prince Vs Blondie.
VHS 1899 Fight Time Video 20 M 9: "Cast Iron Bitch" Mixed Match. Booted Tattooed Brunette Amazon Takes Male Apart. Then Another Amazon Takes Apart Heavy Set Guy.
VHS 1996 Fight Time Video 20 M "Spy Vs Spy": Mixed Match...... Nikki Vs Boris.
VHS 1997 Fight Time Video 30 M 7: " 'dd' Destroyer" Mixed Match. Doreen Doubledecker Vs Joe Duke. Wrestling And Boxing. Next It Is Girl Vs Girl Wrestling. Lee Lickem Vs Girly Q. Poor Picture Quality On Second Match.
VHS 1999 Fight Time Video 30 M 21: "New Boss In Town" Mixed Match And Girl Vs Girl. Staring Sensational Sheena, Dave Doodads And Mistress Tara Titanium. Last Mixed Match Has Poor Picture Quality.
VHS 2220 Fight Time Video 30 M 37: "Power Wrestling" Amber Vs Paradise Heavy Set Brunette Vs Thinner Brunette. Followed By Michael Vs Lee In Mixed Boxing Action, Full Head Gear Worn By Each.
VHS 2222 Fight Time Video 30 M 71: "Bully Girl" Brunette Vs Blonde & Brunette. Then A Mixed Boxing Match.
VHS 2461 Fight Time Video 30 M 54: "Punch Me Harder" Mixed Match. Blonde Terry Titmus Vs Charles Chuckles.Very Brief Topless Is Only Nudity. Next Another Blonde Vs Male. Appears To Be The Same As #2446.
VHS 2463 Fight Time Video 30 M 59:"Butt Bash Party" Mixed Match. Blake Vs Male Boxing. Then Another Brunette Boxes Male.
VHS 2464 Fight Time Video 30 M 89: "Double Your Pleasure" Mixed Match. Blake & Samantha Vs Ed. Plus Big Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2527 Fight Time Video 30 M 74: "Big Bust Challenge" Blake Vs Tara Boxing. Followed By Some Mixed Boxing.
VHS 2528 Fight Time Video 30 M 77: "T.V. Fight" Girl Vs Girl + Short Mixed Match. Gina Vs Nicki Two Brunets Go At It On Bed. Then Blonde Takes On Male.
VHS 2600 Fight Time Video 30 M 102: "Domination In Blood" Mixed Match. Female Vs Male Wrestling And Fist Fighting.
VHS 2601 Fight Time Video 30 M 121: "Caught In The Act" Mixed Match. Female Vs Male Wrestling.
VHS 2898 Fight Time Video 30 M 86: Mixed Match - Paradise Vs Brian, Wrestling & Boxing. Plus Additional Mixed Boxing.
VHS 3662 Fight Time Video 30 M 15: "Hernia Holocaust" Mixed Boxing, Mistress Tara Titanium Vs Wilbur.
VHS 3665 Fight Time Video 30 M 137: "Gut Check" Mixed Match. Big Breasted Brunette Takes Then Gives Belly Punches.
VHS 3913 Fight Time Video 29 M 111: "California Ko" Mixed Boxing. Little Blonde Tries Hard To Deck Much Bigger Male. Then F. Vs F. Action As Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 3914 Fight Time Video 30 M 119: "Bust In The Mouth" Mixed Boxing And Wrestling. Blonde Vs Male Boxing. Brunette Vs Male Wrestling.
VHS 4051 Fight Time Video 28 M 3: Mixed Boxing. "Queen Boxer" Lee Vs Michael. Plus Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4053 Fight Time Video 31 M 46: Mixed Boxing: "One Lump Or Two" Tara Vs Mike. Blonde Vs Blonde In A Short Wrestling Match.
VHS 4054 Fight Time Video 30 M 53: Mixed Boxing. "Topless Boxing Terror" Terry Terror Vs Mike.Mixed Wrestling. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4056 Fight Time Video 29 M 111: Mixed Boxing. "Kalifornia K.O." Sugar Ray Renee Vs Male. Plus Shortgirl Vs Girl Wrestling Match.
VHS 4057 Fight Time Video 29 M 125: Mixed Boxing. Samantha Vs Mike. Plus Short; Girl Vs Girl Wrestling.
VHS 4058 Fight Time Video 30 M 130: "Beat Boy" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4191 Fight Time Video 32 M 13: Mixed Match. Nicki Paradise Vs Tony Crotch Crunch.
VHS 4193 Fight Time Video 30 M 85: "Husband Punchout" Mixed Match. Smantha Vs Ed. Plus Blonde Vs Brunette Female Vs Female Catfight. Then They Gang Up On Male.
VHS 4195 Fight Time Video 25 M 104: "Boxing Rubout" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing Ends In Face Sitting.
VHS 4197 Fight Time Video 31 M 143: "He's No Match" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male Boxing. Poor Tracking, May Need Ajusting.
VHS 4320 Fight Time Video 30 M 81: Blonde Vs Brunette. In One Sided Battle. Then A Mixed Match As Bruntte Vs Male.
VHS 4322 Fight Time Video 31 M 138: "Power Fighting" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4323 Fight Time Video 30 M 174: "Big Bust Rumble" Brunnette Vs Redhead. Followed By Mixed Boxing.
VHS 4445 Fight Time Video 30 M 57: "Birthday Boxing Bash" Mixed Boxing Match And Female Vs Female. Nicki And Blake Vs Tom. Then Blake Vs Nicki . Lee Vs Tom.
VHS 4446 Fight Time Video 30 M 108: "Fight Domination" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male. Ends With Face Sitting.
VHS 4447 Fight Time Video 30 M 148: "Who's Better, Part 1" Brunette Vs Blonde Boxing. Next Male Vs Blonde In Mixed Boxing.
VHS 4663 Fight Time Video 30 M 147: "Lets Just Box" Mixed Boxing Matches. Brunette Uses Heavy Male As Her Punching Bag. Plus Additional Match.
VHS 4664 Fight Time Video 30 M 165: "Who's The Stonger Part1" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing. Plus Additional Mixed Boxing.
VHS 4767 Fight Time Video 30 M 25: "Big Bust Domination" Mixed Match. Zoryna Works Over Ed Entrails. Followed By Mixed Boxing Blonde Vs Male..
VHS 4768 Fight Time Video 30 M 32: "Fist Filet" Mixed Match + F/F. Shena Nippleonia Vs Eddie Entrails. Then Some Female Boxing. Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 4769 Fight Time Video 22 M 87: "Mixed Boxing Challenge" Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4770 Fight Time Video 30 M 135: "She's Bad" Mixed Match. Big Busted Cigar Smoking Blonde Works Over Male.
VHS 4772 Fight Time Video 20 M 153: "Knock Him Silly"Mixed Boxing. Brunette Whales Away At Male.
VHS 4774 Fight Time Video 27 M 160: "Bitch Boxing" Mixed Boxing. Blonde Vs Male. Then Red Head Vs Male Boxing And Some Wrestling.
VHS 5004 Fight Time Video 30 M 20: "Pizza Brawl" F Vs F And Mixed Match. Doreen Doubledecker Vs Appolonia. Then They Take Apart A Male. Brunette Vs Brunette Boxing Ends Abruptly.
VHS 5005 Fight Time Video 30 M 112: "Samantha Boxes" Mixed Boxing & Wrestling. Samantha Vs Male. Then Three Female Beat On Male.
VHS 5007 Fight Time Video 30 M 168: "Too Tough For Him" Mixed Match Boxing And Wrestling.S. Brunette Vs Male. Blonde & Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5447 Fight Time Video 36 M 144: "Double Trouble" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing. Brunette Vs Male Wrestling.
VHS 5449 Fight Time Video 43 M 208: "Double Team" Mixed Match. Biggggg Brunette Vs Male Boxing. Blonde Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5450 Fight Time Video 32 M 213: "Hotel Encounter" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male Boxing & Wrestling Poor Lighting.
VHS 5451 Fight Time Video 22 M 214: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5796 Fight Time Video 30 M 126: "Hard Pin Down" Mixed Match. Samantha Vs Bryan. Very Short Boxing Match Turns Into Wrestling.
VHS 5797 Fight Time Video 56 M 200: "Muscles, Tits And Fighting" Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male Boxing. Then Blonde Vs Male Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 6065 Fight Time Video 32 M 127: "Boxing Conquest" Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male Boxing & Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 6066 Fight Time Video 31 M 173: "Smack The Bimbo" Red Head Vs Brunette On Bed. Then Mixed Boxing.
VHS 6067 Fight Time Video 32 M 190: "Not Tough Enough" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male Second Brunette Jumps In To Help. Blonde In Head Gear Boxing Male.
VHS 6361 Fight Time Video 33 M 219: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing And Wrestling. Fac Sitting. Blurred Picture.
VHS 6749 Fight Time Video 30 M 131: "Take Over" Brunette Vs Blonde. Mixed Match. Then They Work Over Male. Plus Some Mixed Boxing.
VHS 6750 Fight Time Video 24 M 4: "Tough Turf" Mixed Match. Patty Plenty Vs Dave.
VHS 6751 Fight Time Video 30 M 31: "Trio Of Terror" Mixed Match Plus. Nina Nimble Vs Carl. Nina Vs Lisa. Brunette Vs Brunette Boxing.
VHS 6870 Fight Time Video 30 M 49: Fem Vs Fem And Mixed Matches. "Crooked Cats" Babbette Bumpers Vs Terry Terifico. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6871 Fight Time Video 30 M 51: Fem Vs Fem And Mixed Matches."Amazon Queen" Julieanne Jumbolina Vs Deanna Dumpling. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6896 Fight Time Video 29 M 169: "BJ KO" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6901 Fight Time Video 29 M 18: "Lump Lovers Liasions" Mixed Match, Boxing. Mike Vs Mary Ann Maltose.
VHS 6902 Fight Time Video 29 M 136: "Busted Up" Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 6922 Fight Time Video 30 M 107: Boxing Show Down. Mixed Boxing. Blake Vs Bob. Plus Male Vs Two Biker Girls.
VHS 6923 Fight Time Video 30 M 114: "Mixed Boxing Brawl" Athena Worthey Vs Male Boxing. Plus Short Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 2384 Flamingo Enterprises 30 M Mw-11: Two Mixed Matches. Jill Vs Stuart; Nicole Vs Stuart.
VHS 2386 Flamingo Enterprises 30 M Mw-12: Two Mixed Matches. Nicole Vs Chuck; Jill Vs Chuck.
VHS 2529 Flamingo Enterprises 30 M Mw-18: Mixed Match Kristie 5'3" 156 Lbs. Vs Steve 5'8" 148 Lbs.
VHS 3125 Flamingo Enterprises 35 M Mw-15: Mixed Matches. Crystal Vs Tony. Then Samantha Vs Tony.
VHS 3126 Flamingo Enterprises 40 M Mw-22: Mixed Match. Christine Dupree 5'4" 132 Lbs Vs Paul 5'8" 165 Lbs.
VHS 3243 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-32: Mixed Match. Sheyy And Kristie Vs Paul.
VHS 3244 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-33: Mixed Match. Kasie Vs Tony.
VHS 3245 Flamingo Enterprises 43 M Mw-38: Mixed Match. Sandy Vs Ray.
VHS 3413 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-25: Mixed Match. Angela Vs Steve.
VHS 4324 Flamingo Enterprises 40 M Preview Video #1: Short Previews Of Several Of Their Videos, Both Mixed And Fem Fem.
VHS 4325 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-42: Mixed Match. Lady Victoria Vs George.
VHS 4449 Flamingo Enterprises 43 M Mw-41: Mixed Match. Kristie Vs Charlie.
VHS 4665 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-14: Mixed Match. Nicole Vs Jack.
VHS 4666 Flamingo Enterprises 29 M Mw-27: Mixed Match. Jill Vs Ralph.
VHS 4775 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Bo-1: "Best Of The Head Scissors, Face-Sitting & Chest Smothers" Mixed Matchers & F/F. 'best Of' Cuts From Many Matchers.
VHS 4776 Flamingo Enterprises 1 HR+ Mw-51: Mixed Match. Joy Vs Rob.
VHS 4900 Flamingo Enterprises 1 HR+ Mw-55: Mixed Match. Tiffany Vs Stan.
VHS 5008 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-74: Mixed Match. Body Builder Christine Fetzer 5' 5" 146 Lbs Vs Brett 5'9" 155 Lbs.
VHS 5689 Flamingo Enterprises 55 M Mw-56: Mixed Mat Action. Kim Vs Antonio.
VHS 5690 Flamingo Enterprises 55 M Mw-66: Mixed Mat Action. Jill Vs Brett.
VHS 5768 Flamingo Enterprises 52 M Mw-75: Mixed Match. Christine Fetzer Vs Ed.
VHS 6046 Flamingo Enterprises 52 M Mw-68: Mixed Match. Valerie Vs Brett.
VHS 6047 Flamingo Enterprises 47 M Mw-69: Mixed Match. Alexis Vs Mark.
VHS 6048 Flamingo Enterprises 56 M Mw-83: Mixed Match. Gina Vs Brett.
VHS 6178 Flamingo Enterprises 47 M MW-47: Mixed Match. Joy Vs John.
VHS 6393 Flamingo Enterprises 45 M Mw-59: Mixed Match. Ginger Vs Antonio.
VHS 6705 Flamingo Enterprises 49 M Mw-44: Mixed Match. Body Builder Anita Ramsey Vs John.
VHS 6752 Flamingo Enterprises 38 M Mw-30: Mixed Match. Christine Dupree Vs Roger.
VHS 6753 Flamingo Enterprises 1 HR+ Mw-49: Mixed Match. Suzanne Vs John.
VHS 6754 Flamingo Enterprises 52 M Mw-45: Mixed Match. Nicole Vs Francois.
VHS 6824 Flamingo Enterprises 53 M Mw-39: Mixed Match. Angel Vs John.
VHS 6851 Flamingo Enterprises 53 M MW-96: Mixed Match. Suzanne Dubois Vs Tim Ford.
VHS 6925 Flamingo Enterprises 27 M Fg-500: Mixed Match. Evie Diaz Vs Luke Douglas.
VHS 6937 Flamingo Enterprises 46 M MW-84: Mixed Match. Jessica Thomas Vs Paul Frost.
VHS 6941 Flamingo Enterprises 51 M Fl-118: Mixed Match. Nikki Anderson Vs Andy Harper.
VHS 3667 Flexible Productions 80 M Fp-8: "A View To A Thrill" Featuring Body Builder Gabrielle Taking A Shower, Posing, Working Out And Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 3668 Flexible Productions 1 HR+ Fp-9: "As Big As It Gets" Featuring Body Builder Rene Toney Working Out And Posing And Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 4464 Flexible Productions 35 M Fp-6: "Karla-Attitude With A Bicep" Mixed Match. Body Builder Karla Redo Working Out On And Without Male.
VHS 5275 Footmode Productions 40 M "Adventures Of Agent Anika" Both Mixed And Fem - Fem Matches. Brunette And Blonde Work Out And Then Kick Box. Next Brunette Takes On Two Males. Then Blondes Vs Males . Next Brunette Vs Blonde. Poor Lighting In Parts.
VHS 2000 Freestyle Productions 40 M 9312: Mixed Tag Team Match. Tina & Jason Vs Sarah & Eric.
VHS 2001 Freestyle Productions 20 M 9314: "Mixed Singles" Mixed Match. Steve Vs Julie.
VHS 5009 Fs Distributors 45 M "Ball Busting Babe" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting & Foot Worship.
VHS 5010 Fs Distributors 35 M "The Hypnotist" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting & Foot Worship.
VHS 6755 G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling 38 M "Breaking Out" In Ring Matches Plue One Mixed Match. Alicia Vs Allison Danger. Ariel Vs Sonya Blackhawk. Syren Vs Macaela Mercedes. Greg Spitz Vs Allison Danger.
VHS 2387 G.M.V. Productions 1 HR V-12/30"Joy Dobson Special" Some Mixed Fighting. World Champion Aussie Powerlifter Struts Her Stuff.
VHS 1618 Goddess Productions 1 HR 114: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. More Talk Than Action.
VHS 1619 Goddess Productions 1 HR 112: Mixed Match. Starts With A Blonde Kicking To The Nuts. It's All Down Hill, For Him From Here. More Talk Then Action.
VHS 1818 Goddess Productions 40 M 116: Mixed Match . Blonde Vs Male Outdoors. Not Much Action, As She Pins Him And Sits And Sits And Sits.
VHS 1819 Goddess Productions 30 M 108: Mixed Match. Blonde Holds Male Down And Holds Him Down And Holds Him Down. No Action.
VHS 140 Golden Girls 50 M 139 "Mixed Meanness" Mixed Match - Mike Vs. Shelly And Belinda. Poor Mike???
VHS 216 Golden Girls 35 M 97 "Mixed Misery" Mixed Matches: Mike Vs.Rene; Spice Vs. Mike.
VHS 412 Golden Girls 50 M 19 : Mixed Matchs Featuring Spice, Leslie, Sue, Goldie And Beth.
VHS 593 Golden Girls 45 M 4:Mixed Bag-- First Is Mixed Match Between Leslie & Kurt, Next It's Girl- Girl As Vicky Vs. Sue, Then It's A Pro Match From Japan- Hagiwara Vs Yokota
VHS 789 Golden Girls 1 HR 3: Mixed Matches...Spice Vs Ralph;Leslie Vs Kurt; Spice Vs Jim.
VHS 790 Golden Girls 35 M 29 " Barroom Brawl ": Mixed Match Plus F Vs F. Kim Vs Elsa; Leslie Vs Jim; Leslie Vs Elsa And Kim.
VHS 1091 Golden Girls 35 M 80 Mixed Misery: Elsa Vs Mike, Sue Vs Mike.
VHS 1265 Golden Girls 30 M 187: "Mixed Mania" Mixed Matches; Mike Vs Belinda, Golden Kat Vs Hank.
VHS 2312 Golden Katt Productions 25 M 06:"Golden Katt Vs Patty"....First Katt Works Over Blonde In Outdoor Ring, Then She Takes On Big Black Girl, And Finally A Poor Guy For A Mixed Match.
VHS 3130 Golden Katt Productions 28 M Mixed Match. Kat Vs Mike
VHS 4465 Golden Katt Productions 30 M "Comedy & Lifting Classics" Golden Katt Does A Comedy Routine With A Few Mixed Lifts And Leg Scissors.
VHS 5826 Golden Katt Productions 30 M "Amazon Aerials" Mixed And F Vs F Action Featuring Kat With Lifts And Carries.
VHS 4199 Goodtimes Home Video 90 M "Challenge Of The Lady Ninja" B Movie. Mixed And Female Vs Female. Including Oil Wrestling In Ring. Recorded In Long Play Mode.
VHS 5691 Gotcha Wrestling 34 M SP-1: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 5692 Gotcha Wrestling 30 M SP-6: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male In Ring.
VHS 5506 Grappling Girls 21 M Gg-23: "Tricia" Mixed & F Vs F Matches. Tricia Vs Male On Mats. Tricia Vs Blonde. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6491 Grappling Girls 14 M GG-51: "Kellie" Mixed Match. Kellie Vs Male.
VHS 6215 Headscissors 32 M 01: Mixed Match. Mandy Vs Headscissors And Face-sits Male.
VHS 3131 Hoffman's Agency 2 HRS Mm-2:Mixed Match . Blonde Vs Male In Ring. Then Red Head Vs Male. Another Blonde Vs Male. One More Blonde Vs Male. Plus.
VHS 3670 Hoffman's Agency 2 HRS Mixed Matches. Many In Ring Matches With Girl In Bikinis. With Males Winning Some!
VHS 4469 Hollywould Productions 32 M 105: "Slam 2" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4470 Hollywould Productions 30 M 108: "Face Sitting" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4902 Hollywould Productions 27 M 091: Mixed Match. Hollywood Vs Michael.
VHS 5454 Hollywould Productions 19 M 077: "Bizarro World" Mixed Match. Brunette Is Worked Over By Male. Brunette Wonder Works Over Male.
VHS 5456 Hollywould Productions 32 M 086: Mixed Match. Wonder Womyn Vs Nasty Ninja. Male Wins.
VHS 5457 Hollywould Productions 21 M 087: Mixed Match. Wonderwomen Vs Evilman. Male Wins.
VHS 5727 Hollywould Productions 30 M 048: "Workmens Compensation" Mixed Match. Hollywood Vs Her Webmaster Cleo In A best Of 5 Falls.
VHS 5729 Hollywould Productions 30 M 089: Mixed Match. Hollywood Vs Cleo.
VHS 5932 Hollywould Productions 30 M Hp-049: Mixed Match. Wonder Womyn Vs The Evil Swordsman.
VHS 5933 Hollywould Productions 32 M Hp-057: " The Creep" Mixed Match. Redhead Works Or Male. Facesitting Dominance And Bondage.
VHS 6011 Hollywould Productions 30 M HP-045: Mixed Match. Hurricane Havana Vs Cleo In Ring.
VHS 2104 Ibn 1 HR "Rendezvous With A Bbs Mistress" Mixed Match. Desi & Ashley Give Him The Works.
VHS 2313 Ibn 50 M "Matboxer" Mixed Boxing. Desi Deangelo Boxes And Dominates Matt.
VHS 2465 Ibn 1 HR "Trample Bimbo" Mixed Match. Brittany Andrews & Artemis Antone Vs Male. More Domination Then Fighting.
VHS 2763 Ibn 1 HR "Dominatrix Assault" Mixed Match. Angela And Evilyn Vs Male. More Domination Then Fighting, As They Work Him Over. Nudity = Slight Toplessness.
VHS 3014 Ibn 1 HR+ "The Spur Of The Mistress" Mixed Match. Tori Sinclair And G.B. Boss G.B. Pushes Secretary Tori Sinclair Past Her Abuse Limit, Much To His Regret. Leg Scissors, Choking, Slapping, Trampling, Fact Sitting, Etc.
VHS 3247 Ibn 1 HR "The Training" Mixed Match. Mistress Christy Vs Male. Facesitting. More Domination Than Fighting.
VHS 3248 Ibn 1 HR "Amazon Trample" Mixed Match. Mistress Lana And Sasha "The Destroyer" (A Six Foot Tall Body Builder) Vs Walter. She Lifts And Carries Him Wth Ease.
VHS 3249 Ibn 1 HR "Ultimate Trample Challenge" Mixed Match. Willy Vs Desi, Shelly (The Burbank Bomber), Mistress Vera Von Sade, Plus 3 More Girls.
VHS 3250 Ibn 57 M "Trampled Times Ten" Mixed Match. Brittany Andrews, Star Chandler, Taylor St.Clair, Haley Lynn, Liza Harper, Venus, Contessa Jewels, Devon, Meridian, Randee Lee Vs Damion. More Domination Than Fighting. They All Walk All Over Him. Foot Worshipping.
VHS 3414 Ibn 1 HR "No Excuse"... Mixed Domination. Nude Male Is Walked And Sat On By Brunette.
VHS 3415 Ibn 1 HR "Crime And Domination"... Mixed Match. More Domination Than Wrestling As Brunette Scissors, Sits And Walks All Over Him.
VHS 3416 Ibn 1 HR "Alimony Aggression" ...Mixed Match . Blonde Vs Male. Then Another Blonde Joins In, The Guy Never Had A Chance.
VHS 3417 Ibn 1 HR "Silence Of The Worm": Mixed Domination. Mistress Destiny And Assistant Work (Walk And Sit) Over Male.
VHS 4062 Ibn 1 HR "Kick The Hobbit" Mixed Match. No Fighting. Taylor & Alana Kick, Beat And Walk On Gabe The "Hobbit".
VHS 4201 Ibn 57 M "Beach Blanket Bimbo" Mixed Match. Female Dominates Male On Beach.
VHS 4202 Ibn 59 M "Crush! Kill! Destroy!" Mixed Match. Male Domination.Chelsea & Meridian Work Over Male, Face Sitting.
VHS 4203 Ibn 1 HR+ "Wrestlerette's Revenge" Mixed Match. Domination. Tall Mistress Evilyn Vs Male. Figure Four Head Lock And Facesitting.
VHS 4063 Ifon 53 M "Two Brutal Babes" Daisy Wild & Clair Vs Slave Stuart. Mixed Match. Foot Fetish More Then Fighting. They Walk All Over Male.
VHS 5011 Image 2000 35 M "Suprise Package" Mixed Match. Sweet Anna Vs Male. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 1909 Impact Films 1 HR #1: Poor B/W Film Transfers Of Matches From France 40's-60's. Including Mixed Tag Match With Babette Carol And Helene Bennet. Plus A Club Fight With Rene Vs Agi.
VHS 4777 Impulse Productions 35 M "Sell This!" Mixed Match. Body Builder Dawn Whitman Vs Male.
VHS 2534 International Wildcats 20 M Iww-107: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 3017 International Wildcats 31 M Iww-31: Impromptu Mixed Wrestling At An Apartment. Also A Straight Up Mixed Wrestling Match. Finally, Mixed Oil Wrestling In A Bar.
VHS 4906 Iron Maiden 50 M "Mirror Mirror" Mixed Match. Cynthia Vs Jim. Works Him Over With Leg Scissors
VHS 6049 Iron Belles 45 M "Frolicking Florida Belles" Body Builder Sharee Posing. Mixed Match Body Builder Cheryl Harris Vs Male. Body Builder Kathy Connors Posing.
VHS 5578 Island Productions 112M "Mixed 1" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Plus One Round From Sgp-1(Seven Minutes) Of Brunette Vs Brunette Match.
VHS 5798 J.B & D. S. Films 46 M Mv-1: "Real Mixed Fighting 1" Mixed Matches. Two Matches Featuring Asian Females Vs Males.
VHS 6250 J.B & D.S. Films 39 M Mv-1: "Real Fighting" Asian Mixed Matches. Jotham Vs Alfi. Jotham Vs Janet.
VHS 6251 J.B & D.S. Films 48 M Mv-5: "Real Asian Mixed Fights" Submission Matches. Juvy Vs Froilan. Then Rosalie Vs Michael.
VHS 2910 J.S.Productions 55 M 5: Mixed Match & Female Vs Female. Brunette Vs Male, Fist Fighting. Brunette Vs Brunette, Wrestling.
VHS 4065 J.S.Productions 52 M 17: Mixed Matches. Brunette Vs Male. Then Another Brunette Vs Male Wrestling & Boxing.
VHS 1093 Jaguar Videos 30 M 5 "The Lie": Mixed Match ............5'8" 135Lb Nancy Vs 120 Lb Timmy.
VHS 1538 Jaguar Videos 30 M 2: Mixed Match........Ebony Vs Timmy, Dark Skinned Beauty Does In Little White Boy. She Has Fun Playing With Him, Wrapping Her Big, Hard Legs Around His Head.
VHS 1539 Jaguar Videos 30 M 9: Mixed Match........Renee' Vs Timmy, She Carries Him Around Like A Toy. Then Has A Great Time Riding His Nose. Nose.
VHS 1540 Jaguar Videos 30 M 25: Mixed Match..."Late For Dinner" 6', 170 Lb. Blaze Vs Ernie. She Gives Herself A Good Nose Job.
VHS 1714 Jaguar Videos 30 M 21: Mixed Match. She Rides Him Well. He Rarely Sees The Light Of Day, As Her Leg Make Light Work Of Him.
VHS 1715 Jaguar Videos 30 M 22: Mixed Match. Jennifer Vs Rob. Big Busted Blonde Takes Him Down And Keeps Him Down.
VHS 2005 Jaguar Videos 30 M 17: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 2006 Jaguar Videos 30 M 18: Mixed Match. Sandy Haired Beauty Teaches A Wise Guy Some Tricks.
VHS 2007 Jaguar Videos 30 M 19: Mixed Match. Blonde Plays With Male.
VHS 2010 Jaguar Videos 30 M 30: Mixed Match. A Guido From Brooklyn Is No Match For A Heavier Blonde.
VHS 2012 Jaguar Videos 20 M 34: Mixed Match. Brunette Takes On Male.
VHS 2013 Jaguar Videos 25 M 37: Mixed Match. Guido Comes Back For More.
VHS 2231 Jaguar Videos 30 M 45: Mixed Match. Large Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 2468 Jaguar Videos 29 M 10: Mixed Match. Sheri Vs Timmy.
VHS 2469 Jaguar Videos 30 M 14: Mixed Match. Jennifer Vs Donny.
VHS 2472 Jaguar Videos 30 M 72: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male In Apt. Match.
VHS 2535 Jaguar Videos 30 M 29: Mixed Match. Brunet Vs Male.
VHS 2915 Jaguar Videos 70 M 76:Mixed Matches. Lori Vs Tim . Jill Vs Rocky.
VHS 3134 Jaguar Videos 25 M 31: Mixed Match: Ebony Vs Male.
VHS 3136 Jaguar Videos 1 HR+ Preview 3: Preview Of Many Matches, Both Mixed And Girl - Girl. Jt-41 - Jv 62
VHS 3258 Jaguar Videos 27 M 47: Mixed Match. Blonde Jessica Vs Male.
VHS 3261 Jaguar Videos 32 M 59: Mixed Match. Redhead Vs Male.
VHS 3673 Jaguar Videos 27 M 6: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 3675 Jaguar Videos 30 M 39: Mixed Match "Worse Late Than Never" Gina Vs Ken. Face Sitting.
VHS 3677 Jaguar Videos 1 HR+ 82: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3680 Jaguar Videos 45 M Fs-3: The Face Sitting Action From Many Matches........ Mixed And Girl- Girl.
VHS 4475 Jaguar Videos 1 HR Sit 1: Face Sitting Highlights From Videos 1-40, Both Mixed And Female - Female. Slight Flutter Note.
VHS 4674 Jaguar Videos 30 M 60: Mixed Match. Douasia Vs Tom. Face Sitting.
VHS 6069 Jaguar Videos 69 M 63: Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6756 Jaguar Videos 30 M 51: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6757 Jaguar Videos 29 M 84a: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6758 Jaguar Videos 31 M 93: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6828 Jaguar Videos 27 M 48: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6829 Jaguar Videos 30 M 68: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting
VHS 6830 Jaguar Videos 57 M Vv-36: Mixed Match. 2 Blonde Vs Male Matches. Facesitting.
VHS 6362 Jazzmon Enterprises 18 M 3: "Jazzmon Private Collections" Mixed Match. Body Builder Jazzmon Vs Mike.
VHS 417 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 33 "The Challenge" Mixed Wrestling: Belinda 5'7" Vs. Jeff 5'6" 128 Lbs. She Kills Him With Face Sitting And Suffocates Him With Her Tits.
VHS 420 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 18 Mixed Wrestling. Jennifer 5'7" 132 Lbs. Battles Husband Dave, 5'6", 128 Lbs.
VHS 503 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 47: Mixed Match Krista 5'10" 170 Lbs. Vs. Dave 5'6" 126 Lbs. She Works Him Over And Over.
VHS 537 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 11: Mixed Match- Joan Vs. Gary
VHS 539 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 19: Mixed Match Treena Vs. Male.
VHS 597 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 6:Mixed Match- Helene "The Great" Lustgarten Is A Woman Who Gets What She Wants, Beating Up Males. Comedian Jud Twice Learns Helene Is Not To Be Denied.
VHS 598 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 8: Mixed Matches- Joan's Favorite Comic,Jud, Is First Thrashed By Black Amazon Raven, Then By Unidentified Blonde.
VHS 600 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 10:Mixed Match- What Sir Walter Raleigh Did With His Cloak, Jud Does With His Face: Let Women Squat All Over It With Every Position The Mind Can Think.
VHS 601 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 13: Mixed Match, Allison Ames Vs. Jud And Then Jim. Good Face Sitting Action.
VHS 602 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 15 :Mixed Match- Treena Collins 5'8" 136 Lbs. Vs First Jud And Then Dave Lots Of Face Sitting.
VHS 606 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 58: Mixed Match- Belinda Vs. Jim, After Going Thru Her Wrestling Routine She Settles Down To Some Good Old Face Sitting--- Poor Poor Jim.
VHS 799 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 62: Mixed Match As Bodybuilder Larissa 5'9" 175 Lbs Vs First Puny Dave 5'6" 128 Lbs And Then Jim.
VHS 800 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 63 " A Man Needs To Know His Place ": Mixed Match With Cassandra 5'7" 140 Lbs. Destroying Poor Jud.
VHS 801 Joan Wise 35 M Vt 68 " Topless Special Pin ": Mixed Match With Tracy 5'8" 138 Lbs Vs "The Little Wimp" Jim.
VHS 805 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 77: Mixed Match With Larissa 5'9" 175 Lbs Vs Rick 5'8" 130 Lbs.
VHS 810 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 88 : Mixed Match.....Bodybuilder Lana Vs Jim.
VHS 884 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 92: Mixed Wrestling & Headscissors Domination Larissa, 5'9", 178Lbs. Vs Jud. Larissa Punishes Jud W/Super-Strong & Muscled Legs.
VHS 885 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 93: Topless Mixed Wrestling Domination & Face Sitting. Kelly Vs Jim.
VHS 1275 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 83: Mixed Match ,Treena Collins Vs Jud.
VHS 1276 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 89: Mixed Match, Terry Turner Vs. Jud.
VHS 1277 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 99: Mixed Match......Tracy Turner Vs Rick.
VHS 1279 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 107: Mixed Match.....Roxanne Vs Dick.
VHS 1280 Joan Wise 35 M Vt 108: Mixed Match..... Tara Vs Wally.
VHS 1281 Joan Wise 35 M Vt109: Mixed Match. 170 Lb. Doughdee Marie Vs Jud. And When She Face Sits Him, He Known He Was Sat On !!!
VHS 1384 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt4: Mixed Match. Three Girls In Three Matches.
VHS 1385 Joan Wise 20 M Vt37: Mixed Match. Big Shelly Messes Him Up, Bad.
VHS 1386 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt98: Mixed Match. Special Pin. Allison Ames 5'6" 138 Lbs Vs Jud. She Wraps Her Legs Around His Head And Squeezes Then Sits On His Face. Poor Guy.
VHS 1387 Joan Wise 30 M Vt100: Mixed Match. New Comer Body Builder Takes On A Big Lug.
VHS 1447 Joan Wise 30 M Vt48: Mixed Match
VHS 1716 Joan Wise 1 HR Preview 2: Many Samples From Her Large Catalog Of Tape. Both Girl Vs Girl And Mixed.
VHS 1717 Joan Wise 30 M 49: Mixed Match....Treena Throws Her Good Looking Weigth Around.
VHS 1723 Joan Wise 30 M Vt161: Mixed Match. As Super Big Blonde Amazon Takes On A Wimp.
VHS 1823 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt169: Two Mixed Matches, Each With Plenty Of Face Sitting.
VHS 1825 Joan Wise 40 M Vt137: Lee Vs Nancy. See-Saw Match. Next Nancy Vs Jim In Short Mixed Match.
VHS 1914 Joan Wise 30 M 82: Mixed Match. Brunette The Him Apart.
VHS 1915 Joan Wise 30 M Vt84: Mixed Match....Lee Price Vs Rick.
VHS 1918 Joan Wise 30 M 114: Mixed Match. Young Brunette Body Builder Puts Older Guy Thru The Mill.
VHS 1919 Joan Wise 30 M Vt135: Mixed Match....Tonya Vs Ernie.
VHS 1920 Joan Wise 30 M Vt168: Mixed Match. Wally Vs La Tigra, Many Submissions As She Tapes Him Apart.
VHS 2106 Joan Wise 1 HR Preview 3: Many Samples From Her Large Catalog Of Tape. Both Girl Vs Girl And Mixed.
VHS 2112 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt184: Mixed Match: K. Novak Vs Male. Then A Heavy Set Blonde Wrestles And Then Boxes Male.
VHS 2165 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt177: Mixed Match. Shapely Blonde Takes Skinny Little Guy Down. Followed By Red Doing Her Guy In. Plenty Of Face Sitting.
VHS 2234 Joan Wise 30 M Bb-3: Mixed Match. Niki Knockers Vs Wally. She Uses Punishing Headscissors To Wear Him Down So She Can Ride Him Like A Horse Then Do Some Face Sitting Before Putting On Her Walking Boots.
VHS 2238 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 38: Mixed Match. Thin Brunette Ties Out Her Holds On Wimpy Male.
VHS 2241 Joan Wise 30 M Vt162: Mixed Match. Big Brunette Body Builder Vs Smaller Male.
VHS 2242 Joan Wise 30 M Vt194: Mixed Match. Large Blonde Body Builder Puts Wise Guy Thru The Mill.
VHS 2602 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-17: Mixed Match. Nancy Novak Vs Male.
VHS 2604 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-26: Mixed Match. Male Vs Female Wrestling On Mat.
VHS 2606 Joan Wise 30 M Vt-43: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2607 Joan Wise 30 M Vt-44: Mixed Match. Big Breasted Heavy Set Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2608 Joan Wise 30 M Vt-53: Mixed Match. Lee Vs Male.
VHS 2919 Joan Wise 80 M Preview #4: Short Segments Of Videos Vt 150 - 189. Both Mixed & Female Vs Female.
VHS 3266 Joan Wise 75 M Jw Sitting 2: Both Mixed And Girl-Girl. Just The Endings Of Many Face Sitting Matches. Videos Vt101-Vt152.
VHS 3267 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Jw Sitting 3: Both Mixed And Girl-Girl. Just The Endings Of Many Face Sitting Matches. Vt 154A - Vt181B.
VHS 3268 Joan Wise 35 M Bb-9: Mixed Match. Heavy Brunette Works Over Male.
VHS 3271 Joan Wise 102M Vt-119: Mixed Wrestling And Domination. Treena Collins Mixed Wrestling & Face Sitting. Two Girls Vs One Guy, Scissors And Face Sitting.
VHS 3272 Joan Wise 35 M Vt-130: Mixed Match. Samantha Vs Chip. Facesitting.
VHS 3432 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-38: Mixed Match. Readhead Vs Male.
VHS 3683 Joan Wise 1 HR+ 146: Two Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male. Another Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3685 Joan Wise 30 M Vt189: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3686 Joan Wise 43 M Vt-193: "Every Man's Fantasy" Mixed Match. Alecia Vs Jim. Facesitting.
VHS 3689 Joan Wise 75 M Vt217 A&B;: Two Mixed Matches. Brunette Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3690 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Vt218 A&B;: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Then Brunette Works Over Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3693 Joan Wise 30 M 157-B: "Gleeful Domination" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Phil. Facesitting.
VHS 3694 Joan Wise 31 M Nb-1: "Nicole's Revenge" Mixed Match. 6'2" 225 Lbs Body Builder Nicole Bass Vs Jud. Face Sitting.
VHS 3696 Joan Wise 35 M Pc-31: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3925 Joan Wise 1 HR Jw Sitting : Both Mixed And Girl-Girl. Just The Endings Of Many Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 3929 Joan Wise 39M Vt-215: Mixed Match. Biggggg Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting. Same As 4781.
VHS 4781 Joan Wise 40 M Bb-13: Mixed Match. Heavy Set Blonde Works Over Male, Tit Smothers. Same As 3929.
VHS 4782 Joan Wise 31 M Bb-14 (Pc-59): Mixed Match. Big Boobed Redhead Vs Male, He Tries. . Facesitting.
VHS 5013 Joan Wise 30 M Vt-25: Mixed Match. Two Big Brunettes Work Over Smaller Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 5014 Joan Wise 43 M Vt-26: Mixed Match. Brunette Walks All Over And Facesits Male.
VHS 5015 Joan Wise 35 M Vt-34: Mixed Match. Lee Vs Jeff Facesitting.
VHS 5381 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt-207: Mixed Match. Big Blonde Vs Short Guy. He Never Had A Chance. Facesitting. Lee Vs Male In A More Even Match. Facesitting.
VHS 5382 Joan Wise 70 M Vt-208: Mixed Match. Wise Guy Messes With The Wrong Blonde. Facesitting. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5769 Joan Wise 32 M Pc-50: "Come Meet Your Master" Mixed Match. Sonia Fernandez 5' 8" 160 Lbs. Vs Jim.
VHS 5800 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-47: Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Vs Male Face Sitting.
VHS 5828 Joan Wise 32 M Vt-141: Mixed Match. Body Builder Kris Lubke Vs Male.
VHS 5881 Joan Wise 45 M Vt-202A: Mixed Match. Big Blonde Vs Short Guy Facesitting.
VHS 6074 Joan Wise 33 M Pc-59: Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6759 Joan Wise 31 M Vt-200: Mixed Match. Rachel Vs Wally. Face Sitting.
VHS 6760 Joan Wise 24 M Pl-004: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6761 Joan Wise 32 M Vt-30: Mixed Match. Treena Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6831 Joan Wise 35 M   67: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6832 Joan Wise 34 M Pc-12: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6833 Joan Wise 29 M Vt-163: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 77 Judell Dulong 57 M 352 Mixed Match, Bill Rains Vs. Treena Antonelli; Sheryl Howard Vs. Treena Antonelli.
VHS 542 Judell Dulong 2 HRS 407: 9 Mixed Matches From Film Transfers, No Sound.
VHS 544 Judell Dulong 2 HRS 436: 9 Mixed Matches From Film Tranfers No Sound.
VHS 546 Judell Dulong 1 HR 484 & 519: Mixed Match- Karen Arnold Vs. Mark Gibson. Then It's Liz Meles Vs. Kari Royal.
VHS 549 Judell Dulong 30 M 559: Mixed Match- Ursula Du Long Vs. Mark Gibson.
VHS 1287 Judell Dulong 1 HR 401: Film Transfers, Some Of The Best Wrestling And Boxing And Mixed Action From Old Du Long Films. No Sound.
VHS 1290 Judell Dulong 20 M 610: Mixed Match.....Heavy Weight Vs Male.
VHS 2167 Judell Dulong 20 M W-16 Washington Women's Wrestling: Mixed Match....Sonia Vs Nathan.
VHS 2397 Judell Dulong 20 M W-46: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2617 Judell Dulong 32 M 528: Mixed Match. Donna Land Vs Steve Sharp.
VHS 5623 Judell Dulong 32 M 598: Mixed Match. Stella Vs Jack In A Submission Match.
VHS 2540 Karla Nelsen Productions 30 M 101: "Zeus" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Puts The Squeeze On Poor Guy.
VHS 4069 Karla Nelsen Productions 35 M 110: "Beaten Again" Featuring Body Builder Karla Nelson, Mixed Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 6492 Kasie's Connection 36 M "The Interrogation Part 2" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Works Over Male.
VHS 1297 Kellie Everts 20 M Mixed Match. Big Blonde Body Builder Vs Poor Guy.
VHS 1827 Kenstar 40 M Video Magazine August: Starts With Short Mixed Matches, Then A Girl-Girl Match Angela Vs Christine. Ends With Another Short (Poor Video) Mixed Match. Same As 3438.
VHS 1923 Kenstar 30 M Video X: Starts Out With A Mixed Match Preview. Then Blonde Vs Brunette In Wrestling Match .
VHS 1925 Kenstar 30 M Mixed Match. Inga Olsen Vs Ron.
VHS 2168 Kenstar 40 M Angela Vs Kc 2.... A Masked Male Wrestler. Nude Mixed Match.
VHS 3930 Kenstar 40 M Kristie (5'4", 157 Lbs.) Vs Kc(5'10", 180 Lbs. ). Mixed Match.
VHS 3931 Kenstar 28 M Kristie Vs Kc 2. Mixed Match.
VHS 5552 Kenstar 44 M C-1: "Coed Tag Team" Mixed Tag Match. Body Builders Laura Vukov 5'9" 186 Lbs & Victor Vs Tigra 5'8" 185 Lbs.& Steve.
VHS 5553 Kenstar 23 M C-6: Mixed Match. Christine Dupree 5'6" 136 Lbs. Vs Doug 5'6" 135 Lbs. He Tries Hard.
VHS 5554 Kenstar 27 M 14-B: Body Builders. Th'resa Vs Joanna. Mixed Match Th'resa Vs Leonard.
VHS 5883 Kenstar 53 M Mixed And Fem Vs Fem. Tigra 5' 8" 164 Lbs Vs Her Daughter Honey 5'6" 149 Lbs, And Then Tony C. Strong Matches.
VHS 6763 KLU 28 M "Beat Down101": Mixed Match. Aly Vs Male.
VHS 1545 Lady Hawke Ent. 20 M Mx-1: Mixed Match....... Christi Vs Jim
VHS 1631 Lady Hawke Ent. 30 M Mx3: Mixed Match. Christie Vs Male.
VHS 3439 Lady Victoria 25 M "Wanna Bet" Mixed Match. Lady Victoria Vs Centerfold Joe Wolfe.
VHS 6078 Lady Victoria 43 M "Tied & Died" Mixed Match Blonde Then Brunette Vs Male In Ring. In Female Vs Female Match.... Lady Victoria Vs Katra In Ring.
VHS 6364 Lady Victoria 43 M "Mat Worthy" Mixed Match. Lady Victoria Vs Matt B. Worthy.
VHS 6496 Lady Victoria 40 M "Mixed Championship Wrestling Vol. 1" Mixed Match. Vanessa Harding, In Black Two Piece Sexy Outfit, Vs Chance.
VHS 2173 Leather & Lace 20 M 62 "Lip Lock": Mixed Match.....Blake And Blonde Vs Dale In The Nude. Girls Work Out Then Wrestle Him.
VHS 2401 Leather & Lace 45 M 83 "Erotic Love Wrestling" Mixed Match. Monique Vs Chad. She Uses Her Legs To Work Him Over.
VHS 2402 Leather & Lace 45 M 89 "Bare Breasted Barbarian 2": Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 2482 Leather & Lace 43 M 40 "Muscle Queen" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Warms Up By Lifting Weights. Then She Takes On A Male Of About Her Weight.
VHS 2542 Leather & Lace 45 M 85 "Pussy Whipped" Mixed Match. First A Blonde Then A Brunete Take On A Male.
VHS 2692 Leather & Lace 43 M 66 "Bare Breasted Barbarian" Mixed Match. Body Builder Blonde Works Out Then Takes On Male.
VHS 3039 Leather & Lace 40 M 149: "Mr. Macho 2" Mixed Match. Scarlott Vs Dave.
VHS 3143 Leather & Lace 43 M 173: "Topless Tag Team Mixed Wrestling" Mixed Match.Featuring Lynn, Heather, Babe And Brian.
VHS 3291 Leather & Lace 43 M 171: "Scissored And Smothered In Pantyhose" Mixed Match. Lynn, Heather And April Take Turns Working Over Bob.
VHS 3442 Leather & Lace 43 M 75: "Pussy In Your Face" Mixed Match, Blake Vs Bob.
VHS 3940 Leather & Lace 43 M 116: "Topless Mixed Boxing" Topless Mixed Boxing. Jay Vs Chad.
VHS 3941 Leather & Lace 43 M 129: "Mixed Kick Ass Boxing" Scarlott Flattens Her Hubby.
VHS 4207 Leather & Lace 43 M 18: "Blond Intruder & Room Service" Blonde & Brunette Vs Red Head. Mixed Match: Two Brunettes Vs Male.
VHS 4208 Leather & Lace 45 M 73: "Lethal Legs" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Lots Of Leg Scissors.
VHS 4209 Leather & Lace 43 M 104: "Naked Pussy In Your Face 2" Female V Females & Mixed Match. Lyndasy Vs Scarlott. Lyndasy & Scarlott Vs Bob. Facesitting.
VHS 4212 Leather & Lace 43 M 164: "The Wimp" Mixed Match. Two Brunettes Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 4678 Leather & Lace 45 M 170: "Mixed Boxing" F/F And Mixed. Starts With Blonde Vs Blonde Boxing. Then Blonde, Blonde, Blonde Vs Male. Last Blonde Did Give Him A Run For His Money.
VHS 4787 Leather & Lace 25 M 0006: "Video Sampler 2000" Mixed & F/F. Short Clips From Video 189 � 207.
VHS 5420 Leather & Lace 44 M 61: "Sister Act" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male In Ring.
VHS 6426 Leather & Lace 27 M 242: "Extreme Mixed Belly Boxing"
VHS 6497 Leather & Lace 42 M 94: "Corporate Catfight Vol-1" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male in Ring. Facesitting.
VHS 6767 Leather & Lace 36 M 202: "Scissored, Smothered And Crushed With Tits And Muscles" Mixed Match. Body Builder Ginger Lee Vs Tom In Ring.
VHS 6769 Leather & Lace 38 M 200: "The Interview" Mixed Match. Brandy Vs Tom.
VHS 6947 Leather & Lace 27 M 226: "Kick Ass Tag Team Mixed Boxing" Susan And Candi Take Turns Boxing John.
VHS 3144 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 35 M V-011:"Agony Of Defeet" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Friz.
VHS 3708 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 27 M V-016: "My New Neighbor: Panty Nose" Mixed Match, Robin Vs Rudolf.
VHS 4213 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 40 M V-021: "Party Pooper Gets Licked" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Rudolf. Face Sitting.
VHS 4680 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 54 M V-026: Mixed Match. Robin Vs Male. Her Leg Scissors Wipe Him Out. Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 4681 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 11 M V-048: "Live Event #2" Mixed Match. Malibu Vs Ed. The Male Does Not Roll Over And Play Dead. He Wins.
VHS 4921 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 25 M V-103: "Hidden Camera" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Marc.
VHS 5339 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 40 M V-052: "Sibling Reunion" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Skip.
VHS 5770 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 39 M V-93: "The Training Session" Mixed Match. Robin And Then A Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5771 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 36 M V-98: "Gone Fishin" Mixed Match. Red Head Lisa Vs Webdude. Facesitting.
VHS 6050 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 32 M V-075: "Christmas Ball Boy" Mixed Match. Lolita & Fuschia Vs Webdude.
VHS 5389 Lgis Munich 75 M 4B: Mixed Boxing. Blonde Nicole Vs Male ..... He Decks Her. Plus A Few More Nicole Vs Male Boxing Matches. And Some Mixed Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male Kick Boxing.
VHS 5833 Lgis Munich 1 HR LG-4b: Mixed Boxing & Kickboxing In And Out Of Ring. Nicole Vs Males In Serveral Matches. Plus Brunette Vs Male Kick Boxing.
VHS 5938 Lgis Munich 1 HR+ 1000: Short Clips Of Boxing And Wrestling Action Some Mixed.
VHS 3709 Lightning Video 78 M "Panther Squad" A "B" Movie With Several Mixed Fights.
VHS 4923 Lillith 70 M Mixed Matches. Rachel Vs John. Elise Vs Steve.
VHS 611 Main Event 70 M "Foxy Oil Wrestling": Mixed Matches- Co-Ed Oil Wrestling.Bevy Of Busty California Beauties Vs. A Stable Of Worthy ???? Male Opponents.
VHS 1301 Main Event 82 M "Round Two Foxy Oil Wrestling": Several Matches Ending In And Mixed Match Romp. Was Record In Lp Mode.
VHS 2034 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ "Cleaner Gets His Clock Cleaned": Mixed Match. Body Builder Karla Nelsen Vs Male.
VHS 2035 Mass Muscle 2 HRS Preview Tape #1: Segments From Many Of Their Mostly Mixed Matches.
VHS 2036 Mass Muscle 2 HRS + Preview Tape #2: Segments From Many Of Their Mostly Mixed Matches.
VHS 2037 Mass Muscle 50 M Workout: Mixed Match. Body Builder Lisa Vs Male.
VHS 2484 Mass Muscle 2 HRS 270: "Best Of Scissor 3" Mostly Mixed Matches. Long List Of Powerfull Body Builders. Segments Of Many Matches Showing What Pain Their Powerfull Legs Can Inflick.
VHS 2699 Mass Muscle 1 HR 132: "Nurse For Hire" Mixed Match. Kris Luebke Vs Al.
VHS 2700 Mass Muscle 1 HR 142: "Inga" Mixed Match. Inga Vs Al.
VHS 2701 Mass Muscle 1 HR 154: "Coed" Mixed Match. Cynthia Vs Al.
VHS 2926 Mass Muscle 1 HR 255: "Little Brother" Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Tina Lockwood Vs Male.Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 2927 Mass Muscle 1 HR 286:"High School Reunion" Mixed Match Body Builder Anita Ramsey Vs Male.
VHS 2928 Mass Muscle 1 HR 311: "Assylum" Mixed Match. Redhead Vs Male.
VHS 2929 Mass Muscle 45 M 314:"Body Squeeze" Mixed Match. Body Builder Anita Ramsey Vs Male.
VHS 3146 Mass Muscle 1 HR " Big Sister" Mixed Match. Body Builder Thea Bennington Vs Male.
VHS 3448 Mass Muscle 1 HR "Insurance": Mixed Match. Body Builder Dawn Whitman Vs Male.
VHS 4083 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 105: "Maid Of Muscle" Mixed Matches. Body Builder Sally Mcneil Vs Males.
VHS 4084 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 106: "Truly Competitive" Mixed Matches. Body Builder Sally Mcneil Vs Males.
VHS 4085 Mass Muscle 31 M 175: "Gymwork" Mixed Match. Body Builder Larrissa Star Vs Male.
VHS 4086 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 181: "Interview" Mixed Match. Body Builder Tami Frazer Vs Male.
VHS 4088 Mass Muscle 31 M 317: "Electronic Shock" Mixed Match. Body Builder Nicole Bass Works Over Male.
VHS 4789 Mass Muscle 1 HR 355: "Courtship" Mixed Match. Body Builder Andea Gahan Works Over Male.
VHS 4790 Mass Muscle 56 M Demo-11: Body Builders Working Out, Posing And In Mixed And F/F Matchers. Previews From Many Of Their Videos Circa 1999.
VHS 4791 Mass Muscle 2 HRS Demo-3: Body Builders Working Out, Posing And In Mixed And F/F Matchers. Previews From Videos 143�167.
VHS 4792 Mass Muscle 115 M Demo-4: Body Builders Working Out, Posing And In Mixed And F/F Matchers. Previews From Videos Circa 1993-94.
VHS 4793 Mass Muscle 2 HRS Demo-5: Body Builders Working Out, Posing, Boxing, Wrestling In Mixed And F/F Matchers. Previews From Many Videos They Made Circa 1994-95.
VHS 4794 Mass Muscle 90 M "Best Of The Scissor -4": Body Builders In Mixed And F/F Matchers Performing Strong Leg Scissors. Clips From Many Of Their Videos.
VHS 4795 Mass Muscle 90 M "Best Of The Scissor-5": Body Builders In Mixed And F/F Matchers Performing Strong Leg Scissors. Clips From Many Of Their Videos.
VHS 4796 Mass Muscle 1 HR "Best Of The Scissor -6":Body Builders In Mixed And F/F Matchers Performing Strong Leg Scissors. Clips From Many Of Their Videos.
VHS 5026 Mass Muscle 1 HR 103: "The Morning After" Mixed Match. Lethal Legs Lee Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5027 Mass Muscle 57 M 110: "The Masseuse" Mixed Match. Lee Price Vs Male.
VHS 5028 Mass Muscle 1 HR 111: "The Challange" Mixed Match. Lee Price Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5341 Mass Muscle 1 HR 273: "Room Hates" Mixed Match. Body Builder Karla Nelsen Takes On Two Males On Mats.
VHS 5342 Mass Muscle 1 HR 295: "Unwanted Dancer" Mixed Match. Body Builder Lora Ottenad Vs Male.
VHS 5343 Mass Muscle 45 M 365: Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Maria Calo Vs Male.
VHS 5344 Mass Muscle 40 M 366: Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Karla Nelsen Vs Male On Mats.
VHS 5345 Mass Muscle 45 M 402: " I'll Mess You Up!" Mixed Match. Body Builder Marie Calo Vs Male.
VHS 5423 Mass Muscle 50 M 389: "Swede Muscle" Mixed Match Body Builder Monia Iglebrigtson Vs Male.
VHS 5495 Mass Muscle 1 HR 144: "The Real Thing" Mixed Match. Body Builder Asia Vs Male On Mats.
VHS 5496 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 417: Mixed Matches. Several Short Mixed Match Clips Featuring Body Builders.
VHS 5497 Mass Muscle 40 M 421: Short Mixed Match. Brunnette Body Builder Posing And Wrestling Male.
VHS 5498 Mass Muscle 45 M 427: Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 5522 Mass Muscle 51 M 382: Mixed Match And Domination. Body Builder Mistress Carmella Cureton Vs Male.
VHS 5523 Mass Muscle 45 M 390: Mixed Match. Black Body Builder Carmella Cureton Vs Male.
VHS 5524 Mass Muscle 40 M 407: "Hotel Russia" Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Kathy Connors Posing And Wrestling Male.
VHS 5556 Mass Muscle 32 M 420: "No Friends Allowed" Mixed Match. Body Builder Debra D'andrea Vs Two Males.
VHS 5585 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 150: "Revenge" Mixed Match. Tigra Vs Male.
VHS 5587 Mass Muscle 105M 223: "Exhibition Video" Body Builders Blonde Vs Blonde; Brunette Vs Brunette; Blonde Vs Brunette; Mixed Boxing Blonde Vs Male; Blonde Vs Blonde; Brunette Vs Blonde; Mixed Wrestling Blonde Vs Male; Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 5589 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 285: "Competitive Mixed Match 4" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 5590 Mass Muscle 40 M 329: Mixed Match. Body Builder Kathleen Hornbuckle Struts Her Stuff Plus Some Mixed Action.
VHS 5591 Mass Muscle 52 M 338: Mixed Match. Kristy Vs Rusty.
VHS 5592 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 369: "Beaten Down Under" Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 5593 Mass Muscle 39 M 381: "Net - Worth" Mixed Match. Body Builder Maria Calo Vs Male.
VHS 5594 Mass Muscle 57 M 384: "Legal Battle 2" Mixed Match. Black Body Buider Vs Male.
VHS 5596 Mass Muscle 51 M 408: "Home Care" Mixed Match. Body Builder Heather Policky Vs Male.
VHS 5597 Mass Muscle 35 M 412: "Cool Service" Mixed Match. Body Builder Carmella Curetan Vs Male.
VHS 5598 Mass Muscle 47 M 419: "Down And Dirty" Mixed Match. Body Builder Andrea Gahan Vs Male.
VHS 5599 Mass Muscle 1 HR Demo-9: Sampler Of Some Of Their Videos. Body Builder, Mixed Matches, Lifts & Carries And Fem Vs Fem.
VHS 5625 Mass Muscle 43 M 336: "Alien Encounter" Mixed Match. Body Builder Ameilia Hernandez 5'3" 165 Lbs Vs Alan.
VHS 5626 Mass Muscle 68 M 348: "1998 Bbq Video" Fem Vs Fem And Mixed Match And Posing. Features Body Builders Ziggy, Nicole Bass, Christine Marshall, Andrea Gahan And Others.
VHS 5628 Mass Muscle 43 M 403: "The Rookie" Mixed Match. Body Builder Trudy Vs Male.
VHS 5629 Mass Muscle 46 M 409: "Bird Brain" Mixed Match. Body Builder Michelle 165 Lbs Of Muscles Vs Male.
VHS 5630 Mass Muscle 46 M 413: "Bunny Ain't So Hunny" Mixed Match. 6'3" Body Builder Bunny Vs Male Face Sitting Ending..
VHS 5772 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 332: "Going For The Belt 2" Mixed Match. Body Builder Christine Marshall Vs Male.
VHS 6051 Mass Muscle 1 HR 291: "Severence Pay" Mixed Match. Body Builder Ziggy Vs Male.
VHS 6183 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ Demo-13: Body Builders. Short Sample Clips From Many Of Their Videos. Includes Mixed Match, Fem Vs Fem, Posing, And Weight Lifting.
VHS 6256 Mass Muscle 83 M 253: Demo 6, Short Clips From Their Videos Showing Body Builders Posing, Wrestling In Mixed & Fem-Fem Matches.
VHS 6257 Mass Muscle 97 M 405: Demo 12, Short Clips From Their Videos Showing Body Builders Posing, Wrestling In Mixed & Fem-Fem Matches.
VHS 6428 Mass Muscle 94 M Demo-7: Mixed And Fem Vs Fem Matches. Many Short Clips Of Some Of Their Many Videos Featuring Body Builders, Posing, Wrestling Each Other And Males.
VHS 6771 Mass Muscle 40 M 363: Mixed Match. Anna Vs Male Face Sitting.
VHS 6834 Mass Muscle 53 M 199: Mixed Match.Cynthia Vs Male.
VHS 6835 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 333: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6836 Mass Muscle 1 HR+ 342: Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6015 MBL 54 M "Mixed Oil Wrestling #1" Mixed Match. Stormee Knights Vs Peter. Franchesca Vs Leonard In Two Matches.
VHS 6016 MBL 1 HR "Mixed Oil Wrestling #2" Mixed Match. Hollywood Vs Peter. Franchesca Vs Peter.
VHS 6017 MBL 115 M "Mixed Oil Wrestling #3" "Battle Of The Sexes" Mixed Matches. Liz Lightning Vs Leonard. Barbara Vs Peter. Brett Vs Jewell. Brett Vs Star Chandler.
VHS 5526 Messy Fun Video 80 M Mw3: "Fraternity Mud Wrestling" Mixed And F Vs F . Featuring: Celeste, Chase, Dominque ,Hara And Others. Plus Some Mixed Action In The Mud.
VHS 818 Mildred Burke 1 HR 45: Mixed Matches
VHS 1548 Mildred Burke 35 M Film Transfers Bft - 1: 3 Mixed Matchers From The 50's. Featuring Del Rio, Jennings And Star.
VHS 4333 Mixed Wrestling Usa: 27 M Mwv-1: "The Payback" Mixed Match. Sonia Vs Dj.
VHS 4797 Mixed Wrestling Usa: 35 M 3: Mixed Match. Malibu Vs Dj.
VHS 6258 MLD Productions 34 M "Bashing The Bumbling Burglar": Mixed Match. Lexi & Lisa Comshaw Vs Van The Man. Facesitting.
VHS 6259 MLD Productions 32 M "Cheek To Cheek": Mixed Match. Lexi Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6260 MLD Productions 30 M "Muscling The Musclehead": Mixed Match. Lexi & Nancy Novak Vs Musclehead. Facesitting And Foot Worship.
VHS 6773 MLD Productions 43 M "Spy Vs Spy: Mercenary Meets Agent Biatch" Mixed Match Ms. Lexi Vs Male. Ends With Match Continuing.
VHS 5029 Montenegro 30 M H-75: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
DVD D-156 Mouth Piece 54 M PMK-01: Two Mixed Kick Boxing Boxing Matches From Japan.
VHS 2271 Muscle Up! 50 M Mu-102: Muscle Up ...... "Female Muscle Goddess" Mixed Match. Janie Vs Rob. (Reddish Tint To Picture).
VHS 2345 Muscle Up! 40 M Mu-103 "No Mercy" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 2495 Muscle Up! 25 M Mu-108 "Dominant Muscle Queen" Mixed Match. Body Builder Cyndy Vs Male.
VHS 5696 Muscle Up! 25 M Video Sampler From Videos 102 -110 Mixed Matches.
VHS 6774 Muscle Up! 36 M 121: "Wrestling Tigress" Mixed Match. Dahlia Vs Rob.
VHS 5600 Mwo Films 35 M 137: "Topless Tagteam Trumoil" Mixed And F Vs F. Candace & Markus Vs Kristy & Toni In Ring.
VHS 6776 Mwo Films 34 M 120: "The Game Of Love, Part1" Mixed Match. Candace & Natalie Vs Male. Candace Vs Natalie.
VHS 6916 Mwo Films 33 M 100: "Our First Video" Mixed Match. Two Blondes Work Over Male. Blonde Vs Blonde. Male V S Blonde. Brunette Vs Blonde.
VHS 6917 Mwo Films 17 M 101: "Our Second Video" Starts As Mixed Match Two Blonde Vs Male, Blonde And Blonde Vs Brunette In Ring.
VHS 6779 MWU 30 M Mixed Match. Sia Vs Brett.
VHS 1558 National Judo Institute 2 HRS "1989 Senior Nationals" Many Matches, Both Men And Women. No Mixed.
VHS 6939 P. M. Video 47M Cmx -1: Mixed Match. Casey Vs Ty; Ashton & Christy Vs Ty.
VHS 4216 Paragon 45 M Sa-1: Female Domination And Bondage + Mixed Match. Male Chloroforms Brunette Another Brunette Comes To The Rescue And Gets Chloroformed, Tied And Groped.
VHS 3952 Phoenix Enterprizes 2 HRS Wcssw "Dream Girl Challenge" Several Matches In Night Club Ring. Including Some Mixed Matches.
VHS 2707 Physical Culture 50 M 93 "Boy Toy Times 2" Mixed Match. Body Builders Karla & Kris Work Over Male.
VHS 2932 Physical Culture 56 M 15: "Split Decisision" Mixed Match. Body Builder Doughdee Marie Vs Male.
VHS 4803 Physical Culture 32 M "The Women Of Physical Culture" #1: Mixed Matchers & F/F. Body Builders Posing Kris Luebke Vs Male & Robin "Lisa" Parker Vs Male. Lefting And Carrying.
VHS 2492 Platinum / Prestige 55 M Pv 1040 "Hit Ladies" Starring Rachel Love, Sabrina Stone, Micky Lynn, Chelle & Trent Roelan. Includes A Mixed Match.
VHS 3956 Pm Video Productions 30 M Mx-3: "Smart Ass Gets Ass Kicked" Mixed Match. Christine Vs Mike.
VHS 3957 Pm Video Productions 30 M Mx-4: "The Stars & The Moon" Mixed Match. Raven Sky Vs Kevin.
VHS 4093 Pm Video Productions 35 M Law-15: "Dirty Double Teaming" Mixed Match. Lexie Fyfe & Kat Vs Iron Russian.
VHS 4344 Pm Video Productions 32 M Mbx-1: Mixed Boxing. Diane Vs Chris.
VHS 3169 Pnw Productions 25 M Mixed Match. Hope Vs Jason
VHS 521 Premier Productions 50 M 9: Mixed Matches - Body Builder Joan Vs.Tom,Then It's Chris Vs. Tom.
VHS 624 Premier Productions 2 HRS 12: Mixed Match- Tom Jackson On The Recieving Ends Of Joan Wood, Kathy And Billie Ann All Good Looking Body Builders ( Except For Tom).
VHS 625 Premier Productions 55 M 21 "Wiped Out":Two Mixed Matches- First It's Ingrid Vs Tom Next It's Ursula Vs Tom, They Take Him Apart.
VHS 626 Premier Productions 45 M 22 "Tables Are Turned":Ursula 5'6" 140 Lbs. Vs. Ingrid 5'5" 130 Lbs.. Plus Some Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 690 Premier Productions 1 HR 20: "Scissor Party" Mixed Match Kelly-Michele & Kathy Rip Poor Tom Jackson Apart.
VHS 738 Premier Productions 45 M 19 : "The Promotion" Mixed Match Featuring Spice Williams Taking Apart Some Poor Male.
VHS 739 Premier Productions 50 M 7 : "Fashion Show"Mixed Matches -Body Builder Fifi And Laura Beat On Some Poor Guy.
VHS 827 Premier Productions 90 M 34 " Take It To The Mat " & " Extra Credit 2 ": First It's Joanne Vs Karen. Then It's A Mixed Match With Both Joanne And Karen Ganging Up On The Professor.
VHS 828 Premier Productions 1 HR 2: Mixed Matches. Tom Vs Olympia; Tom Vs Polly; Tom Vs
VHS 830 Premier Productions 75 M 31:"Lesson Not Learned" :Mixed Match..... Joan & April Take Him Apart One At A Time And Then Gang Up.
VHS 975 Premier Productions 1 HR 24: New In Town, Featuring Susie In Apartment House Wrestling Action (Mixed) For A Full Hour.
VHS 1137 Premier Productions 30 M 27 "Hurt Him" : Mixed Matches... Lindy Vs Fred And Then Bill.
VHS 1138 Premier Productions 1 HR 50 A Wrestling Kind Of Love: Mixed Match Featuring April.
VHS 1143 Premier Productions 45 M 48 Boxing: Cherly 5'7" 147 Lbs Vs Debbie 5'6" 144 Lbs. Then Mixed Boxing As Debbie Vs Joe.
VHS 1312 Premier Productions 20 M 10: "F-Minus": Mixed Match..... Kay Baxter Vs Tom.
VHS 1313 Premier Productions 20 M 38: "Mixed Mat Action". 4 Matches.
VHS 1314 Premier Productions 35 M 59: Mixed Match, Tammy Vs Jeff And Then Joe.
VHS 1401 Premier Productions 50 M 15: Mixed Match, "Dream Date" Hannie Vs Tom.
VHS 1402 Premier Productions 40 M 25: Mixed Match, "Nervous Novice" Featuring.....Raye & Steve. Powerfull Raye Takes Him Apart. But What A Way To Go.
VHS 1403 Premier Productions 75 M 33: Mixed Match..... "Demise Of A College Boy", With Susie, Taylor, & Ron.
VHS 1562 Premier Productions 1 HR 46: Mixed Match..........Apartment-House Wrestling Featuring Leia And Billie Ann.
VHS 1563 Premier Productions 1 HR 53: Mixed Match....."Doughdee Marie Is Out Of Control !" .
VHS 1936 Premier Productions 1 HR 41: "Muscle Street"...Mixed Apartment House Match ., Sharon & Cindy Vs Tom & Ron.
VHS 1938 Premier Productions 75 M 43: "Mixed Wrestling Action" Mixed Match Krissie Vs Tom. Then Ayla Vs Jeff & Tom.
VHS 1939 Premier Productions 40 M 106: "Today's The Day" Mixed Match. A Pro And An Amateur Woman Wrestler Scissor A Strong Man Into Submission.
VHS 1940 Premier Productions 40 M 108: Double His Pleasure - Double His Pain. Mixed Match. He Made The Mistake To Ask These Two Out The Same Night. They Scissor Him Blue And Then Some. But This Is Still A Good Way To Go.
VHS 2120 Premier Productions 30 M 122: "Tease And Squeeze" Mixed Match. Bodybuilder Finds New Ways To Torture And Dominate.
VHS 2180 Premier Productions 2 HRS 75: "Triple Feature" Mixed Matches. Awesome Auzzie- Liz, A Big Brunette Body Builder Abuses Tom. Then Bodybuilder Shannon Punishes Hapless Jeff. Next Shannon Vs Tom.
VHS 2181 Premier Productions 2 HRS 76: "I Had A Dream" Mixed Matches Featuring Big Joanne Mccartney In 3 Matches Vs 3 Different Male Opponents.
VHS 2184 Premier Productions 30 M 132: "Wrestling Slave" Mixed Match. Suzan A Good Looking Thin Big Busted Body Builder Works Over A Lucky Stiff.
VHS 2273 Premier Productions 30 M 128: "The Mistake" Mixed Match. Big Body Builder Amber Vs Male.
VHS 2341 Premier Productions 105M 35: "3 Part Apartment-House Wrestling Spectacular" Mixed Matches. Roxann Vs Tom. Charleen (Aka Kat) Vs Tom. Noelle Vs Tom.
VHS 2343 Premier Productions 58 M 124: "College Girl Squeeze" Mixed Match. Julie Vs Tom.
VHS 2344 Premier Productions 38 M 130: Mixed Match. Tami 5'9" 160 Lbs Vs Keith 6' 155 Lbs.
VHS 2413 Premier Productions 40 M 16: "Asset Handler" Mixed Match. Toni Dee Vs Tom.
VHS 2414 Premier Productions 105M 54: A Little Mixed, A Little Girl V Girl, But Mostly Talk & Demonstration. Featuring Athena, Sharon, Laurene & Tom.
VHS 2415 Premier Productions 1 HR 65A: Mixed Match. Kris Vs Tom.
VHS 2416 Premier Productions 45 M 67: Mixed Match. Big Strong Erin Vs Tom On Mat.
VHS 2417 Premier Productions 1 HR 69: "Eve Of Destruction" Mixed Match. Eve Vs Male.
VHS 2777 Premier Productions 40 M 153: " Mixed Mat Action" Mixed Match; Body Builder Tania 5'7" 175 Lbs. Vs Paul 5'9" 165 Lbs.
VHS 2778 Premier Productions 35 M 185: "My Little Whipping Boy" Mixed Match. Body Builder Annie Rivieccio Takes Him Apart.
VHS 3170 Premier Productions 85 M 60: Mixed Matches. Jeanne 5'7" 150 Lbs Vs Jeff; Mimi 5'5" 155 Lbs Vs Joe; Allyson 5'5" 155 Lbs Vs Tom Jackson.
VHS 3311 Premier Productions 165M 79: " Best Of Apartment House Wrestling", All Mixed Wrestling Collection Of Highlights From Premier Videos 4,9,10,12,15,16,19,21,24,25,27,20,31,34,35,36,41,42,46,50,53,54,57,58.
VHS 3486 Premier Productions 55 M 62: "Doublecross" Topless Mixed Apartment Action.... Body Builders Cindy And Marissa Vs Tom.
VHS 3487 Premier Productions 70 M 96: "Amazon Fantasies" Mixed Match. Body Builder Karla Nelson Vs Jim.
VHS 3748 Premier Productions 48 M 152: "Rachel's Workout Toy" Mixed Match. Body Builder Rachel Vs Male.
VHS 3752 Premier Productions 45 M 196: "Caught In The Act" Body Builder Anne Riviecco Vs Bonnie Michaels. Mixed Matches And One Sided Girl Vs Girl Match.
VHS 4097 Premier Productions 45 M 199: Mixed Match. Body Builder. Kimberly 5"9" 160 Lbs. Vs Steve 5'10" 190 Lbs.
VHS 4098 Premier Productions 45 M 200: "Mixed Mat Wrestling" Mixed Match. Body Builder Lora 5'8" 175 Lbs Vs Paul 5'9" 165 Lbs.
VHS 5205 Premier Productions 45 M 123: Mixed Match Amy Beats Up Tom, Then Battles Susan In A Catfight.
VHS 5351 Premier Productions 50 M 120: "In Your Face" Mixed Match. Body Builder Dawn Whitham Vs Tom.
VHS 5352 Premier Productions 35 M 148: Mixed Match. Body Builder Sharon 5'3" 180 Lbs. Vs Eric 5'5" 145 Lbs. Ends In The Middle Of A Head Leg Scissor.
VHS 5353 Premier Productions 45 M 164: Mixed Match. Body Builder Gabriele 6'1" 205 Lbs Vs Chase 5'6" 150 Lbs & Matt 5'6" 153 Lbs.
VHS 5354 Premier Productions 1 HR+ 201: Mixed Match. Body Builder Kasie 5'7 " 172 Lbs Vs Steve 5'10" 193 Lbs.
VHS 5355 Premier Productions 150 M 95: "Tom's Challenge" Mixed Matches. Body Builder Sally Mcneil Vs Tom. "Wrestling Gymnast" Body Builder Heidi Vs Tom.
VHS 5700 Premier Productions 100 M 82: Mixed Apt. House Wrestling Body Builder Janice Ragan. Vs Male.
VHS 5701 Premier Productions 92 M 90: Mixed Apt. House Wrestling Featuring Body Builders Carol, Jana, Marla, Jessica. Part 1, "Jim's Fantasy" With Carol & Jana Vs Jim. Part 11, "The Gym Rat" With Marla & Jessica Vs Mark.
VHS 5702 Premier Productions 37 M 103: Mixed Mat Wrestling Action. Body Builder Ziggy (5'5", 130 Lbs) Vs Mike (5'9.5", 170 Lbs)
VHS 5703 Premier Productions 49 M 105: "Cheesecake Power" Mixed Match. Body Builder Didi Vs Male.
VHS 5704 Premier Productions 38 M 116: Mixed Mat Action. Body Builder Laura (5'9",170 Lbs) Vs Mike (5'10", 170 Pounds.
VHS 5705 Premier Productions 59 M 142: "The Red Pecker Club" Mixed Match. Apt. House Wrestling With Body Builder Nancy Vs Paul.
VHS 5706 Premier Productions 49 M 239: Mixed Mat Action. Body Builder Heather (5'7", 135 Lbs) Vs Greg (5'8" 152 Lbs) .
VHS 5707 Premier Productions 51 M 240: Mixed Mat Action. Body Builder Charlene Rink (5'6", 135 Lbs) Vs Greg (5'8", 152 Lbs)
VHS 5709 Premier Productions 58 M 242: Mixed Apt. Match. Body Builder Pavla Brantalova (5'3", 115 Lbs) Vs Paul, (5'9", 165lbs) .
VHS 6052 Premier Productions 105M 98: Mixed Match. Body Builder Doughdee Marie 5'2" 170 Lbs. Vs Fritz 5'6" 160 Lbs.
VHS 6053 Premier Productions 44 M 172: Mixed Match. Body Builder Renee 5'5" 160 Lbs Vs Chase 5'6" 155 Lbs.
VHS 6396 Premier Productions 1 HR 226: Mixed Match. Renee Vs Male.
VHS 6501 Premier Productions 96 M 36: "Extra Credit" Mixed Match. Joann Brooks Vs Male. "After Hours Squeeze" Barbara & Gloria Vs Male And Female Vs Female.
VHS 6502 Premier Productions 52 M 104: "Wrestling Central" Mixed Match. Sheila vs Male.
VHS 6503 Premier Productions 46 M 113: "Amazing Encounter" Mixed Match. Eve Vs Male.
VHS 6504 Premier Productions 59 M 158: "First Date" Mixed Match. Charli (AKA Golden Kat) Vs Male.
VHS 6786 Premier Productions 53 M 218: "Wrestling Nirvana" Mixed Match. Body Builder Charlene Vs Male.
VHS 6787 Premier Productions 50 M 114: "Revenge" Mixed Match. Sandy 5'9" 150 Lbs Vs Fritz.
VHS 832 Queen Adrena 30 M " Kathleen Stomps Him " Mixed Match And She Does.
VHS 554 Queen Kong 1 HR Mixed Match- Queen Vs. Mr. Macho.
VHS 556 Queen Kong 1 HR Mixed Match- Kong 2.
VHS 2635 Queen Kong 2 HRS "Collection 1" Mixed Match. Queenie In Several Matches.
VHS 3057 Queen Kong 2 HRS "Giantess Foot, Ass & Breast Crush With Slave Mighty Mouse" Mixed Match. Heavy Weight Queen Kong Vs? Male, Face Sitting. Other Lesser Weights Join In To Beat Male.
VHS 2418 Rainbow Video 50 M 49: Mixed Matches Heavy Set Women Vs Male. Another Heaver Set Vs Male. Thin Brown Haired Girl Vs Male.
VHS 5036 Raslingal Video 29 M Rg-001: "Beauty Vs Brawn" Mixed Match Boxing. Two Blondes Take Turns Boxing A Male And Then Gang Up On Him.
VHS 4348 Ringside Productions 22 M Rp-04: "The Stronger Sex" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4932 Ringside Productions 1 HR+ Rp-20: "Africa Wrestling Queen": Mixed Match. Body Builder Africa Vs Male In Ring Match.
VHS 5602 Roman Video 50 M Trample Tape 3: "There's Something About Mary Jane" Mixed Matches. First Blonde And Than A Brunette Vs Male ..... More Foot Worship Then Fighting.
VHS 979 Roselyn Royce 30 M 123: "Goldie Vs The Boys" 2 Matches; Goldie Vs Boris; Goldie Vs Jean Mixed Matches, Film Transfers, No Sound.
VHS 1567 Saturn Video 30 M 300: Several Mixed Matches.
VHS 1568 Saturn Video 1 HR 301: Several Mixed Matches.
VHS 5972 School Boy Press 1 HR "Smothered In Jeans" Mixed Match And Fem Vs Fem. Blonde Vs Male Outdoors On Grass. Then Blonde Vs Bunette In Doors.
VHS 5974 School Boy Press 70 M "Teen Bully" Mixed Match. And Fem Vs Fem. Blonde Vs Male Outdoors And In. Then Brunette Joins In. Brunette Vs Blonde.
VHS 5975 School Boy Press 52 M "Teen Bully Revisited" Mixed Matches And Fem Vs Fem. Blonde Vs Male. Brunette Vs Male. Poor Editing (blank Spots). Brunette Vs Blonde, Appears To Be Same Footage As Ending On " Teen Bully".
VHS 2248 Scott Sales 45 M Vx-3: Muscle Up........."No Day At The Beach" Mixed Match. Angela Vs Bob.
VHS 6303 Scott Sales 53 M LSS-108: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 5532 Shib Productions 45 M "Super Heroine In Peril" Mixed Match. Jay As Night Huntress In A Comic Book Super Hero Scenario More Bondage Then Fighting.
VHS 2124 Silver Sun 30 M Mss-4 "Beat Her Boyfriend": Mixed Match. Mary Jane Puts Scissors And Sleeper Hold On Her Boyfriend Until He Admits She Can Beat Him.
VHS 2185 Silver Sun 30 M Mss-3: Mixed Match...... Brunette Vs Male In A Hard Fought In Ring Match.
VHS 2420 Silver Sun 30 M Mss-2: Mixed Match In Ring. Brunette Body Builder Remi Vs Bob.
VHS 2421 Silver Sun 30 M Mss-7: Mixed Match...... Loraine Vs Bob. She Demolishes Him With Leg Scissors, Sleepers, And Bends Him Over Like A Pretzel.
VHS 3313 Silver Sun 30 M Mss-6: Mixed Match. Mandy Vs Bob.
VHS 2496 Sinclair Blue 35 M "Battling Bruisers" Mixed Match. Samantha York Vs Male.
VHS 5710 Sleeperkid's World 34 M Sw-02: "Rookie Faceoff" Kaile Vs Anne Marie In An Apartment Match. Then Some Mixed Action As Sleeper Kid Takes On Kaile.
VHS 5742 Sleeperkid's World 1 HR Sk-02: "Mixed Dreams 2" Mixed Match. Sleeperkid Vs Blonde. Alot Of Sleeper Holds.
VHS 5802 Sleeperkid's World 30 M Sk-06: "Clawed" Mixed Match. Sleeperkid Vs Blonde And Claw Grips Her Belly.
VHS 6025 Sleeperkid's World 50 M Sk-22: "The Big Sleep - Episode 2: 'Tabby's Vengeance" Mixed Match. Tabby Vs Sleeperkid Not Much Fighting But He Knock Her Out A Dozen Or More Different Ways. In The End She Knocks Him Out.
VHS 6028 Sleeperkid's World 55 M Sk-32: "The Big Sleep 3: The Nightmare" Mixed Match. Sleeper Kid Vs Laticia. Not Much Fighting, But Plenty Of Knockouts. Laticia Awakens To A World Where Attacks Come Quick, And KO's Quicker.
VHS 6509 Sleeperkid's World 49 M Sw-64: "Mixed Dreams: 'Vanessa Harding'" Mixed Match: Sleeper Kid Vs Vanessa.
VHS 1406 Smo Productions 30 M Flame: Mixed Match. Fantasy Series. Women Warrior From From Another Dimension Sent Into Our World Via Freak Thunderstorm Computer Accident.
VHS 1408 Smo Productions 30 M "Last Thrill And Testament" Mixed Match. Terminally Ill Man Wishes To End It All Between The Powerful Thighs Of His Girl Friend Leia Kawaii.
VHS 1410 Smo Productions 30 M "Blind Obedience" Mixed Match.
VHS 1762 Smo Productions 15 M Preview Tape: Cuts From Many Mostly Mixed Matches.
VHS 1763 Smo Productions 40 M "Female Fury 3": Mixed Matches. Body Builders Taking Men Apart.
VHS 6790 Smo Productions 58 M Ballistyk "Ultimate Rolfing" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4227 Smothered Video 59 M "Smotherbox Sensations" Mixed Domination. Francesca And Angela Faith Walk All Over Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 4228 Smothered Video 58 M "H.O.M. Heaven" Mixed Domination. Taylor St. Clair Smothers Male In Various Ways.
VHS 2559 Special Events 30 M E-14 "Give Me Respect!" Mixed Match. Molly Mcshane Vs Johnny West.
VHS 3495 Special Events 30 M C-13: "Knight Training" .... Mixed Match. Amber Knight Vs Masked Male In Good Pro Style Action.
VHS 4099 Special Events 30 M F-4: "Grudgematches" Mixed Match. Joanie Lee Vs Bad Brad.
VHS 4102 Special Events 31 M Sb-2: "Jeff Gets A Warning!" Mixed Match. Jeff Vs Leanne.
VHS 6148 Special Events 18 M M-4: "Mayhem VIP Special" Princess Sugey Vs A J Sparx Plus Some Mixed.
VHS 154 Special Interest 40 M Kbs-4....Two Mixed Matchers -Kay Baxter Vs Matt; Sv-14 Ann Marie 5'5 1/2" 121 Lbs. Vs Buck 5'8" 139 Lbs.
VHS 246 Special Interest 20 M Sv- 15 "The Lesson For The Day"; Raquel, 5'8" 128 Lbs. Vs. Mat Mixed Match
VHS 290 Special Interest 1 HR Sv- 2,3 & 4: Three Mixed Matches. Maria Vs. Matt; Barbara Vs. Dennis; Candice Vs. Jim.
VHS 323 Special Interest 15 M Pvs-3 Mixed Match Pillow Vs. Bob
VHS 440 Special Interest 33 M Sv-34:Samantha 5'6" 128 Lbs. In Mixed Match.
VHS 505 Special Interest 30 M Sv-29 & Sv-22: Two Mixed Matches. Vanessa 5'4" 114 Lbs. Vs. Matt. Desiree 5'8" 132 Lbs. Vs.Another Poor Guy.
VHS 628 Special Interest 15 M Sv- 1: Mixed Match, Ann Marie Vs. Jim.
VHS 629 Special Interest 15 M Sv-42: Mixed Match- Brandy 5'7" 132 Lbs. Vs. Jim.
VHS 630 Special Interest 30 M Sv-43: Mixed Match- Brigitte 5'10" 145 Lbs. Vs. Jim.
VHS 631 Special Interest 30 M Sv-47: Mixed Match- Cookie 5'6" 125 Lbs. Vs. 5'8" 155 Lbs. Male.
VHS 632 Special Interest 30 M Sv-50:Mixed Match- Desiree 5'8" 132 Lbs. Vs. 5'8" 158 Lbs. Male.
VHS 741 Special Interest 20 M Sv- 21 : Mixed Match--Nina 6'1" 155 Lbs. Vs Buck. She Effortlessly Lifts , Throws And Bearhugs Him.
VHS 742 Special Interest 20 M Sv-48: Mixed Match-- Erika 6' 150 Lbs. Vs 5'7" 160 Lbs Man. She Really Beats Him Bad.
VHS 834 Special Interest 15 M Sv-12: Mixed Match.....Brigitte 5'10" 144 Lbs. Vs Matt.
VHS 836 Special Interest 20 M Sv-28: Mixed Match, Pretty Blonde Suzanne 5'6" 128 Lbs Drop Kicks Her Instructor All Over The
VHS 984 Special Interest 20 M Sv-74: Mixed Match. Roxanne, 5'10", 135 Lbs Vs Her Teacher, 5'8", 150 Lbs. She Crushes, Drop Kicks And Bashes Her Teacher, Crushing His Ego.
VHS 1149 Special Interest 20 M Sv-60: Mixed Match..... Dawn 5'7" 130 Lbs Vs Photographer 5'6" 140 Lbs.
VHS 1150 Special Interest 20 M Sv-73: Mixed Match Eve 5'8" 140 Lbs Vs 5"9" Man.
VHS 1151 Special Interest 15 M Sv-26: Mixed Match ......Erika Vs A Guy.
VHS 1318 Special Interest 30 M Sv-40: Mixed Match- Featuring Andrea.
VHS 1412 Special Interest 20 M Sv-59: Mixed Match. Featuring Kathleen.
VHS 1569 Special Interest 30 M Drv-2: Three Mixed Matchers . Featuring Lana, Debbie T. And Jamie.
VHS 1764 Special Interest 20 M Sv-68: Mixed Match. Krstle Vs A Male.
VHS 1943 Special Interest 20 M Sv-4: Mixed Match......Candice Vs Jim.
VHS 1945 Special Interest 20 M Sv-11: Mixed Match .....Vanessa Vs Jim.
VHS 1946 Special Interest 20 M Sv-14: Mixed Match.....Ann Marie Vs Buck.
VHS 1947 Special Interest 20 M Sv-16; Mixed Match........Desiree Vs Buck.
VHS 1948 Special Interest 20 M Sv-20: Mixed Match.....Victoria Vs Jim.
VHS 1949 Special Interest 20 M Sv-33: Mixed Match......... Krystle Vs Jim. Same As #441.
VHS 1950 Special Interest 40 M Sv-127: Mixed Match. Susie & Jacqueline Vs Male. He's Beaten To A Pulp.
VHS 2252 Special Interest 20 M Sv-123: Mixed Match. Brigitte Vs Male.
VHS 2253 Special Interest 30 M Sv-66: Mixed Match. Brigitte Vs Male.
VHS 2347 Special Interest 20 M Sv-96: Mixed Matches Featuring Rochelle, Chantel, Cassandra.
VHS 2348 Special Interest 40 M Sv-130: Mixed Match. Carmen Vs Male.
VHS 2711 Special Interest 36 M Sv-129: Mixed Match. Body Builder Sharon Marvel Vs Male.
VHS 2944 Special Interest 40 M Sv-111: "Lift, Carry & Crush" Mixed Matches Sally Mcneil & Marika Vs Males.
VHS 3496 Special Interest 45 M Lv- 6: "Lift , Carry And Wrestle" ....Mixed Matches. Carmen & Joanna Vs Males.
VHS 3497 Special Interest 35 M Sv-113: Mixed Match. Joanna Vs Male.
VHS 4104 Special Interest 35 M Lv-7: Chantel Lifts And Carries With A Little Help From Marika & Suzie. Mixed Match...... Mostly Lifting And Carrying.
VHS 4105 Special Interest 40 M Sv-116: Mixed Match. Ingrid Vs Male.
VHS 4106 Special Interest 40 M Sv-126: Mixed Match. Melanie Vs Male.
VHS 4107 Special Interest 32 M Sv-137: Mixed Match. Erika Vs Two Male.
VHS 4108 Special Interest 35 M Sv-138: Mixed Match. Lauren Vs Male.
VHS 4229 Special Interest 45 M Sv-152: Mixed Boxing. Christine Vs Buddy. Julie Vs Buddy.
VHS 4230 Special Interest 40 M Sv-159: Mixed Boxing. Yvonne Vs Buddy; Tall Katrin Uses Her Long Legs Vs Vinne Kick Boxing.
VHS 5039 Special Interest 40 M Sv-166: Mixed Match Boxing. Jasae Vs Dave. Sharon Vs Buddy.
VHS 5306 Special Interest 43 M Sv-114 Mixed Match. Mary Vs Male. Lifts And Carries.
VHS 5356 Special Interest 40 M Lv-11: Raven And Yvonne Arm And Leg Wrestling, Lift And Carry, Plus Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 5605 Special Interest 37 M Sv-158: Mixed Match. Margo Vs Male Lifts And Carries.
VHS 5711 Special Interest 37 M Sv-193: Mixed Match. Catalina L'Amour Vs Male.
VHS 5712 Special Interest 38 M Sv-194: Mixed Match. Tasha Welch Vs Mark.
VHS 5713 Special Interest 37 M Sv-195: Mixed Match. Hollywood.
VHS 5805 Special Interest 39 M Sv-187: "Tough Lady" Mixed Match. Sharon Kane Vs Males Bare Fisted Boxing.
VHS 5806 Special Interest 45 M Sv-192: Mixed Match Boxing. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6029 Special Interest 37 M Sv-206: Mixed Match. Body Builder Goddess Heather Vs Male.
VHS 6188 Special Interest 38 M Sv-200: Mixed Match. Body Builder Barbara Vs Ken.
VHS 6510 Special Interest 87 M Sv-205: "Blasts From The Past" Film Transfers. Featuring Marylou, Linda, Joni, Suzeena, Rebecca, And Lacy In Mixed Matches.
VHS 6031 Specialty Videos 54 M Svwr101: Mixed Match. Candi Fisher Vs George Face Sitting.
VHS 504 Sportshape 40 M Sv-1 Muscle Motel: Many Mixed Matches ( Mostly Leg Scissors ) All The Girls Are Dancers. Also A Short Headscissor Duel Between Charlotte And Eva.
VHS 1855 Sportshape 40 M Sv-6: "Home Cooked Squeeze" & "Steal Of A Squeeze".....Two Mixed Matches. Jill Vs Male. Then Ninja Garbed Female In High Heels Jumps A Sleeping Male .
VHS 2060 Sportshape 25 M Spr 1: Preview Tape Of Many Of Their Mixed Matches.
VHS 2061 Sportshape 30 M Sv-15 "Sudden Encounters Series" "Nylon Stalkings" : Mixed Match .....Leggy Blonde Vs Male. Followed By Red Head Vs Male In "Butt Miss !" Then "Mannequin's Menace"
VHS 4231 Sportshape 43 M Sv-16: "Escort Bizarre" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 1953 Stanton 30 M Vc-11: Mixed Match..."Trudy Goodbody, Rescue R.N." Karen Vs Gerrie, Her Big Firm Butt Gives His Nose A Good Hard Workout.
VHS 188 Stanton 30 M Vc- 139 Liane Vs Fred Mixed Wrestling Facesitting.
VHS 189 Stanton 1 HR Vc- 140 Lotta & Karen Vs. Gerard Mixed Wrestling Facesitting Galore!!!
VHS 249 Stanton 28 M Vc- 13 "Trudy Goodbody, Rescue R.N. 3" Mixed Match Lee Kilmannsegg Vs. Jon
VHS 250 Stanton 42 M Vc- 123 "Dominant Lady" Mixed Match Karen Vs. Eugene, Plenty Of Face Sitting!!!!
VHS 291 Stanton 40 M Vc- 131 Q, Little Girl: Mixed Match. Tasha Martin Vs. Fred.
VHS 293 Stanton 20 M Vc- 133 Q, Tough Toni: Mixed Match.
VHS 327 Stanton 20 M Vc-141 Q: Mixed Match Lotta Vs. Male
VHS 349 Stanton 30 M Vc- 124 Q: Mixed Match Sandra Vs. Male. Face Sitting And More.
VHS 350 Stanton 30 M Vc- 143 Q: Mixed Match Tracy Ferrill Vs. Male.
VHS 463 Stanton 30 M Vc- 112 Q: "Combat" Greta Ganz Vs. Nick- Mixed Match.
VHS 464 Stanton 30 M Vc- 163 Nevada Simpson A Biggggg Blond Vs. Will A Small 105 Lb. Guy. Mixed Match.
VHS 466 Stanton 31 M Vc-26: 6' Tess Morgan In Mixed Match With Fred,Great Leg Scissors And Face Sitting.
VHS 639 Stanton 20 M Vc- 737: Mixed Match- Deirdra Engborg 5'7" 132 Lbs. 20 Year Old Takes Joy In Wrecking Rugby Rhodes.
VHS 640 Stanton 20 M Vc- 742: Mixed Match- Rachael Royce 5'7" 142 Lbs. Vs. Ex-Boyfriend, This 24 Yearold Redhead Mauls Him Bad. Bad.
VHS 743 Stanton 30 M Vc-758: Mixed Match--Ashley Neilson Blonde 5' 9" 19 Years Old, Takes On Rugby With Body Straddles And Scissors.
VHS 744 Stanton 30 M Vc- 760: Mixed Match-- 5'7" Deirdra Engborg Vs Nick Palmer.
VHS 900 Stanton 20 M Vc-764: Mixed Match, Featuring Connie O'brien.
VHS 901 Stanton 20 M Vc-759: Mixed Match, " The Big Blond " Bonnie Hein Vs. Rugby Rhodes.
VHS 902 Stanton 20 M Vc-775: Mixed Match, "Boyfriend In Place" Electra Vs Boyfriend.
VHS 988 Stanton 15 M Vc-2: "I Love To Wrestle" Mixed Match. Lenora Vs Cecil. She Has Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Agility. He Finds Out What It's Like To Go Up Against An Athlete.
VHS 990 Stanton 30 M Vc-107: Mixed Match. Toni Liddle, 5'7", 140 Lbs Vs Fred. She Shows Him Some Fast-Action Wrestling.
VHS 992 Stanton 1 HR Vc- 170: Mixed Match Rugby Wrestles Karen. Karen Outwrestles Rugby. The Action Is Fast & Furious Throughout Until He Is Worn Down.
VHS 995 Stanton 30 M Vc-728: Mixed Match.... Vicious Ladies 2, Raissa & Tracy Mike. Domination And Abuse.
VHS 1319 Stanton 20 M Mixed Match. .....Cammie Vs Nick Palmer.
VHS 1320 Stanton 20 M Vc-749: Mixed Match 5'9" Christie Robbins Vs. Rugby Rhodes.
VHS 1321 Stanton 20 M Vc-765: Burlesque Babe Mixed Match. Connie O'brien In Bra And G-String Vs Dave. Good Face Sitting With Some Bump And Grind.
VHS 1322 Stanton 20 M Vc-784: Wrestle Me Please: Mixed Match. Karen Van Wilmerdingen Vs Michel. Face Sitting.
VHS 1323 Stanton 15 M Vc-787: Beaten By A Girl: Mixed Match. Body Builder Alicia Vs Tony.
VHS 1325 Stanton 20 M Vc-795: Mixed Match.+ .....Karen And Another Big Girl Take Turns Working Poor Guy Over. Folowed By A Good Girl - Girl Match.
VHS 1326 Stanton / Flanagan 20 M Vc-812: Body Straddle: Mixed Match, Heavy Weight Jillian Vs Ken.
VHS 1413 Stanton / Flanagan 20 M Vc-828: Mixed Match............ "Little Brother Buddy" Alicia Spartos Vs Buddy.
VHS 1955 Stanton / Flanagan 20 M Vc-874 "Wrestling Mania 3" Mixed Match. Cassandra West Vs Mich.
VHS 2274 Stanton / Flanagan 20 M Vc-925 "Sexual Feeling" Mixed Match. Karen Vs John.
VHS 2423 Stanton / Flanagan 20 M Vc-930: "Rochelle" Mixed Match. Rochelle Sky Vs Michel.
VHS 2498 Stanton / Flanagan 21 M Vc-934: "Plenty On Top" Mixed Match. Patty Plenty Wilbur Vs Male.
VHS 2561 Stanton / Flanagan 21 M Vc-861: "Girl Trouble" Mixed Match. Kristie Wells Vs Buddy.
VHS 2640 Stanton / Flanagan 20 M Vc-940: Mixed Match. "Kick Him, Karen" Karen Vs Ken.
VHS 3318 Stanton / Flanagan 24 M 102: Mixed Match. Body Builder Cammie Vs Fred.
VHS 3319 Stanton / Flanagan 25 M 104: Mixed Match. Body Builder Cammie Vs Cecil.
VHS 3320 Stanton / Flanagan 25 M 105: Mixed Match. Body Builder Cammie Vs Butch.
VHS 1415 Steel Kittens 30 M 15: Mixed Matches.....Shelly Vs. Steve. Belinda Vs Steve
VHS 1654 Steel Kittens 20 M 21: Mixed Match. Apartment House Type Match, Only Nudity Is His.
VHS 1773 Steel Kittens 45 M 10: Mixed Matches .....Elsa Vs Nucci Could It Be That Elsa Lost To Much Weight Before This Match. Then Tall Blonde Pam Vs Mitch.
VHS 1857 Steel Kittens 30 M 33: "Dominos Deliver S" Two Mixed Match Es. First A Blonde Takes This Guy Apart. Then A Black Does Like Wise. How Can I Get A Job Like This.
VHS 1858 Steel Kittens 45 M 31: "The Heat Is On" Mixed Matches. Belinda Vs Mitch. Then She Takes Gary Apart.
VHS 2065 Steel Kittens 20 M 13: Mixed Match . Belinda Belle Vs Chris.
VHS 2499 Steel Kittens 28 M 24: "All Tied Up" Mixed Match. Shelly Vs Male.
VHS 2949 Steel Kittens 30 M 97: "Boy Toy" Mixed Match . Santana Vs Jeb.
VHS 3321 Steel Kittens 30 M 29: Mixed Match. Belinda Vs Tony.
VHS 3322 Steel Kittens 45 M 84: "Sleeptress" Mixed Match. Gary Vs Hollywood.
VHS 3498 Steel Kittens 50 M 60: Mixed Match. Belinda Vs Jeb. Then Candi Vs Jeb.
VHS 4111 Steel Kittens 40 M 16: Mixed Match. "Boyfriend's Fantasy" Male Vs Blonde, Then Blonde Vs Other Female.
VHS 4232 Steel Kittens 52 M 43: "Supree De Rouge" Female Vs Female & Mixed Match. Outdoor Topless 5 Way Tag... Rochelle & Denise Vs Jennifer & Jesea + Raven. Leigh & Amy Vs Mitch.
VHS 4233 Steel Kittens 30 M 57: "The Thrill Of The Punch" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4235 Steel Kittens 29 M 96: "Lethal Lady" Mixed Match In Ring. Leigh Vs Jeb.
VHS 4236 Steel Kittens 52 M 100: Mixed Match. Wrestling. Candi Vs Gary; Santana Vs Gary.
VHS 4238 Steel Kittens 1 HR 142: Mixed Match. Gary Vs Cj Taylor; Chuck Vs Kristie Ezell.
VHS 4533 Steel Kittens 51 M "Sampler 2": Short Clips From Many Of Their Videos Both Mixed And Female Vs Female.
VHS 4534 Steel Kittens 45 M 47: "Wrestling In The Rain" Mixed Matches. Quisha Vs Scott. Shelly Vs Darron.
VHS 4535 Steel Kittens 30 M 117: "Battle Of The Amazons" Sandy Vs Shelly. Plus Some Mixed Action.
VHS 5137 Steel Kittens 1 HR 154: "Turnbuckle Torture" Mixed Matches In Ring. Tasha Vs Chuck. Arreyon Vs Gary.
VHS 5138 Steel Kittens 57 M 156: "The Wrecking Crew" Mixed Matches In Ring. Arreyon Vs Mike. Candi Vs Gary.
VHS 5463 Steel Kittens 40 M 148: "Black Powder" Mixed Match. Masked Blonde Vs Male In Ring. The Masked Phantom Lady Vs The Huntress In An Office Fight.
VHS 5714 Steel Kittens 23 M 65: Mixed Ring Action. "Barn Storm" With Pam W. Vs Jeb. A Male Win.
VHS 5782 Steel Kittens 57 M Sk-164: "Femme Fatalities" Mixed Apt. & Ring Match. Scott Vs Pear Blossom; Chuck Vs Sandy.
VHS 6270 Steel Kittens 48 M SKK-3: Sampler Of 13 Of Their Videos Including Mixed Match, Boxing And Domination .
VHS 6673 Steel Kittens 59 M 153: "Savage She Cats" Mixed Matches. Santana Vs Darnele. Tasha Vs Mike.
VHS 6677 Steel Kittens 54 M 227: "Too Hot To Handle" Mixed Matches. Lindsey Vs Eddie. Shelly Vs Travis.
VHS 6791 Steel Kittens 41 M 37: "Vixens Vengence" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male, Blonde Vs Male In Apartment.
VHS 6914 Steel Kittens 36 M 221: "Slugfest" Mixed Boxing Match. Belle Vs Male. Fem Vs Fem Boxing Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 5429 Straddle Productions 35 M Sp4: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 5430 Straddle Productions 34 M Sp8: "Kaylynn" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5608 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp13: "Alona" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male On Mats, Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5609 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp14: "Jodi" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male On Mats, Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5980 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp-23: Mixed Match. Taylor St Claire Vs Willie.
VHS 5981 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp-25 "Girls Rule & Boys Drool" Mixed Matches. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6306 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp-33: Mixed Match. Tricia Vs Brett.
VHS 1577 Sun Crest 30 M 28: Several Mixed Matches, Including A Tag Team Match.
VHS 1578 Sun Crest 1 HR 24: Many Mixed Matches.
VHS 1579 Sun Crest 30 M 27: Several Mixed Matches, Including A Tag Team Matches.
VHS 1655 Sun Crest 20 M 33: Mixed Matches. Two Apartment House Type Bikini Mixed Matches.
VHS 5807 Sweet- N - Evil 30 M "Nicole Not So Sweet" Mixed Match. Nicole Sweet Vs Male.
VHS 1416 Sweetheart Productions 30 M "Mixed 1990": Mixed Match With Lisa.
VHS 1422 Sweetheart Productions 20 M Rrcms 13:Mixed Match...Blonde In Mini Skirt, Punches The Stuffings Out Of This Guy, And Has A Great Time Doing It.
VHS 1504 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Vp3: Mixed Match, In Outdoor Ring It's Cat Vs Scott. Indoors It's Tiffany Vs Ron.
VHS 1580 Sweetheart Productions 28 M 0113: Ben Vs Samantha. Mixed Match. Ends With Double Head Scissor And Nut Grabbing Submission.
VHS 1581 Sweetheart Productions 35 M 0114: Lisa Vs Lance. Mixed Match. Busty Redhead Head- Scissors Him Into Submission.
VHS 1582 Sweetheart Productions 25M 0115: Cassandra Vs Dan. Mixed Match.Drop Kicks And Knees To The Balls Gave Poor Dan A Painful Lesson He Will Never Forget.
VHS 1656 Sweetheart Productions 20 M 0107: Mixed Match. Lauren Vs The Hippie.
VHS 1866 Sweetheart Productions 26 M 213: "Mixed Apartment Domination And Humiliation" Caty Vs Frank.
VHS 1959 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Mxw #1: Mixed Matches. Blonde Lisa Take On On Beats Two Guys Tom & Jamesone At A Time . Then Brunette Lee Ann Vs Freddy.
VHS 1960 Sweetheart Productions 30 M Mxw #2: Mixed Matches. Ginger Lynn Vs Patric . Starts Out As A Boxing Match Ends Wrestling. Then Shelby A Long Sandy Haired Beauty Does Carter In.
VHS 2127 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Md 1: Mixed Match. Redhead Takes On Poor Guy Who Gets Lost In His Work. Then Second Redhead Works Over Her Man.
VHS 2128 Sweetheart Productions 26 M Md 2: Mixed Match. Redhead Takes Apart Male.
VHS 2129 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Aww-4: Three Mixed Matches. Two Blondes Vs Male, Heather Vs Male, And Then Cindy A.K.A. Sweet Savage Vs Male. Same As #2642.
VHS 2642 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Shr-Aww4: Mixed Matches. Blondie Vs Male. Heather Vs Male. Sweet Savage Vs Male. Same As 2129.
VHS 4359 Sweetheart Productions 50 M Swt Mix-1: Mixed Match. Brittany Vs Steve. Leeann Vs Tom.
VHS 4360 Sweetheart Productions 45 M Swt Mix-2: Mixed Match. April & Leeann Vs David. Brittany Vs Charles.
VHS 4364 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Shr-22: Mixed Matches In Oil. Kimberly Vs Brian. Debbie Vs Armand.
VHS 4365 Sweetheart Productions 35 M Swt-106: Mixed Match. Kalani Vs The Dude.
VHS 4366 Sweetheart Productions 28 M Ww-203: Mixed Match. Samantha Vs Sam.
VHS 4367 Sweetheart Productions 27 M Ww-204: Mixed Match. Cassandra Vs David.
VHS 4368 Sweetheart Productions 30 M Ww-205: Mixed Match. Sandy & Cassandra Vs Sam & David.
VHS 4936 Sweetheart Productions 32 M 105: Mixed Match. Samantha Vs Sam.
VHS 6398 Syrens Lair 32 M "Punch Drunk Domme" Mixed Match. He Lets Her Use Him As A Punching Bag.
VHS 2261 T & T 1 HR Women's Wrestling Vol. 5: Several Good Fights Distinguished By Fierce Intensity Of The Young Contestants, Plus 2 Mixed Match.
VHS 6511 Tasha Simone 55 M Bs-1: Mixed Match. Tough Pro Tasha Simone Vs Pro Male In And Out Of Ring.
VHS 2275 The Private Collection 90 M 6/94: Mixed Matches. Featuring Christine Marshall, Lena Davey, Susan Strong, Kelly Blair, Elizabeth Mertens And Five Males.
VHS 3069 The Private Collection 1 HR 13/96: "Competitive International Mixed Wrestling" Christine Marshall Vs Dave; Amanda Long Vs Mark; Susan Strong Vs Paul; Sasha Lee Vs Steve.
VHS 4241 The Private Collection 1 HR+ Scs-13/98: Mixed Matches. Gonzo Vs Renata. Terri & Naomi Vs John.
VHS 6228 The Private Collection 39 M 2/03: Mixed Competitive Matches: Lee Ann Vs Mark; Stacey Vs Steve.
VHS 6230 The Private Collection 1 HR+ 22/00: Mixed Matches: Laura Vs Brad. Hayley Vs John; Rose Vs Dave.
VHS 1660 Tigra Enterprises 30 M "La Tigra" Mixed Match. Powerful Tigra Dominates Chuck.
VHS 3179 Tigra Enterprises   Mixed Match. Tigra Vs The Car Dealer.
VHS 3180 Tigra Enterprises 43 M "Latin Fury": Mixed Match. Mayra Conde, 150 Lbs. , 5'4" Vs Tony.
VHS 4242 Tigra Enterprises 35 M T14: "Tigra Returns" Mixed Match. Tigra Vs Bob.
VHS 4243 Tigra Enterprises 25 M T15: "Tko:Tigra Knocks 'em Out!" Mixed Boxing. Mayra Vs Bob. Tigra Vs Bob.
VHS 5474 Tigra Enterprises 90 M Rp-27: "Grappling Glamazons 2002" Helen Van Mott Vs Ziggy. River Vs Christine Dupree. Gabbrielle Vs Kristy Etzold. Mixed Match, Leonard Vs Ziggy. Yanna Jordan Vs Christine Dupree . Dupree Vs Ziggy. Van Mott Vs Afrika . In Very Competitive Ring Matches.
VHS 5845 Tigra Enterprises 59 M T-04 "A Woman's Place Is On The Mat Part1" Mixed Match Body Bulder Thea Bennington Vs Male In Ring.
VHS 3772 Tim Anthony 2 HRS "Muscle Bunny Showdown !" Mixed Matches. Two Brunettes (One Black The Other White) Vs Two Males At Same Time. Then Two On One. Plus Body Builders Working Out And Posing.
VHS 5046 Tjm Production 1 HR "Mincs' Fantasy Fighting Girlz" ; Lover's Brawl 4" Mixed Match. Cheri Pie Vs Goerge. Wrestling And Boxing. Plus Another Mixed Boxing Match As Two Girls Take Turns Boxing Male.
VHS 3774 Trampled Video 56 M "Prenuptial Terror #2" Starring Holly Wood, Eve And Chris Tool. Mixed Match With Male Domination.
VHS 3776 Trampled Video 57 M "Prenuptial Terror " Starring Holly Wood, Eve, And Damion. Mixed Match With Male Domination.
VHS 4244 Trampled Video 53 M "Trample Test-Drive" Mixed Domination. Two Blondes Walk On Sit On And Ride On And Face Sit A Male.
VHS 1335 Triumph Studios 1 HR Vf 109: "Domination Of Mike" Mixed Match. 105 Lbs Linda "The Lynx" Noah Takes Mike Apart. Then Is Interviewed On "Lessons In Beating Men Up".
VHS 2193 Triumph Studios 30 M Bt-300: "Collector's Treasure #1" Film Transfers......Mixed Match Featuring Sherry Whitlow Doing In A Male. Way Back In The 70's.
VHS 2433 Triumph Studios 1 HR Vf 110: Girl Vs Girl & Mixed Match. Janet Vs Golden Cat. Then Sasha Vs Joe.
VHS 2957 Triumph Studios 80 M Spm-114: "Women, Women On The Wall, Who's The Toughest Of Them All??" Kirstie Vs Susie; Sindy Vs Red. Plus Mixed Match. Plus Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 4245 Triumph Studios 85 M Spm-104: "Did It Hurt?" Bonnfe Vs Sammy-Jo. "Clash Of The Titans" Mixed Match. Tigra Vs Male. "The Fire And The Flame" Dawn Vs Flame. Next Renee Boxes Roxanne. Pepper & Chelsea Vs Kimberly.
VHS 5047 Triumph Studios 86 M Spm-105: "No Punches Pulled, No Mercy Given! Mixed Match Susie Vs Jay Facesittinging. Quisha Vs Barbara Boxing. La Tigra Vs Sheila. Brittany Vs Vicious Valerie. Inga Vs Kirstie. K.O. Kasey Vs Nancy Boxing.
VHS 2194 Utopia Entertainment 1 HR Mixed Match....... Dee Vs Ken.
VHS 2434 Utopia Entertainment 1 HR Mw-3: "Eve Of Destruction" Mixed Match. Eve Polmar Vs Damian.
VHS 2501 Utopia Entertainment 1 HR Mw-4: Mixed Wrestling. Michelle The Manhandler Vs Mike.
VHS 3189 Utopia Entertainment 1 HR "Crushed By Kasie" Mixed Wrestling. Kasie Vs Male.
VHS 3190 Utopia Entertainment 1 HR Mw-2: Mixed Wrestling. Tonya Vs Ken
VHS 3789 Utopia Entertainment 1 HR Mw-7: "Eve In New Eden" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 3790 Utopia Entertainment 55 M "Mangled Again" Mixed Match Brunette Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 5228 Utopia Entertainment 40 M Mw-16: "Thrashed By Th-Resa" Mixed Match. Black Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 5715 Utopia Entertainment 53 M MW 28: "Bedroom Beating" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Bluilder Vs Male On Bed.
VHS 5716 Utopia Entertainment 40 M Mw: "Gym Rat" Mixed Match. Some Posing At Beginning. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male on Mats And Sofa.
VHS 5717 Utopia Entertainment 52 M MW - 27: "Seductive Squeezing" Body Builder - Mixed Apt. House Match Brunette Vs Male. Topless At End.
VHS 6611 Utopia Entertainment 51 M MW-31: "Jane The Ballerina" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6792 Utopia Entertainment 59 M "The Photographer's Punishment" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6793 Utopia Entertainment 67 M Mixed Match. Body Builder Dee Perry Vs Ken.
VHS 6794 Utopia Entertainment 52 M "Screen Test Torture" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6795 Utopia Entertainment 36 M "Slow Swedich Squeeze" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6796 Utopia Entertainment 42 M "Loan Shark Slaughter" Mixed Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 4246 Velvet Kick 29 M 45: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Males. She Does Get Her Kicks In.
VHS 5359 Velvet Kick 43 M 50: Mixed Match. Womens Self Defense Demonstration.
VHS 5360 Velvet Kick 30 M 76: Mixed Match. Womens Self Defense Demonstration.
VHS 4940 Video Sports 43 M 62: F Vs F And Mixed Matches. Vanessa Vs Cassie. Bruce Vs Cassie. Nudity In Coming Attractions Only.
VHS 456 Video Views 2 HRS 11: "The Strongest Women In The World" Christina Dutkowski, First Hour Of Tape Is Heavy Lifting, And Then A Mixed Match, He Never Had A Chance.
VHS 457 Video Views 1 HR 12 At The End Of Long Workout, 20 Minutes Of Rough Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 458 Video Views 1 HR 13 Jackie Paisley Doing Repetition Type Gymwork And About 25 Minutes Of Top Notch Free-Style Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 498 Video Views 90 M 14: 20 Min. Heavy Gymwork,Spice Works 315 Lb Squat,230 Lbs In Bench Press. 30 Min Mixed Wrestling. Free Style Wrestling,No Fake Pins,Submissions.
VHS 758 Video Views 2 HRS 16 : Mixed Matches-- Joan Wood, Michelle L'ette, Christina Dutkowski And Jacki Paisley; All Are Body Builders And They Take Apart Some Poor Guys
VHS 1016 Video Views 80M 17: Mixed Match, Jennifer Vs Tom ,Then It's Larissa Vs Tom.
VHS 1017 Video Views 40 M 21: Mixed Match..... Cheryl Vs Tom And Then Spice Continues To Take Tom Apart.
VHS 1053 Video Views 70 M 24: Mixed Wrestling With Leia Kawaii 5'8" 140 & Terri 6'1" 235 Vs Carl And Then Tom.
VHS 1054 Video Views 2 HRS 23: Mixed Wrestling With Terri 5'3" 150, Sharon 5'3" 130, & Lauren 5'5" 135 Vs Tom Jackson. Girls Are Bodybuilders. Then They Take Him Apart.
VHS 1173 Video Views 2 HRS 19: Mixed Wrestling Action With Joy Dobson, Rhonda Richardson, Carolyn And Lena.
VHS 1343 Video Views 1 HR 28: Mixed Match, Virginia Brady Vs Jeff And Then Tom.
VHS 1428 Video Views 1 HR 18:Mixed Match Raye 5'7", 145 Lbs. Vs Tom 5'10", 160 Lbs. Next Susie 5'7",145 Lbs. Vs Tom.
VHS 1429 Video Views 1 HR 20: Mixed Match.....& Arm Wrestling With Cheryl 5'8", 180 Lbs. And Tom 5'10", 160Lbs.
VHS 1430 Video Views 1 HR 22: Mixed Match.....Posing & Arm Wrestling. Featuring Dee 5'6", 160 Lbs.
VHS 2722 Video Views 80 M 37: "Best Of Mixed Action Vol.2" Several Mixed Matches Featuring Female Body Builders.
VHS 6084 Video Views 160 M 34: "The Best Of Spice Williams & Tina Moretti" Heavy Gymwork,Spice Works 315 Lb Squat,230 Lbs In Bench Press. 30 Min Mixed Wrestling. Free Style Wrestling,No Fake Pins,Submissions. Tina Moretti....Working Out And Wrestling. Same As Video 498 With 1174.
VHS 696 Video Vortex 30 M "Fight For The Belt" Blonde Vs Red Head; Mixed Match Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 1348 Video Vortex 30 M Wrestling Hawaiian Style: Mixed Match. Nancy Novak Vs Robert.
VHS 1432 Video Vortex 30 M "Smother Knows Best" : Mixed Match With Nancy Novak. Wrestling In Bedroom Setting.
VHS 1433 Video Vortex 35 M "Kick Him Where It Counts" Mixed Match Nancy Vs Poor Guy.
VHS 1435 Video Vortex 30 M " Wrestling Sluts #1: Mixed Match Pussycat Jones Vs Ravishing Rodney.
VHS 1589 Video Vortex 45 M "Kick His Teeth In" Mixed Match.... Shelly "The Burbank Bomber" Vs Mark "The Mauler"
VHS 4539 Video Vortex 50 M "Evans Excellent Wrestling Adventures ! " Mixed Match. Blonde And Brunette Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4703 Video Vortex 43 M "Wrestling" Mixed Match. Catherine The Great Vs Brian. Heavy Weight Take On Skinny Guy. He Is Crushed In More Ways Then One.
VHS 4706 Video Vortex 55 M "Wrestling Sluts 3" Mixed Match. Nancy Novak Vs Don.
VHS 4819 Video Vortex 59 M "Fatal Foot" Featuring Shelly "The Burbank Bomber" Works Over Males More Domination & Trample Then Mixed Match..
VHS 2723 Video World 40 M Mx-01: "Mixed Match" Lexie 5'2" 122 Lbs. & Shay 5'4" 125 Lbs. Vs Male.
VHS 2724 Video World 80 M C-102: "January 95 Tournament" At Women's World Wrestling Feature 6 Of Their Bestagainst Each Other Then Gang Up On A Male In A Mixed Match.
VHS 268 Violent Video 30 M 4 Mixed Match: Lisa Vs Jeff, Kelley Vs Jeff. Same As #348.
VHS 269 Violent Video 30 M 6 Mixed Match: Tara Vs Dick
VHS 348 Violent Video 1 HR 4: Lisa Vs. Jeff, Kelly Vs. Jeff Two Mixed Matches---Plenty Of Face Sitting. Same As #268.
VHS 518 Violent Video 30 M 8: Mixed Wrestling. Roxie Vs. Gene; Morgan Vs. Gene.
VHS 847 Violent Video 30 M 17: Mixed Match. Erika 5'81/2", 142 Lbs. Vs Rick . Big Redheaded Erika Turns Him Every Way But Loose.
VHS 1019 Violent Video 1 HR 10: Mixed Match Lisa Vs Gene; Action-Packed W/Great Wrestling, Scissors.
VHS 1350 Violent Video 30 M 31: Mixed Match, Marilyn Vs Victor.
VHS 1672 Violent Video 30 M 25: Mixed Match. Heavy Set Blonde Takes Him Apart.
VHS 2793 Violent Video 30 M 2: Mixed Match. Kelly Vs Male. Ends In Facesitting.
VHS 4122 Virago 45 M 003: Wrestling For Couples" Mixed Match. Momo Vs Sensei Nick In A Training Match.
VHS 6613 W.A.V.E. 113 M "Female Mercenaries On Zombie Island" "B" Movie. Featuring Mixed Match, Lifting And Carrying, Bondage, And Female Vs Female Action.
VHS 6614 W.A.V.E. 90 M "Rana Queen Of The Amazon!" "B" Movie Featuring Mixed Match, Female Vs Female And Bondage.
VHS 6191 WeilinDragoon Productions 43 M Fem Vs Fem Match,Weilin Vs Afrika. Mixed Mathch, Afrika Vs Laurent.
VHS 228 Women's Physique 75 M 2 Pro-Wrestlers "Olympia" Vs."Golden Cat" Plus Mixed Wrestling & Interview. Real Pro/Collegiate Wrestling Through Out.
VHS 307 Women's Physique 2 HRS 5 : Laura Creavalle 5'5" 150 Lbs. Vs. Mimi Hitzman 5'5" 130 Lbs. Both Are Bodybuilders. Also Some Mixed Action, As Mimi Works Out With Her Wrestling Teacher.
VHS 3798 Women's Physique 87 M 7: "Mannie Van Akin Bodybuilder Wrestler" Posing, Working Out, And Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 3799 Women's Physique 2 HRS 11: "The Strongest Women In The World" Featuring Body Builder Christina Dulkowski Working Out. Some Mixed Wrestling..
VHS 2973 Women's World Wrestling 45 M Slv-13: Mixed Matches. Rachel Vs Jack. Rachel Vs Jimmy.
VHS 3078 Women's World Wrestling 38 M Svl-2: Mixed Matches. Sasha Vs Steve In 3 Rounds Of Wrestling In Ring. Jack Vs Jill.
VHS 3094 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Svl-81: " Male Control" Mixed Match. Raquel Vs Fred. Ends With Him All Tied Up! " Double Tied" Jill Vs Fred, Mike. "Punching Man" Liz Vs Mike.
VHS 3192 Women's World Wrestling 67 M Slv-112: Mixed Match, David Vs Samantha, Sasha, Maggie.
VHS 3196 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Slv-154: Mixed Match, Rashon Vs Mike.
VHS 3198 Women's World Wrestling 75 M Slv-191: "The Rematch": Mixed Match. David Vs Sasha. "Competitive", David Vs Sasha.
VHS 3816 Women's World Wrestling 35 M Slv-156: "Competitive" Mixed Match. Aquel & Zoe Vs Mike.
VHS 3817 Women's World Wrestling 75 M Slv-238: Mixed Matches. Jackson Vs Mistress Alexis. Mike Vs Joy.
VHS 3976 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Slv-88: Mixed Match. Rashon Vs David; Chelsea Vs David.
VHS 3980 Women's World Wrestling 45 M Slv-176: Mixed Matc. Candi Vs Macho Man. Jill Vs Macho Man.
VHS 4250 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR Slv-108: "Gangbuster" Mixed Matches. Rose Vs The Gang. Jill Vs The Burglar.
VHS 4256 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR Slv-260: "Mixed Bag" Mixed Match. Wrestling And Boxing. Many Endings To Male Vs Female Matches.
VHS 4265 Women's World Wrestling 90 M Slv-354: Parts Of Different Mixed Match Wrestling Matches.
VHS 4557 Women's World Wrestling 70 M Slv-411: Mixed Matches. Sasha Vs David; Niki Vs Ted.
VHS 4953 Women's World Wrestling 80 M Slv-469: "The Drunk" Mixed Matches. Body Builder Christine Marshall Vs Steve ; "The Interviewer" Sasha Vs Quin.
VHS 5049 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Slv-474: "Scissored" Mixed Matches. Brunnette Vs Male Powerful Leg Scissors And Face Sitting.
VHS 5050 Women's World Wrestling 50 M Slv-495: "Another Lesson" Mixed Match. Jill Vs Steve. Face Sitting.
VHS 5051 Women's World Wrestling 52 M Slv-499: "Toetal Defeet" Mixed Match And Foot Worship. Rose Vs Steve.
VHS 5052 Women's World Wrestling 45 M Slv-505: Mixed Match. Sarah Vs Steve.
VHS 5480 Women's World Wrestling 47M Slv-571: Mixed Match. Sasha Vs Steve.
VHS 5483 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR Slv-619: Mixed Match. Neena Vs Male.
VHS 5484 Women's World Wrestling 43 M Slv-626: Vintage Mixed Match. Coni Vs Male. Best Of 3 Submissions.
VHS 5611 Women's World Wrestling 57 M Slv-117: "A Photo Session" Mixed Matches. Raquel Vs Male. "Manhandler" Sarah Vs Male.
VHS 5749 Women's World Wrestling 70 M Slv-429: Mixed Match. Suzanne Vs David; Katrina Vs Jackson.
VHS 5753 Women's World Wrestling 70 M Slv-678: Mixed Match. Alex Vs Mike. Isis Vs Macho Man ... He Wins.
VHS 5755 Women's World Wrestling 83 M Slv-687: Mixed Match. Xena Vs Jackson. Dana Vs Macho Man ...nudity At End, He Wins.
VHS 5783 Women's World Wrestling 51 M Slv-524: "Secret Agent Girl 2" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5784 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Slv-544: "Candi Conquered: 5 Encounters" Mixed Boxing And Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5954 Women's World Wrestling 40 M 618: "Last Laugh" Mixed Match. Stacci Vs Steve. Jan Vs Jerry . "Silent Smother" Facesitting Mixed Match Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6035 Women's World Wrestling 55 M 605: "More Of The Same" Mixed Match. Sasha Vs Steve.
VHS 6236 Women's World Wrestling 83M 794: Mixed Matches. Alex Vs Mike; Niki Vs Macho Man.
VHS 6237 Women's World Wrestling 70 M 796: Mixed Matches. Coni Vs Macho Man.
VHS 6276 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR 69: Mixed Matches. Shannon Vs David. Chelsea Vs David.
VHS 6679 Women's World Wrestling 52 M 804: "Oh, Brother !" Mixed Match. Steve Vs Staci. Facesitting. Shelli Gets A Rub Down.


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