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Any download purchased from Rockin-Roxanne is for your personal use only and cannnot
be shared with anyone else or posted to any website or file sharing service.
If you are caught file sharing you will receive a lifetime ban from purchasing from us (No Exceptions)


Please be advised that if you are considering ordering any item via download that with
almost 5,000 items on our website we cannot keep them all online due to bandwidth issues.
This means we do not have the ability to offer IMMEDIATE downloads.

Each order is individually uploaded and delivered via an email link to the email provided by you or by PayPal.
We do our best to complete your order on the same day received, but with different time zones this is sometimes not possible.
We fill orders in the order received, so please note that depending on the amount of
downloads ordered by you and other customers at any given time, orders can take as much as 2 BUSINESS days.

Please also note that we usually do not upload on weekends.

Once your link is emailed to you, the download(s) will be available for download for 48 hours.
If you need more time to complete the download(s) please contact us PRIOR to the end of the 48 hours
otherwise your downloads will purge from our system.

If you have not received an email with your link within 24 hours please Email me.
Please try not to wait days or weeks to email me as your link will have purged. If you do not contact us before your download link
has purged we charge a reupload fee of 50% of the price you paid which must be paid before we will reuploaded them again.
We have this policy as it is double the work for us to upload your items twice.

Also try checking out this link for possible reasons why you have not received your download within 24 hours.


Rockin-Roxanne downloads are available only in Windows Media Format (Wmv files).
The Files Are generally 1400 KBPS for play on your computer.

On Longer Downloads With Files Larger than 1 Gigabyte,
the Download(s) may be spilt into 2 or more files.


You should see a drop-down menu on every item on our website to choose either a Download or DVD.
If you do not see a drop-down menu giving you this option, it is likely because the item
contains nudity and cannot be purchased using Paypal.
Be sure you select DVD or Download from the Drop-Down Menu, otherwise it will Default to a DVD.


You may notice that our Paypal system automatically applies a shipping charge on all orders.
To correct this Downloads will show up in your shopping cart at $2 below our download pricing
and then $2 shipping is added in to bring the total up to the correct price.
If you used any of our Volume Discount packages a $2 shipping fee is applied and refunded back to you.
The Refund Usually Takes Place Right After We Email You Your Download Link.


Our PayPal system will charge you $8 on the first download and $6 for each additional download up to a maximum of $32.
However, we will REFUND the overcharge back to you.
The Refund Usually Takes Place Right After We Email You Your Download Link.
Please note that as with our US Customers, your shopping cart will show all downloads at $2 below
our download pricing, so when the shipping refund is applied it will actually be for
$6 on the first download and $4 for each additional DVD.

If you used any of our Volume Discount packages for Downloads a $8 shipping fee
is applied and REFUNDED Back to you once your downloads are ready.

We realize this may be a bit confusing, so if you have any questions about
this please Email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.
It may be easier for you to request a Paypal invoice. To do so simply fill out this form and click on the request Paypal invoice button.
You can use this method if you are a US or Non US user and can select up to 21 titles.
Please Note: You Cannot Use PayPal For Any Download Containing Any Nudity.
So please do not enter titles that include nudity as we will not be able to invoice you for it.
Please be sure you enter the EXACT title of what you are ordering. The EXACT title can be found UNDER the graphic of the video on it's entry page.
By this we mean the page that you entered from to view the larger graphic of the video. Below is an example of what we are referring to.

It is the customers responsibility to enter the correct title. We will no longer replace any video if you have failed to enter the correct title (No Exceptions) Name:
Email Address:

Item Title #1 Item Title #2 Item Title #3 Item Title #4 Item Title #5 Item Title #6 Item Title #7 Item Title #8 Item Title #9 Item Title #10 Item Title #11 Item Title #12 Item Title #13 Item Title #14 Item Title #15 Item Title #16 Item Title #17 Item Title #18 Item Title #19 Item Title #20 Item Title #21 Item Title #21

Or if you Email me, I can send you Paypal invoice for the correct amount without the shipping charges to avoid an overpayment and refund.

We hope you enjoy our downloads and if you have any questions please Email me.

Happy Downloading,

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