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What is the price of your downloads?
Our regular download pricing is $17.49 for each download.

I'm seeing a shipping charge in my shopping cart when I use PayPal, what's that about?
You may notice that our Paypal system automatically applies a shipping charge on all orders.
To correct this Downloads will show up in your shopping cart at $2 below our download pricing
and then $2 shipping is added in to bring the total up to the correct price.
For example, if you're buying a download for $17.49, your cart will show the item as $15.49
and our PayPal system will then add $2 in bringing your purchase to the correct $17.49 total.

Our PayPal system will charge you $8 on the first download and $6 for each additional download up to a maximum of $32.
However, we will REFUND the overcharge back to you.
The Refund Usually Takes Place Right After We Email You Your Download Link.
Please note that as with our US Customers, your shopping cart will show all downloads at $2 below
our download pricing, so when the shipping refund is applied it will actually be for
$6 on the first download and $4 for each additional Download.
We realize this may be a bit confusing, so if you have any questions about
this please Email me at and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Are all of your over 5,000 videos availaable on download?
Yes, all videos in our regular inventory of over 5,000 videos are available on download.

It is okay for me to share a download with others?

Any download purchased from Rockin-Roxanne is for your personal use only and cannnot
be shared with anyone else or posted to any website or file sharing service.
If you are caught file sharing you will receive a lifetime ban from purchasing from us (No Exceptions)

How are the downloads delivered to me?
All downloads are delivered by email sent to the email address that your order originated from.
The email will include a link to the location of your download.

How soon will I receive the email with the link to my download?
It's important for you to note that Rockin-Roxanne does not offer immediate downloads.
We upload every download order individually and the speed for which your download
is ready depends on how many orders we may have in front of you at any given time.
as we fill orders in the order they were received.
Sometimes we may have the link to you within a few minutes and sometimes it may take
As much as 24 hours depending on our backlog of orders to fill, but generally the average
Delivery time is within a few hours.

Do you fill download orders 24 hours a day or do you have certain operating hours?
You can place an order 24 hours a day, but you should note that we operate in the Pacific Time Zone (PST) in the Los Angeles Area.
We generally are filling orders and answering emails between the following ours:

10:00 AM to Midnight Monday through Thursday.
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Fridays.

About half the time I will also fill orders after 4:00 PM on Fridays and on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, but customers should
be aware that about half the time I don't fill orders beween 4:00 PM on Friday and 10:00 AM on Mondays*. If I am available to fill
orders during these hours I will, but believe it or not Rockin-Roxanne does sometimes have a social life on the weekend.
*I do very often try to fill weekend orders late Sunday evenings beginnign around 9:00PM PST, but that's not guaranteed.

What happens if I have not recevied my order within 24 hours?
If you have not received an email from us within 24 hours after your download purchase, something is wrong and your should contact us immediately (Not days or weeks later)


Why we have this policy: Disputes cause large chargebacks fees that are unrecoverable.
Therefore, we have a zero tolerence policy with regards to Disputes and insist you adhere to our policies and procedures in the event of a problem.

Possible Reasons You May Not Have Recevied Your Download & What You Should Do.

1. Check your Spam, Junk Mail or Deleted Email Folders to Be sure our emails to you are not being deleted by any spam filtering.
The email address used to send your download link is either or so be sure these addresses are added to your safe list.
This Sender is usually "Roxanne" or "Rockin-Roxanne" and the Subject line will say something like "Your Download is Ready".
Please also note that if you are already not getting our emails, you may not be getting our responses to your inquiries, so please be assured we are not ignoring you and are responding.

2. Your internet Service Provider may be blocking emails from the domain which may cause you not to receive our emails.
You may want to contact your internet Service Provider to make them aware that you want to receive emails from the Domain.
For example Verizon customers can access what is referred to as a Whitelist" to allow our emails by using this link:
And other providers provide similar services. We are aware this is sometimes a common problem with Verizon Customers.

3. If your Internet Service Provider is Blocking our emails to you, we are still likely receiving your emails, so we suggest you email us to alert us that you have not received your download
and we will move your download(s) to the following link: followed by the first 2 letters of your fist name and the first two letters of your last name.
For Example, if your name is John Smith, we would move your link to
Please allow us up to 24 hours to move your download(s). We would also appreciate a follow up email from you letting us know you received your downloads.

4. Check our home page for possible delays. Notices of delays are posted at the top of our home page and could include Server issues
or Notices that we will be out of town during certain dates and not processing download orders (This occurs Once or Twice a Year)

5. If you used PayPal and have multiple emails addresses, be sure you are checking the one linked to your Paypal payment as we send the link to that email address.

6. If you used PayPal Be sure your funds have cleared. Download orders are not filled until your funds have cleared.
If you paid without having funds in your PayPal account and have to transfer funds from your
Bank Account, this could cause a delay of a few days before the funds hit your account.

7. If you have ordered over a weekend, keep in mind we sometimes do not upload on weekends.
So something ordered on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday might not be filled until Monday.

8. If all else fails

A note about our customer service line and emailed questions:
Our customer service line is intended to assit with credit card orders and general questions that are not already addressed on our webiste.
You can find the answers to most general questions within our FAQ pages, customer service policy pages and our Where is my Order page.
We respectfully ask that all customers contsult these pages for answers before calling as our customer service line is not intended
for you to either chat with Roxanne or to ask questions already answered on our website. So please keep in mind that we do not respond
to questions already addressed on our website by phone. Emailed questions already addressed on our website will received a template
response asking you to refer back to our website for the answer to your question.

What is the file format of your downloads?
Our downloads are in Windows Media Format (.wmv files).

Are your downloads in HD?
No our downloads are not in HD format as given we deal in older videos they were not originally recorded in HD format.
Our downloads are generally in 1400 kbps in NTSC format.

Why can't I order a download containing nudity using PayPal?
PayPal has a policy, that frankly we do not understand that disallows payment via PayPal on downloads containing nudity.
They don't seem to care if you order a DVD, but frown on downloads with nudity and therefore if you want to order
a download with nudity you must use another payment method such as credit cards.

What if I am unhappy with the download?
Whereas Rockin-Roxanne takes pride in offering world class customer service, there isn't much we can generally do if
you're unhappy with a download purchase as we offer up to 9 screen captures to give you a general idea of what is
contained in a video. It's sort of like returning a book after you have already read it.

Is there ever an exception to that?
Very rarely, but of course we will take any complaint into consideration.
However, one exception is if you receive a video that runs under 5 minutes to which we offer a short video policy. You can learn more about our short video policy at this link:

Can you tell me how long the video is or who wins?
With over 5,000 videos on our website, I do not answer questions that require that I pull the video and check it's content.
This is because, despite being addressed here, I still get about a dozen questions asking me about the video length
in addition to question about who wins, what holds are used, etc. So I finally had to adopt a no exeptions policy
that I do not check videos for content as if I did this for every request I get, quite frankly, that would be all I was ever doing.

I have a download question that is not addressed in these FAQs, what should I do?
First you should read through our general FAQs to see if your question is answered there.

If your question isn't answered there, email me at

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