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What is the price of your DVDs?
Our regular DVD pricing is $17.50 plus shipping.

How much is the shippign and handlong?
Are shipping and handling rates are as follows:


$2 per DVD With a Maximum of $10 per order.
This means if you purchase 10 or more DVDs you will not pay more than $10 on Shipping.
For Example, If you buy 11, 15, 25, 100, etc your shipping will only be $10.

$8 For the first DVD and $6 for each additional DVD with a Maximum of $32 per order.
This means if you purchase one DVD the shipping is $8
If you purchase 2 DVDs the shipping is $14
If you purchase 3 DVDs the shipping is $20
If you purchase 4 DVDs the shipping is $26
If you purchase 5 DVDs the shipping is $32
Our International Shipping Rate Maximum is $32 per order, so if you bought 5 or more DVDs
Your shipping wlll never be more than $32 per order.

Are there any discounts available on your DVDs?
A few times a year we offer sales at a lower price, but otherwise there are no discounts on our regular pricing.

Are all of your over 5,000 videos availaable on DVD?
Yes, all videos in our regular inventory of over 5,000 videos are available on DVD.

What shippig service do you use to ship DVDs?
Generally we ship via First Class Mail via the United States Postal Service.
If you order 20 or more DVDs we will ship your DVDs via USPS Priority Mail.

How discreet is your shipping?
We understand that you may not what others to have any clue what you’re ordered. We ship very discreetly.
Only your address is on the package with our return PO Box address.
There is nothing on the package to indicate what is inside or that it comes from

How soon will my DVD order get shipped?
Generally we will ship a DVD order on the next business day.
However, we ship orders in the order received, so if we have a large backlog
of orders it may take an additional day or two when that happens.
We are most likely to have a larger backlog of orders to ship during sales.
We also take 2-3 vacations per year which can delay an order until we return.
Vacation notices are posted on our home page whenever we take one.

What DVD format do you use?
Our DVDs are in DVD-R format and recorded region 1 format for play in North America.
If you live outside North America, you will need a muti-region DVD player to play them.

How is the DVD packaged?
Our DVDs are packaged in a white DVD sleeve with a label on the sleeve of DVD contents.
Below is a sample of what the sleeve and label may look like.

What if I am unhappy with the DVD?
Whereas Rockin-Roxanne takes pride in offering world class customer service, there isn't much we can generally do if
you're unhappy with a DVD purchase as we offer up to 9 screen captures to give you a general idea of what is
contained in a video. It's sort of like returning a book after you have already read it.

What happens if I received the wrong DVD?
We will happily replace any DVD you receieved that was not the DVD your ordered.

What happens if I received a Defective DVD?
We will happily replace any DVD that is defective.

What happens if my DVD hasn't arrived?
Rockin-Roxanne will be happy to replace any item that is lost in the mail. We use the following time frames when replacing lost items.

Shipped to US Addresses – Replaced 15 days after original ship date.

Shipped to Non-US Addresses – Replaced 30 days after original ship date.

These replacement shipment timelines are firm, so we ask our customers not to ask for shorter replacement windows.

I've noticed some of the DVDs I received say "Female Fighting on DVD" with a diffeent website instead of Why is that?
Prior to becoming in 2008, we operated under the name "Female Fighting on DVD", but once downloads became popular we
began At that time we only offered a few hundred videos available that still show the old Female Fighting
on DVD logo and our old website address which now forwards to

Can you tell me how long the video is or who wins?
With over 5,000 videos on our website, I do not answer questions that require that I pull the video and check it's content.
This is because, despite being addressed here, I still get about a dozen questions asking me about the video length
in addition to question about who wins, what holds are used, etc. So I finally had to adopt a no exeptions policy
that I do not check videos for content as if I did this for every request I get, quite frankly, that would be all I was ever doing.

I have a DVD question that is not addressed in these FAQs, what should I do?
First you should read through our general FAQs to see if your question is answered there.

If your question isn't answered there, email me at

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