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What type of videos do you sell?
Rockin-Roxanne speicializes in vintage rare and hard featuring over 5,000 videos in our regular inventory available on DVD or Download.

What do you mean by regular inventory? Is there some other kind of videos you offer?
By regular inventory, we are referring to the links that appear on the left side menu that appears on every page of our website.
These are the sections you see referring to Female Wrestling, Female Boxing, Mixed Matches, Asian Chickfights, Euro Fights, Chubby Fights and Women of Color.
From time to time we offer special collections on a limited time basis and may be excluded from any special offers or sales.
These are either personal collections of my own or that I have aquired from collectors.
Whever we offer such collections, they will have a different pricing structure from our regular inventory and in the cases some videos may only be available on DVD.

How will I know when you are offer any of these speical collections?
There will be an annoucment and link on our home page when we offer them, so we recommend you check our home page for any speical offerings, new items or sales.
If you are on our Email Subscribers list, you'll receive email notification when we offer special collections.

How can I get on your Email Subscribers list?
You can join our Email Subscribers where you can get updates on Sales, New items, special offers and other info execlusive to our email subscribers.
To join our email subscibers list click on the graphic below.

What do you mean by vintage rare and hard to find videos?
Most of the items offered on this website are at least 10 years old and some go back as far as 60 or more years ago.
A large number of items were filmed between 1975 and 1985. Most items on this website are out of print, making them rare and generally hard to find.

Do you offer VHS tapes?
We do not offer VHS tapes from our regular inventory of over 5,000 videos.
However, front time to time I may offer large collections of videos I have aquirred from collectors of our of business providers.
If any of those are being currently offered, there will be a note on our home page about it.

How long are the videos?
Every match differs in length. Some items are well over an hour, others can be as short as 3 or 4 minutes.
The average run time is about 20 minutes. Items with notations about being 8mm Transfers were usually
shot with 200 feet of film which equates to about 12 minutes.

What is an 8mm Transer?
An 8mm transfer was originally filmed on 8mm film, which was used quite a bit up until about 1980. 8mm films are Silent and do not have a soundtrack.
They are also generally short, on average about 12 minutes each, but in rare cases might only run about 3-4 minutes.

How can I tell what is an 8mm transfer and what isn't?
If an item is an 8mm transfer, it will be noted within the graphic of the video. You'll generally find 8mm transfers in our Vintage Female Wrestling section
as well as in a few scattered places on our website such as our Pro Ring Wrestling sections and Vintage Mixed Sections.

How much do your videos cost?
Our Regular Pricing for DVDs is $17.50 plus shipping & handling.
Our Regular Pricing for Downloads is $17.49 each.

Do you offer any Volume Discounts?
We currently do not offer volume discounts at this time. However, we take offers into consideration on orders of 30 or more videos

If I purchase multiple DVDs or Downloads can you put them all of a single DVD or Download?
Each item comes on a separate DVD and Rockin-Roxanne does not combine items onto a single DVD or Download. So for example, if you bought 8 different items, you would receive 8 separate DVDs or Downloads.

What type of payments do you accept?

Rockin-Roxanne Now Accepts The Following Forms Of Payment:

Cash (US Dollars Sent At Your Own Risk), Checks (US DOLLARS FROM US BANKS ONLY), Money Orders in US Dollars (All Countries)
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Or Discover Card), PayPal (Please Note: Paypal cannot be used for Downloads containing nudity), Western Union ($100 Minimum Purchase Required)

You will find a link with every video to pay using your credit card or you can follow these links to manually submit a credit card order.

Please note that credit card orders will appear as either R&B Products or R. Butcher Products on your statement.

You can also place a credit card order by phone using our

You can also make a manuel PayPal payment to us for any amount using PayPal's Paypal.Me Service.

After you have made a manual PayPal payment be sure to Email me with the title(s) you are purchasing.
Again please note that you cannot use PayPal.Me to order DOWNLOADS that contain nudity.
ALL PayPal payments will appear s R&B Products in your PayPal history.

Can you tell me how long the video is or who wins?
With over 5,000 videos on our website, I do not answer questions that require that I pull the video and check it's content.
This is because, despite being addressed here, I still get about a dozen questions asking me about the video length
in addition to question about who wins, what holds are used, etc. So I finally had to adopt a no exeptions policy
that I do not check videos for content as if I did this for every request I get, quite frankly, that would be all I was ever doing.

Can you recommend a video I might like?
With over 5,000 videos on our website, Rockin-Roxanne does not have a working knowledge of every video on the website and will not
recommend videos that you might enjoy because it has been our experience that every customer is a bit different in what they like versus what another customer might like, so we will not risk guessing wrong

I've seen some items listed diffeent sections on your site, why is that?
You may find an item repeated within some areas of our website. This is most likely to be the case in our specialty sections
Such as in our Asian Chickfight, Euro Fights, Chubby Fights and Women of Color sections. This is because with over 5,000
Titles on our site, our speciality sections were designed to better help you find something you want. So if you enjoy
Asian, Euro, Chubby or Women of Color matches these sections help you better find those items, but in some cases we may
have also included the same videos in our Wrestling, boxing and mixed sections. However, you should note that a many titles
list in our specialty sections are in deed exclusive to those sections.

Why do some of your graphics look different and/or only mention being a DVD. Is a Download available on those?

You may see some graphics on our website that have a different look in the graphic that gives you screen captures.
Those graphics are some of the early items we originally offered before we ever offered downloads and we just simply
haven't had the time to correct them to look like our other graphics, but you can indeed order a download of any item by
simply scrolling down below the graphic and follow the ordering instructions for that item.

I think you may have the names of some of the woman wrong, why is that?

In some cases we did not receive accurate information regarding some of the womens names that appear in some videos.
So we took the creative liberty of giving them a name rather than calling something "Debbie Vs this chick", so it's very possible
you may know a woman in some of our videos by another name. Additonally, some of the women used different names over their
careers. For example the wrestler who went by the name "Charlie the Golden Kat" also went by names such as Cat, Kat, Pussy Cat Jones or Charlie.

Do you want to trade or buy any of my video collection?
In some cases we do trade or purchase videos and DVDs depending on the item. In most cases Rockin-Roxanne will trade items with you if it is an item we do not have.
Rockin-Roxanne has a large personal collection of over 12,000 items that do not appear on the website, so donít assume if itís not on the website that we donít have it. If we do trade, you will have to ship your items first, unless we already have a working relationship in place. We will trade title for title for any item on our website.

I shot a Private video of my wife, girlfriend or friends, can I sell it on your site and get a commission?
We do offer arrangements for you to market your private videos on our website. However if a person who is in the video complains we will take that video off our website.
If you would like to offer your match on our website please email

I am a video producer and want to offer my products on your website, can I do that?
We do offer arrangements for you to market your videos on our webiste.
If you would like to offer your match on our website please email

I am closing my Female Combat company, do you want to buy out my inventory?
Peraps, depending on your product line. please email and we can discuss it.

Is Rockin-Roxanne available for private sessions or to wrestle my wife or girlfriend?
Rockin-Roxanne is no longer available for sessions or private matches.

Is Rockin-Roxanne actually in any of the videos you offer, and if so, which ones?
Yes and a few of them are on the website. However, I value my privacy and although some of my matches are on our
website,I do not disclose which ones and I used a different name at the time.

I have a question that is not addressed in these FAQs, what should I do?
First you should read through our DVD or Download FAQs to see if your question is answered there.

We also offer you many tools in the links at the top of our website that you should be sure to read through.

If your question isn't answered there, email me at

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