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Rockin-Roxanne offers a Limited FREE Video Replacement Policy should you lose a DVD or Download.

So if you have lost a DVD or Download for any reason, such as your hardrive crashed or you scratched or broke
a DVD we will be happy to replace it free of charge for downloads and will only charge you for the shipping to replace a DVD.

How This Works:

We will replace up to 20 DVDs or Downloads free of charge (Except for shipping as noted above) provided we can verify the original purchase.

When asking for a DVD or Download to be replaced please email us at and place the words "VIDEO REPLACEMENT" in the subject line.
Please indicate in your email the titles of what was lost and how and when you made your original purchase (PayPal, Credit Card, etc) so that we can verify that you actually made the purchase(s).

Once we have verified your purchase(s) we will replace your purchased videos FREE OF CHARGE for Downloads and will only charge you the shipping costs to replace any lost DVDs.

Some Limitations to this policy:

This policy is limited to Videos purchased at our full regular pricing of $17.50 for DVDs and $17.49.
If your lost video(s) where purchased during any sale or using any other promotion our Free Video Replacement Policy offers replacement
for 50% of the price you originally paid for the lost video(s) and is limited to up to 20 DVDs or Downloads (Plus shipping on DVDs).

If your lost video(s) purchased at our full regular pricing exceed 20 DVDs or Downloads, we will replacement anything over 20 videos
for a slightly more than 50% discount at $8 per video. For example, if you lost 30 videos we will replace all 30 of them for $80,
Which is 20 for free and 10 for $8 each (Plus shipping on DVDs).

Our Free Video Replacement Policy is good on any video(s) purchase in the last five (5) years.
The speed of the replacement of your videos does take a back seat to current orders from other customers, but will be filled
As soon as possible, but not within our normal time frames to fill orders. In other words, it may take a couple extra days for replacement.

Why do we have this policy?
At Rockin-Roxanne we realize a lot of things can happen that can cause you to lose or damage a purchased video and want to give our customers
options to cheaply or at no cost replace your lost videos. Think of it as a 5 year insurance policy or warranty on your purchases.
It's just one of the ways that Rockin-Roxanne offers World Class Customer Service because we want you to be a happy and returning customer
For many years to come.

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