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This is our Fall 2017 Video Update!

This Update Represents Our First of many updates for years to come made up entirely from our acquistion of the old
Female Fighting Video Rental Club or FFVRC, where we acquired close to 8500 VHS Tapes & 600 DVDs From Over 350 Producers.
Most of these Producers are long out of Business and Rockin-Roxanne is Happy To Offer more and more of the stuff
You like for many years to come. This update also features some of our brand new artwork we recently commissioned.

In this update you will find New Female Wrestling, New Female Boxing,
New Mixed Matches, New Mud Wrestling, New Oil Wrestling, New Pro Ring Wrestling, New Euro Fights, New Asian Chickfights
New Women of Color, New Chubby Fights, New Triumph Studios.

Also beginning with update and continuing in future updates we will be introducing new sections to our website
that feautre videos from specific producers who are long out of business. In this update we are Introducing a Brand
New Section to Our Website for C&B Video who produced Female Wrestling, Mixed Matches and a little bit of Boxing.
This section also includes videos from Their sister company, Silver Sun, as well. Many of the videos in this new section
are listed Below, but you can find just the C&B and Silver Sun Videos by clicking on the graphic Below.

In 2018 we plan to have sections for Sweetheart Productions, Stanton, Video Vortex, Fight Time and Suncrest Video Just to name a few.

Rockin-Roxanne Now Accepts The Following Forms Of Payment:

Cash (US Dollars Sent At Your Own Risk), Checks (US DOLLARS FROM US BANKS ONLY), Money Orders in US Dollars (All Countries)
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Or Discover Card), PayPal, Western Union ($100 Minimum Purchase Required)

We Ask All Of Our Customers To Please Take a Moment to Review Customer Service Polices
As These Policies Contain Very Important Information You Need To Know About Our Current
Shipping Rates, Our Free Lost Video Replacement Policy, Wrong Video Replacement Policy,
Short Video Policy, Info On How Our Donwloads Work and Important Info For Our International Customers.
Rockin-Roxanne Cannot Stress Enough The Importance That Our Customers Read and Review
These Polices As You WILL Be Directed Back To Them In The Event There
There is a Problem With Your Order that Could Have Been Avoided Had You Read These Policies.

Click On Any Of The Images Below For a Full Size Graphic With the Option to Purchase Using Your Credit Card and/or PayPal.

Please report any missing or broken links


Booby Trap

Vira Vs Monica

Laura Vs Nicki

Don't Touch My Clothes

Jami Vs Pat

Carly Vs Pat

Jan Vs Sara

Monica Vs Mia

Jasmine Vs Hollywood

Vanessa Vs Shadow

Heather Vs Nikki

Amber Vs Gold

Donna Vs Hannah

Tigger Vs Kelly

Elena Vs Linda

Kikky Vs Vanessa

Clair Vs Karen

Tara Vs Sandy

Hellcats In The Hallway

Domestic Distrubance

Angel Vs Alisha

Tweety Vs Kim

Elena Vs Debbie

Sara Vs Sandy

Angel Vs Alisha & Debbie

Deanna Vs Danielle

Pamela Vs Gina

Tweety Vs Kris

Fuchsia Vs Felica

Holly Vs Renee

Brandy Vs Lisa

Gina Vs Nancy

Sue Vs Layle Debbie Vs Zory

Luna Vs Sue

Wipe Out!

Jamie Vs Tigger

File This!

Beat By An Angel

Victoria's Secret Intteracial Edition

When Talks Break Down

Adrian Vs Cole

Deanna Vs Brenda

Adrian Vs Mel

Jill Vs Cat

Fuchsia Vs Katie

Dotty Vs Tanya

Dotty Vs Tanya Rematch

Angie Vs Samantha

Alissa Vs Annie

Phoenix Vs Tatiana

Ginger Vs Jill

Corrine Vs Patricia

Fuchsia Vs Tigger

Roberta Vs Carolyn

Joy Vs Suzanne

Annie Vs Angel

C&B Preview #1

C&B Preview #2

C&B Preview #3

C&B Preview #4

Shelly Vs Casey

Thunder Vs Lightning Rematch

Chubby Wrestling #68

Oil Wrestling #60

Oil Wrestling #61

Mud Wrestling #29

Mud Wrestling #30

Mud Wrestling #31

Vintage Female Wrestling #318

Vintage Female Wrestling #319

Pro Ring Wrestling #140

Pro Ring Wrestling #141

Pro Ring Wrestling #142

Pro Ring Wrestling #143

Asian Chickfight #370

Asian Chickfight #371

Euro Fights Wrestling #193

Euro Fights Wrestling #194

Tracy Vs Misty

Trish Vs Marie

Mandy Vs Ruby

Carrie Vs Laura

Jeanne Vs Rose

Laura Vs Lucy

Rose Vs Toni

Euro Fights Boxing #183

Euro Fights Boxing #184

Euro Fights Boxing #185

Euro Fights Boxing #186

Euro Fights Boxing #187

Euro Fights Boxing #188

Euro Fights Boxing #189

Women Of Color Boxing #24

Women Of Color Boxing #25

Women Of Color Boxing #26


Hollywood Vs Scott

Better Maul Saul

Alissa Vs Adam

Rachel Vs Wally

Shadow Vs Robert

Patricia Vs Todd

Bad Medicine

Georgia Vs Mike

Coco Vs Bob

Nicole Vs Jack

Nikki Vs Rod

Raquel Vs Rocky

Jamie Vs Mike

Andrea Vs Bob

Fuchsia Vs Todd

Phoenix Vs Thad

Remi Vs Bob

Lorranie Vs Bob

Coco Vs Rod

Who's Going Down?

The Harder They Fall

Bust-Ed Up

Boxed Out By Blake

Mixed Chubby Fight #38

Asian Chickfight #372

Asian Chickfight #373

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