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Rockin-Roxanne offers over 5,000 Female Fighting Videos on both DVD and Download.

Using our search engine below you can search for any video by title or a female fighters name.

You can also use links to your left or below for various catagories for Female Wrestling, Female Boxing & Mixed Matches
As well as our speciality sections featuring Asian Chickfights, Euro Fights, Chubby Fights & Women of Color.

If you click on the links for Female Wrestling, Female Boxing or Mixed Matches, you will then see
a list of Subsections to help you narrow the type of match you're looking for. Our Speciality Sections
For Asian Chickfights, Euro Fights & Chubby Fights do not have subsections.
Below is a partial example of what these Subsections look like.

Once you click on a subsection you'll see a list of the available videos in that subsection.
Below is a partial example of what you'll see.

From there simply click on any video that may interest you for a full size graphic & descrption of the
Video along with up to 9 screen captures of the videos (We do not currently offer video preview clips).
You will find instructions below each video on how to order by either PayPal or Credit Card.
Please note that DOWNLOADS (Not DVDs) that contain nudity cannot be purchased using PayPal, so for downloads
Containing nudity you will be required to pay with any of our other payment options, such as a credit card.
This is PayPal's policy and not ours.

Any video purchased from is for your personal use only and cannot
be shared or uploaded to any file sharing service in any form. Original DVDs can be resold
on sites such as Ebay, but selling multiple copies is prohibited.
If we discover such activity you will no longer except business from you (No Exceptions).


DVDs Are $17.50 Each
Downloads Are $17.49 Each


If you are considering ordering a Download for the FIRST TIME from OUR WEBSITE,
we strongly recommend you click on this link Below BEFORE you place a Download order.


Shipping within the US, US Territories and to APO addresses is $2 per DVD With a Maximum Charge of $10 Per Order.
If you order 5 or more DVDs the shipping charge is a flat $10

Shipping Outside the US is $8 per DVD and $6 for each additional DVD with a Maxium Charge of $32 Per Order.
if you order 5 or more DVDs the shipping charge is a flat $32 (US).

DVDs Usually Ship in 1-2 Business Days Unless Otherwise Noted At The Top of Our Home Page.


Rockin-Roxanne Now Accepts The Following Forms Of Payment:

Cash (US Dollars Sent At Your Own Risk), Checks (US DOLLARS FROM US BANKS ONLY), Money Orders in US Dollars (All Countries)
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Or Discover Card), PayPal (Please Note: Paypal cannot be used for Downloads containing nudity), Western Union ($100 Minimum Purchase Required)

You will find a link with every video to pay using your credit card or you can follow these links to manually submit a credit card order.

Please note that credit card orders will appear as either R&B Products or R. Butcher Products on your statement.

You can also place a credit card order by phone using our

You can also pay us using

PopMoney is a service that allows you to pay us by making a payment directly from your bank or credit union account.

How It Works:

First you should sign up for PopMoney by clicking on that graphic above which will take you directly to
Once you have signed up to use PopMoney you can make a payment to us directly to our customer service number which is 714 717-7915.
When preparing to send the payment to our customer service number you should be able to place into a comments section the title(s)
you wish to order. Please be sure to mention if you want a DVD or Download and if the item is a wrestling or boxing item.
We will assume it is a wrestling item or DVD if you do not specify which. Please be sure you have included the shipping & handling charges with DVD orders.
If there is a shortage on the amount of the video(s) or shipping and handling we will contact you to make an additional payment to make up any shortages.

We also reommend that you follow up any PopMoney payment with an Email if you have any problems
using the PopMoney comments message box.

You can also make a manuel PayPal payment to us for any amount using PayPal's Paypal.Me Service.

After you have made a manual PayPal payment be sure to Email me with the title(s) you are purchasing.
Again please note that you cannot use PayPal.Me to order DOWNLOADS that contain nudity.
ALL PayPal payments will appear s R&B Products in your PayPal history.

We can also send you a PayPal invoice if you Email me with your PayPal address.
(A PayPal invoice request form is also available at the bottom of this page)

If you wish to pay by check, money order or cash, please mail your payment to:

Please be sure you address the payment exactly this was or it could delay your order.

I recommend that you Email me in advance of mailing a payment to expedite the turnaround in mailing your DVD(s).
PLEASE NOTE: Payments by Check are held for 10 days before items ship unless I have a history of accepting checks from you.


I do Sometimes Trade For VHS Videos Or DVDs I Do Not Have. I do not usually accept Downloads in Trade (There are some exceptions),
but will give you downloads in trade if you wish. Please Email Me With Any Trade Offers.


If you see any item listed as an "8MM TRANSFER" these items are older films, before the age of video
and DO NOT have sound and are generally short, running about 8-12 minutes in length with a few limited exceptions.

You can also request a Paypal invoice be sent to you for any DVDs or Downloads.
Use these boxes below to select up to 21 DVDs or Downloads.
Be sure to write "DVD" or "Download" next to the item title you want.
Email Address:

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