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Our Guarantee To You, If you recieve a video running under 5 minutes that you paid FULL PRICE for we will give you a FREE Video!

Please Note: Videos purchased during sale periods, discounted by means of any promo or special offfer are not eligible for our short video policy.
Only Full Regular priced videos are eligible for our short video policy (No Exceptions). Full price means your video was $17.49 for a download or $17.50 for a DVD.

Rockin-Roxanne is proud to offer world class customer service and we realize with over 5000 video on our website
that sometimes you may receive a video you are not satisfied with because of it's video length.
Given we are not a video producer we have no control over the length of the videos on our website.
Although rare, a very small percentage (About 1% to 2%) of the videos on our website may be very short (Especially 8mm Transfers),
sometimes running 5 minutes or less, whereas, other videos could be over an hour depending on the video (Our website average is about 15 minutes).
As our website has grown to over 5000 titles, there is a greater chance you might order one or more of these shorter videos.

We now offer a short video policy for videos that run 5 minutes or less (Including our intro & exit clips).

If you receive any video(s) from our website that are 5 minutes or less we will give you a FREE VIDEO of your choice from our over 4000 videos.


The free video is not automatic, nor do we check in advance if your video runs 5 minutes or less.
You MUST email us to let us know you received a video running 5 minutes or less along with the short videos title.
Email us at with the words SHORT VIDEO in the subject line
to let us know you received a video running 5 minutes or less along with the free title(s) you would like from our website.
(Be sure you do it EXACTLY this way and do not simply reply from an email you received for a download as the offer will not apply)

We will verify the original video runs 5 minutes or less and then we will upload the free video for you to the same link as your original order within 48 Business Hours and email you.
Please note we often do not upload on weekends (Generally between 4:00 PM P.S.T. on Fridays through Sunday at 11:00 PM P.S.T.)

You will still be required to Pay the shipping cost for any free DVD mailed to you.
The cost is $2 per DVD to addresses within the US and it's Territories and for addresses outside the US
the shipping is $8 per DVD. There is no maximum shipping fee on replacement videos.
We will either send you a PayPal invoice or charge the credit card you used for shipping costs.
If your payment was by mail, you can opt for a PayPal invoice or mail a check or money order.
The Free DVD(s) will ship within 48 hours after your shipping payment is received.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you have this policy?

Rockin-Roxanne believes in offering World Class Customer Service and we always want you to be a happy
and hopefully returning customer. Many of our established customers know we will work hard to make sure
you are a satisfied customer. So we decided to be proactive on short videos to help insure your buying
experience is a pleasant one and that you will return in the future.

How long do I have to notify you that I received a short video running 5 minutes or less?

You have 48 hours after we email your download link to notify us that you received a video of 5 mintues or less.
After that, the offer is no longer valid. There are no exceptions.

What if I receive more than one video running under 5 minutes or less with my order?

You are eligible for a FREE VIDEO for EVERY short video you have purchased.

What if the FREE Video is also a short video running 5 minutes or less, Do I get another FREE Video?

No, you only receive one FREE Video for each video purchased that is 5 minutes or less.

What if the video is over 5 minutes, like 5 minutes and 1 second, will you make an exception and give me a FREE Video?

No, Our short video policy is strickly for videos running 5 minutes or less including all intros and exit screens.
Since this is a voluntary policy on our part, we hope you'll understand that we had to draw a line somewhere and do not make exceptions.

Can't you just give me a refund on my short video?

We want you to be a happy and returning customer and we offer world class customer service, but we also have a no refunds
Policy. Given we do not offer refunds, our short video policy is a good faith effort on our part intended to keep you a happy and returning customer.

Why do I have to contact you? Shouldn't this be an automatic service?
With over 4000 videos on our website, we do not have a working knowledge of every video on our website unless we viewed every video on every order which
would be time prohibitive. This is the same reason we do not answer questions about holds used in a video or who wins or other related match questions
because of the excessive time this would require on a daily basis to answer these types of questions. As it is, we currently get those type of questions about a dozen times a day.

I've noticed that a couple times a year you offer Videos from Various Collections of videos for a limited time, does your short video policy apply to these DVDs
and could I choose a FREE video from the DVDs in your personal collection or any other special offerings?

The Free video offer is only for the over 5000 videos in our regular inventory.
It is extrememly unlikely you would receive a video from Roxanne's Personal DVD Collectin that runs under 5 minutes.
Videos from Roxanne's Personal DVD Collection or any other special offering are excluded from the Free video offer.

Have a question we didn't address? Email us with those questions at

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