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Sweetheart Productions produced Female Wrestling, Boxing & Mixed Matches in the 1990's.
Most matches took place in a ring, but they did produce a handful of apartment style
Catfights and a few outdoor non ring Catfights. Sweetheart always used very attractive
women in all of their very exciting and stimulating videos.

In many cases we did not have information on the names of the woman & men who wrestled in these videos.
In those cases, we either simply assigned them a name or gave the video a name. So you may find some
of the same woman listed by different names. One exmaple would be for the wrestler who often went
By the name Lisa (AKA Jan McKenzie), who seemed to be the top lady at Sweetheart Productions.

Below you will find Sweetheart MIXED videos, all avaiable on DVD or Download.

You can access the Wrestling and Boxing Matches Produced by Sweetheart Productions at these links.

Click On Any Of The Images Below For a Full Size Graphic With the Option to Purchase Using Your Credit Card and/or PayPal.

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The Ball Buster Babes Vs The Muscle Bobys

Samantha Vs Sam

Amanda Vs Andy

Anita Vs Andrew

Kalani Vs The Dude

Charlotte Vs Charles

Lisa Vs The Big Guy

Cassandra Vs Dan

Samantha Vs Ben

Honey Vs Casey

Honey Vs Herman

Lisa Vs Tom

Cameron Vs Mac

Mud Wrestling #28

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