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American Angels produced Female Wrestling, along with a few Boxing & Mixed Matches in the 1990's.
Most matches took place in a ring using very attractive women of the time.

If you like these videos we also recommend videos by Sweetheart Productions who used some of the same girls.

You can access the Wrestling and Mixed Wrestling & Boxing Matches Produced by Sweetheart Productions at these links.

Below you will find American Angels Wrestling, Boxing & Mixed videos, all avaiable on DVD or Download.

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Belinda Vs Paige

Lynn Marie Vs Shelly

Diane Vs Renee

Lisa Vs Lauren

Belinda Vs Rachel

When Babes Collide

Burbank Bombed

Sweet Savage & Rachel Vs Teri & Chrissy

Renee Vs Lynn Marie


Shelly Vs Belinda Rematch

Devona Vs Lisa

Teri Vs Renee

Bad Day In The Ring

Candy Vs Chelsea

Diane Vs Terry


Lisa Vs Ginger

Emily Vs Ginger

Shelly Vs Teri

Mud Wrestling #41 - Angels On The Farm

Renee Vs Christy

Candace Vs Diane

Sweet Savage Vs Chrissy

Diane Vs Paul

Shelly Vs Charles

Teri Vs Pretty Boy

Cindy Vs Tristen

Michelle Vs Russell

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