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This section incorporates the videos of Lady Ellen's Girlz Next Door Wrestling as well as matches Lady Ellen did for other
Companies such as Carolina Catfights & Unique Leigh. So if you are a fan of Lady Ellen or her Girls Next Door Wrestling
You'll enjoy the videos shown below which also include a few Mixed Matches Featuring Lady Ellen.

Below you will find Female Wrestling & Mixed Matches Featuring Lady Ellens's Girlz Next Door Wrestling and other Lady Ellen Matches.
All videos are available on DVD, Download, or one our Streaming site at Female Fight Flix

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Ellen Vs Candy Devine

Ellen Vs Candy Devine Rematch

Ellen Vs Doll

Ellen Vs Doll #2

Ellen Vs Doll #3

Ellen Vs Kristy

Ellen Vs Kristy Rematch

Ellen Vs Lexi

Ellen Vs Janine

Ellen Vs Katheryn

Ellen Vs Robbi

Alexis Vs Ellen

Ellen Vs Alexis Rematch

Alexis Vs Doll

Alexis Vs Robbi

Storm Vs Ellen

Ellen Vs Gia

Star Gazing

Out For Revenge

Ellen & Dyan-O-Mite Vs Tia & Alexis

Ellen Vs Tia

Ellen Vs Lydia

Shannon Vs Ellen

Ellen Vs Shannon Rematch

Britta Vs Ellen

Ellen Vs Leigh

Leigh Vs Ellen Rematch

Ellen Vs Lisa

Ellen Vs Jamie

Ellen Vs Suzanne

Ellen Vs Alana

Ellen Vs Havana

Ellen Vs Lee

Ellen Vs Triple D

Ellen Vs Big Bart

Ellen Goes To School

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