(Our Lowest Advertised Price Ever Offered)


Rockin-Roxanne now offers greatly discounted videos on a 32 Gigabyte USB Flash Drive (Also referred to as a Memory Stick, Thumb Drive, Pen Drive or Jump Drive)


Instead of buying DVDs you can now enjoy getting all of your videos on a USB drive with the purchase of 12 or more videos.
This not only saves you on shipping and storage, but you'll also have a 32 Gigabyte USB which can reused for storage of your files and data.
We can generally store up to 100 videos on just one of these 32 Gigabyte USB drives and you can usually (On an availability basis) choose
what color USB drive you would like. Choose between Black, blue, red, green, purple, silver, grey, yellow, light blue and pink.
If you do not choose a color we will randomly choose one for you or offer you an alternate color if we do not have your first choice in stock.


Any 12 Videos For Just $99.99 ( $8.33 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 24 Videos For Just $174.99 ($7.29 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 36 Videos For Just $224.99 ($6.25 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 48 Videos For Just $275.99 ($5.75 Each Plus Shipping)
Any 60 Videos For Just $299.99 ($5.00 Each Plus Shipping)
Additional Videos from 61 to 100 are just $5 each.
You can only order up to 100 videos in a single purchase.


Question: What type of files will I recieve?

Answer: These are the same files we offer on download which are in Windows Media Format.

Question: How much is shipping?

Answer: Shipping is $2 within the US and $8 ourside the US.

Question: Can I copy these files onto my computer?

Answer: Yes, in fact they are intended for play on your PC.

Queston: Can I play these files on my big screen TV?

Answer: That actually depends on your television set and if it has a USB port and if your TV can play Windows Media Files (.wma files) Most newer TVs can play them.

Queston: Can I get the same pricing on downloads?

Answer: No you cannot use this pricing on downloads because uploading the videos is quite time consuming on our end.
You can however use our Volume Discounts on downloads

Queston: Why are the Videos on a USB cheaper than your Volume Discounts?

Answer: Because we do not have to take the time nor have the expense to burn DVDs, which are also more expensive to mail out than a USB drive.

Queston: Can I share these files online or with others?

Answer: Absolutely not. If you are caught uploading or sharing files you will receive a lifetime ban from our websites.

Question: What happens if I want a number of videos between price levels, such as 15 or 30 or 50 videos?

Answer: We'll honor the per item pricing for videos bought between levels. For example, if you want 13 to 23 videos we will give you the $8.33 per video pricing, etc.
Please note that if you are using PayPal, we'll have to send you a PayPal invoice for the videos between levels.


You MUST ONLY use the PayPal drop down menu below or use the Credit Card Link Below to get this pricing.
DO NOT use the Links from the Individual Videos as it will default to the regular price.
Please Note: We Do Not Refund Or Offer Backward Discounts If You Order From The Payment Options From Individual Videos.

Simply browse our website and see which items you want and then come back to this page
and Choose To Pay Via Credit Card or PayPal. If Using a Credit Card Use the Credit Card Link Below.
If Using PayPal, list the Videos you want in the comments box below before hitting the buy now button.
Also include the color of USB drive you would prefer as well as a secondary color choice.

PLEASE NOTE: The PayPal message box sometimes either doesn't appear or limits the characters it sends us even though it may have
allowed you to type in all of the titles you want. Because of this, we encourage you to also keep a list of what you are ordering in case we need to verify it with you.
You can also email your selections to if you find this easier.


1. Videos limited to our regular inventory of over 6,000 and cannot be used on or combined with any other offering.
(For those uncertain, our regular inventory are any of the videos accessable from the menus on the upper left side of every page of our website.

2. You must use the payment methods shown below to received the Discount pricing. Otherwise, the discounts do not apply.

3. Do not use any of our Invoice Request forms or email us for an invoice request as these will be charged at our regular pricing.

4. Price levels are based on one transaction only.

Use the Drop-Down Menu Below To Select 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 Videos on a USB Drive.

Enter The Titles You Want (Mention if it's wrestling or boxing - Defaults to Wrestling If Not Entered)
Then Click on the Buy Now With PayPal Button Below.

You can also order USB Drives by mail.
Our mailing address is:
R. Butcher
PO Box 2641
Chino Hills, CA. 91709

Please be sure to include your return address along with the item titles you want plus $2 for Domestic Orders and $8 for International Orders.

Should you have any questions about our USB Dries, please email me at

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