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Mildred Burke Was a Professional Wrestler in The Golden Wrestling Era.
She Later Trained Many Women On The Art of Pro Wrestling And
Produced Several Hundred Films in The 1970's & 1980's.

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Cheryl/Jackie Vs Jane/Sharon

War Star Vs Laura Del Rio #3

Sara Lee Vs Sylvia Hickney

Sonya Vs Denise

Mildred Burke Documentary #3
Roselyn Royce Vs Juan Velez #2
Spice Williams Vs Boris Ramon
Nude Mixed Apartment Wrestling
Yvonne Jennings Vs Juan Velez #2
Casey Carr Vs Cheryl Day Nude #1
Casey Carr Vs Cheryl Day Nude #2

Mixed Sampler #1

Mixed Sampler #2

Mixed Sampler #3

W-11 - Roselyn Royce Vs Spice Williams

P-8 - Halloween Special (Casey Carr Vs Cheryl Day)

Casey Carr Vs Lynn Black

Masked Wrestlers

Casey Carr Vs Cheryl Day (Bedroom Fight)

Roselyn Vs Juan

Deana Vs Boris Ramon

Sonya Vs Male (Stuart?)

Marlene Vs Boris Ramon

Lynn-Marie Vs Male

Sweet Charity Vs El Tigre

Sonia Vs Casey (Rematch)

Millies Gym Part 2

Marlene Vs Joe

Judell Dulong Vs Male Novice

Susan Sexton Vs Juan Velez

Sheri Whitlow Vs Male

Spice Williams Vs Juan Velez

Sandy Partlow Vs Juan Velez

Linda Lee Vs Boris Ramon

Yukie Vs Juan Velez

Vivian Vachon Vs Juan Velez

Yvonne Vs Susan Sexton

Irma Vs Isabel

Vivian Vachon Vs Lola Kiss

Sharon Lee Vs Cheryl Day

Wendy Burke Vs Marlene

P-9 - Marlene Vs Cheryl Day

P-1 - Rebecca Reyes Vs Jackie West

Tanya West Vs Sonia

Patty Steger Vs Gil Larue

W-7 - Lena Blair Vs Rich Monte

War Star Vs Dave

Super Woman The Wrestling Nurse Vs Juan Velez

Lena Blair Vs Boris Ramon

Rhonda The Ripper Vs Juan Velez(Rematch)

Jane Shirrel Vs Frank Rivers

Susan Sexton Vs El Tigre

Casey Carr Vs Juan Velez

Tanya West Vs Oscar

Rhonda The Ripper Vs Mr. Chato

Panama Franco Vs Ron

Lynette Joyce Vs Jon David

Marlene Vs Polo

Cheryl Day Vs Juan Velez

Tomi Aoyama Vs Juan Velez

Elaine Kay Vs Rich Monte

Marlene Vs Boris Ramon

Marlene Vs Boris Ramon (Rematch)

Scissor Queen Patricia Renee Vs Robert Nery

Panama Franco Vs Juan Velez

Roselyn Royce Vs Boris Ramon

Sonya Vs Stuart

Jackie West Vs Boris Ramon

Sweet Charity Vs El Tigre

Marlene Vs Sadie

Marlene Vs Sonya

Amateur Vs Pro (Cheryl Day Vs Amateur)

Cheryl Day Vs Marlene

Documentary #1

Documentary #2

H-12 - Susan Sexton Vs Cheryl Day

I-8 - Marlene & Rose Vs Sonya & Becky (Tag Team Match)

J-3 - Cheryl Day Vs Karina

J-6 - Tanya West Vs Cheryl Day

J-8 - Tanya West Vs Juan Velez

Jackie Vs Eltigre

Jackie West Vs Jesse

K-2 - Cheryl Day Vs Gail Gardner

K-4 -Vivian Vachon Vs Cheryl Day

Karen Kelly Vs Juan Velez

L-6 - Laura Del Rio Vs Aggie Henry

M-3 - Cheryl Day Vs Sonya

M-8 - Sharon Lee Vs Jim Nichols

N-10 Sandy Vs Cheryl Day

P-8 - Rebecca Reyes Vs Cheryl Day

Q-7 - Cheryl Day Vs Sandy Partlow

R-10 - Jackie West Vs Jane O'Brien

R-11 - Marlene Vs Sonya (Shaving Cream Match)

Reyna Vs Marlene

S-2 - Rhonda The Ripper Vs Juan Velez

Susan Vs Annie (Star Films)

T-7 - Lena Blair Vs Patty Steger

Natasha & Sara Lee Vs Sylvia Hackney & Laura Del Rio (Tag Team)

V-2 - Marlene Vs Lena Blair

V-3 - Lena Blair Vs Elaine Kay

V-6 - Lena Blair Vs Linda Lee

V-7 - Lena Blair Vs Sonya

W-3 - Sonya Vs Linda Lee

Lena Blair Vs Juan Velez

Laura Del Rio Vs War Star

Yvonne Jennings Vs El Tigre

Susan Sexton Vs Ron Fox

Wendy Burke Vs Sandy Partlow

Lynn Black Vs Casey Carr

Casey Carr Vs Sonya

Cheryl Day Vs Daisey Mae

Rhonda The Ripper Vs Marlene

Wendy Burke Vs Rhonda The Ripper

Sylvia Hackney Vs Cheryl Day

War Star Vs Jackie West

Casey Carr Vs Boris Ramon

Jackie West Vs Bill Hawkes

Cheryl Day Vs Boris Ramon

Laura Del Rio Vs Perla Nieto

Wendy Burke Vs Cheryl Day

Renee Vs Cathy (Star Films Series)

Roselyn Royce Vs Cheryl Day

Laura Del Rio Vs Bill Hawkes

Dottie Vs Clyde

Yvonne Jennings Vs Polo Juarez

Millie's Gym Part 1

Laura Del Rio Vs Panama Franco

Jane O'Brien Battles Japan

Laura Del Rio Vs Jackie West

Wendy Burke Vs Rhonda The Ripper

Casey Carr Vs Robert Nery

Cheryl Day Vs Ron Fox

Cheryl Day Vs Rhonda The Ripper

Chery Day & Jackie West Vs Sonya & Boris Ramon

Leana Vs Nancy Tudor

Jane O'Brien Vs Perla Nieto BOXING

Cheryl Day Vs Sandy Partlow BOXING

Jackie West Vs Sharon Lee

Reyna Vs Sonya

Casey Carr Vs Sharon Lee

Roselyn Royce Vs Marlene

Roselyn Vs Cheryl Day #1

Reyna Vs Marlene

Casey Carr Vs Tanya West

Cheryl Day Vs Gail Gardner NUDE (Star Film Series)

Y-2 Marlene Vs Sonya

Sonya Vs Lilia

Marlene & Sonya Vs Las Galacticas

Jackie West Vs Cheryl Day

Susan Sexton Vs War Star

Sonya Vs Boris Ramon

Laura Del Rio Vs Clyde Bishop

Yvonne Jennings Vs Juan Velez

War Star & Juan Velez Vs Panama & El Oso

Cheryl Day Vs Juan Velez Rematch

War Star Vs Bill Hawkes BOXING

Yvonne Jennings Vs Dave Lane BOXING

Wendy Burke Vs Brian BOXING

Casey Carr Vs Cheryl Day Apartment Catfight

Lynn Black Vs Cheryl Day Apartment Catfight

Irma Gonzales Vs Sharon Lee

Cheryl Day Vs Juan Velez #3

Patti Stieger Vs Sylvia Hackney

Casey Carr Vs Gail Gardner

Casey Carr Vs Lynn Black Nude

Sherri Lee Vs Karen Kelly

Cheryl Day Vs Lynn Black

Lynn Black Vs Gail Gardner Nude

Tomi Vs Yukie Rematch

Siamese Cat Vs Ronnie Hill

Becky Vs Boris Ramon

War Star & Bill Hawks Vs Panama Franco & Scott Harris

Marlene Vs Boris Ramon

Sara Lee Vs Polo

Cheryl Day Vs Robert Nery

Elaine Vs Boris

Cheryl Dav Vs Casey Carr Ring Rematch

Japan (Burke's Girls Visit Japan)

Cleo Vs Cherry

Wendy Burke VS Boris Ramon

Laura Del Rio Vs Bob Nestle
Cheryl Day Vs Sharon Lee Rematch

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