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In The Event a VHS Tape Has Been Sold Before We Have Updated This List We Will Happily Refund Your Purchase.
Please Note That Some Video Tapes Could Be As Much As 10 To 40 Years Old And In a Few Cases May Contain Video Drop Outs or Have Deteriated Quality Or Tracking Issues.
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You Should Also Note That Although Each VHS Tape is an ORIGINAL Video Originally Sold By The Original Producer,
FFVRC In Most Cases Will Have Added Stickers To The VHS Tapes To Number & Barcode Them and Placed Stickers With Their Logo On The VHS Tapes.
The VHS Tapes Do Not Come With Sleeves, But Will Be Securely Packaged Inside a Priority Mail Shipping Box.

Also Please Note That All Descriptions Shown Below Were Provided To Us By FFVRC Which We Trust Is Accurate,
But There is Always Some Minor Chance That the Title Length and/or Content May Not Be Always 100% Correct.

Shipping Note: Our Turnaround Time On Shipping These VHS Tapes, DVD conversions or providing downloads is Approxamately 3-5 Business Days.
This is Because We Aquired About 8000 Videos From FFVRC (Including About 1000 Duplicate Titles) Packed In Over 100 Boxes And We Simply Need
Some Additional Time To Locate Every Video Ordered. We Thank You In Advance for Your Understanding and Patience.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Following VHS Tape Numbers are VHS Tapes that have already been sold and are only available on DVD or Download.
13 210 417 421 467 523 562 606 662 744 803 895 1045 1046 1059 1199 1201 1522 1566 1967 2264 2591 2602 2696 2789 3075 3225 3269 3429 3618 3791 3995
4145 4364 4374 4676 4730 5024 5045 5076 5212 5467 5790 5837 5992 5825 5899 5992 5993 5994 6360 6427 6468 6601 6615 6653 6805 6707 6865
VHS 325 4 F Films 45 M Group C: Bikini Battle,Anne 121Lbs. 5'3"Vs Helen 127Lbs 5'4"; Dressed To Kill,Elaine 125Lbs 5'4" Vs Anne; Fighting Females Potpurri #1, Boxing,Ect.
VHS 910 4 F Films 15 M Potpurri: Collection Of Boxing, Wrestling & Catfights. "Beach Brawl," Elaine Vs Sandi; "Bikini Boxers," Helen Vs Anne; "Alice's Cat Fight."
VHS 2502 Action Sports 1 HR "Big Breasted Boxing Babes" Boxing In Ring; Followed By Apartment Style Catfight Two Blacks Vs White.
VHS 2735 Action Sports 1 HR Bbvi-60:"Boxing Bonanza Vol. 1 " Cheri, Vs Wendy. Melissa Vs Corrina. Cheri Vs Jamie. Jamie Vs Brown Suga.
VHS 3202 Action Sports 21 M Preview Video 1. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 3995 Action Sports 1 HR Bbv2-60: "Boxing Bonanza 2" Cheri Vs Stacy. Monique Vs Earlene.Toni Vs Stephanie.
VHS 3996 Action Sports 1 HR "Stephanie Kicks Ass" Boxing. Stephanie Vs Monique And Then Stephanie Vs Toni.
VHS 462 Alm Productions 75 M 1: "Fighting Females Foxy Boxing" Many Boxing Matches Shot Live To Video.
VHS 662 American Angels 1 HR Tp-1: "Tigers In The Pit" Crissy Vs Sweet Savage Boxing; Shelly Vs Lynn Marie; Renee Vs Shelly.
VHS 2574 American Angels 1 HR Foxy Boxers #4: First Match Is A Mixed Boxing Match, Diane Vs Paul. Rene Vs Christy. Diane Vs Candace.
VHS 3872 Apl 50 M 64: "3 Body Boxing Matches" Ana Vs Klaudia. Ana Vs Marketa. Klaudia Vs Marketa.
VHS 4278 Apl 1 HR+ 57: Ana Vs Diane, Boxing And Then Wrestling 4 Matches.
VHS 5078 Apl 1 HR 51: "Women Vs Women Challenge" Boxing & Wrestling Gabrielle Vs Jacqueline.
VHS 6312 Apl 32 M 220: Nadege 5'3" 108 Lbs Vs Puma 5'4" 132 Lbs Boxing
VHS 2199 Ark Productions 30 M 502: Noel Vs Amber, Tall Blonde Vs Shorter Stout Brunette In A Hard Hitting 9 Round Boxing Match. They End Match Wrestling.
VHS 4399 Ark Productions 75 M 505: "Farewell Noel" Wrestling And Boxing.Noel Vs Hefty Amber.
VHS 8 Asf 1 HR Asf V 7 Films; Girl Boxing R 59 Punching Judies, R 11, Vicky Vs. Sue, R 18; Vicky Vs. Kerry.
VHS 104 Asf 1 HR As4 "Topless Boxing Girls" From Films R 17, 24, 31, Stella & June.
VHS 3595 Asia 55 M 3: Asian American Vs Male. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 4281 Asian Catfight 70 M Bok-17: "Cousins Go Harder: Topless Kick Boxing. Yu Vs Apoon. Lei Vs Lia.
VHS 1506 Asian Connection 50 M 40: April , Chinese 26 , 96 Lbs. In A Black Bikini Vs Lisa 20 Year Old Philipino 120 Lbs In A Stripe Bikini. Cat- Fight, End With Short Kickboxing Match.
VHS 1592 Asian Connection 1 HR 58: Orientals In An Outdoor Catfights. Also Boxing.
VHS 1598 Asian Connection 1 HR+ 1: Oriental Girls Boxing.
VHS 2981 Asian Connection 1 HR 10: Japanese Video Featuring Several Different Fights. Includes An Oil Wrestling Fight And Topless Boxing.
VHS 2993 Bad Apple Productions 45 M Tb-102: Boxing. Jocelyn Vs Kaos. Debbie Vs Princess. Rita Vs Sugar.
VHS 2994 Bad Apple Productions 45 M Tb-103: Boxing. Dean Vs Gianna; Jocelyn Vs Rita; Kaos Vs Debbie.
VHS 3101 Bad Apple Productions 45 M 1: "Fight Night At The Knockout Club" Three Boxing Matches: Debbie Vs Dena; Amber Vs Melani; Amber Vs Nikki.
VHS 3102 Bad Apple Productions 45 M Tb-104: Nectar Vs Zoey; Nadia Vs Kat; Gianna Vs Honey;Mixed Boxing: Kat Vs Sully; Nadia Vs Zoey; Nectar Vs Gianna; Kat Vs Honey.
VHS 4401 Bad Apple Productions 90 M Tb-501: "Bitch Brawl 2" Topless Boxing Six Matches Plus Topless Sumo Wrestling Match.
VHS 5365 Bad Apple Productions 53 M Tb-107: Boxing. Pebbles Vs Christina. Nectar Vs Candice. Chantel Vs Christina.
VHS 5789 Bad Apple Productions 54 M Tb-202: "The Knockout Club #13" Boxing In Ring. Kat Vs Mahogany. Lauren Vs Nikki.
VHS 4732 Battle �Aka� Asian Catfight 50 M Bc-14: Mixed Match. Good Looking Asian Girl Vs Male In Ring Not A One Sided Match. Male Wins. Plus Several More Mixed Matches With Some Boxing.
VHS 1883 Beatrice Goffin 1 HR+ T-36: "The Trial" Beatrice Goffin Vs Anja. Two Stong Body Builders Go At It . Wrestling, Boxing, Arm Wrestling, Etc.
VHS 702 Beka Films 90 M Gm 2066 : Boxing From Germany . Many Elimination Bouts. Ending In Middle Weight Title Bout.
VHS 703 Beka Films 90 M Gm 2068: Boxing From Germany. Many Elimination Bouts Bouts. Ending In Light Weight Title Bout.
VHS 924 Beka Films 1 HR Gm-3001A: Amateur Boxing...Doris Vs Birgit; Katharina Vs Sophia; Ulrike Vs Ursula; Hellen Vs Vera; Julia Vs Sonja.
VHS 925 Beka Films 1 HR Gm-3001B: Professional Boxing Film Tranfer.....Best Scenes From15 Prize Fights. See German Ring-Stars Heidi Ranke,Angie Simons,Tina Chiari, Gerti Langner, +.
VHS 1206 Beka Films 1 HR Gm-2050 A: 1988 Tounament, Topless Boxing From Germany.
VHS 1207 Beka Films 90 M Gm-2098: German Mat Club Boxing.
VHS 1979 Beka Films 30 M Bx-1014: Film Transferes. Two Boxing Matches From Germany.
VHS 2854 Beka Films 50 M Gm-2069: Two Boxing Matches... Sally Vs Nadia. Then Sandra Vs Beata.
VHS 4283 Beka Films 40 M Gm-2067: Boxing. Lightweight Matches: Featuring Sally, Sylvia, Dani, Sandra, Gabi, Vicki, Nadia, Fiata. Middleweight Matches: Featuring Petsie, Andrea, Lita, Chris, Shannon, Rita, Sabina. Lightweight Elimination Winner Faces Middleweight Winner.
VHS 5237 Beka Films 30 M Gm-2070: Shanan Vs Christine Wrestling. Petsi Vs Vera In Some Solid Boxing.
DVD D-77 Bellstone 101: "Streetfighter" Two Boxing Matchers. Crystal Vs Pam. Next Pam Vs Alysia. Same As VHS #1793.
DVD D-79 Bellstone 125: Boxing. Robin Vs Pam In Bloody Match. Lisa Marie 5'10" 150 Lbs Vs Alysa 5'11" 153 Lbs. Roni Vs Blondie. Blondie Vs Jodi. Same As VHS #2666.
VHS 181 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 30 "Boxing Tough"- Debbie Vs. Roni Boxing Each Round Lasts Til Knock Down. Plus Old Boxing Films.
VHS 226 Bellstone 1 HR Vt 37 - "Double Boxing" Lori Vs. Mitch; Shari Vs. Sherl Kick Boxing
VHS 361 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 44 Bully Girl Boxing: Mixed Boxing- 'big' Uschi Vs. Ron, Plus Seven Film Transfers Of Mixed Boxing.
VHS 362 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 46 Boxing Triple Header: Lori Vs. Shari, Lori Vs. Roni, Shari Vs. Smiley; Followed By Boxing Cartoons, And Film Transfers Of Kickboxing From Thailand.
VHS 528 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 51 Boxing Knockouts: Blondie Vs. Jan, Blondi Vs. Roni Both Matches End In Knockouts (?). Plus Some Boxing Film Transfers.
VHS 574 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 60 Boxing Challenge:Roni Vs. Blondie To A Knock -Out; Then It's Roni Vs. Dee.
VHS 767 Bellstone 1 HR Vt 56: " More Boxing Knockouts " Rematch As Lori Takes On Michelle To A Knock-Out.
VHS 770 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 68 Fight Time: Boxing....Michelle Vs Lori. Then Dee Vs. Shari.
VHS 929 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 64: Forced To Fight. A Double Boxing . J.C. Vs Meri. Lori Vs Tough, Mean Karen. Brutal, Exciting Fight W/ Lots Of Hard Body Punches & One Knockout.
VHS 1209 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt 71 Boxers Rule: Kk Vs Roni; Kathvs Jackie; Plus Some Kickboxing From France.
VHS 1457 Bellstone 2 HRS Vt87: "Female Fights".... Four Boxing Matches. Lory Vs Mona. Denise Vs Elise. Plus Two Matches From Old Videos.
VHS 1680 Bellstone 2 HRS 98: " Battle At Bellstone".......Two Boxing Matches. Pam Vs Alysa. Then Pam Vs Nicki.
VHS 1793 Bellstone 2 HRS 101: "Streetfighter" Two Boxing Matchers. Crystal Vs Pam. Next Pam Vs Alysia.
VHS 1980 Bellstone 2 HRS 96: Boxing Film Transfers From Pre-Video Bellstone. Many Bouts. Most In Two Piece Swim Suits.
VHS 1981 Bellstone 2 HRS 116: Boxing. Ron Hires Some Outside Talent For Two Of The Four Matches.
VHS 2208 Bellstone 2 HRS 124: Larger Red Head (Who Knows How To Box) Vs Blonde Amateur To A Bloody Knock Down. Next Roni Boxes Debbie. Followed By Old Boxing Footage.
VHS 2209 Bellstone 2 HRS 22: Lori Vs Duke Boxing. Followed By Old Boxing Footage, Ect.
VHS 2369 Bellstone 2 HRS 117: "Knockdowns & Knockouts" Boxing. Athletic Fighter Red Vs Robin Many Know Downs. Rox Vs Jackie. Lori Vs Michelle. Plus Boxing Film Transfers.
VHS 2442 Bellstone 2 HRS 132: "Boxing Wars" Redhead 'red' Vs Blonde Robin Boxing. Then Another Larger Redhead Jackie Twice Vs Brunette Lisa Marie. Then Some Kick Boxing Sasha Vs Alysha. Plus.
VHS 2666 Bellstone 2 HRS 125: Boxing. Robin Vs Pam In Bloody Match. Lisa Marie 5'10" 150 Lbs Vs Alysa 5'11" 153 Lbs. Roni Vs Blondie. Blondie Vs Jodi.
VHS 4009 Bellstone 2 HRS 139: Wrestling & Boxing. Lisa Marie Vs Alysa. Sandy Vs Jacquline. Jennifer Vs Lisa.
VHS 4010 Bellstone 2 HRS 152: Boxing. About 1/2 Are Film Transfers Uschi Vs Billie; Bj Vs Tawny; Sally Vs Brenda; Uschi Vs Pam; Roni Vs Debbie; Shari Vs Cheryl; Roni Vs Lory.
VHS 4148 Bellstone 2 HRS 157: "Female Hammer" Mixed Boxing. Pam Vs Sam. Lee Vs Max. Mixed Boxing Films From The Burke Collection. Plus Uschi Vs Ron.
VHS 4855 Bellstone 2 HRS 184: "Boxing Domination" Boxing- Santana Vs Christine. Santana Vs Candi. +
VHS 5316 Bellstone 2 HRS 150: Boxing. Suzie Vs Jenni Ends With A Knock Down And Bloody Nose. Reno Vs Cynthia. Plus Old Boxing Film Transfers.
VHS 6403 Bellstone 2 HRS 183: Boxing Matches Featuring Lisa Marie, Lo, Alysha, Robin And Jackie.
VHS 60 Bizarre Video 1 HR Hells Devils; Several Matches, Both Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 4964 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Lb-1: "Do What I Say Or Else" Mixed Boxing Match. Kelly Vs John.
VHS 51 Box Only. Don't Foul 30 M Pro-Boxing; Shirley "Zebra Girl" Tucker Vs. Billie Jo Finley & Paula Trichell Vs. Louise Loo; Two Good Bouts Taped Live In Santa Rosa.
VHS 6244 Brandenberg 35 M BCF-1: Blonde Vs Brunette Kick Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 1606 C & B Video 30 M B1:"Boxing Cavalcade" Mixed Boxing. Powerful Black Girl Uses Male As Boxing Bag. Next Two Blonde Girls Go At Each Other, Very Short. Another Mixed Match.
VHS 4286 C & B Video 32 M B-4: Mixed Boxing. Asian Vs Male. Black Vs Male.
VHS 1516 California Wildcats 2H14M V-073: Sandra Vs Light Haired Fighter. Great Matches Both Give It Their All, In Both Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 2584 California Wildcats 45 M Cw-134: "Backstreet Boxing: A Police Story" Blonde Vs Brunette Boxing And Then Catfighting.
VHS 5243 Catfight Haven 28 M 1: Sherry Vs Aj. Boxing Quickly Turnes To Wrestling On The Living Room Floor. Poor Lighting.
VHS 2063 Champion Video Productions 40 M 07: "Against All Odds" Taller Sandy Haired Beauty Vs Brunette Boxing. To A Knockout ??
VHS 2064 Champion Video Productions 30 M 09: "Champion Boxing Vol. 1" Lee Vs Pamela. To Bloody Nose & Knockout.
VHS 2669 Champion Video Productions 20 M 04: "Hard Hitters" Boxing Pam Vs Quisha.
VHS 4018 Champion Video Productions 29 M 13: "Beauty And The Bodybuilder" Female Boxing. Alysha Vs Red.
VHS 4291 Champion Video Productions 30 M 01: "Power Boxing" Recorded With No Audio. Blonde Vs Redhead.
VHS 6130 Chaos Video 38 M Cf-08: "Slaveboy Beatdown" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male In A Boxing / Wrestling Match and Foot Worship.
VHS 6370 Chaos Video 29 M Cf-7: "Belly Up" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Heavy Weight Male.
VHS 6371 Chaos Video 25 M Cf-12: "Be Careful What You Wish For" Mixed Boxing & Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4970 Christine Dupree Enterprises 17 M "Womens Wrestling Convention 2000" Boxing. Christine Vs Krissy.
VHS 2670 Cloud 9 Films 25 M "Pay Back" Over Dressed Hefties Box Bare Handed And Wrestling In Apartment Setting.
VHS 2671 Cloud 9 Films 35 M Preview 1 Bare Handed Boxing And Wrestling In Apartment Setting.
VHS 1886 Competitive Enterprises 40 M "The Competitive Women" Short Segments Of Mixed Action. From Arm Wrestling To Wrestling To Bare Fisted Boxing. Preview Tape.
VHS 2081 Competitive Enterprises 30 M "Roadside Encounter" Mixed Match. Blonde Christie Eckersley Vs Male Both Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 2672 Competitive Enterprises 22 M "Competitive Tv" Short Clips From Many Matches Both Mixed And Girl V Girl, Boxing, Wrestling Kick Boxing. Petra Vs Jenny, Athena Vs Talon. Same As 4410.
VHS 3882 Competitive Enterprises 37 M "Side Work" Mixed Match. Kasie Cavanaugh Vs Jim Ruffin. Mostly Wrestling With Some Boxing.
VHS 4156 Competitive Enterprises 43 M "Black Eyed Boyfriend" Mixed Match. Francesca Vs Anthony In One Sided Bare Fisted Boxing.
VHS 4410 Competitive Enterprises 28 M "Competitive Tv 2" Short Clips From Many Matches Both Mixed And Girl V Girl, Boxing, Wrestling . Same As 2672.
VHS 5652 Competitive Enterprises 30 M "The Apology" Mixed Match. Body Builder Kasie Cavanaugh Vs Male Wrestling And Boxing. "Bad Penny" Kasie Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5653 Competitive Enterprises 42 M "Mr. V's Fight Club Scouts" Mixed Match Boxing. Blonde Vs Males.
VHS 5654 Competitive Enterprises 41 M "The Collector" Mixed Match Boxing. Body Builder Roxy Bleu Slugs It Out With Two Males.
VHS 5655 Competitive Enterprises 31 M "Violent Temp" Mixed Match. Body Builder Debra D'andrea Vs Buddy Cox Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 6882 Competitive Enterprises 48 M "The Bodyguard" Mixed Match Boxing. Blonde Vs Males.
VHS 6883 Competitive Enterprises 23 M "Spare Time" Mixed Boxing Match. Blonde Body Builder Vs Male.
VHS 6950 Competitive Enterprises 30 M "The Right To Fight" Mixed Match. Wrestling & Boxing Lacey Legends Vs Scott Blair.
VHS 6951 Competitive Enterprises 28 M "Competitive TV 2" Mostly Mixed Boxing With Some Girl - Girl Action.
VHS 6899 Coyote Home Video 90 M "Knock Outs" B Movie. Chona Jackson Takes On Other Well Endowed Femmes In This Action Packed Comedy. Some Boxing, Wrestling And Working Out.
VHS 3621 Creative Films 40 M Cvf-67: "Suzie The Challenge" Mixed Match. Suzie (Aka Robin) Vs Male Wrestling And Boxing. Same As Ur #2287.
VHS 3883 Creative Films 54 M Dka-11: Jasab "I'm The Boss" Mixed Match. Jasab Vs Male. Boxing & Wrestling.
VHS 6358 Creative Films 41 M 115A: Mixed Match. Body Builder Tori Sinclair Vs Buddy Boxing.
VHS 931 Crystal Films 1 HR 14: "Boxing Bitchers" Five Boxing Matches In Five 4- Minute Rounds To Determine The Best. Between Matches There Are Interviews W/Fighters. Filmed W/ 3 Cameras.
VHS 1232 Crystal Films 90 M 24: The Bray Collection: Vol. 2, Film Transfers Featuring Many Old Boxing And Wrestling Matches
VHS 1520 Crystal Films 2 HRS 33: "Catfighters #6...13 Girls In Seven Fights. Big Black Dionne Vs Tall Blonde Pammy. Lori Vs Paula. Marcia Vs Lisa. Mary Boxes Kala And Then Bobbi Jo.+
VHS 1613 Crystal Films 2 HRS 39: "Video Magazine #1" Collection Of Still Photos, Film Transfers, Drawings And Live Video Of Real Mean Boxing And Wrestling Action.....Hard Hitting.
VHS 1698 Crystal Films 2 HRS 46: "Video Magazine #2" Collection Of Still Photos, Film Transfers, Drawings And Live Video Of Real Mean Boxing And Wrestling Action.....Hard Hitting.
VHS 1988 Crystal Films 105M "Video Magazine #3" Collection Of Still Photos, Film Transfers, Drawings And Live Video Of Real Mean Boxing And Wrestling Action.....Hard Hitting.
VHS 1989 Crystal Films 105M 68 "Video Magazine #4" Collection Of Still Photos, Film Transfers, Drawings And Live Video Of Real Mean Boxing And Wrestling Action.....Hard Hitting.
VHS 2512 Crystal Films 2 HRS 107: "Video Magazine #8" Five Real Fights; "Barfight"; Fantasy In Oil Part 3; Plus Boxing From Europe And More.
VHS 3219 Crystal Films 2 HRS "Video Magazine #9": Four Real Fights, "Beach Fight''', Boxing ...Michelle Vs Shelly, "Catfight", Plus Some Oldes But Goodys.
VHS 590 Curtis Dupont 1 HR "Wrestling Classics 5" 5 Film Transfers, Featuring 6 Girls In 3 Wrestling And 2 Boxing Matches.
VHS 781 Curtis Dupont 1 HR "The Test Part Two" Boxing.........Pam Vs Cici In Brutal
VHS 934 Curtis Dupont 1 HR Down And Out Part 2: Corey Vs Pretty Boxer, Thrilling, Killer Fight. Sandy(Black Belt In Kung Fu) Vs Corey(Ca Boxing Champ). Jenny Vs Corey. Sandy Vs. Jenny.
VHS 936 Curtis Dupont 1 HR The Propostion Part 2: "Get Up And I'll Knock You Down Again!!" Boxing, Blond Vs Brunette.
VHS 1493 Curtis Dupont 1 HR Three Wishes 2: Three Bed Room Boxing Matches.
VHS 3891 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 31: "Smack The Sissy" Mixed Boxing & Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4023 D. F. T. Film & Video 27 M 48: "Blow By Blow" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male. "Beastathon Boxing" Girl Vs Girl Boxing Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 4161 D. F. T. Film & Video 30 M 43: "The Fist Fighter" Mixed Match. Lydia Monroe Boxes Male. Lee Price Boxes Male.
VHS 2515 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Eu-02: "Russian Wrestling And Boxing From Moscow" Several Matches On Mats.
VHS 2674 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Eu-26: School Girl Boxing. Edith Vs Angelina, Reka Vs Andy, Chrissy Vs Yvette In Three Five Round Bouts.
VHS 3565 Danube Women Wrestling 80 M Eu-36: "School Girl Boxing (Pt. 2)...Kati Vs Petra. Suszi Vs Yvette. Petra Vs Chrissie. Kati Vs Suszi.
VHS 3627 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Eu-64: "Female Boxing" Hungary Vs Black Sea Amazons 2: Lightweight. Diana Vs Tatyana. Chrissie Vs Rada. Plus Others.
VHS 3628 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Eu-65: "Female Boxing .....Hungary Vs Black Sea Amazons 3: Middle Weight" Yvette Vs Viktoria. Yvette Vs Yulia. Plus Others.
VHS 3835 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Bsa-90: The Black Sea Amazons" Extreme Fighting. "Blood Fights" Several Out For Blood Kick Boxing/Wrestling Matches.
VHS 3893 Danube Women Wrestling 56 M Eu-74: "Kickboxing Rivalries" Tatjana L. 5'5" 121 Lbs Vs Tatyana 5'5" 123 Lbs. In A Couple Of Matches. Plus Others.
VHS 4167 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Dww-149: "Topless Boxing" Melanie 5'3" 105 Lbs Vs Christie 5'5" 115 Lbs. Anita 5'8" 121 Lbs Vs Silvia 5'4" 124 Lbs. Barbara 5'11" 148 Lbs Vs Edita 5'7" 125 Lbs. Rada K 5'2" 108 Lbs Vs Olenia S. 5'1" 108 Lbs.
VHS 4296 Danube Women Wrestling 80 M Eu-27: "Mixed Boxing Men Vs Women" Norbert Vs Diana; Soli Vs Judit; Tunde Vs Zoltan; Norbert Vs Andy; Soli Vs Diana And More.
VHS 4634 Danube Women Wrestling 90 M Eu-37: " Mixed Boxing Championships" Mixed Matches. Many Matches.
VHS 4640 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR Bsa-92: Mixed Boxing. Elena 5'6 129 Lbs. Vs Anton; Galina 5'4" 117 Lbs. Vs Vladimir; Lena 5'2" 93 Lbs. Vs Alexsey; Lessja 5'5" 122 Lbs. Vs Andrej; Zhanna 5'5" 149 Lbs. Vs Sergey; Svetlana 5'2" 125 Lbs. Vs Sergey
VHS 4874 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Dww-197: "Garden Boxing 2000 Part 1" Starts With Some Mixed Training Boxing. Then Luzia 5'7" 133 Lbs Vs Edita 5'7" 118 Lbs. Eva 5'7" 121 Lbs. Vs Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs. Denise 5'9" 132 Lbs. Vs Edita 5' 7" 118 Lbs. Eva Vs Denise. Clara 5'7" 129 Lbs Vs Antonia.
VHS 4879 Danube Women Wrestling 105M N 2000 B: Boxing: Several Strong Matches As They Go All Out To Inflict Damage On Thier Opponents.
VHS 4980 Danube Women Wrestling 90 M 178: "Wrestling Island 'various Competition'" Eva Vs Lenka At Pool Side. Luzia Vs Antonia & Clara . Kriszta Vs Edina. Barbara Vs Clara Boxing.
VHS 4981 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ 198: "Garden Boxing 2000 Part 2" Boxing Matches. Barbara 5'11" 158 Lbs. Vs Edita 5'7" 118 Lbs. Edita Vs Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs. Barbara Vs Clara 5'7" 129 Lbs.
VHS 5104 Danube Women Wrestling 114M Summer 2001: Box 1... Several Boxing Matches.
VHS 5105 Danube Women Wrestling 103M Summer 2001: Box 2... Several Boxing Matches Some Blood..
VHS 5106 Danube Women Wrestling 111M Summer 2001: Box 3... Several Boxing Matches.
VHS 5107 Danube Women Wrestling 90 M Summer 2001: Bsa... Several Hard Fought Kick Boxing Matches.
VHS 5261 Danube Women Wrestling 57 M Dww-218: "The Boxing Meeting" Featuring "The College Girls" Monika N. 5'4" 117 Lbs., Eva 5'7" 117 Lbs. & Clara 5'7" 129 Lbs Vs "The Street Girls" Edit 5'7' 118 Lbs., Antonia 5'5" 132 Lbs. & Denise 5'9" 132Lbs. Luzia 5'7" 132 Lbs Vs Cathy 5'11" 132 Lbs. Jana 5'7" 123 Lbs Vs Antonia 5'5' 132 Lbs.
VHS 5414 Danube Women Wrestling 2 HRS Aug.2002B-1: Boxing In Ring. Some Good Lookers In Some Hard Hitting Matches. Blonde Vs Brunette. Then Two Blondes Go After One Another In A Wild Topless Match. Brunette Vs Blonde. Another Blonde Vs Brunette Match. Two Sandy Haired Girls In Another Wild Match. Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 5415 Danube Women Wrestling 34 M Aug.2002B-3: Boxing. Asian Vs Blonde. Blonde Vs Brunette. Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 5675 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Dww-264: "Garden Boxing #3" Eve 5'7" 119 Lbs Vs Denise 5'9" 132lbs.; Eva Vs Vivienne 5'7' 124 Lbs.; Monika N.5'4"117 Lbs.vs Martina R. 5'9" 126 lbs.; Martina R. Vs Romana 5'4" 138 lbs. ; Monika N. Vs Camilla 5'5" 128lbs,; Eva Vs Romana.
VHS 5676 Danube Women Wrestling 68 M Dww-265: "Garden Boxing #4" Edita 5'7" 123lbs. Vs Jana N. 5'7" 110 Lbs.; Denise 5'9" 128 Lbs Vs Jana L. 5'7" 132 Lbs.; Vivienne 5'7"124lbs.vs Marcela 5'9" 130lbs.; Camilla 5'5"128 Lbs Vs Romana 5'4" 138 lbs.; Nicky 5'5" 115 Lbs.vs Monika N. 5'4"117 Lbs.; Vivienne Vs Jana N..
VHS 5677 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Dww-266: "Garden Boxing #5" Tiffany 6'0" 161 Lbs. Vs Petra 5'9" 161 lbs.; Barbara 5'11" 154 Lbs. Vs Daniala 5'10" 154 Lbs.; Denise 5'7" 124 Lbs. Vs Clara N 5'7" 143 Lbs.; Denise Vs Edita 5'7" 123 Lbs.; Barbara Vs Jitka W. 5'8" 139 Lbs.; Cathy 5'11" 146 Lbs. Vs Jitka W..
VHS 5992 Danube Women Wrestling 53 M 289: "Summer Event 2003 Boxing Part 2" Maryna M. 5'5" 115 Lbs Vs Adrianne Z. 5'7" 129 Lbs.; Denise 5'9" 137 Lbs. Vs Edita 5'7" 126 Lbs.; Daniela 5'10" 161 Lbs. Vs Barbara 5'11" 163 Lbs.; Timea C. 5'2" 124 Lbs. Vs Jana N 5'7" 115 Lbs.; Olga K. 5'5" 143 Lbs. Vs Cathy 5'11" 152 Lbs.
VHS 5993 Danube Women Wrestling 50 M 290: "Summer Event 2003 Boxing Part 3" Barbara 5'11" 163 Lbs. Vs Denise 5'9" 137 Lbs.; Timea C. 5'2" 124 Lbs. Vs Zsuzsa 5'5" 135 Lbs. ; Monika N. 5'5" 117 Lbs. Vs Jana N. 5'7" 115 Lbs.; Edita 5'7" 126 Lbs. Vs Adrianne Z. 5'7" 129 Lbs.; Maryna M. 5'5" 115 Lbs. Vs Olga K. 5'5" 143 Lbs.
VHS 5994 Danube Women Wrestling 53 M 291: "Summer Event 2003 Boxing Part 4" Inna Rm 5'5" 126 Lbs. Vs Ira P 5'6" 121 Lbs..; Sveta M. 5'4" 136 Lbs Vs Ana K. 5'7" 132 Lbs. ; Evgenia L. 5'6" 132 Lbs Vs Mastassja S. 5'7" 136 Lbs.
VHS 5995 Danube Women Wrestling 59 M 292: "Summer Event 2003 Boxing Part 5" Evenia L. 5'6" 132 Lbs. Vs Irina Rm. 5'5" 126 Lbs.; Sveta M. 5'4" 136 Lbs. Vs Nastassja S. 5'7" 136 Lbs.; Anna K. 5'7" 132 Lbs. Vs Ira P. 5'6" 121 Lbs.; Maryna M. 5'6" 115 Lbs. Vs Ira P. 5'6" 121 Lbs.
VHS 6376 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ Eu-76: "Female Boxing" Hungary Vs Black Sea Amazons V-Middleweight: Vicki 5'6" 128 Lbs Vs Svete M. 5'4" 121 Lbs. Chrissie 5'5" 123 Lbs Vs Lessja R. 5'5" 126 Lbs. Yvette 5'7" 132 Lbs Vs Iryna B. 5"6" 132 Lbs. Lessja R. Vs Svtlana K. 5'6" 126 Lbs. Galina 5'4" 115 Lbs Vs Viktoria B. 5'4" 136 Lbs.
VHS 6571 Danube Women Wrestling 59 M Eu-75: "Female Boxing" Diana S. 5'4" 121 Lbs Vs Tajana L 5'5" 121 Lbs. Reka 5'4" 130 Lbs Vs Tatyana K. 5'5" 128 Lbs. Chrssie 5'5" 115 Lbs Vs Rada 5'2" 111 Lbs. Galina 5'4" 115 Lbs Vs Rada. Galina Vs Kata 5'6" 121 Lbs.
VHS 6660 Danube Women Wrestling 1 HR+ BSA-254: "Boxing To A Finish" Sveltlana Kr 5'7" 124 Lbs Vs Irina Rm 5'5" 124 Lbs. Evgenia L 5'6" 130lbs Vs Ira P 5'6" 124 Lbs. Lessia R 5'7" 121 Lbs Vs Sveta M 5'4" 126 Lbs.
VHS 6664 Danube Women Wrestling 86 M 288: "Summer Event 2003.... Boxing Part 1" Sveta M 5'4" 136 Lbs Vs Kati 5'8" 138 Lbs. Evgenia 5'6" 132 Lbs Vs Yvette 5'9" 152 Lbs Anna K 5'7" 132 Lbs Vs Edina 5'8" 132 Lbs Nastassja S 5'7" 136 Lbs. Vs Reka 5'3" 121 Lbs. Inna Rm 5'5" 126 Lbs Gyoengy 5'9" 126 Lbs. Ira P 5'6" 121 Lbs Vs Silvi 5'5" 110 Lbs.
VHS 6688 Danube Women Wrestling 70 M Bsa-253: ""Lets Get The New Girl"" Extreme Matches. Boxing, Wrestling, Kick Boxing. Sveta M 5'4"" 136 Lbs Vs Ira P 5'6"" 124 Lbs. Irina Rm 5'5"" 123 Vs Ira P. Evgenia L 5'6"" 130 Lbs Vs Ira P.
VHS 5161 Dmg Entertainment 112M "Knockout" Boxing. Hollywood Movie. Great Fight Scenes.
VHS 364 Double Trouble 1 HR 108 "Frantic Fists": Two Boxing Matches Plus ; Renee Vicary Vs. Noel, Belle Vs. Tammi.
VHS 1077 Double Trouble 1 HR 139 Boxing Beauties: Mia Vs Leslie, Tracy Vs Michele.
VHS 1702 Double Trouble 30 M 165: "Fist And Furious" Boxing...Boxer Pam Manning Vs Sandy. Next, Sandy Boxing Lela.
VHS 1892 Double Trouble 1 HR 185: "Box O Rama" Christine Vs Quisha In Painfully Brutal Boxing Match. Then Pam Manning Boxes Alexis.
VHS 2093 Double Trouble 1 HR 197: "Boxing - Sort Of"...Kick Boxer Christine Vs Inexperienced But Game Teri. Then Mia Wrestles The Boxing Alexis, Ends With Wrestling.
VHS 2459 Double Trouble 55 M 287: Cindy Vs Mia In An Apartment Match. Then Mia Vs Franchesca Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 2524 Double Trouble 30 M 295:Boxing, Raven Vs Mia. Brunet Vs Brunet Wrestling.
VHS 2682 Double Trouble 1 HR 227: "War Zone" Tina Vs Francheseca Wrestling. Then Christine Vs Sandy Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 2683 Double Trouble 1 HR 240: Francheseca Vs Tina Boxing And Wrestling. Tina Vs Christine Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 2756 Double Trouble 55 M 317: Barbie Vs Marjone, Wrestling. Then Christine Vs Raven Boxing.
VHS 4756 Double Trouble 40 M 450: "Lethal Leather"� Boxing. Christine Vs Santana. The Winner Fights Stacy.
VHS 4888 Double Trouble 1 HR 462: "Pound For Glory" Championship Finals Boxing Match. Stacy (Kat) Vs Christine. Francesca, Mark And Stacy Vs Marjone. Candi & Francesca In Four Way Fracas.
VHS 4987 Double Trouble 70 M 436: "Boxed Punched" Boxing. Stacy Vs Christine.Next Match Features Marjone, Hollywood, Eve & Kat.
VHS 5176 Double Trouble 59 M 503: "School Of Hard Knockouts" Fem Vs Fem + Mixed Match. One Topless Slugging Match, Candi, Stacy, Francesca Tasha; One Mixed Boxing Match, Peter Vs Yvonne And Santana.



Double Trouble 1 HR+ 514: "Punch Hour" Boxing. Brandy Walter Vs Mia Walters. Santana Vs Kat (Aka Stacy Burke).
VHS 5490 Double Trouble 57 M 536: "Smashing Crystal & T&T; Explosion" Tanya Vs Crystal Boxing With Stacy Refing. Tasha Vs Tanya Boxing & Wrestling. In Ring Matches.
VHS 5821 Double Trouble 45 M 566: "Boxer Rebellion" Boxing In Ring. Sabrina Stone (hurricane Havana) Vs Stacy Burke (sweet Sugar). Kim Vs Coral.
VHS 6060 Double Trouble 53 M 308: "Let's Get It Off" Boxing. Nicole Vs Marjone.
VHS 6063 Double Trouble 57 M 589: Mixed Matches. Candi Vs Puma. Jewell Vs Alex. Lisa Vs Peter In Boxing Match.
VHS 6132 Double Trouble 52 M 597: "Box Tops" Boxing. Goldie Vs Tanya, Christine Vs Hollywood And Hollywood Vs Goldie.
VHS 6209 Double Trouble 52 M 604: "Boxing Blow-Out" Boxing In Ring. Christine Vs Tanya, Goldie Vs Christine And Hollywood Vs Tanya.
VHS 6615 Double Trouble 58 M 643: "Rocking Boxers" Boxing In Ring. Summer Cummings Vs Tanya Danielle. Devon Michaels Vs Sabrina Stone. Summer Vs Devon.
VHS 6616 Double Trouble 56 M 650: "Boxer's BattleGround" Hurricane Havana Vs Tanya. Hurricane Vs Summer. Devon Vs Tanya.
VHS 6384 Dragon 56 M Dfx-22: Boxing. Blonde Vs Brunette. Brunette Vs Black.
VHS 6385 Dragon 1 HR Df-111: Boxing. Blonde Vs Blonde. Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 6386 Dragon 67 M Dfx-205: Boxing. Blonde Vs Brunette. Andreia Vs Cristina. Latifa Vs Beatriz.
VHS 2598 Edde Entertainment (Bsp) 1 HR Edo5693: "Nude Fighting Girls" 4 Beautiful Women Wrestle And Box Each Other In The Nude. Short On Fighting Long On Striptease.
VHS 5576 Empress Asia 45 M 28: "Mercenary Bitches 2" Mixed Matches. Three Brunettes Work Over Male Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 6421 Extreme Muscle 32 M Mixed Boxing And Wrestling. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 1038 Female Fighting Fed 2 HRS 2: Boxing Action; Dawn Vs Carleen; Nancy Vs Dawn; Nancy Vs Carleen. Many Knock- Downs.
VHS 1040 Female Fighting Fed 2 HRS 5: "Return Of The Champ"; Donna Dynamite Stuart Takes On 2 Girls In Her Comeback For Fff Title. Great Boxing.
VHS 1041 Female Fighting Fed 2 HRS 9: Boxing "Uslba Super Lightweight Championship: Dawn Vs Maria; In A 6 Round Title Encounter. Maria Vs Robin (Rocky) In A No Round Limit Fight.
VHS 1042 Female Fighting Fed 2 HRS 10: "Real Revenge" Super Lightweight Title (Boxing) Matches. Dawn Vs Doraine. Match & Rematch. With 2 Of The Best Filmed Punches In L.B. History.
VHS 1043 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 12: Boxing" The Final Conflict": Dawn Vs Doraine. Rubber Match To Decide The Champ. 2 Other Bouts W/Kim Blake Vs Doraine & Then Dawn.
VHS 1243 Female Fighting Fed 2 HRS 14 K.O. Fever; 2 Hrs. (A Great Boxing Encounter Featuring Jojo Vs Laura For The Title. Plus Fff Apt. Boxing & Wrestling
VHS 1244 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 15 Melissa Vs. Lynn, 1 Hr. (The Greatest Boxing Match We Have Ever Filmed. Also Dawn Vs. Dorraine; Donna Vs. Geena
VHS 1245 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 19 Championship Challenge; 1 Hr. Dawn Vs. Kim Boxing & Wrestling
VHS 1247 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 26 Jennifer Vs. Margaret. Boxing A Beach Bunny Vs. A Brawler For The Uslba Middleweight Title.
VHS 1248 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 27 Clash Of Champions, 1 Hr. Boxing; Jojo Vs. Big Dawn For The Uslba Super Middleweight Title.
VHS 1249 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 28 The Challenge; 1 Hr. Boxing; Dawn Vs. Dorraine For The Last Time Boxing Uslba Lightweight Title On Hte Line.
VHS 1252 Female Fighting Fed 1 HR 32 Boxing Tripleheader; 1 Hr. Boxing; Dorraine, Dorrinda, And Cathy In A Round Robin Boxing Match.
VHS 1523 Female Sports 30 M Fsv-15 Boxing Action.....With Susan, Vicky, Clare And Ayeshia. Some Good Action, With Susan Drawing Blood From Vicky And Vicky Ko'ing Clare.
VHS 1994 Female Sports 20 M Fsv-34: Boxing......Two Bouts. First Is Between Two Heavy Weights.
VHS 6213 Feminine Fists Inc. 21 M FFI-003: "Amateur Debut Female Boxing And Wrestling" Mercedes 5'5" 120 Lbs. Boxing Alexis 5'0" 125 Lbs. Marlena Vs Katherine Wrestling.
VHS 159 Festelle Video 72 M 9- "Combat Carnival";9 Matches,4 Catfights,2 Oil Wrestling, 3 Boxing:Honey V Karen,Lois,Sheila Karen V Lois,Jay V Sherry,Maureen V Nicki,Plus.
VHS 355 Festelle Video 52 M 15: A Couple Of Boxing Matches
VHS 403 Festelle Video 2 HRS 30 & 36 "Topless Boxing" Sandra Vs. Sherry; Susan Vs. Sandra; Annabelle Vs. Mitzi; Marie Vs. Chrissie; Susan Vs Pat , Plus.
VHS 669 Festelle Video 30 M 45:International Boxing: Angela Vs Susan; Susan Vs Sue Catkins; Sandra Vs Sue Catkins; Ricki Vs Susan; Serry Vs Gaby; Ricki Vs Patrizia.
VHS 723 Festelle Video 1 HR 50: "International Boxing" England Vs Germany Sue Catkins Vs Ricky Kumar; Gail Vs Rosa; Jane Vs Diane.
VHS 943 Festelle Video 1 HR 60; Dutch Kick Boxing; 8 Matches W/ Hard Furious Action From 16 Tough Girls. 1 All Boxing Bout. Many K.O.'s. Thai Kick Boxing.
VHS 949 Festelle Video 1 HR 65: Women's European Boxing: Real Boxing From Some Of The Best Girls In Europe; French, English, Dutch. Good Hard Action From Tough Athletes.
VHS 1084 Festelle Video 1 HR 70 Boxing In Blackpool: Kick Boxing......Samrudee Vs Samantha, Nifty Vs Maxine, The Cat Vs Charlene, Ruth Vs Henrietta.
VHS 1260 Festelle Video 75 M 76: Glamour Boxing, Jasmina Vs Clarissa,Clarissa Vs Mandy, Mandy Vs Rudy, Belinda Vs Vicki, Laura Vs Carrie.
VHS 1709 Festelle Video 1 HR 80: "International Kick Boxing"Many Hard Hitting Matchers.
VHS 1710 Festelle Video 45 M 81: "Miranda Boxes" All Boxing. Starts With Two Black Girls Throwing The Leather. Then It's Blonde Vs Brunette. Then Tall Brunette Vs Shorter.
VHS 2214 Festelle Video 70 M 115: "Topless Boxing / Kick Boxing" Isabelle 5'7" 140 Lbs Vs Micki 5'7" 142 Lbs; Amanda 5'7" 132 Lbs Vs Sheila 5'7" 130; Dawn 5'6" 120 Lbs Vs Toni 5'8".
VHS 2381 Festelle Video 75 M 96: "Topless Boxing" Some Real Good And Some Real Fake Boxing. Ending Of Last Match Is Lost Due To Tech Problems When Produced.
VHS 2896 Festelle Video 75 M 119: "Topless Boxing" A Couple Of Glove Taping Matches, Followed By Some Good Hard Hitting Matches.
VHS 2897 Festelle Video 70 M Sv-6: "Kickboxing" Boxing In The North Of England July And Oct. 1994. Several Hard Hiting Matches. Next Thai Kick Boxing In Pattaya Thailand 1987.
VHS 4318 Festelle Video 1 HR 113: "Topless Boxing" Blonde Out Matched By Redhead In Short Match. Blonde Vs Black. Blonde Vs Brunette In Swing Out. Brunette Vs Brunette. Plus More Swing Outs.
VHS 4765 Festelle Video 52 M 124: "The Assassin" Blonde Vs Brunette. Brown Hair Girl Vs Brunette They Start In Wedding Gowns. Blonde Vs Brunette In A Kick Boxing Wrestling Match.
VHS 5001 Festelle Video 110 M 87: "Combat Carnival" Blond Vs Brunette. Two Sandy Haired Girls Have A Go At It. Two Brunettes Box. Two Brunettes In A Catfight. Brunette Vs Blond. Two More Brunettes In A Nice Match. Two Brunettes Boxing. Blond Vs Brunette. Two More Brunettes Boxing. Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 1898 Fight Time Video 25 M 8: "Boxing Lession" : Doreen Doubledecker Vs Gina Nomnocker. Blonde And Brunette Dance Around Wearing Boxing Gloves Followed By Some 'wrestling".
VHS 1997 Fight Time Video 30 M 7: " 'dd' Destroyer" Mixed Match. Doreen Doubledecker Vs Joe Duke. Wrestling And Boxing. Next It Is Girl Vs Girl Wrestling. Lee Lickem Vs Girly Q. Poor Picture Quality On Second Match.
VHS 1998 Fight Time Video 40 M 11: "Tough Girl Boxing" Amanda Vs Mary Ann. Then Two Brunettes Box.
VHS 2220 Fight Time Video 30 M 37: "Power Wrestling" Amber Vs Paradise Heavy Set Brunette Vs Thinner Brunette. Followed By Michael Vs Lee In Mixed Boxing Action, Full Head Gear Worn By Each.
VHS 2222 Fight Time Video 30 M 71: "Bully Girl" Brunette Vs Blonde & Brunette. Then A Mixed Boxing Match.
VHS 2460 Fight Time Video 57 M 30: "Raunchy Roomate" Wilma Wunderlust Vs Doris Dimple. Short Haired Brunette Vs Red Head. In Nude Apt. Wrestling Match. Followed By Two Brunettes In Some Real Boxing Action.
VHS 2462 Fight Time Video 38 M 58: "Jab O Rama" Blake Vs Mary Ann. They Start Out Arm Wrestling And Quickly Get To Wrestle. Then The Two "Big" Mamas Box.
VHS 2463 Fight Time Video 30 M 59:"Butt Bash Party" Mixed Match. Blake Vs Male Boxing. Then Another Brunette Boxes Male.
VHS 2527 Fight Time Video 30 M 74: "Big Bust Challenge" Blake Vs Tara Boxing. Followed By Some Mixed Boxing.
VHS 2898 Fight Time Video 30 M 86: Mixed Match - Paradise Vs Brian, Wrestling & Boxing. Plus Additional Mixed Boxing.
VHS 3662 Fight Time Video 30 M 15: "Hernia Holocaust" Mixed Boxing, Mistress Tara Titanium Vs Wilbur.
VHS 3913 Fight Time Video 29 M 111: "California Ko" Mixed Boxing. Little Blonde Tries Hard To Deck Much Bigger Male. Then F. Vs F. Action As Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 3914 Fight Time Video 30 M 119: "Bust In The Mouth" Mixed Boxing And Wrestling. Blonde Vs Male Boxing. Brunette Vs Male Wrestling.
VHS 4051 Fight Time Video 28 M 3: Mixed Boxing. "Queen Boxer" Lee Vs Michael. Plus Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4052 Fight Time Video 27 M 33: "Angel's Revenge" Shena Nipelonia Vs Angel Malice Boxing.
VHS 4053 Fight Time Video 31 M 46: Mixed Boxing: "One Lump Or Two" Tara Vs Mike. Blonde Vs Blonde In A Short Wrestling Match.
VHS 4054 Fight Time Video 30 M 53: Mixed Boxing. "Topless Boxing Terror" Terry Terror Vs Mike.Mixed Wrestling. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 4056 Fight Time Video 29 M 111: Mixed Boxing. "Kalifornia K.O." Sugar Ray Renee Vs Male. Plus Shortgirl Vs Girl Wrestling Match.
VHS 4057 Fight Time Video 29 M 125: Mixed Boxing. Samantha Vs Mike. Plus Short; Girl Vs Girl Wrestling.
VHS 4195 Fight Time Video 25 M 104: "Boxing Rubout" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing Ends In Face Sitting.
VHS 4197 Fight Time Video 31 M 143: "He's No Match" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male Boxing. Poor Tracking, May Need Ajusting.
VHS 4198 Fight Time Video 30 M 156: "Punch Her Out" Blonde Vs Brunette Boxing. Two Heavy Weights Trade Arm Punches. Another Blonde Vs Brunette Catfighting Plus Some Maixed Action. Short Additional Match.
VHS 4323 Fight Time Video 30 M 174: "Big Bust Rumble" Brunnette Vs Redhead. Followed By Mixed Boxing.
VHS 4445 Fight Time Video 30 M 57: "Birthday Boxing Bash" Mixed Boxing Match And Female Vs Female. Nicki And Blake Vs Tom. Then Blake Vs Nicki . Lee Vs Tom.
VHS 4446 Fight Time Video 30 M 108: "Fight Domination" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male. Ends With Face Sitting.
VHS 4447 Fight Time Video 30 M 148: "Who's Better, Part 1" Brunette Vs Blonde Boxing. Next Male Vs Blonde In Mixed Boxing.
VHS 4448 Fight Time Video 30 M 158: "Lets Get It On!" Catfight On Bed Brunette Vs Red Head. Red Head Vs Brunette Boxing. Next A Big Blonde And Then A Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4663 Fight Time Video 30 M 147: "Lets Just Box" Mixed Boxing Matches. Brunette Uses Heavy Male As Her Punching Bag. Plus Additional Match.
VHS 4664 Fight Time Video 30 M 165: "Who's The Stonger Part1" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing. Plus Additional Mixed Boxing.
VHS 4767 Fight Time Video 30 M 25: "Big Bust Domination" Mixed Match. Zoryna Works Over Ed Entrails. Followed By Mixed Boxing Blonde Vs Male..
VHS 4768 Fight Time Video 30 M 32: "Fist Filet" Mixed Match + F/F. Shena Nippleonia Vs Eddie Entrails. Then Some Female Boxing. Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 4769 Fight Time Video 22 M 87: "Mixed Boxing Challenge" Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 4771 Fight Time Video 31 M 140: "Punching Power" Brunette Vs Brunette Boxing.
VHS 4772 Fight Time Video 20 M 153: "Knock Him Silly"Mixed Boxing. Brunette Whales Away At Male.
VHS 4773 Fight Time Video 20 M 155: "Boxing Battle" Heavy Brunette Vs Male Boxing, She Tries Hard To Hurt Him.
VHS 4774 Fight Time Video 27 M 160: "Bitch Boxing" Mixed Boxing. Blonde Vs Male. Then Red Head Vs Male Boxing And Some Wrestling.
VHS 5004 Fight Time Video 30 M 20: "Pizza Brawl" F Vs F And Mixed Match. Doreen Doubledecker Vs Appolonia. Then They Take Apart A Male. Brunette Vs Brunette Boxing Ends Abruptly.
VHS 5005 Fight Time Video 30 M 112: "Samantha Boxes" Mixed Boxing & Wrestling. Samantha Vs Male. Then Three Female Beat On Male.
VHS 5006 Fight Time Video 30 M 116: "East Boxes West" Paradise Vs Sugar Ray Renee Boxing. Then Another. Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 5007 Fight Time Video 30 M 168: "Too Tough For Him" Mixed Match Boxing And Wrestling.S. Brunette Vs Male. Blonde & Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5447 Fight Time Video 36 M 144: "Double Trouble" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing. Brunette Vs Male Wrestling.
VHS 5448 Fight Time Video 43 M 182: "Bad Girls Get Down" Boxing & Wrestling. Two Brunettes Spar. Then Two Blondes Wrestle On Mats Ends Abruptly Jumpy Picture For This Match.
VHS 5449 Fight Time Video 43 M 208: "Double Team" Mixed Match. Biggggg Brunette Vs Male Boxing. Blonde Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5450 Fight Time Video 32 M 213: "Hotel Encounter" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male Boxing & Wrestling Poor Lighting.
VHS 5451 Fight Time Video 22 M 214: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5796 Fight Time Video 30 M 126: "Hard Pin Down" Mixed Match. Samantha Vs Bryan. Very Short Boxing Match Turns Into Wrestling.
VHS 5797 Fight Time Video 56 M 200: "Muscles, Tits And Fighting" Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male Boxing. Then Blonde Vs Male Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 6065 Fight Time Video 32 M 127: "Boxing Conquest" Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male Boxing & Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 6066 Fight Time Video 31 M 173: "Smack The Bimbo" Red Head Vs Brunette On Bed. Then Mixed Boxing.
VHS 6067 Fight Time Video 32 M 190: "Not Tough Enough" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male Second Brunette Jumps In To Help. Blonde In Head Gear Boxing Male.
VHS 6361 Fight Time Video 33 M 219: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing And Wrestling. Fac Sitting. Blurred Picture.
VHS 6644 Fight Time Video 36 M 1: "Muscle Brawl" Body Builder Lisa Vs Orly Wrestling Then Boxing.
VHS 6749 Fight Time Video 30 M 131: "Take Over" Brunette Vs Blonde. Mixed Match. Then They Work Over Male. Plus Some Mixed Boxing.
VHS 6751 Fight Time Video 30 M 31: "Trio Of Terror" Mixed Match Plus. Nina Nimble Vs Carl. Nina Vs Lisa. Brunette Vs Brunette Boxing.
VHS 6896 Fight Time Video 29 M 169: "BJ KO" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 6901 Fight Time Video 29 M 18: "Lump Lovers Liasions" Mixed Match, Boxing. Mike Vs Mary Ann Maltose.
VHS 6902 Fight Time Video 29 M 136: "Busted Up" Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 6922 Fight Time Video 30 M 107: Boxing Show Down. Mixed Boxing. Blake Vs Bob. Plus Male Vs Two Biker Girls.
VHS 6923 Fight Time Video 30 M 114: "Mixed Boxing Brawl" Athena Worthey Vs Male Boxing. Plus Short Mixed Wrestling.
VHS 6953 Fight Time Video 28 M 82: "Wrestling Work Out" Wrestling & Boxing Deanna Vs Samantha On Mats.
VHS 6954 Fight Time Video 29 M 167: "Knock Him Silly" Big Brunette Vs Male Boxing.
VHS 5275 Footmode Productions 40 M "Adventures Of Agent Anika" Both Mixed And Fem - Fem Matches. Brunette And Blonde Work Out And Then Kick Box. Next Brunette Takes On Two Males. Then Blondes Vs Males . Next Brunette Vs Blonde. Poor Lighting In Parts.
VHS 2688 Full Armor 40 M "Women's Boxing": Michelle Vs Diane.
VHS 2689 Full Armor 45 M 1" Women's Boxing": Diane Vs Christine.
VHS 2690 Full Armor 30 M 3 "Women's Boxing": Lisa Vs Jennifer.
VHS 6826 Fun 4 Profit 42 M "Bitch Brawl '99" In Ring Boxing With Head Gear. Caroline McLellan 5'5" 148 Lbs Vs Kathy DeCurtis 5'8" 149 Lbs. Shiana Barbosa 5'7" 149 Lbs Vs Paula Rammler 5'4" 144 Lbs. Shelly Hodges 5'11" 200 Lbs. Vs Tammy Stigliano 5'5" 235 Lbs. Windy Crutchfield 5'6" 136 Lbs Vs Leigh Dickinsom 5'2" 142 Lbs. Lisa Benton 5'9" 185 Lbs. Vs Ronnie Cook 6'2" 250 Lbs. Chey-anne Hart 5'1" 145 Lbs. Vs Leticia Gonzalez 5'2" 125 Lbs. And More. Topless Audience Member Only.
VHS 6827 Gallop 88 M Pmiv-001: Female Boxing And Workout From Japan. Several Matches.
VHS 1711 Ge - Pe Video 55 M Dw-011: "Danube Women Wrestling"......Armwrestling Followed By Boxing And Wrestling Matches.
VHS 134 Golden Girls 40 M 127 "Belted Breasts" Belinda Vs. Jill; Kerri Vs. Kelly, Boxing.
VHS 147 Golden Girls 40 M 108 "Boxing Bare" Topless Boxing Belinda Vs Jill, Belinda Vs Leslie
VHS 212 Golden Girls 1 HR 15 "The Brawlers" Boxing: Kim Vs. Sue, Elsa Vs Sue
VHS 955 Golden Girls 55 M 203: Custom Bashes: Kim Vs Shawan. She Uses Body & Head Scissors To Weaken Him. Stephanie Vs Tallli For Boxing Fans. Tangi Vs Talli In Cat Fight.
VHS 956 Golden Girls 35 M 207: Belt Busters: Reo Vs Big, Bad Jorgie (Mean Vs Lean) In Boxing Brutality. Leora Vs Sharon In Championship Belt Wrestling Match. Who Wins?
VHS 1087 Golden Girls 30 M 57: "The Brawlers" Boxing Elsa Vs Sue And Elsa Vs Kim.
VHS 1088 Golden Girls 50 M 204 Out Of Control: Boxing......Noel Vs Christina Wrestling It's Noel Vs Ashley.
VHS 1535 Golden Girls 45 M 215: "Bare Boxing Brutality" Christine Vs Diane; Pam Vs Noel.
VHS 1536 Golden Girls 40 M 220: "Nitro Express" Boxing....Alysa Vs Rita; Pam Vs Belinda.
VHS 2691 Gotham Gold 1 HR "Boxing Bitches" Starring: Kembra, Chrissy, Angelique, Teddy Bare And Samoa.
VHS 1380 Group Davis Productions 30 M " Knockouts In Action" Foxy Boxing Ring Action.
VHS 1381 Group Davis Productions 30 M " Hot Cars & Knockout Stars"...Foxy Boxing.
VHS 6216 Hollywould Productions 30 M "Box Of Toys" Hollywood Vs Tanya Much More Bondage Than Fighting.
VHS 2313 Ibn 50 M "Matboxer" Mixed Boxing. Desi Deangelo Boxes And Dominates Matt.
VHS 4668 Ibn 57 M "Jerk In The Box": Male Domination No Fighting. Hollywood & Virginie Work Over Walter With Foot Stomping, Face Sitting, Tit Smothers.
VHS 5011 Image 2000 35 M "Suprise Package" Mixed Match. Sweet Anna Vs Male. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 1270 J & J Productions 15 M Film Tranfers. Jo Bray Vs Angela Mack - Boxing. From Old Newawa Film.
VHS 4206 J.M. Rolen 45 M 003: "Settle The Score" Hollywood Vs Alexis Taylor Boxing. Plus Cartoon Catfights By Rolen.
VHS 4473 J.M. Rolen 45 M 005: "The Main Event" Boxing. Venus De Light Vs Stacy Burke.
VHS 5187 J.M. Rolen 53 M 011: "Welcome To The Club" Venus De Light Vs Christine Dupree. Two Matches. The First Is Boxing Ending In A Ko. The Next Is A Bloody Catfight To The Finish.
VHS 2003 J.S.Productions 1 HR 21: "Bozi Female Boxing" Blonde Vs Brunette Wrestling. Then A Boxing Bout.
VHS 2227 J.S.Productions 1 HR 27: Short Heavy Set Brunette Is Worked Over By Taller Thin Brunette. Followed By A Thin Black Brunette Worked Over By Heavy Set Brunette. Then A Short Boxing Match.
VHS 4065 J.S.Productions 52 M 17: Mixed Matches. Brunette Vs Male. Then Another Brunette Vs Male Wrestling & Boxing.
VHS 6071 Jerico Productions 90 M Women's Oil Wrestling Federation 2: Foxy Boxing. Officer Frisk-o-Lot Vs Gina Of The Jungle. And Other Foxy Boxing Matches. Poor Lighting.
VHS 609 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 65:Tracy 5'8", 138 Lbs. Vs. Treena 5'8", 136 Lbs. In 3 Matches First 50 Mins. Competive Wrestling,Then 9 Mins. Of Boxing, Followed By A 12 Min. Catfight.
VHS 1469 Joan Wise 30 M Vt125: Boxing..... Holly 5'7" 128 Lbs Vs Amber 5'7" 132 Lbs.. Seven Hard Rounds.
VHS 2112 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt184: Mixed Match: K. Novak Vs Male. Then A Heavy Set Blonde Wrestles And Then Boxes Male.
VHS 76 Judell Dulong 30 M 350 Karen Arnold Boxing Susan Watkins; Nancy Skarvan Wrestling Laurie Hatch.
VHS 83 Judell Dulong 113 M 405 9 Boxing Greats From Films-Howard V. Austin; Howard V. Arnold;Arnold V.Donati;Arnold V.Skarvan; Arnold V.Lawrence;Arnold V.Curtis, Plus.
VHS 422 Judell Dulong 2 HRS 434: From Films 9 Boxing Matches.
VHS 1287 Judell Dulong 1 HR 401: Film Transfers, Some Of The Best Wrestling And Boxing And Mixed Action From Old Du Long Films. No Sound.
VHS 1291 Judell Dulong 15 M 612: Boxing ....Heavy Weight Vs Light Weight. They Really Mix It Up.
VHS 1292 Judell Dulong 15 M 614: Boxing..... Two Fly Weights Go At It.
VHS 3276 Judell Dulong 2 H+ 135; 137; 149; 151; 153; 426: Boxing Silent Film Transfers. Featuring Arnold, Lebeau, Young, Hatch, Sharon Dulong, Black, Para, Morse, Newhouse And Land.
VHS 3277 Judell Dulong 56 M 65; 72; 93; 116; 122; 128: Boxing Silent Film Transfers. Featuring Hatch, Arnold, S. Dulong, Para, Wilson, Bardwell, Lebeau, Young And Freeman.
VHS 4069 Karla Nelsen Productions 35 M 110: "Beaten Again" Featuring Body Builder Karla Nelson, Mixed Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 3023 Kenstar 37 M "1994 Middle Weight Tournament": Wrestling And Boxing. Kristie 5'4" 148 Lbs. Vs Christine Dupree 5'6" 134 Lbs. And Kaycee 5'4" 145 Lbs.
VHS 4074 Kenstar 10 M Christine Vs Kaycee. Boxing
DVD D-365 Leather & Lace 283: "Bare Breasted Belly & Tit Boxing Knockout" Blonde Vs Brunnette Boxing.
VHS 1546 Leather & Lace 35 M "Chris Kruz Christopher K-O's Japan" American Women Pro-Boxer Takes On Japaness Wrestlers In Boxer Vs Wrestler Matches.
VHS 1733 Leather & Lace 43 M Boxing 1: Blonde Vs Brunette. They Do More Pushing Than Boxing. Ends With Some Wrestling.
VHS 1734 Leather & Lace 45 M 25 "Leather & Lace Nude Boxing"....Christine 5'6" Vs Tina 5'3"; Candy 5'2" Vs Tresa 5'2".
VHS 1837 Leather & Lace 43 M 20 "Double Trouble": Two Boxing And Wrestling Matches. Robin Vs Lynn; Robin Vs Candy.
VHS 1838 Leather & Lace 43 M 15 "Robins Surprise" Wrestling And Boxing. Robin Vs Sari.
VHS 1840 Leather & Lace 45 M 35 "Pantyhouse Boxing": Teresa Vs Candy; Whitney Vs Teresa; Candy Vs Teresa.
VHS 1842 Leather & Lace 45 M 23 "Leather & Lace Vignettes": Candy Vs Leah Boxing; 3 Girls Oiling Each Others Body; Tonya Vs Iieene Wrestle.
VHS 1843 Leather & Lace 45 M 36 "Topless Boxing": Candy Vs Tina; Christeen Vs Teresa.
VHS 2029 Leather & Lace 40 M 38 "Bare Breasted Boxing"....Julie Vs Jese. To A Final Knockdown.
VHS 2030 Leather & Lace 45 M 42: "Cock-Boxing" Two Boxing Matches With Between Round Lesbian Love Making , The Girls Wear Dildos And Exchange Blows With These As Well.
VHS 2031 Leather & Lace 30 M 49 "Knock Out Boxing" : Blake Vs Candi In Six Round Bout Ending In Ko. Next Diva Vs Kathleen In A Brutal Knock Out Bout.
VHS 2032 Leather & Lace 30 M 50 "Bare Breasted Boxing 2" Blake Vs Erika In Six Round Slugfest, Ending In Ko. Then Stacy Vs Jennifer In Six Round Bout.
VHS 2114 Leather & Lace 30 M 59 "Bare Breasted Boxing 3" : Red Head Vs Brunette Boxing.
VHS 2174 Leather & Lace 45 M 64 "Knock Out Boxing 3": Blonde Vs Blonde Boxing, As Candi And Kathleen Go At It For 6 Rounds. Then It's Blonde Blake Vs Brunette Nicole For 6 Rounds.
VHS 2330 Leather & Lace 40 M "Lets Box Then Wrestle": Good Looking Red Head Vs Roxanne A Tough Looking Brunette Boxing And Than Wrestling.
VHS 2619 Leather & Lace 45 M 65 "Bare Breasted Boxing Iv": Blake Vs Delila In 8 Rounds Of Intense Boxing...Ko Ending.
VHS 2620 Leather & Lace 45 M 101 "Bare Breasted Boxing Vii" Lynn Vs Dixie 6 Rounder Ends In Ko. Then Scarlott Vs Karyn Another 6Th Round Ko.
VHS 2694 Leather & Lace 43 M 148 "Bare Breasted Boxing X" Bobby Vs Nikki In 10 Rounder.
VHS 2695 Leather & Lace 43 M 161 "Bare Breasted Kick Ass Boxing 2" Febe Vs Cassie In 6 Rounds Of Action. Then Febe Vs Lynn.
VHS 3140 Leather & Lace 43 M 92:"Knock Out Boxing 6" Victoria Vs Mary In 6 Rounder Ending In Ko. Quisha Vs Victoria To Another Knock Out.
VHS 3141 Leather & Lace 43 M 118: "Bare Breasted Boxing 8" Lynn Vs Jasmin. Then Lynn Vs Jay. Both Matches End In Ko's.
VHS 3142 Leather & Lace 43 M 126: "Kick Ass Boxing 6" Susan Vs Scarlott 8 Rounds And A Bloody Nose. Susan Vs Lynn Ends In Two Rounds Because Of Bloody Nose.
VHS 3933 Leather & Lace 43 M 58: "Knock Out Boxing 2" Candy Vs Tina; Blake Vs Kathleen.
VHS 3934 Leather & Lace 43 M 72: "Knock Out Boxing 2" Blake Vs Erika; Blake Vs Diva.
VHS 3935 Leather & Lace 43 M 81: "Bare Breasted Boxing 5" Victoria Vs Quesha; April Vs Victoria.
VHS 3936 Leather & Lace 45 M 86: Bare Breasted Boxing 6" Mad Madison Vs Lisa Love; Karyn Vs Lynn.
VHS 3937 Leather & Lace 43 M 95: "Kick Ass Boxing 1" Boxing. Febe Vs Sara; Febe Vs Dianne.
VHS 3938 Leather & Lace 43 M 112: "Kick Ass Boxing 3" Febe Vs Julie; Lynn Vs Febe.
VHS 3939 Leather & Lace 43 M 114: "Kick Ass Boxing 4" Febe Vs Cassie; Lynn Vs Susan.
VHS 3940 Leather & Lace 43 M 116: "Topless Mixed Boxing" Topless Mixed Boxing. Jay Vs Chad.
VHS 3941 Leather & Lace 43 M 129: "Mixed Kick Ass Boxing" Scarlott Flattens Her Hubby.
VHS 3942 Leather & Lace 43 M 138: "Kick Ass Boxing 8" Brunette Vs Brunette. Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 3943 Leather & Lace 43 M 145: "Knock Out Boxing 8" Bobbi Vs Jan; Bobbi Vs Unnamed Girl.
VHS 3944 Leather & Lace 43 M 166: "Nude Kick Ass Boxing 2" Lynn Vs Bobbi; Lynn Vs Joy; Jody Vs Joy.
VHS 3945 Leather & Lace 40 M 182: "Bare Breasted Kickass Boxing" Two Bouts. Tina Vs Her Sister. Tina Vs Black.
VHS 3946 Leather & Lace 40 M 183: "Extreme Bare Breasted Boxing" Scarlot Vs Cat. Scarlot Vs Brunette.
VHS 4210 Leather & Lace 40 M 128: "Kick Ass Boxing 7" Blonde Vs Brunette Boxing. Blonde Vs Another Brunette Boxing.
VHS 4211 Leather & Lace 40 M 160: "Knock Out Boxing 9" Brunette Vs Brunette Boxing. Brunette Vs Red Head Boxing.
VHS 4328 Leather & Lace 43 M 158: "Nude Kick Ass Boxing" Blonde Vs Brunette. Then Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 4329 Leather & Lace 45 M 175: "Kick Ass Boxing (The Best Of)" Short Clips Of Good Action From Many Of Their Boxing Videos.
VHS 4479 Leather & Lace 43 M 154: "Bare Breasted Kick Ass Boxing" Blonde Vs Brunette. Red Head Vs Brunette.
VHS 4678 Leather & Lace 45 M 170: "Mixed Boxing" F/F And Mixed. Starts With Blonde Vs Blonde Boxing. Then Blonde, Blonde, Blonde Vs Male. Last Blonde Did Give Him A Run For His Money.
VHS 4914 Leather & Lace 43 M 21: "Leather & Lace Boxing" Candy Vs Lynn.
VHS 4915 Leather & Lace 35 M 212: "Bare Breasted Boxing Battle" Blonde Vs Black. Blonde Vs Brunette. Brunette Vs Blonde.
VHS 6426 Leather & Lace 27 M 242: "Extreme Mixed Belly Boxing"
VHS 6947 Leather & Lace 27 M 226: "Kick Ass Tag Team Mixed Boxing" Susan And Candi Take Turns Boxing John.
VHS 2403 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 30 M V003: "Bare Breasted Boxing Challenge" Robin Vs Jasae. Good Action.
VHS 3445 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 35 M V-015: Topless Boxing Rematch ...... Robin Vs Tina.
VHS 4330 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 35 M V-20: Topless Boxing. Robin Vs Jackie.
VHS 2697 Lgis Munich 30 M 12: "The Sparring" Boxing. Nicole Vs Jenny & Christina. Jenny Vs Christina.
VHS 4332 Lgis Munich 80 M 2: Several Topless Boxing Matches. Plus Wrestling & Boxing Previews.
VHS 4922 Lgis Munich 3H33M D-1: Boxing. 30 Matches. Christiane Vs Claudia; Petra Vs Marion; Brenda Vs Leila; Marion Vs Susi; Christiane Ve Brenda; Leila Vs Petra; Claudin Vs Susi; And Many More.
VHS 5019 Lgis Munich 31 M Ol-1: "Last Public Tournament 1979" Boxing & Interviews. Distant And Dark Camera Work But Great Action.
VHS 5021 Lgis Munich 29 M Ol-2: Boxing. Angie Simons Vs Anne R. Then Tina C. And Lastly Heid R. Distant And Dark Camera Work But Great Action.
VHS 5024 Lgis Munich 32 M 9-A & B: Boxing. Nicole Vs Brunette. Body Builder Nicole Works Out.
VHS 5193 Lgis Munich 70 M 1001: Boxing In Ring. Nicole Vs Christiane. Sonja Vs Vivian. Christiane Vs Sonja. Nicole Vs Sonja. Sonja Vs Vivian. Vivian Vs Christiane. Nicole Vs Sonja. And More.
VHS 5389 Lgis Munich 75 M 4B: Mixed Boxing. Blonde Nicole Vs Male ..... He Decks Her. Plus A Few More Nicole Vs Male Boxing Matches. And Some Mixed Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male Kick Boxing.
VHS 5833 Lgis Munich 1 HR LG-4b: Mixed Boxing & Kickboxing In And Out Of Ring. Nicole Vs Males In Serveral Matches. Plus Brunette Vs Male Kick Boxing.
VHS 5834 Lgis Munich 95 M LG-8: Boxingin Ring. "Boxing Tournament Of 1995" Featuring Seven Boxers. In Several Matches.
VHS 5835 Lgis Munich 55 M LG-10a: Boxing In Ring. Jenny Vs Nicole; Marion Vs Vicky. Intro To Wrestling Matches Placed In Error By Production Company, Video Ends After Boxing Matches.
VHS 5836 Lgis Munich 55 M LG-17: Boxing In Ring.. Championship 1996/97. Nicole Vs Jenny In A Good Competitive Match.
VHS 5837 Lgis Munich 1 HR+ LG-19: Boxing In Ring. Astrid Vs Silke; Nicole Vs Seks; Astrid Vs Nicol; Seka Vs Silke.
VHS 5938 Lgis Munich 1 HR+ 1000: Short Clips Of Boxing And Wrestling Action Some Mixed.
VHS 205 Main Event 1 HR "Battling Beauties" Many Matches- Wrestling In Both Mud And Oil, Also Foxy Boxing.
VHS 681 Main Event 1 HR "Foxy Boxing" Jasmine Vs. Ice Cream Girl; New Wave Knockout Vs. Marilyn; Fighting Feline Vs. Sugar Ray Renee; Kena The Barbarian Vs Boxing Babe.
VHS 963 Main Event 1 HR Buxen Boxers: 4 Matches With Audience In Real Ring. Girls Wear Protective Head Gear, Bikinis.
VHS 2926 Mass Muscle 1 HR 255: "Little Brother" Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Tina Lockwood Vs Male.Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 4793 Mass Muscle 2 HRS Demo-5: Body Builders Working Out, Posing, Boxing, Wrestling In Mixed And F/F Matchers. Previews From Many Videos They Made Circa 1994-95.
VHS 5587 Mass Muscle 105M 223: "Exhibition Video" Body Builders Blonde Vs Blonde; Brunette Vs Brunette; Blonde Vs Brunette; Mixed Boxing Blonde Vs Male; Blonde Vs Blonde; Brunette Vs Blonde; Mixed Wrestling Blonde Vs Male; Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 6079 MFX Video 43 M Mfx-127: "Boxing Of Cats" Brunette Vs Blonde. Red Head Vs Brunette.
VHS 153 Mildred Burke 2 HRS 33 Pro. Wrestling From Films - West Vs Lee; Lee Vs Gonzales; West Vs Carr; (Boxing) Black Vs W. Burke
VHS 424 Mildred Burke 30 M 46 Featuring Rhonda Sing And Pro-Women Boxing From The Usa.
VHS 5194 Model Fight 35 M Sampler #1: Short Segments From Several Of Their Videos Featuring Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 5291 Model Fight 40 M 9: "Ericka's Feature" Ericka Wrestles Her Sister Then Boxes Tracy And Then Takes On Laurel In A Pool. Heather Vs Tracy.
VHS 5292 Model Fight 22 M 10: "Boxing 1" Several Of The Girls Give Boxing A Try.
VHS 5295 Model Fight 43 M 13: "Tracy's Feature" Tracy Boxing Laurel And More.
VHS 5296 Model Fight 32 M 14: "Catfight Tourney 1" Lea Vs Heather. Heather Vs Caroline. Tracy Vs Lea. Heather Vs Tracy. Caroline Vs Lea. Tracy Vs Lea. Caroline Vs Tracy Boxing.
VHS 5297 Model Fight 32 M 15: "Petite Oil Wrestling" Featuring Diane, Jessica, Jennifer & Kitty Body Boxing, Arm And Oil Wrestling.
VHS 6223 Model Fight 33 M "Catfight Tourney 1" Featuring Caroline Yawn, Heather Turning, Lea, And Tracy. Plus One Short Boxing Match.
DVD D-156 Mouth Piece 54 M PMK-01: Two Mixed Kick Boxing Boxing Matches From Japan.
VHS 821 Napali Video 30 M 69 " Ebony Boxes ": Ebony Ayes Vs Angela Parker And Then Ledawn.
VHS 895 Napali Video 30 M 86: Fist Of Leather, Micki Marsaille Punches It Out With Ebony Ayes In A Nude Boxing Extravaganza.
VHS 2041 Napali Video 30 M 189:"A Lesson In Boxing!"......... Ebony Ayes Vs Dani Ashe. Slow Motion Acted Boxing Match.
VHS 3155 Napali Video 1 HR 272: "Two Against One" Sana Fay Vs Jessica. Boxing.
VHS 3159 Napali Video 30 M 282: " Blonde Bitch Bash" Brittany Andrews Vs Stepahnie Rage. Starts Out Boxing
VHS 3167 Napali Video 54 M 293: "Size And Power" Barocca Vs Joi Reno. Boxing?
VHS 4499 Napali Video 30 M 345: "Fists Of X-Tasty" Tia Gunn Vs Spontaneus X-Tasty In A Bare Fisted Slo-Mo Boxing.
VHS 4799 Napali Video 55 M 357: "Sparring Partners" Vanessa Blue Vs Joi Reno They Start Out Boxing.
VHS 5201 Napali Video 28 M 391: "Duking It Out" Penny Lynn Boxing Tanya Danielle
VHS 5499 Napali Video 28 M 396: "Putting The Gloves On" Boxing. Tanya Danielle Vs Devin Deray.
VHS 5501 Napali Video 58 M 410: "Punch Drunk" Boxing. Tia Gunn Vs Joi Reno.
VHS 5563 Napali Video 29 M 416: Boxing. Tanya Danielle Vs Penny Lynn.
VHS 5920 Napali Video 1 HR 426: "Blondes Can't Box" Carolyn Monroe Vs Brittany Andrews Boxing, More Love Than War.
VHS 6437 Napali Video 26 M 464: "Fist Of Fury" Boxing. Sofia Sandbar Vs Bijan Sudaan. Same As 6438.
VHS 6438 Napali Video 26 M 464: "Fists Of Fury" Sofia Sandobar Vs Bijan Sudaan Boxing. Same As 6437.
VHS 4503 Nikko T Press 55 M "Cage Fighting Women" Kick Boxing Wrestling. From St. Petersburg,Russia. Free Fight: Loes Scholte Aalbes (Holland) Vs Marina Nicolaeva (Russia). Cage Fight: Wendy Van Maren (Holland) Vs Marina Nikolaeva (Russia); Loes Scholte Aalbes (Holland)Vs Elena Paulova (Russia); Irma Verhoef (Holland) Vs Trina Iknatovic (Russia).
VHS 6144 Nitesho 52 M "Fists Of Thunder - Ladies Saturday Night Fights" Pro Boxing. Cathy Boyes Vs Jackie Alexander. Tag Team Boxing Sarah Schmedding & Para Draine Vs Olivia Gerula & Tara Morneau. Cathi Beban Vs Raylene Kellock.
VHS 3719 Ozone 8 Enterprises 45 M Ph-4: "Asian Fury 1" Anamarie Vs Dela Cuesta; Dela Vs Arlyn Rivera Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 3734 Ozone 8 Enterprises 20 M Ph-19: "Filipina Fist Fights #1" Bare Fisted Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 3735 Ozone 8 Enterprises 20 M Ph-20: "Filipina Fist Fights #2" Bare Fisted Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 5202 Ozone 8 Enterprises 45 M "The Photo Shoot" Boxing And Wrestling. Dina Marie Vs Alexis Taylor. Bare Fisted Action.
VHS 5203 Ozone 8 Enterprises 40 M Us-20: "Fender Bender" Boxing And Wrestling. Blonde Vs Brunet. Lots Of Bare Fisted Action.
VHS 5462 Ozone 8 Enterprises 43 M "Overtime" Bare Fisted Boxing And Wrestling. Dina Marie Vs Utah
VHS 5529 Ozone 8 Enterprises 47 M "Roommates" Bare Fisted Boxing And Wrestling. Stacy Burke Vs Stephanie Gleason.
VHS 5564 Ozone 8 Enterprises 45 M "Mother Knows Best" Boxing & Wrestling. Stacy Burke Vs Kristiane Fleur.
VHS 5839 Ozone 8 Enterprises 48 M "Best Friends" Dina Marie Vs Shauna Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 6326 Ozone 8 Enterprises 47M "Female Fight Club 6" : Vivianna Vs Sabrina Stone. Boxing & Wrestling.
VHS 6331 Ozone 8 Enterprises 45 M "Teacher's Pet" Tori Sinclair Vs Jewell Wrestling & Boxing.
VHS 6395 Ozone 8 Enterprises 41 M "Female Fight Club 1" : Boxing And Wrestling. Francesca Vs Tanya Danielle.
VHS 3737 Parade Video 1 HR+ 770: "Foxy Boxing Round One" Several Foxy Boxing Championships Matches At Raders.....Featuring Tracey Lords At Ring Side.
VHS 5393 Pin & Ink 32 M T11: Slamazons 3 "Payback" Becca Vs Lee Boxing.
VHS 6107 Pin & Ink 36 M T-07 "Slamazons" Becca Boxes Lee.
VHS 6108 Pin & Ink 47M T-74: "Thunder Girls Theater 16" Boxing. Lee Vs Rouge. Cherokee Vs Rouge. Lee Vs Becca.
VHS 6145 Pin & Ink 22 M "Slamazons 4: Knock Outs" Becca Vs Lee Boxing.
VHS 6146 Pin & Ink 52 M "Thundergirls: Choice Cuts Vol. 2" Red Head Vs Blonde Boxing.
VHS 6695 Pin & Ink 27 M T-15: ""Thundergirls- Suite Sluggers"" Apartment Boxing. Diana Vs Becca.
VHS 4344 Pm Video Productions 32 M Mbx-1: Mixed Boxing. Diane Vs Chris.
VHS 4345 Pm Video Productions 57 M Bx-1: Boxing. Christine Vs Diane. Christine Vs Shay. Plus Some Male Boxing.
VHS 4346 Pm Video Productions 35 M Bx-3: Boxing. Diane Vs Sandy.
VHS 4347 Pm Video Productions 30 M Vv-7: Sandy Vs Brittany Boxing & Wrestling.
VHS 1143 Premier Productions 45 M 48 Boxing: Cherly 5'7" 147 Lbs Vs Debbie 5'6" 144 Lbs. Then Mixed Boxing As Debbie Vs Joe.
VHS 3312 Premier Productions 70 M 178: "Amateur All-Female Boxing Edition #1" Featuring Jessie, Val, Michelle, Dawn, Ronnie, Four Bouts.
VHS 3960 Premier Productions 38 M 194: Boxing. Camilla Vs Ziggy.
VHS 3961 Premier Productions 114 M 202: " Home Town Girls Boxing" Autumn Vs Stacy. Cheryl Vs Stacy. Chrystal Vs Patricia. Shelia Vs Becky. Stacy Vs Cheryl.
VHS 3962 Premier Productions 43 M 206: Boxing. Lois(5'5", 115 Lbs.) Vs Ziggy (5'5", 132 Lbs.)
VHS 3963 Premier Productions 32 M 207: Boxing. Ziggy 5'5", 134 Lbs. Vs Joann 5'1", 115 Lbs.
VHS 5036 Raslingal Video 29 M Rg-001: "Beauty Vs Brawn" Mixed Match Boxing. Two Blondes Take Turns Boxing A Male And Then Gang Up On Him.
VHS 5505 Raslingal Video 31 M Rg-008: "Box My Tits" Boxing. Lynn 5'3" 120 Lbs Vs Brandy 5'3" 118 Lbs. In Ring.
VHS 5399 Ringmaster Girls 22 M "Summer Tournament" Boxing. Victoria Vs Candy.
VHS 4523 Ringriot 59 M 2 "Riot In The Ring": Several Hard Fought Tag Team Boxing Matches With Head Gear.
VHS 4524 Ringriot 53 M 3 "Riot In The Ring": Several Hard Fought Tag Team Boxing Matches With Head Gear.
VHS 6054 Ringside Productions 37 M Rp-12: "Carnal Combat / Battered & Beaten" Wrestling And Boxing In Ring. Inga Vs Kristy.
VHS 1566 Roselyn Royce 1 HR 303: "Sexy Bare Breasted Boxing" Belinda Vs Selita..... As Belinda Tries To Protect Her Bodacious Boobs From Damaging Blows.
DVD D-280 Sabre Studios "Womens Topless Boxing Federation" Featuring: Tanya Danielle, Chloe Dior, Charlee Chase, Shannon Leigh.
VHS 1851 Sinclair Blue 40 M Dv-4: "Battling Bitches" Greta Karlson ,Blonde Vs Geena Moore, Brunnett In A Boxing Turns Wrestling Match.
VHS 2125 Sinclair Blue 15 M "Les Wrestle" : Samantha York Vs Nichole London In Ring Boxing & Wrestling.
VHS 4227 Smothered Video 59 M "Smotherbox Sensations" Mixed Domination. Francesca And Angela Faith Walk All Over Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 2548 Something Weird 2 HRS "She- Babes Cavalcade Of Sports Vol. #1 " Black And White & Color Film Transfers Of Pro Wrestling, Roller Derby, Boxing Plus Other Non- Combative Female Sports.
VHS 4229 Special Interest 45 M Sv-152: Mixed Boxing. Christine Vs Buddy. Julie Vs Buddy.
VHS 4230 Special Interest 40 M Sv-159: Mixed Boxing. Yvonne Vs Buddy; Tall Katrin Uses Her Long Legs Vs Vinne Kick Boxing.
VHS 4532 Special Interest 40 M Sv-186: "Women Boxing" Stacy Burke Vs Francesca Le. Santana Vs Candi.
VHS 5039 Special Interest 40 M Sv-166: Mixed Match Boxing. Jasae Vs Dave. Sharon Vs Buddy.
VHS 5805 Special Interest 39 M Sv-187: "Tough Lady" Mixed Match. Sharon Kane Vs Males Bare Fisted Boxing.
VHS 5806 Special Interest 45 M Sv-192: Mixed Match Boxing. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 1774 Steel Kittens 30 M 17: Two Boxing Matches. Sugar Ray Renee Vs Rockin Robin. Then Pam Vs Terri
VHS 1776 Steel Kittens 30 M 19: Headknockers.... Boxing. Rochelle Vs Shante. Then Belinda Vs Pam.
VHS 1777 Steel Kittens 30 M 34: " Boxing Bonanza" Denise Vs Susy Apartment House Style. Then Belinda Vs Solita In Ourdoor Ring.
VHS 1778 Steel Kittens 20 M 36:" High School Grudge".... Rochelle Boxing Susy.
VHS 2951 Steel Kittens 30 M 68: "Boxing Bombshells" Pro-Am Boxing/Ring Style....Leigh Vs Christy T.
VHS 4109 Steel Kittens 43 M 35: "Boxing Bonanza 2" Belinda Vs Suzy; Denise Vs Evette.
VHS 5565 Steel Kittens 28 M 69: "Busting Loose" Enza Vs Christina Boxing.
VHS 5607 Steel Kittens 50 M 163: "Boxing Brutality" Sandy Vs Christine Boxing In The Ring. Tez Vs Santana Boxing.
VHS 6270 Steel Kittens 48 M SKK-3: Sampler Of 13 Of Their Videos Including Mixed Match, Boxing And Domination .
VHS 6914 Steel Kittens 36 M 221: "Slugfest" Mixed Boxing Match. Belle Vs Male. Fem Vs Fem Boxing Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 129 Superior Studios 90 M "Teen Meet" Summer Fight Boxing & Wrestling - Six Bosomy, Hot Fighting Summer Girls From Six Films.
VHS 747 Superior Studios 1 HR Film Transfers Of Many Wrestling And Boxing Matches. First Few Minutes Picture Is Jumpy.
VHS 1131 Sweetheart Productions 50 M Punching Punishment: Lisa Vs Michelle Boxing. Punishment Pro Style: Sue Sexton Vs Lisa.
VHS 1154 Sweetheart Productions 20 M Boxing : Sweet Savage Vs Lisa
VHS 1330 Sweetheart Productions 55 M Vp-2: Apt. Boxing / Domination Punching: Michelle Vs Lauren Boxing. Then It's Jaimie Vs Michelle.
VHS 1862 Sweetheart Productions 30 M 208 B: "Topless Boxing Domination" Tori 38-24-36 Vs Mandy 34-22-34.
VHS 1865 Sweetheart Productions 21 M 212: "Topless Blond Battle" Tracy Vs Misty, They Start Off Boxing But End Up Wrestling.
VHS 1960 Sweetheart Productions 30 M Mxw #2: Mixed Matches. Ginger Lynn Vs Patric . Starts Out As A Boxing Match Ends Wrestling. Then Shelby A Long Sandy Haired Beauty Does Carter In.
VHS 1964 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Shr 31: Topless Boxing, Danielle Vs Lee Ann In A Bloody Match. Wrestling, Paige Vs Shelby
VHS 2130 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Mw-7: Blonde Vs Black Boxing In An Outdoor Ring Fast Non Stop Action Is Marred By Poor Lighting. Next Blonde Vs Redhead Boxing, Poor Lighting.
VHS 2349 Sweetheart Productions 50 M Wb-2: Blonde Vs Brunette Boxing Quickly Changing To Wrestling. Then A Redhead Vs A Blonde Wrestling.
VHS 5431 Sweetheart Productions 28 M "Wet T-Shirt" Boxing. Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 6696 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 57 M Tk-024: "" Chance Encounter"" Street Boxing .... Tiger Lily 150 Lbs. Vs Red Star.
VHS 5221 The Private Collection 57 M 5/94: "International Glamour Boxing" Boxing In Ring. Mary Vs Klaudia; Penny Vs Amanda; Romana Vs Anna; Stacey Vs Angela; Sonja Vs Stacey.
VHS 5222 The Private Collection 45 M 7/96: Boxing Featuring Elizabeth, Beth, Devon And Shannon.
VHS 5224 The Private Collection 43 M 18/00: "International Glamour Boxing" Apartment Boxing. Joanna Vs Rose; Laura Lee Vs Lucy; Rose Devlin Vs Toni.
VHS 4243 Tigra Enterprises 25 M T15: "Tko:Tigra Knocks 'em Out!" Mixed Boxing. Mayra Vs Bob. Tigra Vs Bob.
VHS 6915 Tigra Enterprises 30 M T-18" Tigra Vs Sally Mcneil Boxing.
VHS 5046 Tjm Production 1 HR "Mincs' Fantasy Fighting Girlz" ; Lover's Brawl 4" Mixed Match. Cheri Pie Vs Goerge. Wrestling And Boxing. Plus Another Mixed Boxing Match As Two Girls Take Turns Boxing Male.
VHS 3328 Tough Enough 40 M Boxing. Cynthia Scully Vs Chris Kruze.
VHS 3329 Tough Enough 40 M 2: Boxing. Two Matches, One In Practice Ring And One In Pro Ring. Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 67 Triumph Studios 55 M Rgv 10- Scottish Boxing Tournament, Six Matches.
VHS 97 Triumph Studios 55 M Rgv 11; From England;Bikini Boxing & Wrestling Lori Vs. Julie Boxing, Chinky Vs. Wilma Wrestling
VHS 199 Triumph Studios 1 HR Rgv-5 "Boxing Females" Thea Vs Susie; Lorraine Vs Caroline; Charlie Vs Penquin
VHS 233 Triumph Studios 90 M Trv-9,Trv-10,Trv-11: Samantha Vs. Denise Wrestling Kathy Vs.Julie Boxing, Ms.Doring Vs.Sue Catkins Boxing ; Debbie (40D) Vs. Sarah Wrestling.
VHS 236 Triumph Studios 57 M Vc- 8 "Kick Boxing Spectacular" Two Great Bouts: A 13 Girl Battle Royal And A World Championship Match Plus 6 Girl Tag Team Match Includes Sabrina.
VHS 450 Triumph Studios 30 M Tvc-7 "Double Threat":2 Thai Girls Vs.2 Japanese In Savage Kick-Boxing Bout. American Pros. West & Green Vs. Two Mean Japanese Girls.
VHS 451 Triumph Studios 1 HR Vc-20 "Foxy Female Boxers": From England, American Team Take On Englands Best. Vickie Scott Vs. A Calif. Blond, Topless Zean Whitehead Vs. Terrible Terry,+.
VHS 643 Triumph Studios 30 M Trv-31 " Kick Boxing Mayhem ": Two Slamming Matches From Thailand.
VHS 903 Triumph Studios 30 M Trv- 56: Philippine Boxing, Shot By Amateur, Dynamic Action. Petite, Savage, Young Bodies In "For Real" Boxing. 3 Violent Matches.
VHS 1585 Triumph Studios 30 M Trv-10: Two Boxing Matchers. Kathy Vs Julie And Doring Vs Sue.
VHS 1586 Triumph Studios 30 M Trv-13: Two Boxing Matchers. Hanna Vs Kate And Then It Is Debbie Vs Sue.
VHS 1781 Triumph Studios 1 HR+ Spm-103: " Boxing Barbarians Tournament": Several Boxing Matches, Big Girls In Little Swim Suits. Some Poor Acting, But Good Looking.
VHS 3181 Triumph Studios 25 M Bt-400: "Collectors' Treasure #2" Old And Not So Old Film Transfers. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 4245 Triumph Studios 85 M Spm-104: "Did It Hurt?" Bonnfe Vs Sammy-Jo. "Clash Of The Titans" Mixed Match. Tigra Vs Male. "The Fire And The Flame" Dawn Vs Flame. Next Renee Boxes Roxanne. Pepper & Chelsea Vs Kimberly.
VHS 5047 Triumph Studios 86 M Spm-105: "No Punches Pulled, No Mercy Given! Mixed Match Susie Vs Jay Facesittinging. Quisha Vs Barbara Boxing. La Tigra Vs Sheila. Brittany Vs Vicious Valerie. Inga Vs Kirstie. K.O. Kasey Vs Nancy Boxing.
VHS 755 Video Sports 45 M V013 - Boxing: Sue Catkins 5'4" Vs 6'2" Doris; Rita Vs Ulli; Sabine Vs Vera.All Are German Mat Club Matches.
VHS 756 Video Sports 1 HR V014 - Crys Vs Petsi In Some Good Topless Boxing And Wrestling Action From Germany.
VHS 846 Video Sports 30 M V019 - All American Boxing: Hot Tempered Kelly 5'2", . 105 Lbs. Vs. Jasae 5'5" 112 Lbs.
VHS 1176 Video Sports 30 M V027: All American Boxing............Carla Vs Jasae.
VHS 1336 Video Sports 20 M V 021 "All American Boxing" Pattie Vs Carla.
VHS 1337 Video Sports 30 M V 022 "All American Boxing" Kelly Vs Tiffany.
VHS 1338 Video Sports 20 M V 030 "All American Boxing" Pattie Vs Kelly.
VHS 1478 Video Sports 30 M V039: "Chicago Boxing 1" Sandra Vs Wendy. Nine Rounds Of Tough Boxing.
VHS 2789 Video Sports 30 M Vo52: "Topless Boxing" .......Kriste Vs Blake In A Hard Fought Match.
VHS 4247 Video Sports 2 HRS "Boxing Heat" Kelly Vs Chantel. Followed By Previews.
VHS 4372 Video Sports 55 M "Boxing As You Like It": Brunette Vs Brunette. Brunette Vs Black.
VHS 4373 Video Sports 13 M V-034: "Gmc Boxing" Petsi Vs Vera. Plus Previews.
VHS 4374 Video Sports 35 M V-045: "Kristie: Boxing And Wrestling" Kristie Wrestles Sandra And Then Boxes Jasae.
VHS 3333 Winning Productions 90 M "Stallone"S Knockouts" Jackie Stallone's Knockouts With Special Guest Traci Lords....Several Boxing Matches.
VHS 1437 Women Warriors 20 M B1: Boxing..... E.J. 5'7", 130 Lbs. Vs Sasha 5'5", 118 Lbs.
VHS 1438 Women Warriors 20 M B2: Boxing...E.J. Vs. Joanne.
VHS 1480 Women Warriors 20 M B3: Pro Boxing Robin In Hard Fought Battle.
VHS 1783 Women Warriors 2 HRS K1: Kickboxing. Several Pro Matches. Great Action, But Only Fair Video Picture For The Most Part.
VHS 1784 Women Warriors 2 HRS K2: Kickboxing. Several Pro Matches. Great Action, But Only Fair Video Picture For The Most Part.
VHS 1785 Women Warriors 2 HRS K3: Kickboxing. Several Pro Matches. Great Action, But Only Fair Video Picture For The Most Part.
VHS 1786 Women Warriors 2 HRS K4: Kickboxing. Several Pro Matches. Great Action, But Only Fair Video Picture For The Most Part.
VHS 1787 Women Warriors 2 HRS K5: Kickboxing. Several Pro Matches. Great Action, But Only Fair Video Picture For The Most Part.
VHS 1788 Women Warriors 2 HRS K6: Kickboxing. Several Pro Matches. Great Action, But Only Fair Video Picture For The Most Part.
VHS 1969 Women Warriors 1 HR "Sally Mcneil Tapes": Sally At 148 Lb. Vs Crystal 5'4" 153 Lbs. Sally Vs Charlie. Two Hard Fought, Strong Matches. Then Sally Boxing Dirty Diane A Semi Pro Boxer, They Use 8 Ounce Gloves.
VHS 2270 Women Warriors 50 M "Madusa" Follower Her Into The Ring In Japan Boxing & Wrestling, Working Out And T.V. Interviews. Some Footage Is Very Poor.
VHS 2794 Women Warriors 80 M "Women's Ultimate Fighting Championship #1" Fighters From Around The World...Taped In Japan. Mizuki Endo, Yumiko Hotta, Michelle Aboro, Gundarenko Svetlana, Shinobu Kandori, Liz Africano, Sandre Yurvi, Fiei Klee. Caged, Bloody, Kickboxing- Wrestling- Boxing.
VHS 2970 Women Warriors 30 M B-6: Boxing Match. Mcneil Vs Dupree In Hard Hitting Match, Jumpy Video But Great Action.
VHS 4248 Women Warriors 30 M B-5: Boxing. Dianne Vs Sally Mcneil.
VHS 2437 Women's World Wrestling 45 M Slv-24: "Topless Boxing" Shannon Vs Liz, "Big Girls Battle" Rachel Vs Alexis. Good Lookers Not So Good Action. Same As 2652.
VHS 2800 Women's World Wrestling 45 M Slv-53: " 4 Girls Topless Boxing Tournament"
VHS 2803 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR Slv-59: "No Love Lost" Beth Vs Niki. Pole Bout Followed By Boxing Then Wresting. "The New Girl" Sarah Vs Rachel.
VHS 2832 Women's World Wrestling 57 M Slv-105: "Wrestling & Fisticuffs" Sarah Vs Zora. "The Competition" Magalie Vs Rose. Boxing And More.
VHS 2835 Women's World Wrestling 55 M Slv-110: "Knocked Out" Raquel Vs Magalie. Boxing. "Topless Double Submissions" Sarah & Rachel Vs Candi & Zora.
VHS 4252 Women's World Wrestling 56 M Slv-162: Sasha And Rachel Vs Quinn. Wrestling And Boxing.
VHS 4256 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR Slv-260: "Mixed Bag" Mixed Match. Wrestling And Boxing. Many Endings To Male Vs Female Matches.
VHS 4710 Women's World Wrestling 56 M Slv-374: "Five Part Competition" Wrestling, Boxing Toni Vs Beth. "Beach Bully" Raquel Vs Rose.
VHS 5054 Women's World Wrestling 2 HRS Slv-521: "Boxing & Fisticuffs" Wrestling & Boxing, Many Short And "Bloody" Matches.
VHS 5058 Women's World Wrestling 70 M Slv-175: "K.O. 'd & Tied" Boxing ? And Wrestling. Angel, Cortney & Th-Resa. "Shampoo You" : Candi Vs Zoe. "Close Quarters" Zora Vs Sarah.
VHS 5434 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR Slv-574: "Wave Bye Bye" Rose Vs Jade. "Submissions: Best Of Five Falls" A Mix Of Wrestling And Boxing. Tonya Vs Staci.
VHS 5784 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Slv-544: "Candi Conquered: 5 Encounters" Mixed Boxing And Wrestling. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5785 Women's World Wrestling 70 M Slv-624: "K.O. 's Again & Again & Again" Shelli Vs Lee Boxing And More. "K.O. 's & Kisses" Carly Vs Staci.
VHS 6120 Women's World Wrestling 55 M 768: "Third Time The Charm" Shelli Vs Rose. "It Makes Me The Winner" Tori Vs Isis Boxing.
VHS 6157 Women's World Wrestling 53 M 751: "10 Count K.O. Forfeit Match" Boxing And Wrestling. Tori Vs Isis. Rose Vs Shelli.
VHS 6164 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR 787: "10 Count Naked Boxing" Shelli Vs Rusti Boxing. "The New Office Manager" Isis Vs Suzanne Wrestling. "Two Winners" Shelli Vs Rusti.
VHS 6943 Women's World Wrestling 68 M 516: Boxing And Wrestling. Beth Vs Marie. Stacy Vs Xena.
VHS 1591 Worldwide Entertainment 45 M "Ferocious Female Kickboxing" Women's World Champ- Ship...12 Rounds , World Champion Kathy "The Punisher" Long Vs "Sweet" Denise Taylor.
VHS 1026 Wow Productions 30 M 107: Isabel Lothian Vs Jean Craig, Filmed In Scotland's Sparta Boxing Club. A Two-Fisted Boxing Attack.
VHS 1032 Wow Productions 30 M 113: 2 Action-Packed Boxing Bouts. Elenor Roches Vs Mandy Mc Neil & Elizabeth Morris Vs Amanda Mc Gowan. Sudden, Surprising And Tough Bouts.
VHS 1187 Wow Productions 15 M 118: Boxing - Angie Mckenzie Vs Jane Crombie
VHS 1971 Wow Productions 1 HR Hwv-207 "Tough Girl Tournament": Film Transfers Of Semi Pro Action. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 5917 Wow Productions 38 M 142: "Carnal Combat / Battered & Beaten" Kristie Vs Blonde. Wrestling And Boxing In Ring.


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