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Below You Will Find a COMPLETE LIST Of Face Sitting ORIGINAL VHS Videos Rockin-Roxanne Has Aquired From The Female Fighting Video Rental Club (FFVRC).


In The Event a VHS Tape Has Been Sold Before We Have Updated This List We Will Happily Refund Your Purchase.
Please Note That Some Video Tapes Could Be As Much As 10 To 40 Years Old And In a Few Cases May Contain Video Drop Outs or Have Deteriated Quality Or Tracking Issues.
We Will Inspect Every Video Before It Ships and If We Determine There is a Major Quality Issue
We Will Let you Know and Offer a Refund If you No Longer Want the Tape.

You Should Also Note That Although Each VHS Tape is an ORIGINAL Video Originally Sold By The Original Producer,
FFVRC In Most Cases Will Have Added Stickers To The VHS Tapes To Number & Barcode Them and Placed Stickers With Their Logo On The VHS Tapes.
The VHS Tapes Do Not Come With Sleeves, But Will Be Securely Packaged Inside a Priority Mail Shipping Box.

Also Please Note That All Descriptions Shown Below Were Provided To Us By FFVRC Which We Trust Is Accurate,
But There is Always Some Minor Chance That the Title Length and/or Content May Not Be Always 100% Correct.

Shipping Note: Our Turnaround Time On Shipping These VHS Tapes, DVD conversions or providing downloads is Approxamately 3-5 Business Days.
This is Because We Aquired About 8000 Videos From FFVRC (Including About 1000 Duplicate Titles) Packed In Over 100 Boxes And We Simply Need
Some Additional Time To Locate Every Video Ordered. We Thank You In Advance for Your Understanding and Patience.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Following VHS Tape Numbers are VHS Tapes that have already been sold and are only available on DVD or Download.
13 210 417 421 467 523 562 606 662 744 803 895 1045 1046 1059 1199 1201 1522 1566 1967 2264 2591 2602 2696 2789 3075 3225 3269 3429 3618 3791 3995
4145 4364 4374 4676 4730 5024 5045 5076 5212 5467 5790 5837 5992 5825 5899 5992 5993 5994 6360 6427 6468 6601 6615 6653 6805 6707 6865
VHS 2367 Academy Promotions 50 M Aca-11: Big Breasted Oriental Vs Brown Haired, Less Endowed Beauty Facesitting End. Next A Blonde Takes On The Brown Hair Girl.
VHS 2847 Academy Promotions 1 HR Aca-3: "The Drop-Out & Teachers Conference" Carolyn Cox Vs Miko Handa. Asian Beauty Miko Handa Vs Blonde Shauna Summers. Facesitting.
VHS 2849 Academy Promotions 1 HR Aca-5: "Payback's A Mother & One Deal Too Many" Alex Allen Vs Katherine Parton. Facesitting.
VHS 2850 Academy Promotions 55 M Aca-17: Sammi Savage Vs Cinnamon Sears. Facesitting Ending.
VHS 3584 Academy Promotions 55 M Aca-26: Brunette Vs Blonde In Ring. One Sided Match End In Face Sitting. Then Its Asian American Vs Asian American Face Sitting.
VHS 3585 Academy Promotions 50 M Aca-31: Blonde Vs Asian American. Brunette Vs Blonde. Both In Ring And Face Sitting.
VHS 3586 Academy Promotions 45 M Aca-55: Two Asian Americans Go At It. Ends In Facesitting.
VHS 3865 Academy Promotions 54 M Aca-28: "The Red Menace" Taller Blonde Vs Brunette. Another Brunette Vs Blonde. Face Sitting.
VHS 3987 Academy Promotions 45 M Aca-6: Asian + Asian Vs Brunette In Ring Ends With Face Sitting.
VHS 3988 Academy Promotions 51 M Aca-8: Two Matches In Ring With Facesitting. Brunette Vs Brunette. Another Brunette Vs Brunette Match.
VHS 3989 Academy Promotions 55 M Aca-9: Blonde Vs Blonde. Brunette Vs Brunette. Both End In Face Sitting.
VHS 3990 Academy Promotions 57 M Aca-25: Blonde Vs Brunette. Facesitting. Asian Vs Asian
VHS 3991 Academy Promotions 1 HR Aca-35: Blonde Vs Brunette In Ring.. Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting Endings.
VHS 4390 Academy Promotions 32 M Aca-18: "Want A Visa Or Not?" Read Head Vs Red Head. Face Sitting.
VHS 4391 Academy Promotions 27 M Aca-27: Red Head Vs Asian. Face Sitting.
VHS 4570 Academy Promotions 54 M Aca-34: "Katherine's Secret, Pt.2" Two Brunette Vs Blonde In Ring Matches. Face Sitting.
VHS 4571 Academy Promotions 45 M Aca-41: "Workout With The Best" Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 4572 Academy Promotions 45 M Aca-42: "See Things My Way" Blonde Vs Blonde. Face Sitting.
VHS 4573 Academy Promotions 59 M Aca-45: "Man Trap!" Red Vs April. Face Sitting.
VHS 4574 Academy Promotions 52 M Aca-49: Blonde Vs Blonde. Face Sitting.
VHS 4583 Academy Promotions 40 M Aca-73: Karen Colins Vs Bobbie Boudreau. Competitive Submission Wrestling. Face Sitting.
VHS 4584 Academy Promotions 35 M Aca-74: "Let's See About This" Ninja Vs Roni They Are Both 5'6" 118 Lbs. Face Sitting.
VHS 4590 Academy Promotions 50 M Aca-80: Kanei Cohn 5'2" Vs Dominica Rey 5'. Amateur Submission Wrestling. Face Sitting.
VHS 4596 Academy Promotions 54 M Aca-86: Hannah Jannssen Vs Sadie Sondheim. Competitive Wrestling And Face Sitting.
VHS 4720 Academy Promotions 43 M Aca-91: Bobbi Boudreau Vs Any Lewinski - The Rematch. Face Sitting Ending
VHS 4723 Academy Promotions 43 M Aca-94: Karen Collins Vs Nikki Knowles . Submission Wrestling. Facesitting.
VHS 4725 Academy Promotions 53 M Aca-96: Jade Imohara 5'4" 125 Lbs. Vs Black Angel 5'3" 119 Lbs. Pro Am Fantasy And Competitive Submission Wrestling. Face Sitting.
VHS 5612 Academy Promotions 50 M Aca- "Blonde Dynamite" Kelsea Vs Lexus Face Sitting.
VHS 5613 Academy Promotions 45 M Aca-112: Bobie Boudreau Vs Kika Hernandez In A Competive Submission Match Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5809 Academy Promotions 1 HR+ Aca-161: Blonde Vs Blonde On Mats Face Sitting.
VHS 6349 Academy Promotions 49 M Aca-20: Black Vs Blonde. Brunette Vs Sandy. Face Sitting.
VHS 6350 Academy Promotions 53 M Aca-108: Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 6351 Academy Promotions 49 M ACA-117: Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 3870 Apl 35 M 34: "Smothering Face Sitting" Ana Vs Diane. Ana Vs Marketa.
VHS 4280 Apl 1 HR 101: Four Face Sitting Matches. Ana Vs Tracet 5'3" 110 Lbs. ; Monica 5'7" 141 Lbs. Vs Sylvia 5'5" 132 Lbs. ; Sharon 5'7" 119 Lbs. Vs Tracey 5'3" 110 Lbs.; Lolita Vs Maggie 5'8" 132 Lbs.
VHS 4960 Apl 1 HR 116: Facesitting. Lolita 5'9" 130 Lbs Vs Sylvia 5'5" 132 Lbs. Kriste 5'4" 145 Lbs Vs Monica 5'6" 150 Lbs. Agnes 5'0' 123 Lbs Vs Klaudia 5'5" 129 Lbs. + Some Facesitting Coming Attractions.
VHS 4962 Apl 1 HR 121: Facesitting. Diane 5'4" 139 Lbs Vs Kristie 5'4" 145 Lbs. Ana 5'6" 139 Lbs. Vs Tracey 5'3" 110 Lbs. Klaudia Vs Venus 5'4" 130 Lbs.
VHS 5076 Apl 57 M 49: "Smothing Facesitting Matches" Ana Vs Jacqueline. Ana Vs Gabrielle. Ana Vs Xana.
VHS 5079 Apl 52 M 62: Two Facesitting Matches. Paloma Vs Xana. Tina Vs Xana.
VHS 5081 Apl 1 HR 73: Biker Cathy Works Over Loretta & Chan ...Facesitting.
VHS 5088 Apl 1 HR+ 135: Four Facesitting Matches. Diane Monica. Celeste Vs Renata. Renata Vs Robin. Paloma Vs Monica.
VHS 5234 Apl 57 M 152: "Three Facesitting Matches" Nadege 5'3" 108 Lbs Vs Tracey 5'3' 110 Lbs. Ann 5'3" 115 Lbs Vs Tracey. Ann Vs Nadege.
VHS 5406 Apl 1 HR+ 157: "Three Face Sitting Matches" Klaudia 5'5" 132 Lbs Vs Lolita 5'9" 125 Lbs. Klaudia Vs Sunny 5'7" 132 Lbs. Lolita Vs Sunny.
VHS 5810 Apl 1 HR+ 164: "3 Face sitting Matches" Fatou 5'3" 119 Lbs Vs Linda 5'7" 132 Lbs. ; Ann 5'3" 115 Lbs. Vs Fatou; Ann Vs Linda.
VHS 5958 Apl 1 HR+ 183: Klaudia 5'5" 132 Lbs Vs Celeste 5'8" 141 Lbs. Celeste Vs Puma 5'4" 132 Lbs. Klaudia Vs Puma. Facesitting.
VHS 6087 Apl 26 M 209: Kristie Vs Linda Facesitting.
VHS 2279 Ark Productions 30 M 508: "Erotica 2" Blonde Vs Brunette In Facesitting Match, More Love Than War.
VHS 2204 Asian Connection 1 HR+ 90: Four Matches Including One Non-Asian Match........Tina A Redhead From Sweden Vs Robin From The U.S. In A Face Sitting Match.
VHS 2205 Asian Connection 25 M 97: Two California Girls Susan Vs Jasay In A Face Sitting 2 Out Of Three Fall Sobmission Match.
VHS 2575 Asian Connection 32 M 122: Two Cat Fights, The Second One Ewnds In Face Sitting.
VHS 2576 Asian Connection 35 M 123: Two Cat Fights. Both Feature Face Sitting Action.
VHS 2736 Asian Connection 35 M 129: Two Better Endowed Girls Josephine Vs Hermina In See-Saw Battle. Next Two Attractive Girls Go At It, Ends In Nude Face Sitting.
VHS 2853 Asian Connection 30 M 132: Two Good Catfights. Plenty Of Facesitting And Hair Pulling.
VHS 2991 Asian Connection 54 M 119: Three Matches With Slapping And Hair Pulling Action, Face Sitting.
VHS 3099 Asian Connection 35 M 141: Champion Leah Vs New Girl. Second Match Has Two Asian Women Squaring Off. Facesitting.
VHS 3597 Asian Connection 1 HR+ 153: Three Hair Ripping Facesitting Matches.
VHS 4843 Asian Connection 40 M 146: Miss Mona Albarico Vs Miss Alpi Piasabas. Plus Another Match With Plenty Of Head Scissors.Facesitting.
VHS 4844 Asian Connection 30 M 147: "Fight Of The Champions" The Two Winners From Video 146 Face Off. Face Sitting. Then Its Susan Vs Miss Hernandez.
VHS 4845 Asian Connection 30 M 156: "Bare Fisted Showdown" Maribeth Vs Rennette In A Bare Fisted Match. Janet C. Vs Mary Grace. Facesitting.
VHS 5090 Asian Connection 50 M 179: Shana Vs Amy In A Facesitting Match. Plus Additional Match.
VHS 49 B & J Enterprises 55 M 4: Film Transfers Of Their Films #2, 4, 14; Connie Vs Rita; Gina Vs Doris. Lots Of Face Sitting. Plus two Girls Out Doors In Jeans.
VHS 73 B & J Enterprises 1 HR 3: Film Transfers. Pearl Vs Flo, Fay Vs Sadie, Erica Vs Valerie, Cindy Vs Marilyn. All Nude Catfights, Face Sitting.
VHS 4849 Best Parts Co. 1 HR "Battling Babes": Blonde Vs Brunette, First They Do A Striptease Then They Wrestle Followed With Bondage And Facesitting And More Wrestling.
VHS 5986 Best Parts Co. 1 HR " Crystal Wrestling & Domination!" Mixed Match. Crystal White Vs Elliott Christopher Face Sitting.
VHS 663 Bizarre Video 1 HR Wrestling Beauties: Featuring Suzie Nero, Alexis Firestone And Melanie Millburn Action Includes Oil Wrestling, Smothering And Face Sitting.
VHS 4965 Black Falcon Productions 40 M Bf-33: "Best Of Face Sitting" Mixed And Fem-Fem Matches. Many Short Clips Of Facesitting "Endings".
VHS 4966 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Bf-40: "Kelly Beats Up Burglar" Mixed Match. Kelly Vs James. Facesitting.
VHS 5568 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Bf-35: "Apartment Catfight" Kelly Vs Chantel. Face Sitting.
VHS 5570 Black Falcon Productions 45 M Bf-65: Heidi Vs Lea Parker. Face Sitting.
VHS 5851 Black Falcon Productions 50 M Bf-13: "Friend Gets Smothered" Mixed Match. Shelly Vs Joe. Facesitting.
VHS 5852 Black Falcon Productions 52 M Bf-32: "Ex-wife Forces Payment" Mixed Match. Cindy Vs Eddie. Facesitting.
VHS 6854 Black Falcon Productions 50 M   Cs-14: Mixed Match. Mindy Moore Vs James Keenan. Facesitting.
VHS 6932 Black Falcon Productions 53 M BF-89: Mixed Match. Kelly Kingston Vs George Gomez. Face Sitting. Two Matches.
VHS 6594 Brandenberg 42 M BCF-4: Brunette Vs Brunette On Mats. Facesitting.
VHS 1224 California Wildcats 30 M V061 In Miss Appleby's Face; Sharon Alexander Vs Sharon Kane, With Plenty Of Face Sitting
VHS 4616 California Wildcats 1 HR "The Bigger They Come #1" Blonde Vs Bruneete In Latex And Spiked Heels. Then Biggg Red Head Vs Blonde. Face Sitting.
VHS 5542 Carolina Catfights 2 HRS "Catfight Madness 2003" Blonde Vs Blonde Facesitting. Blonde Vs Brunette. Brunette Vs Black. Blonde Vs Brunette. Black Vs Blonde. And More.
VHS 5790 Carolina Catfights 115 M " An Evening With Nancy" Mostly Nancy Telling It Like It Is. Blonde Vs Brunette; Nancy Vs Brunette; Nancy Vs Blonde. Facesitting.
VHS 6282 CPL Productions � 47 M Cmx-9: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6283 CPL Productions � 57 M Cmx-10: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6353 CPL Productions � 80 M Cmx-4: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6354 CPL Productions � 47 M Cmx-5: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6355 CPL Productions � 49 M Cmx-8: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6356 CPL Productions � 47M Cmx-12: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6357 CPL Productions � 72 M Cmx-15: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6415 CPL Productions � 30 M BSDC-05: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6416 CPL Productions � 36 M BSDC-06: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting .
VHS 6470 CPL Productions � 41 M CMX-22: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6471 CPL Productions � 90 M CMX-26: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6472 CPL Productions � 54 M CMX-33: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6473 CPL Productions � 35 M CMX-35: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6528 CPL Productions � 30 M Bsdl-07: Blonde Vs Brunette. Mostly Chest Sitting. Facesitting.
VHS 6530 CPL Productions � 75 M Cmx-06: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6531 CPL Productions � 47M Cpl-11: Brunette Vs Brunette. Facesitting.
VHS 6550 CPL Productions � 42 M Bsdl-09: Brunette Vs Brunette. Facesitting.
VHS 6570 CPL Productions � 22 M Cpl-28: Blonde Vs Brunette Face Sitting.
VHS 6620 CPL Productions � 44 M BSDL-102: Blonde Vs Brunette Facesitting.
VHS 4625 Creative Films 40 M 137: "Don't Piss Me Off" Mixed Match. Carolyn Monroe Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 5988 Creative Films 42 M 138: "The Crushed And Smothered Brothers" Mixed Matches. Crystal White And Devin Demore Vs Males Face Sitting.
VHS 5989 Creative Films 38 M 140: "There Is Only One Women....." Mixed Match. Tori Sinclair Vs Male Face Sitting.
VHS 4292 Crystal Films 56 M 61: "Phillipine Catfights 6" Several Asian Catfights With Face Sitting And Hair Pulling.
VHS 4973 Crystal Films 2 HRS 157: "Asian Anthology 4" Asian Girls In Several Fist Fighting Catfights Both Indoors And Out. Face Sitting.
VHS 5097 Crystal Films 2 HRS 167: "Asian Anthlogy 6" Taped In Black And White. Wendy Lou Vs Another Asian In A Catfight. Plus Outdoor Catfight Facesitting. Plus More.
VHS 4748 Deena Zarra 40 M 28: "Venus Fly Trap" Mixed Match. Suzie Johnson Vs Male, Leg Scissors And Facesitting.
VHS 4750 Deena Zarra 35 M 36: "Georgia On Top" Big, Bad, Heavy And Black "Sweet" Georgia Brown Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 4751 Deena Zarra 1 HR+ 29A: "Giant Norwegian Snowball Part 1" Mixed Match. Heavy Weight Gretta Hansen Vs Male Facesitting. Ends When Tape Runs Out.
VHS 4173 Diamond International 1 HR "Burglar Bashing" Male Domination. Leader Cut, Video Starts At 2:09 Toni Sinclair & Solveigh Work Over Their Slave. Face Sitting.
VHS 5115 Diamond International 50 M Iw-008: "Tug Of Whore" Tracy Smith Vs Tabitha Facesitting.
VHS 5270 Double Trouble 44 M 402: "In For The Winner" Marjone Vs Kat Facesitting In Office Catfight. Lisa Vs Mia Starts Outdoors On Mat And Moves In Doors.
VHS 6599 Dragon 1 HR+ 45: Two Brunette Vs Brunette Catfights With Hairpulling, Slapping And Facesitting.
VHS 5575 Empress Asia 56 M 23: "Meaty Feet, Kicks & Face Sitting" Mixed Match. Heavy Set Brunette Works Over Male With Her Feet.
VHS 2161 Female Sports 30 M Fsv-42: Mixed Matches...... Blonde Vs Male Replete With Face Sitting. Next A Sandy Haired Hellcat Takes On Male.
VHS 2162 Female Sports 30 M Fsv-43: Blonde Vs Brunette. Then Another Blonde Vs Brunette. Then A Strip Down Catfight Between Two Blondes. In Facesitting Matches.
VHS 2163 Female Sports 25 M Fsv-44: Mixed Match .......Blonde Vs Male. Plenty Of Facesitting.
VHS 5180 Female Sports 1 HR Fsv-22: Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male. Brunette Vs Male. Another Brunette Vs Male. And Another Brunette Vs Male. In Ring Matches Face Sitting.
VHS 5182 Female Sports 55 M Fsv-33: Blonde Vs Blonde In Ring. Then Two Well Tanned Blondes In An Apartment Match. Face Sitting.
VHS 1529 Festelle Video 1 HR E-5: Supper Straddle....Two Matches With Full Face Sitting Action.
VHS 1707 Festelle Video 1 HR E 7: "International Straddle" Maranda Vs Lea, Maranda Vs Antonia, Maranda Vs Tonia. Three Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 1708 Festelle Video 1 HR E 8: "International Straddle" Allison Vs Antonia In A Tit Squeezing And Face Sitting Fight. Lea Vs Allison.
VHS 3659 Festelle Video 1 HR E-19: "Straddle Wrestling" Several Matches. Brunette Vs Brunette, Blonde Vs Black Ends In Facesitting.
VHS 3660 Festelle Video 56 M E-20: "Nude Straddle Wrestling" Brunette Vs Brunette . Blonde Vs Brunette. Both End With Face Sitting.
VHS 5000 Festelle Video 59 M M28: "Red's Revenge" Mixed Matches. Redhead Vs Male. Blond Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5003 Festelle Video 1 HR 140: "The Ideal Man" Three Different Blonde Vs Brunette Catfights. Face Sitting.
VHS 5871 Festelle Video 1 HR+ M-11: Mixed Match. Short Heavy Blonde Vs Male And Then Another Male Outdoors On Mat. Facesitting. Black Vs Male On Mat. And Another Black Vs Male.
VHS 5872 Festelle Video 1 HR M-26: "PVC Straddle" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. 2 Blondes Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5873 Festelle Video 56 M M-29: "The Great Gonzo" Mixed Matchs. Two Sets Of Blonde And Brunette Vs Barrel Of A Man. Facesitting.
VHS 5970 Festelle Video 1 HR E-49 "Boot Straddle": Brunette Vs Black. Blonde Vs Black. Brunette Vs Black. Blonde Vs Black. Facesitting.
VHS 4195 Fight Time Video 25 M 104: "Boxing Rubout" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male Boxing Ends In Face Sitting.
VHS 4446 Fight Time Video 30 M 108: "Fight Domination" Mixed Boxing. Brunette Vs Male. Ends With Face Sitting.
VHS 5009 Fs Distributors 45 M "Ball Busting Babe" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting & Foot Worship.
VHS 5010 Fs Distributors 35 M "The Hypnotist" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting & Foot Worship.
VHS 4901 Girlfight.Net 27 M "Catfighting Wives": Redhead Vs Brunette. Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 4470 Hollywould Productions 30 M 108: "Face Sitting" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 5185 Hollywould Productions 30 M "Super Heroines Collide" Blonde Vs Brunette In An Action Packed Super Hero Scenario. Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5933 Hollywould Productions 32 M Hp-057: " The Creep" Mixed Match. Redhead Works Or Male. Facesitting Dominance And Bondage.
VHS 2225 Ibn 1 HR "No Justice...No Piece!!" Male Domination. No Fighting In This One As Two Bimbos Work Over Male Slave. Replete With Bondage And Facesitting.
VHS 3247 Ibn 1 HR "The Training" Mixed Match. Mistress Christy Vs Male. Facesitting. More Domination Than Fighting.
VHS 4202 Ibn 59 M "Crush! Kill! Destroy!" Mixed Match. Male Domination.Chelsea & Meridian Work Over Male, Face Sitting.
VHS 4203 Ibn 1 HR+ "Wrestlerette's Revenge" Mixed Match. Domination. Tall Mistress Evilyn Vs Male. Figure Four Head Lock And Facesitting.
VHS 4204 Ibn 1 HR+ "The Controller" Mix Match Domination. Vera Von Sade Vs Male. Bondage, Leg Scissoring, Face Sitting And More.
VHS 4668 Ibn 57 M "Jerk In The Box": Male Domination No Fighting. Hollywood & Virginie Work Over Walter With Foot Stomping, Face Sitting, Tit Smothers.
VHS 4669 Ibn 1 HR "The Bitch Is Back": Male Domination No Fighting. Star Chandler Works Over Brad With Face Sitting, Hand Smothers, Ass Stomping.
VHS 4670 Ibn 1 HR "Under Pressure": Male Domination No Fighting. Mistress Evilyn Work Over Walter. Face Sitting, Leg Scissored, Walked And Stepped On..
VHS 2531 International Wildcats 50 M Slv-23: "Blondage" Chris Vs Niki. One Sided Match As Strong Body Builder Takes Apart Model Type Wrestler. Ends In Bondage Face Sitting. Next Niki Takes On Someone More Her Strength Liz.
VHS 5551 Island Productions 2 HRS Sgp-1: "Heavy" Facesitting. Brunette Vs Brunette Long Sitting Pins, Then These Two Gang Up On A Third Brunette. Then A Heavy Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 6248 J.B & D.S. Films 42 M Cv-1: "Real Asian Female Catfights" Alvi Vs Juvy. Then Alfi Vs Ating. Facesitting.
VHS 6249 J.B & D.S. Films 35 M Cv-6: "Real Female Catfights" Maryjane Vs Tata. Levy Vs Tata. Facesitting.
VHS 6252 J.B & D.S. Films 1 HR Tcf-2: "Real Female Catfights" Ating Vs Rosalie. Alfi Vs Rosanna. Ating Vs Jevy. Facesitting.
VHS 6253 J.B & D.S. Films 34 M Tcf-5: "Real Female Asian Topless Catfights" Maryjane Vs Naomi. Jevy Vs Ivy. Facesitting.
VHS 6290 J.B & D.S. Films 32 M Wv-2: "Outdoors" Jojo Vs Mylene. Liza Vs Jocelyn. Face Sitting.
VHS 6293 J.B & D.S. Films 34 M Wv-12: "Extreme Wrestling" Jenny Vs Marical. Maribeth Vs Cherry. Face Sitting.
VHS 6423 J.B & D.S. Films 28 M WV-4: "Outdoors" Kristine 5'4" 115 Lbs Vs Jojo 5'4" 102 Lbs. Gaga Vs Liezel. Face Sitting.
VHS 6424 J.B & D.S. Films 43 M WV-19: Jainelyn Vs Joy . Juvy Vs Jevy. Face Sitting.
VHS 5186 J.M. Rolen 32 M 010: "Venus Attacks !" Venus De Light Vs Hollywood In A Breast, Butt And Crotch Seizing , Stomach Punching, Bearhugging, Face Sitting Match. Appears To Be Nearly The Same As #5124.
VHS 5459 J.M. Rolen 45 M 021: "Champion" Christine Dupree Vs Francesca Le In A Tit Squeezing Catfight Facesitting.
VHS 1094 Jaguar Videos 30 M 7 "The Setup": Sultry, Dark Skinned 5'8" 139 Lb. Liz Vs 5'9" 148 Lb. Renee. Facesitting Victor.
VHS 1274 Jaguar Videos 30 M 16: Return Match, Again It's Sepia Beauty....Ebony At 5'8"136 Lbs. Vs 5'9"152 Lbs Renee. As The Tables Reverse For This Match So Goes The Face Sitting.
VHS 1625 Jaguar Videos 30 M 36: Blonde Vs Brunette In A Catfight, Which Ends In A Face Sitting .
VHS 2005 Jaguar Videos 30 M 17: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 2008 Jaguar Videos 30 M 24: "Your Own Stuff" Brunette Nancy At 138 Lbs Vs Blonde 140 Lb Jennifer, In A Fight To The Finish. Face Sitting And More.
VHS 2011 Jaguar Videos 30 M 32: Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting & Smacking.
VHS 2764 Jaguar Videos 70 M 83: Long Haired Blonde Vs Long Haired Brunette. Then Another Blonde - Brunette Battle. Both End In Nude Facesitting.
VHS 2765 Jaguar Videos 70 M 85: "Wrestling Hellcats" Blonde Vs Brunette. "A Battle Beteen Two Beauties" Two Long Hair Brunettes. Both End In Facesitting.
VHS 2766 Jaguar Videos 45 M 87: "Your Ass Is Mine" Brunnette Vs Blonde. Facesitting +.
VHS 3135 Jaguar Videos 30 M 79: Brunette Vs Blonde. Facesitting And More.
VHS 3262 Jaguar Videos 32 M 66: Blonde Vs Blonde..Facesitting.
VHS 3424 Jaguar Videos 1 HR+ 90: "Did I Give You What You Want" Bianca Vs Francesca. "The Test" Diana Vs Noelle. Plenty Of Face Sitting.
VHS 3675 Jaguar Videos 30 M 39: Mixed Match "Worse Late Than Never" Gina Vs Ken. Face Sitting.
VHS 3676 Jaguar Videos 29 M 70: Redhead Vs Brunette In One Sided Match. Face Sitting.
VHS 3677 Jaguar Videos 1 HR+ 82: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3678 Jaguar Videos 1 HR 94: Blonde Vs Brunette. Another Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 3679 Jaguar Videos 1 HR 95: Blonde Vs Brunette. Blonde Vs Redhead. Face Sitting.
VHS 3680 Jaguar Videos 45 M Fs-3: The Face Sitting Action From Many Matches........ Mixed And Girl- Girl.
VHS 4067 Jaguar Videos 1 HR 99: Blonde Vs Blonde. Face Sitting Ending. Then Two Sandy Haired Girls Go At It.
VHS 4475 Jaguar Videos 1 HR Sit 1: Face Sitting Highlights From Videos 1-40, Both Mixed And Female - Female. Slight Flutter Note.
VHS 4673 Jaguar Videos 32 M Jvgd-001: Jessie Vs Catalina Lamour. In A Facesitting, Tit Squeezing, Catfight.
VHS 4674 Jaguar Videos 30 M 60: Mixed Match. Douasia Vs Tom. Face Sitting.
VHS 5012 Jaguar Videos 1 HR+ 89: Two Brunettes Wrestle On Mats. Blonde Vs Black. Facesitting Matches.
VHS 5935 Jaguar Videos 30 M GD-2: Jewel Vs Tasha In An Apartment Catfight. Facesitting.
VHS 5936 Jaguar Videos 30 M GD-4: Venus Delight Vs Candi Catfight With A Facesitting Ending.
VHS 6069 Jaguar Videos 69 M 63: Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6828 Jaguar Videos 27 M 48: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6829 Jaguar Videos 30 M 68: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Facesitting
VHS 6830 Jaguar Videos 57 M Vv-36: Mixed Match. 2 Blonde Vs Male Matches. Facesitting.
VHS 3 Joan Wise 1 HR Bizarre Wrestling Women 2. Films Of Helene Vs. Joan, Face Sitting; Rita Vs. Marcia "69" Face Straddling.
VHS 4 Joan Wise 1 HR Bizarre Wrestling Women 3. Five Films; Face Sitting - Joyce Vs. Genie - Plus.
VHS 50 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 7, Cathy Vs. Renee; Cathy Vs. Raven, 6'1", 165 Lbs. Great Face Sitting Action In Both Matches.
VHS 417 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 33 "The Challenge" Mixed Wrestling: Belinda 5'7" Vs. Jeff 5'6" 128 Lbs. She Kills Him With Face Sitting And Suffocates Him With Her Tits.
VHS 523 Joan Wise 35 M Vt 41:Blinda 5'7" 130 Lbs. Vs. Treena 5'8" 136 Lbs. Good Catfight,They Start Fully Dressed In High Heels. Ends In Some Face Sitting.
VHS 601 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 13: Mixed Match, Allison Ames Vs. Jud And Then Jim. Good Face Sitting Action.
VHS 602 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt 15 :Mixed Match- Treena Collins 5'8" 136 Lbs. Vs First Jud And Then Dave Lots Of Face Sitting.
VHS 605 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 56: Tracy 5'8" 140 Lbs. Vs Marie 5'2" 100 Lbs. Big Blonde Kills Poor Little Marie, Lots Of Face Sitting Action In This One Sided Battle.
VHS 606 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 58: Mixed Match- Belinda Vs. Jim, After Going Thru Her Wrestling Routine She Settles Down To Some Good Old Face Sitting--- Poor Poor Jim.
VHS 732 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 81 : Robin 5'6" 130 Lbs. Vs. Tracy 5'8" 138 Lbs. Two Evenly Matched Warriors Get It On, With Plenty Of Face Sitting Action.
VHS 885 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 93: Topless Mixed Wrestling Domination & Face Sitting. Kelly Vs Jim.
VHS 1282 Joan Wise 30 M Vt 111: Topless Catfight Rematch......Tracy Turner Vs Lee. Face Sitting
VHS 1497 Joan Wise 30 M Vt79: Terry Vs Tracy In A Schoolboy Pin And Facesitting Treat.
VHS 1719 Joan Wise 30 M Vt152: Two Blondes Have A Go At It, In A No Love Lost Match. To A Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 1823 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt169: Two Mixed Matches, Each With Plenty Of Face Sitting.
VHS 1913 Joan Wise 70 M Pc-3: Joan Wise Looking As Good As Ever Vs Lynn Marie (Aka Treena). Two Matches With Crotch Grabs And Face Sitting.
VHS 1921 Joan Wise 30 M Vt175: K. Novak Vs Blonde. She Plays With Her And Than Quess Who Gets To Do All The Face Sitting.
VHS 2014 Joan Wise 40 M Pc4: Alexis Vs Alecia In An Erotic Catfight. Ends With Some Face Sitting And Then Some Loving.
VHS 2164 Joan Wise 20 M N.1: "Nude 1" ..... Blonde Vs Brunette. They Start Out Fully Dressed, In Heels. Ends With Some Nude Facesitting.
VHS 2165 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt177: Mixed Match. Shapely Blonde Takes Skinny Little Guy Down. Followed By Red Doing Her Guy In. Plenty Of Face Sitting.
VHS 2234 Joan Wise 30 M Bb-3: Mixed Match. Niki Knockers Vs Wally. She Uses Punishing Headscissors To Wear Him Down So She Can Ride Him Like A Horse Then Do Some Face Sitting Before Putting On Her Walking Boots.
VHS 2319 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt171: Blonde Vs Brunette. Video Starts With Blonde Already In Head Scissor. Match Goes Both Ways With Each Getting A Turn Facesitting.
VHS 2395 Joan Wise 30 M Pc15: Brunette Vs Brown Haired Beauty. Ends In Facesitting.
VHS 2396 Joan Wise 30 M Vt197: Large Breasted Blonde Works Over Big Breasted Red Head. Facesitting Ending.
VHS 2603 Joan Wise 118M Pc-20: Tracy Turner Vs Sharon. Wrestling. Then A Rematch Ending In Domination And Face Sitting.
VHS 2605 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-30: "Private Encounter" Tracy Vs Terry In An Intense Match Ending In Face Sitting, Then Some Lisbian Action.
VHS 2770 Joan Wise 30 M Vt-91:Tracy Vs Kelly. Ends In Some Rough Facesitting. Same As 883.
VHS 2917 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt-209 A& B: Treena Vs Nancy Novak. Blonde Vs Brunette. Facesitting.
VHS 3266 Joan Wise 75 M Jw Sitting 2: Both Mixed And Girl-Girl. Just The Endings Of Many Face Sitting Matches. Videos Vt101-Vt152.
VHS 3267 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Jw Sitting 3: Both Mixed And Girl-Girl. Just The Endings Of Many Face Sitting Matches. Vt 154A - Vt181B.
VHS 3269 Joan Wise 54 M Pc-29: Tall Blonde Vs Short Blonde... No Contest,
VHS 3271 Joan Wise 102M Vt-119: Mixed Wrestling And Domination. Treena Collins Mixed Wrestling & Face Sitting. Two Girls Vs One Guy, Scissors And Face Sitting.
VHS 3272 Joan Wise 35 M Vt-130: Mixed Match. Samantha Vs Chip. Facesitting.
VHS 3431 Joan Wise 32 M Pc-28: Red Head Vs Blonde. Face Sitting. Ends Abruptly.
VHS 3683 Joan Wise 1 HR+ 146: Two Mixed Matches. Blonde Vs Male. Another Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3685 Joan Wise 30 M Vt189: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3686 Joan Wise 43 M Vt-193: "Every Man's Fantasy" Mixed Match. Alecia Vs Jim. Facesitting.
VHS 3687 Joan Wise 32 M Vt-199: Big Blonde Works Over Smaller Blonde In A One Sided Match. Face Sitting.
VHS 3688 Joan Wise 55 M Vt-204: "The Special Gift" Simone Vs Lisa Marie. Facesitting.
VHS 3689 Joan Wise 75 M Vt217 A&B;: Two Mixed Matches. Brunette Vs Male. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3690 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Vt218 A&B;: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Then Brunette Works Over Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3691 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Vt219 A & B: Blonde Vs Redhead. Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 3692 Joan Wise 90 M Vt220 A & B: Black Vs Blonde. Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 3693 Joan Wise 30 M 157-B: "Gleeful Domination" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Phil. Facesitting.
VHS 3694 Joan Wise 31 M Nb-1: "Nicole's Revenge" Mixed Match. 6'2" 225 Lbs Body Builder Nicole Bass Vs Jud. Face Sitting.
VHS 3696 Joan Wise 35 M Pc-31: Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3697 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-49: Redhead Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 3698 Joan Wise 25 M Vv-29: Blonde Vs Blonde. Face Sitting.
VHS 3925 Joan Wise 1 HR Jw Sitting : Both Mixed And Girl-Girl. Just The Endings Of Many Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 3927 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-61: Brunette Vs Redhead. Facesitting.
VHS 3929 Joan Wise 39M Vt-215: Mixed Match. Biggggg Blonde Vs Male. Face Sitting. Same As 4781.
VHS 4477 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt-223 A & B: Blonde Vs Brunette. Brunette Vs Brunette. Both End In Face Sitting.
VHS 4675 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt-39: Blonde Vs Blonde. Starts With Lifts And Carries. Face Sitting.
VHS 4676 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Vt-230: Short Haired Brunette Vs Blonde. Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting.
VHS 4782 Joan Wise 31 M Bb-14 (Pc-59): Mixed Match. Big Boobed Redhead Vs Male, He Tries. . Facesitting.
VHS 4783 Joan Wise 30 M Pl-001: Candi Vs Jessie. In A Facesitting Catfight.
VHS 4784 Joan Wise 30 M Pl-002: Nikki Steele Vs Bianca In A Facesitting Catfight.
VHS 4786 Joan Wise 31 M Pl-005: Renee Vs Chelsea Blue. In A Facesitting Catfight.
VHS 5013 Joan Wise 30 M Vt-25: Mixed Match. Two Big Brunettes Work Over Smaller Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 5015 Joan Wise 35 M Vt-34: Mixed Match. Lee Vs Jeff Facesitting.
VHS 5016 Joan Wise 30 M 62-A: Brunette Vs Auburn. Face Sitting.
VHS 5381 Joan Wise 1 HR Vt-207: Mixed Match. Big Blonde Vs Short Guy. He Never Had A Chance. Facesitting. Lee Vs Male In A More Even Match. Facesitting.
VHS 5382 Joan Wise 70 M Vt-208: Mixed Match. Wise Guy Messes With The Wrong Blonde. Facesitting. Brunette Vs Male.
VHS 5583 Joan Wise 1 HR+ Pl-013: Caroline Monroe Vs Chelsea Blue. Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5800 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-47: Mixed Match. Brunette Body Builder Vs Male Face Sitting.
VHS 5881 Joan Wise 45 M Vt-202A: Mixed Match. Big Blonde Vs Short Guy Facesitting.
VHS 6012 Joan Wise 36 M Pc-81: Blonde Vs Brunette Catfight On Mats Face Sitting Bondage.
VHS 6013 Joan Wise 40 M Bb-023: Biggg Blonde Vs Brunette Breast Smothers And Face Sitting.
VHS 6074 Joan Wise 33 M Pc-59: Mixed Match. Red Head Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6297 Joan Wise 31 M PC-092: Blonde Vs Blonde. Facesitting.
VHS 6298 Joan Wise 51 M Vt-229: Larger Brunette Toys With Smaller Blonde Facesitting. Brunette Vs Brunettte.
VHS 6537 Joan Wise 30 M Pc-82: Blonde Vs Brunette Facesitting.
VHS 6759 Joan Wise 31 M Vt-200: Mixed Match. Rachel Vs Wally. Face Sitting.
VHS 6760 Joan Wise 24 M Pl-004: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6761 Joan Wise 32 M Vt-30: Mixed Match. Treena Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6832 Joan Wise 34 M Pc-12: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6833 Joan Wise 29 M Vt-163: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6221 Kontex 49 M UCG-10: "Real Catfight" Featuring Janine, Nina, Judith, And Jenny. Warm Up Consists Of Tit Squeezing And Face Sitting. Then They Wrestle. (note: Same Start And Ending As UCG #11 But Matches Are Different.)
VHS 6222 Kontex 1 HR UCG-11: "Real Catfight" Featuring Janine, Nina, Judith, And Jenny. Warm Up Consists Of Tit Squeezing And Face Sitting. Then They Wrestle Tag Team Style. (note: Same Start And Ending As UCG #10 But Matches Are Different.)
VHS 6493 Lady Victoria 43 M "Judo Vs Wrestling" Gia In Judo Gear Vs Victoria In White Leather. Facesitting.
VHS 1841 Leather & Lace 45 M 29 "Cheek To Cheek": Four Girls In Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 2399 Leather & Lace 45 M 51 "Scent Of A Pussy" Tag Team Match. Candy & Blake Vs Tina & Kathleen ...Plenty Of Facesitting.
VHS 2921 Leather & Lace 43 M 46 "Bare Breasted Catfight" Blonde Vs Blonde...Facesitting.
VHS 2922 Leather & Lace 45 M 60: "Sweet Cheeks" Houston Vs Dalia. Then Blake Vs Houston, Blake Vs Dalia. Then Both Vs Blake. Facesitting.
VHS 2923 Leather & Lace 45 M 100 "Corporate Catfight 2" Lynn Vs April. Facesitting.
VHS 3705 Leather & Lace 43 M 144: "Pantyhose Wrestling V" Featuring Bobbi, Flame And Sandra In Wild Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 3706 Leather & Lace 45 M 169: "Bare Breasted Catfight 3" Oriental Beauty Mia Vs Jen. Facesitting.
VHS 4209 Leather & Lace 43 M 104: "Naked Pussy In Your Face 2" Female V Females & Mixed Match. Lyndasy Vs Scarlott. Lyndasy & Scarlott Vs Bob. Facesitting.
VHS 4212 Leather & Lace 43 M 164: "The Wimp" Mixed Match. Two Brunettes Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 4478 Leather & Lace 35 M "The Fight Before Christmas" Red Head Vs Brunette Face Sitting.
VHS 5732 Leather & Lace 35 M 231: "Wrestling Humiliation" Blonde Vs Brunette In Ring Facesitting.
VHS 6497 Leather & Lace 42 M 94: "Corporate Catfight Vol-1" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male in Ring. Facesitting.
VHS 3292 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 31 M V-004: "Club Challenge Match" Nikita, A Brunette From The Uk Vs Chez, A Blonde Australian. Facesitting. Brief Toplessness.
VHS 4213 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 40 M V-021: "Party Pooper Gets Licked" Mixed Match. Robin Vs Rudolf. Face Sitting.
VHS 4486 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 44 M V-035: "Armlock/Facesitting Extravaganza" Robin Vs Tasha-Sky.
VHS 4680 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 54 M V-026: Mixed Match. Robin Vs Male. Her Leg Scissors Wipe Him Out. Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 4788 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 43 M V-059: "The Analyser Vs Mastergirl" Redhead Vs Brunette In A Comic Book Scenario Battle. Facesitting.
VHS 4916 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 40 M V-046: Robin Vs Lisa. Face Sitting And Foot Worship.
VHS 5126 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 35 M V-084: "Blue Jean Brawl Ala Mode" Lisa Vs Star. Facesitting. Plus Eating Off The Loser.
VHS 5279 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 45 M V-105: "Witch Offering" Robin & Hollywood Vs Lana. Mostly Two On One Domination And Facesitting.
VHS 5770 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 39 M V-93: "The Training Session" Mixed Match. Robin And Then A Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5771 Les Femmes Fatales Productions 36 M V-98: "Gone Fishin" Mixed Match. Red Head Lisa Vs Webdude. Facesitting.
VHS 5026 Mass Muscle 1 HR 103: "The Morning After" Mixed Match. Lethal Legs Lee Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5028 Mass Muscle 1 HR 111: "The Challange" Mixed Match. Lee Price Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 5630 Mass Muscle 46 M 413: "Bunny Ain't So Hunny" Mixed Match. 6'3" Body Builder Bunny Vs Male Face Sitting Ending..
VHS 6771 Mass Muscle 40 M 363: Mixed Match. Anna Vs Male Face Sitting.
VHS 6258 MLD Productions 34 M "Bashing The Bumbling Burglar": Mixed Match. Lexi & Lisa Comshaw Vs Van The Man. Facesitting.
VHS 6259 MLD Productions 32 M "Cheek To Cheek": Mixed Match. Lexi Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 6260 MLD Productions 30 M "Muscling The Musclehead": Mixed Match. Lexi & Nancy Novak Vs Musclehead. Facesitting And Foot Worship.
VHS 6261 MLD Productions 32 M "The Arresting 'Ass'ifer" : Lexi Vs Robin. Facesitting.
VHS 5029 Montenegro 30 M H-75: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Facesitting.
VHS 3729 Ozone 8 Enterprises 45 M Ph-14: "Classic Asian Catfights #2" Two Catfighting Matches With Plenty Of Hairpulling And Facesitting.
VHS 3731 Ozone 8 Enterprises 21 M Ph-16: "Classic Asian Catfights #4" Facesitting And Bra-Ripping Action.
VHS 3736 Ozone 8 Enterprises 43 M Ph-21: "Schoolgirl Scuffles #1" Two Great New Catfights Featuring Naughty Girls Wrestling, Slapping And Facesitting.
VHS 4505 Ozone 8 Enterprises 45 M "Down And Dirty": Tori Sinclair Vs Natasha. Face Sitting
VHS 3057 Queen Kong 2 HRS "Giantess Foot, Ass & Breast Crush With Slave Mighty Mouse" Mixed Match. Heavy Weight Queen Kong Vs? Male, Face Sitting. Other Lesser Weights Join In To Beat Male.
VHS 6303 Scott Sales 53 M LSS-108: Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 3419 Smothered Video 53 M "Roommate #7" Featuring Eve And Kaitlynn. Walking On And Facesitting. No Fighting.
VHS 3672 Smothered Video 56 M "Facesitting Queen" Starring Francesca Walking On And Facesitting Bob.
VHS 4227 Smothered Video 59 M "Smotherbox Sensations" Mixed Domination. Francesca And Angela Faith Walk All Over Male. Face Sitting.
VHS 6440 Smothered Video 54 M "Smother Stool Stories #1" Facesitting Domination No Fighting. Two Blondes (Nicole Sheridan And Deja Blew) Take Turns Sitting On Male's Face.
VHS 6441 Smothered Video 59 M "Smother Stool Stories #2" Facesitting Domination No Fighting. Two Blondes (Nicole Sheridan And Deja Blew) Take Turns Sitting On Male's Face.
VHS 6031 Specialty Videos 54 M Svwr101: Mixed Match. Candi Fisher Vs George Face Sitting.
VHS 6672 Specialty Videos 1 HR SVWR102: Candi Fisher Vs Tina Meyers. Facesitting.
VHS 188 Stanton 30 M Vc- 139 Liane Vs Fred Mixed Wrestling Facesitting.
VHS 189 Stanton 1 HR Vc- 140 Lotta & Karen Vs. Gerard Mixed Wrestling Facesitting Galore!!!
VHS 250 Stanton 42 M Vc- 123 "Dominant Lady" Mixed Match Karen Vs. Eugene, Plenty Of Face Sitting!!!!
VHS 349 Stanton 30 M Vc- 124 Q: Mixed Match Sandra Vs. Male. Face Sitting And More.
VHS 466 Stanton 31 M Vc-26: 6' Tess Morgan In Mixed Match With Fred,Great Leg Scissors And Face Sitting.
VHS 1321 Stanton 20 M Vc-765: Burlesque Babe Mixed Match. Connie O'brien In Bra And G-String Vs Dave. Good Face Sitting With Some Bump And Grind.
VHS 1322 Stanton 20 M Vc-784: Wrestle Me Please: Mixed Match. Karen Van Wilmerdingen Vs Michel. Face Sitting.
VHS 2255 Stanton 43 M Vc-31: "Bound Submission" Karen Vs Wilma. More Facesitting Then Wrestling.
VHS 2786 Stanton / Flanagan 40 M Vc-33: Blonde Vs Brunette. Face Sitting And Ass Worship.
VHS 2257 Steel Kittens 1 HR 54: "Big Busted Brawlers" ...... Shelly Vs Tamera Go At It Bust To Bust, It Ends With The Victor Facesitting. Next It's Shelly Vs Julie.
VHS 5608 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp13: "Alona" Mixed Match. Blonde Vs Male On Mats, Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5609 Straddle Productions 30 M Sp14: "Jodi" Mixed Match. Brunette Vs Male On Mats, Face Sitting Ending.
VHS 5978 Straddle Productions 35 M Sp-09: Catalina Vs Kaylynn. Facesitting.
VHS 5979 Straddle Productions 29 M Sp-15: Tanya Vs Alana. Facesitting, Hand And Tit Smothers.



Straddle Productions 45 M Sp-43: "Top Banana" Cheyenne Vs Coral Sands In A Facesitting Catfight.
VHS 695 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR 2: Heather Vs Lisa In Two Matches, Leg Sizzors And Face Sitting. Poor Video (Picture) Quality.
VHS 1962 Sweetheart Productions 1 HR Shr 29: Lisa Vs 18 Year Old 42-24-34 Ginger Lynn. Ginger Lynn Vs 37Dd Shelby. Two Tit Punishing Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 2715 The Ax Files 69 M Ax-04: "The Best Of Friends?" "My Ass In Your Face" Blonde Vs Brunette Ends In Face Sitting.
VHS 2788 The Ax Files 40 M Ax-13: "Why Won't You Do It My Way?" Blonde Vs Blonde. Ends In Nude Facesitting.
VHS 3767 The Ax Files 48 M Ax-1: Blonde Vs Brunette Wrestling On Mat . Grudge Match Turns Love Match. Facesitting.
VHS 6367 The Ax Files 50 M Ax-37: Brunette Vs Blonde In A One Side Match. Face Sitting.
VHS 1873 The Private Collection 1 HR+ 8/93: Kelly Blair Vs Debbie Morgan; Lori Dean Vs Sonja Van Der Beck. Two Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 2429 The Private Collection 1 HR+ 8/95: Seven Good Lookers In Four Good Facesitting Matches.
VHS 4536 The Private Collection 50 M Scs-5: Susan Strong Vs Kelly Blair. Sonja Vanderbeck Vs Stacey Lane. Face Sitting.
VHS 4537 The Private Collection 50 M 9/97: "Catfights" Deven Sanchez Vs Rose Devlin. Lori Dean Vs Charley Lee. Face Sitting.
VHS 4938 The Private Collection 75 M 7/94: Angela Scott Vs Liz Free. Karen Noakes Vs Debbie Morgan. Sonja Vanderbeck Vs Marie Ann. Summer Vs Angela Scott. Stacey Lane Vs Charley Lee. Facesitting.
VHS 6151 The Private Collection 41 M 104: "Classic Pins Challenge" Isis Vs Randi Face Sitting. "Real Novice Catfight" Connie Vs Kim.
VHS 4116 Trampled Video 43 M "Roommate Trouble #2" Britany Beats On Kaitlynn. Facesitting, Walking On & Breast Smothers
VHS 5047 Triumph Studios 86 M Spm-105: "No Punches Pulled, No Mercy Given! Mixed Match Susie Vs Jay Facesittinging. Quisha Vs Barbara Boxing. La Tigra Vs Sheila. Brittany Vs Vicious Valerie. Inga Vs Kirstie. K.O. Kasey Vs Nancy Boxing.
VHS 12 Video Vortex 40 M Vol. 5 "Catscratch Fever" Breast Mauling, Hair Pulling, Strangulation, Face Sitting, Etc.
VHS 1346 Video Vortex 30 M Leopard-Skin Hell Cats: Plenty Of Face Sitting.
VHS 4702 Video Vortex 1 HR "Trample Goddess" Male Domination. Nancy Novak Wrestles With Then Walks All Over Him. Then Brunette Walks All Over Her Foot Loving Slave And Ends Up Face Sitting Him.
VHS 6274 Video Vortex 1 HR 3: Blonde Vs Brunette. Blonde Vs Blonde. Facesitting Endings.
VHS 348 Violent Video 1 HR 4: Lisa Vs. Jeff, Kelly Vs. Jeff Two Mixed Matches---Plenty Of Face Sitting. Same As #268.
VHS 760 Violent Video 30 M 18: Erika 5'8" 142 Lbs.Vs Vicky 5'1" 105 Lbs. A Very One Sided Fight With Some Good Face Sitting. Sitting.
VHS 2793 Violent Video 30 M 2: Mixed Match. Kelly Vs Male. Ends In Facesitting.
VHS 2647 Women Warriors 30 M Beatrice Goffin Vs Lee Price. Ends In Nude Face Sitting.
VHS 3797 Women Warriors 43 M W-43: Maria Vs Jacklin In Hard Fought Nude Match On Mats. Ends In Facesitting.
VHS 4945 Women Warriors 17 M W-39: Angela Vs Christine Facesitting Match.
VHS 2796 Women's World Wrestling 45 M Slv-27: "Scissored & Smothered X 3" Featuring: Raquel, Liz, Devon. Facesitting.
VHS 5049 Women's World Wrestling 1 HR+ Slv-474: "Scissored" Mixed Matches. Brunnette Vs Male Powerful Leg Scissors And Face Sitting.
VHS 5050 Women's World Wrestling 50 M Slv-495: "Another Lesson" Mixed Match. Jill Vs Steve. Face Sitting.
VHS 5954 Women's World Wrestling 40 M 618: "Last Laugh" Mixed Match. Stacci Vs Steve. Jan Vs Jerry . "Silent Smother" Facesitting Mixed Match Blonde Vs Male.
VHS 6679 Women's World Wrestling 52 M 804: "Oh, Brother !" Mixed Match. Steve Vs Staci. Facesitting. Shelli Gets A Rub Down.


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